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 Shopping: Funny Man...

1994 UK comedy horror by Simon Sprackling, previously cut by the BBFC, set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 4th September 2017

Link Here 17th August 2017
Funnyman Blu-ray Funny Man (aka Funnyman) is a 1994 UK comedy horror by Simon Sprackling.
Starring Tim James, Christopher Lee and Benny Young. BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong bloody violence, gory scenes, language, drug misuse for:

  • 2017 Screenbound Pictures (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 4th September 2017
  • 2017 Screenbound Pictures R2 DVD at US Amazon released on 4th September 2017
Censorship History

18 rated and uncut for 1994 cinema release but the 1995 follow up VHS suffered BBFC advised cuts. The uncut version was passed 15 for 2017 DVD. Cut in the US for an MPAA R rating, however the Unrated Version is uncut.

Promotional Material

When a mysterious Englishman loses his ancestral home in a poker hand, the lucky winner, Max Taylor, has no idea that, far Irom ending - the game has just begun. For the house is an ancient shrine to the Gods of Fortune, a Temple to chance and fate, and in the depths of its soul a spirit waits. In the modern deck he is the Wild Card, The Joker. In the eyes of a child, nothing more than a Jester and Clown. But to you, Ladies and Gentlemen - he is The Funny Man.


  Euston, we have a problem...

ASA bans trailers for Alien Covenant as shown at railway stations

Link Here 17th August 2017

alien covenenant advert video Two digital outdoor ads displayed on large screens in two stations in central London, for the film Alien: Covenant, seen in early May 2017:

a. The first ad began with a spacecraft approaching a planet followed by scenes on the planet. In one scene a man in a dark room shined a torch on an alien egg, the top of which began to slowly open. A close-up showed an alien-like mouth suddenly exploding from it, towards the camera. A woman in distress was then shown running down a corridor, being chase by an arachnid-like alien, followed by a close-up of her screaming. An arachnid-like alien was then shown running towards the camera. The final shot showed a woman hiding from an alien which was just on the other side of a door frame.

b. The second ad featured large on-screen text which stated in turn: RUN, HIDE, SCREAM and PRAY. The text appeared next to brief clips from the film, including the scene with the woman in distress running down a corridor being chased by an alien, the alien egg slowly opening, the close-up of the woman screaming, a woman looking panicked and shouting through the glass window in a closed door, the close-up of the alien-like mouth suddenly exploding towards the camera, and the final shot of a woman hiding from an alien which was just on the other side of a door frame.

Three complainants, one of whose children had seen the ads, challenged whether the ads were likely to cause fear or distress, and whether they were suitable to be shown in an untargeted medium.

ASA Assessment: Complaints upheld

The ASA understood the film was rated as a 15 by the BBFC and considered that the advertiser should therefore have taken particular care to ensure that scenes included in the ads would be suitable to be shown in a public space where children were likely to be present.

The ads contained scenes of characters who were clearly in distress, as well as images of an alien mouth suddenly exploding from an egg out towards the viewer, and a woman being chased by an alien. We considered those scenes were likely to frighten and cause distress to some children and that the ads were likely to catch their attention, particularly as they were shown on large screens. We concluded the ads were not suitable to be shown in an untargeted public medium and therefore breached the Code.

The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told Twentieth Century Fox Film Company Ltd to target their ads more carefully in future to avoid the risk of causing undue fear and distress to children.


 Update: No refuge from censorship...

Malaysian film censors target films at refugee festival

Link Here 17th August 2017  full story: Censored Films in Malaysia...Film censors and censorship
kakuma can dance video Several films about refugees have been censored for showing at a festival in Malaysia.

Activists say the Film Censorship Board (LPF) officials came to the Refugee Festival in Kuala Lumpur late last week, subsequently demanding the partial censorship of Bou , a film about trafficked brides from Burma (Myanmar), and total ban on Kakuma Can Dance about refugee hip hop dancers in Kenya.

Refugee Festival organiser Mahi Ramakrishnan, who directed Bou (bride in the Rohingya language) said Malaysian authorities turned up immediately prior to the opening of the event to force the filmmakers to gain prior clearance from the LPF before screening their work.

Ramakrishnan later showed a cut version of Bou on Aug 13, in which the LPF demanded certain, politically sensitive scenes were muted, played without subtitles or simply removed, including one showing footage of Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak. According to campaign group Fortify Rights, another such scene is where a human trafficker explains false passports for Rohingya child brides are made in Bangladesh before the trafficker will pay money to clear [Malaysian] immigration.


 Update: Political sensitivities...

Thai court confirms the ban on the film Shakespeare Must Die

Link Here 12th August 2017
shakespeare must dieShakespeare Must Die is a 2012 Thailand horror drama by Ing Kanjanavanit.
Starring Pirun Anusuriya, Sudhisak Bamrungtrakun and Minta Bhanaparin. YouTube icon IMDb

Thailand's Administrative Court has rejected a petition by the producer and director of a feature film against a ban imposed by the Film and Video Censorship Committee five years ago.

