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 Shopping: Bad Dreams...

1988 USA horror thriller by Andrew Fleming set for UK Blu-ray/DVD Combo release on 23rd July 2018 with previous BBFC cuts just waived

Link Here 17th May 2018
Bad Dreams Blu-rayCombo Bad Dreams is a 1988 USA horror thriller by Andrew Fleming.
Starring Jennifer Rubin, Bruce Abbott and Richard Lynch. BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed 18 for strong bloody violence with previous BBFC cuts waived for:

  • 2018 88 Films (RB) Blu-ray/(R2) Combo at UK Amazon released on 23rd July 2018
UK Censorship History
The film was cut in the US for an MPAA R rating. Then cut by the BBFC for VHS. The cuts were waived for 18 rated 2018 DVD/Blu-ray. There is an original ending featured amongst DVD extras,

From IMDb. Cut for an MPAA R rating:

Director Andrew Fleming battled the MPAA over the scene where one of the characters is rammed by a car. It was originally much bloodier, but he says the U.S. ratings board threatened to slap the film with an X rating.

Previously passed 18 after 0:22s of BBFC cuts for 1989 VHS. The BBFC cuts were:

  • to remove closeup shots of self-mutilation with a knife and a scalpel
  • to reduce a scene where a man is repeatedly hit by a car.

Promotional Material

After the success of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET in 1984, many a movie that moulded together slasher thrills and supernatural chills was rushed into production - from SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK (1988) to THE HORROR SHOW (1989) and Wes Craven's own SHOCKER (1989). None, however, were quite as notable nor as notorious as the bombastic blood-spiller BAD DREAMS from 1987, which roped in its own Freddy Krueger alumni with sexy Scream Queen starlet Jennifer Ruben (from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST 3: THE DREAM WARRIORS). Also starring the late, great B-thespian Richard Lynch (CUT AND RUN) as a Jim Jones-style reverend who begins to avenge his creepy cult of followers from beyond-the-grave, BAD DREAMS features some frantic and ferocious special effects, plenty of tormented teens and some of the finest frights of its decade! Featuring the legendary Bruce Abbott (RE-ANIMATOR) and produced by Hollywood heavyweight Gale Anne Hurd (ALIENS), whilst featuring a screenplay from DIE HARD's Steven E. de Souza, it is no wonder that BAD DREAMS became one of the most popular slasher classics of the 1980s... and 88 Films is proud to present this work of gruesome genius in horrific HD! It might just stop you getting a good night's kip!


 Shopping: Red Sparrow...

2018 USA mystery thriller by Francis Lawrence set for a cut UK Blu-ray and DVD release on 9th July 2018

Link Here 13th May 2018
Red Sparrow 4k Blu-ray Red Sparrow is a 2018 USA mystery thriller by Francis Lawrence.
Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton and Mary-Louise Parker. BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed 15 for strong bloody violence, gore, sexual violence, sex, very strong language after BBFC advised category cuts for:

  • 2018 20th Century Fox RB 4k Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 9th July 2018
  • 2018 20th Century Fox RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 9th July 2018
  • 2018 20th Century Fox R2 DVD at US Amazon released on 9th July 2018
  • 2018 20th Century Fox VoD [UK only] at UK Amazon
UK Censorship
The film was cut in the UK for 15 rated cinema release and home video.

The BBFC commented:

  • This film was originally seen for advice. The company was advised the film was likely to be classified 18 but that their preferred 15 could be achieved by making reductions in one scene of strong sadistic violence (a garroting). When the film was submitted for formal classification appropriate reductions had been made in that scene and the film was classified 15.
US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:
  • 2018 20th Century Fox (RA) 4k Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 22nd May 2018
  • 2018 20th Century Fox RA Blu-ray/R1 DVD Combo at US Amazon released on 22nd May 2018
  • 2018 20th Century Fox R1 DVD at US Amazon released on 22nd May 2018
  • 2018 20th Century Fox VoD [US only] at US Amazon

Promotional Material

Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton star in this thriller based on the novel by Jason Matthews. Russian agent Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) was forced to enrol at Sparrow School, where she and many other agents were taught to use their bodies to seduce and deceive their enemy. Now one of the best in the business, Dominika is assigned her latest victim: CIA officer Nate Nash (Edgerton).
Additional Material:
  • Red Sparrow - a New Cold War: Origination & Adaptation [Additional Material]
  • Red Sparrow - Agents Provocateurs: The Ensemble Cast [Additional Material]
  • Red Sparrow - a Puzzle of Need: Post-production [Additional Material]
  • Red Sparrow [Additional Material, Audio Commentary With Director Francis Lawrence]
  • Red Sparrow - Deleted Scenes [Additional Material]
  • Red Sparrow - Heart of the Tempest: On Location [Additional Material]
  • Red Sparrow - Tradecraft: Visual Authenticity [Additional Material]
  • Red Sparrow - Deleted Scenes With Commentary [Additional Material, Audio Commentary]
  • Red Sparrow - Welcome To Sparrow School: Ballet & Stunts [Additional Material]


 Shopping: Who Can Kill a Child?...

