Sex Machine Reviews


Sex machine reviews

Link Here 27th August 2013

The Love Glider fucking machine Thrustick is a new machine that comes to you from Topco Sales a renowned sex machine and sex toy manufacturer from the USA with 40 years of experience.

The Thrustick attempts to bridge the gap between a fully functioning sex machine and a portable hand held sex toy. Aimed at the high end market the Thrustic is an attractively designed quality machine that will appeal to the female and male gay market.

The beauty of the Thrustick lies in its design, a chic looking sex machine which comes in its own smart colour-coded sports bag. The equipment is light and easy to use and the unique flexible hose connecting the dildo to the machine allows the user to find unusual but pleasurable positions.

The Thrustick is powerful and has 8 different speed settings which can be steadily increased with each stage of arousal; the option to use one of six vibrating settings for the dildo increases the power of the sexual experience. The Thrustick comes with two dildos, one of which is a rabbit style penetrator.

Unlike most sex products the Thrustick comes with a totally remote control which can be operated from up to 10 metres away, this allows the machine to be operated by a third party and by taking away the control from the user can help achieve even more satisfying orgasms.

A feature that we have not come across before is the ability of the machine to warm up the dildo. We understand that this makes the penetration feel more like the real thing and satisfies the user to a greater level than other devices.

All in all the Thrustick is a very interesting and welcome device to our inventory. We look forward to your orders and hope you will send us your reviews as it helps other customers with their buying decisions

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