Shakespeare Must Die was banned from being screened in Thailand on the grounds that the movie's political content might cause divisiveness among people in the country. 

The film, directed by Smanrat Ing K Kanjanavanich and produced by Manit Sriwanichpoom, is an adaptation of Macbeth , a tragedy by English writer William Shakespeare. It depicted both an ambitious general who becomes king through murder, and another world in which the country's leader believes in superstitious, megalomaniac and murderous dictatorship. He is known only as Dear Leader and has a scary, high-society wife. The movie clearly alluded to prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra who was popular with working people but alienated the Thai elite.

The Administrative Court ruled that even though the story is fictional, the movie's content might cause disunity among people. It contains scenes based on a photograph from Bangkok's 1976 student uprising and violent scenes from red-shirt demonstrations.

Manit said the filmmakers would appeal the court's verdict. I feel like we didn't get justice, he said.


 Shopping: Pieces Deluxe Edition...

1982 horror mystery by Juan Piquer Simon set for UK Blu-ray release on 28th August 2017 with 2 versions

Link Here 11th August 2017
Pieces Deluxe Edition Blu-ray Pieces is a 1982 Spain / USA / Puerto Rico / Italy horror mystery by Juan Piquer Simón (as JPiquer Simon).
Starring Christopher George, Lynda Day George and Frank Braña. BBFC link IMDb
Exists as a Director's Cut, an Unrated US Version and a cut Theatrical Version.

UK: BBFC details not yet published for:

  • 2017 Arrow Deluxe Edition [Theatrical Version + Director's Cut] (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 28th August 2017
Censorship History
Exists as a Director's Cut, an Unrated US Version and a cut Theatrical Version.

See further details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: Pieces

Promotional Material


From Juan Piquer Simón, director of the equally unhinged Slugs, Pieces is the original sickening slasher classic, now restored in glorious 4K!

A Boston college campus is being terrorised by a black-clad maniac who collects body parts from his unfortunate co-ed victims. As the corpses (and red herrings) begin to pile up, can Professor Brown (genre veteran Jack Taylor) unmask the murderer before his morbid puzzle is complete?

Boasting some of the most outrageous gore set-pieces ever to splash their way across the screen (including a particularly memorable slow-motion evisceration atop a waterbed), Pieces is an essential slice of Spanish splatter and more gruesome than ever on Blu-ray.


  • Brand new 4K transfer from the original camera negative
  • Two versions of the feature: Pieces, the US theatrical version, and Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche, the original uncensored director s cut, presented in Spanish with original score by Librado Pastor [Blu-ray exclusive]
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
  • Original English and Spanish Mono Audio
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • 5.1 Vine Theater Experience
  • Alternate Re-score by composer Umberto
  • Brand new audio commentary with The Hysteria Continues
  • It s Exactly What You Think It Is! brand new featurette offering up an appreciation of Pieces by various filmmaker fans
  • Brand new interview with art director Gonzalo Gonzalo
  • Pieces of Juan a career-spanning interview with director Juan PiquerSimón
  • The Reddest Herring extensive interview with actor Paul Smith, including a discussion of Pieces
  • Audio Interview with producer Steve Minasian
  • Image Galleries
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Marc Schoenbach
  • Collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Michael Gingold
  • Soundtrack CD featuring the entire original score
  • 100-piece jigsaw puzzle replica

      ... Oustanding nipples at the CBFC...

    Indian film censors make significant cuts to Atomic Blonde

    Link Here 11th August 2017
    atomoc blondeCharlize Theron and Sofia Boutella's lesbian sex scene from their new film, Atomic Blonde, has been totally cut by Indian film censors at the CBFC.  The list of CBFC cuts says:

    Delete the visual of the hand touching the bare breast in bed of two ladies, and delete the entire love-making (having sex).

    In addition to the sex scene, shots of Theron's bare butt in the bathtub have been asked to be removed. Shots of her nipples visible under a sweater, and a separate scene in which she is topless, have also been ordered out. Words like cunt, cock, balls, bitchh, prick , and cocksuker have been asked to be removed from the subtitles, but not from the soundtrack.


      The Cable Guy...

    Previous BBFC cuts waived for 2017 home video

    Link Here 10th August 2017
    Cable Guy Full Screen The Cable Guy is a 1996 USA comedy thriller by Ben Stiller.
    Starring Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick and Leslie Mann. BBFC link IMDb

    An upcoming video release has just been passed 12 uncut for moderate sex references, violence with previous BBFC cuts waived.

    UK Censorship History

    BBFC category cuts were required for a 12 rated 1996 cinema release and the subsequent VHS releases. The BBFC cuts were waived for 12 rated 2017 home video. The film is uncut and PG-13 rated in the US.

    From IMDb. Previously a single 4 sec cut was made to this black comedy, in order to secure a required 12 cert.

    • The cut occurs towards the end, when Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick, are fighting on top of the TV satellite. A couple of shots of Carrey headbutting Broderick and an ear clap have been removed.


     Offsite Article: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...

    Link Here 10th August 2017
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD BBFC's latest from their archive discusses 1937 cuts

    See article from


     Shopping: Visiting Hours...