1976 Spain horror mystery by Narciso Ibanez Serrador, once caught up in the video nasties panic, set for US Blu-ray release on 10th July 2018

Link Here 10th May 2018
Who Can Kill a Child? Blu-ray Who Can Kill a Child? (aka Island of the Damned) is a 1976 Spain horror mystery by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador.
Starring Lewis Fiander, Prunella Ransome and Antonio Iranzo. BBFC link IMDb

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2018 Mondo Macabro [Uncut Version + Island of Death] RA Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 10th July 2018
UK Censorship History

Passed X uncut for UK cinema release in 1976, and for 18 rated DVD in 2011. Uncut and MPAA Unrated in the US.

Not an official video nasty. But there is a theory that a briefly listed Island of Death was in fact this title rather than the 'officially' assumed Nico Mastorakis' Island of Death. The title Island of Death appeared on the video nasty list in November 1983 but was dropped in the next issue. There is no way that the nastier Mastorakis Island of Death could ever have been dropped from the list.

Promotional Material

Mondo Macabro Presents Who Can Kill a Child - One of the most terrifying films ever made!

An English tourist couple rent a boat to visit the island of Almanzora, just off the southern Spanish coast. When they arrive, they find the island apparently empty of adults. There are only children, who don't speak but just stare at the strangers with eerie smiles on their faces. The English couple soon discovers that all the island s children have been possessed by a mysterious force, a kind of madness which they can pass from one to another, and which makes them attack and murder their elders, who can't defend themselves because, of course, nobody can kill a child…

The film was highly controversial on its original release in the 1970s and was heavily cut in most countries. This Blu-ray presents the full version of the film but also includes the shorter ISLAND OF DEATH release, which does not have the opening documentary footage. The film influenced many subsequent books and movies, including CHILDREN OF THE CORN and was remade in 2012 under the title COME OUT AND PLAY. The version on this Blu-ray is the definitive release of what has come to be recognized as a classic of world horror.

Special Features:

Brand new 4k transfer from film negative
Version Española - documentary about the film
Interview with cinematographer José Luis Alcaine
Interview with director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador
Kim Newman on Killer Kids
Audio commentary by Samm Deighan and Kat Ellinger
Alternate Island of Death title sequence
English/Spanish audio choice
Alternate US audio dub
Original trailer and radio spots
Newly created English subtitles
Mondo Macabro previews


 Shopping: The Mountain Of The Cannibal God...

1978 Italian adventure by Sergio Martino set for UK Blu-ray and DVD release on 7th May 2018 with previous cuts for violence waived but still cut for animal cruelty

Link Here 19th April 2018
The Mountain Of The Cannibal God Blu-ray Mountain of the Cannibal God is a 1978 Italian adventure by Sergio Martino
With Ursula Andress and Stacey Keach. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

UK: The Extended Version was passed 18 for strong violence, gore, sex after 2:01s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:

The BBFC commented:
  • Compulsory cuts required to remove six sequences of animal cruelty .
UK Censorship History

All UK releases have been cut for animal cruelty. The film was banned as a video nasty in 1983. There is an uncut extended version released in the US. This Extended Version was passed 18 for 2018 video but was still cut for animal cruelty.

The Extended Version features 4 minutes of previously unseen rape, bestiality and masturbation scenes. It also restores the explicit castration scene to the movie. This extra material is said to have been taken from the director's private collection.

See further details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: Mountain of the Cannibal God

Promotional Material

Sergio Martino (director of All The Colours Of The Dark, The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh, Torso) invites you on the trip of a lifetime - to THE MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD for sun, wildlife and... flesh munching natives! You might just never come home...

Ursula Andress (Bond Dr No, 10th Victim, The Nurse) travels to the New Guinea jungle in search of her scientist husband who s vanished in the untamed Green Inferno. Soon, giant spiders, killer crocs and deadly snakes bare their teeth as her expedition, lead by cult-fave Stacey Keach, journeys towards the sacred mountain of the Cannibal God! There a flesh-eating demon will enslave her in an eruption of frenzied orgiastic climax... and full porky bestiality!

