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More socialists who don't care about the workers...

The Spanish Socialist Party is drafting a bill to criminalise people who pay for sex

Link Here 13th December 2018
Full story: Sex Work in Spain...Debating the regularisation of prostitution

Spanish media has reported that the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) is drafting new legislation to criminalise the purchase of sex, known as the Nordic Model. They have reported that the proposed Bill is an attempt to eradicate prostitution . The legislation is in preliminary stages, and is expected to be taken forward next year.

Currently sex work is not explicitly criminalised in Spain, but local authorities can issue fines for activities such as soliciting. El Pa 3ds reports that proposed legislation may also criminalise people who rent spaces for exploitation, likely criminalising third party activities which often forces sex workers to compromise their safety.

Recently the Prime Minister tweeted Prostitution in Spain isn't legal and this government won't support any organisation that includes this illicit activity, following the decision to ban a sex worker-led union from officially registering .



Inappropriate claims...

Calderdale Council refuses to renew the lap dancing licence of Club La Salsa citing 'inappropriate' location

Link Here 12th December 2018
Full story: Lap Dancing in Yorkshire...Always under nutter duress
La Salsa lap dancing club, in Silver Street, Halifax, has been refused a sexual entertainment venue licence by Calderdale Council's Licensing and Regulatory Committee who voted to reject the club's application.

Councillors were told they are not allowed to reject a licence on moral grounds so the application was refused on grounds the applicant was unsuitable to hold a licence and that a sex entertainment premises at Silver Street would be inappropriate having regard to the character of the relevant locality. They were additionally told the Ebenezer Church on St James Road is also opposite the club.

Councillors heard the club was opposite a women's refuge and objectors to the renewal included the White Ribbon Campaign. But councillors were told West Yorkshire Police and ward councillors had not lodged any objections to the Halifax club's licence being renewed.

Applicant Reza Shahsavar noted that in 16 years La Salsa in Halifax had not had a single issue of concern for the authorities in Calderdale.

The council's claim of  being unsuitable to hold a licence referred to an incident resulting in the licence being lost in 2010. Shahsavar said that the incident had been a misunderstanding and he was being falsely accused in allegations now being made by objectors.

The club's owners have a right of appeal against the council ban.



The wrong type of culture...

A new mayor of Amsterdam decides she would like to banish the red light area

Link Here 12th December 2018
Full story: Sex Work in the Netherlands...Netherlands less friendly to sex workers
Amsterdam's historic Red Light district could soon be broken up to make way for more 'cultural' attractions, the city's first female mayor has said.

Femke Halsema claimed the Wallen district is full of vulnerable foreign women being booed by hordes of drunken tourists as she vowed to reform it.

Her plans would not get rid of prostitution and sex shops altogether, but would spread them out across the city rather than concentrating them in one area. She told Bloomberg :

We would like tourists to see the cultural value.

We need to think about what kind of tourists we want to attract, and we shouldn't have any illusion that the number of tourists in the city will go down.  It will keep on rising.



Inflamed Sensations...

Dublin sex shop may have been attacked over a controversial window image

Link Here 11th December 2018
An investigation is underway after a motorbike was allegedly set alight, causing damage to a controversial sex shop in Dublin.

The blaze broke out on James' St outside Sweet Sensations which had previously come under fire for a large picture in the window of a woman posing in red lingerie. Last October around 10-15 people demonstrated outside the shop which has been open for over twenty years.

The front of the shop, which is made of wood, was damaged during the incident.



Offsite Article: The internet war on sex is here...

Link Here 8th December 2018
No sex please, we're beholden to our advertisers. By Violet Blue

See article from



Censsorship hub...

Uganda blocks 27 internet porn websites

Link Here 6th December 2018
ISPs in Uganda have blocked 27 pornography websites after a directive was issued by the Uganda Communications Commission.

Pornhub, Xvideos, and Youporn were among the top 100 most visited websites.

The Daily Monitor reports that at least 25 of the 27 banned websites cannot be accessed on mobile phones. However, users of Virtual Private Networks can access the banned sites.

Chairperson of the Pornography Control Committee Annette Kezaabu told the Monitor there is a drop in the number of people accessing pornography after they blocked the prominent porn sites. She said:

We have a team that is compiling a list of other porn sites that will be blocked

We anticipate that some people will open up new sites but this is a continuous process.



Offsite Article: And who better to the job?...

Link Here 5th December 2018
Full story: Film censorship in New Zealand...At the Office of Film and Literature Classification
New Zealand film censor, with a keen eye on upcoming UK cesorship, publishes a report on porn viewing by the young and inevitably finds that they want porn to be censored

See article [pdf] from



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