    1982 Canadan video nasty by Jean-Claude Lord set for UK DVD/Blu-ray Combo release on 18th September 2017 with previous BBFC cuts waived

    Link Here 5th August 2017
    Visiting Hours Blu-rayCombo Visiting Hours is a 1982 Canada horror thriller by Jean-Claude Lord.
    With Michael Ironside, Lee Grant and Linda Purl. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

    UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong threat, violence with previous film cuts waived for:

    • 2017 Media Sales/Final Cut Entertainment RB Blu-ray/R2 Combo at UK Amazon released on 18th September 2017
    UK Censorship History

    Cut by the BBFC for 1982 cinema release. The same cut version was briefly banned as Video Nasty in 1984. Released again in the same cut form on VHS in 1986. The BBFC cuts were waived for 2017 18 rated DVD and Blu-ray. Uncut and MPAA R rated in the US.

    Promotional Material

    Deborah Ballin is a controversial middle-aged TV journalist, who is campaigning on air on behalf of a battered woman who murdered her abusive husband, claiming justifiable defence against the so-called victim. But her outspoken views championing women's rights incense one of the studio's cleaning staff, closet homicidal psycho (and misogynist) Colt Hawker whose deep seated despising all all things female occurred from seeing his Mother throwing boiling oil in the face of his abusive Father when he was a small child (and who's M.O. is to photograph victims he stabs as they're dying ). So much so that he decides there and then to shut her up...PERMANENTLY! Managing to beat her home, he soon dispatches her maid Francine, before turning his rage onto her as she come home (greeting her in only wearing her jewellery and make-up). Despite the brutal injuries he lashes out on her, she manages to survive and is rushed off to hospital. But undaunted he catches up to her in hospital and disguised as a florist... he enter the building to continue his mission to finish her off...along with anyone else who gets under his skin.


    • Interview with Actress Lind Purl (9 mins)
    • Interview with Director Jean Claude Lord (15mins)
    • Interview with Writer Brian Taggert (15 mins)
    • Interview with Producer Pierre David (17mins)
    Additional Material:
    • Visiting Hours - the Interviews [Additional Material]


     Shopping: The Reckoning...

    1969 UK drama by Jack Gold set for UK Blu-ray release on 21st August 2017 with previous BBFC cuts waived

    Link Here 5th August 2017
    The Reckoning Blu-rayCombo The Reckoning is a 1969 UK drama by Jack Gold.
    Starring Nicol Williamson, Ann Bell and Lilita De Barros. BBFC link IMDb

    UK: Passed 12 uncut for moderate sex, violence. language, nudity with Previous film cuts waived for:

    • 2017 Powerhouse Films R0 Blu-ray/R0 Combo at UK Amazon released on 21st August 2017
    UK Censorship History

    BBFC cuts were required for an X rated 1969 cinema release. The cuts were waived for 12 rated Blu-ray in 2017.

    Promotional Material

    A ruthless business executive (an intense tour de force performance by leading man Nicol Williamson) returns home to his Liverpool roots to investigate his father’s death. An unflinching exploration of the British class system, Jack Gold's penetrating, brutal drama stands alongside contemporary classics Up the Junction and Room at the Top , and prefigures Get Carter by several years. Underrated and underexposed, The Reckoning may well be one of the most essential British films ever made.

    Available for the first time ever in the UK.


    • High Definition remaster
    • Original mono audio
    • Audio commentary
    • New interview with actor Ann Bell (2017, tbc mins)
    • Original theatrical trailer
    • Image gallery: on-set and promotional photography
    • New English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
    • Limited edition exclusive booklet with a new essay by Michael Pattison, an overview of contemporary critical responses, and historic articles on the film
    • World premiere on Blu-ray
    • UK DVD premiere
    • Limited Dual Format Edition of 3,000 copies
    • More TBC


      Family Guy: Season 7...

    Gavin Salkeld's Quick Trims reveals the BBFC cuts to a commentary track on ths DVD extras

    Link Here 4th August 2017
    edge family guy Family Guy Season 7: Road to Germany is a animation comedy by Greg Colton, James Purdum...
    Starring Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein and Seth Green. BBFC link IMDb

    A commentary track on the DVD extras was cut by the BBFC for a 15 rating saying:

    Company chose to remove three uses of very strong language from an audio commentary track (the word cunt') in order to achieve a '15 classification. An uncut 18 classification was available.

    See these cuts in Cutting Edge Quick Trims video on YouTube


      Lego Ninjago Season 6...

    BBFC category cuts required for one episode of a children's cartoon

    Link Here 4th August 2017
    LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: The Complete Sixth Season Lego Ninjago Season 6 is an action animation adventure by Peter Hausner. BBFC link

    UK: Season 6, Episode 6, My Dinner With Nadakhan was passed PG for mild violence after 1s of BBFC category cuts for:

    • 2017 Warner video
    The BBFC commented:
    • Company chose to remove a use of discriminatory language ('spazzing') in order to obtain a PG classification. An uncut 12 classification was available.
    US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for: