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Link Here 6th May 2014

The portable sex machine from pipedreams is the perfect travelling companion. Unlike bigger and bulkier electric sex machines , this portable fucking machine easily fits in your suitcase and features a universal power adapter so it can be used all over the world!

The Fetish Fantasy is only 9.5" (24cm) long, with a stroke length of 3.5" (9cm) and weighs just 3 pounds (1.36kg). This is a piston-powered sex machine with up to 250 strokes per minute and has an ultra-quiet industrial motor. It features four super-strong suction cups that stick to nearly any flat surface, enjoy the machine on the floor, table, chair, counter top, wall, or tiles.

The Fetish Fantasy portable sex machine from Pipedreams comes with 2 interchangeable phthalate-free dildos, 2 adjustable velcro foot and hand stirrups, a convenient carrying handle, and a USB-powered plug-in vibrator that can also be used as the machine's controller. Perfect for internal or external stimulation, the super-strong controller vibe is made from body-safe silicone and features multiple functions for the vibe's power and the machine's intensity.

With no assembly required this high-tech International Portable Sex Machine is ready to go!

The fetish fantasy portable sex machine kit comes with:

  • Portable sex machine,
  • 7" (17cm) cock,
  • 7" (17cm) g-spot dildo,
  • remote controller with separate vibrator,
  • presentation box,
  • instruction booklet,
  • free samples of Moist Personal Lubricant and Refresh Toy Cleaner,
  • as well as a free feather tickler and Satin Love Mask

The portable sex machine Is CE certified and ROHS compliant with a 1 year worldwide warranty.

See further details about Pipedream Fetish Fantasy International Portable Sex Machine from SexMachines.co.uk


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