Banned as a video nasty , Shameless now reinstates the original dramatic gore and the complete extended explicitness to serve up the world s first 2K-sharp restoration of this ferocious unflinching exploitation treat, to be devoured in all its blood-soaked glory!


  • The Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978) is presented restored and re-graded from a new 2K scan. This entirely new widescreen release features previously unseen footage (of sex and gore) and is the longest ever UK version.
  • Exclusive, Limited Edition Serial-Numbered O card
  • Introduction by Director Sergio Martino
  • Interviews with Director Sergio Martino about Animal Cruelty on film
  • Making-of Cannibal Nightmare with exclusive on-set footage etc..
  • Alternative Credits
  • Original English audio soundtrack in DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Dual Mono
  • Theatrical Trailer

     Shopping: Violence in a Women's Prison...

    1982 Italy / France action thriller by Bruno Mattei, massively cut in the UK, set for US Blu-ray and DVD release on 8th May 2018

    Link Here 10th April 2018
    Violence in a Women's Prison DVD Violence in a Women's Prison (Violenza in un carcere femminile aka Caged Women) is a 1982 Italy / France action thriller by Bruno Mattei (as Vincent Dawn).
    Starring Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti and Maria Romano. IMDb

    US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

    • 2018 Severin Films RA Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 8th May 2018
    • 2018 Severin Films R0 DVD at US Amazon released on 8th May 2018
    UK Censorship History

    Banned by the BBFC for 1992 video. Unbanned after massive cuts. Uncut and MPAA Unrated in the US.

    Promotional Material

    Bruno Mattei's infamous filth-fest - Uncut in HD for the first time ever.

    In an over-the-top career filled with cannibals, zombies, nuns and Nazis, only EuroSleaze maestro Bruno Mattei (THE OTHER HELL, SHOCKING DARK) - along with frequent collaborators/co-writers Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi (TROLL 2, ZOMBIE 3 and 4) - could take the BLACK EMANUELLE series to such insane depths of depravity. When Emanuelle (the legendary Laura Gemser) goes undercover in a penitentiary, she will endure a nightmare of sadistic guards, voracious lesbians, rat attacks, feces fights and enough graphic mayhem for a dozen women-in-prison trash epics.

    Gabriele Tinti (EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS), Lorraine De Selle (CANNIBAL FEROX) and Franca Stoppi (BEYOND THE DARKNESS) co-star in this "classic of exploitation" (Yell Magazine) - also known as CAGED WOMEN and EMANUELLE IN PRISON - now featuring a 2k scan from an uncensored inter-positive.


    Brawl in Women's Block - Interview with co-director/co-writers Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi.
    Archive interview with director Bruno Mattei.
    Radio Spot.


     Shopping: The Misandrists...

    2017 Germany comedy drama by Bruce La Bruce set for UK DVD release on 23rd April 2018 with the BBFC noting that the film contains real sex

    Link Here 7th April 2018
    The Misandrists DVD The Misandrists is a 2017 Germany comedy drama by Bruce La Bruce.
    Starring Susanne Sachße, Viva Ruiz and Kembra Pfahler. BBFC link IMDb

    UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong real sex, graphic medical footage for:

    • 2018 Matchbox Films R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 23rd April 2018
    There are no censorship issues with this release.

    Promotional Material

    THE MISANDRISTS refers to a secret cell of feminist terrorists that is planning to liberate women, overthrow the patriarchy, and usher in a new female world order. The group is led by Big Mother (Susanne Sachsse), who operates a school for wayward girls in the countryside as a front for a radical terroristic cell. When a young man, a radical leftist, who is running from the police, happens upon this remote female stronghold, one of the girls takes pity on him and hides him in the basement. His presence eventually disrupts the household and reveals a number of unexpected secrets, as the film moves towards its climax: the revelation of a new style of lesbian porn that is to be used as both propaganda tool and calling card for their new brand of female revolution.


     Shopping: Xtro...

    1982 UK alien film by Harry Bromley Davenport set for UK Blu-ray release on 28th May 2018 with the theatrical and video versions

    Link Here 31st March 2018
    Xtro: Limited Edition Blu-ray Xtro is a 1982 UK alien film by Harry Bromley Davenport.
    With Philip Sayer, Bernice Stegers and Danny Brainin.
    YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

    UK: Previously passed 15 uncut for strong sex and horror for:

    • 2018 Second Sight Limited Edition [Theatrical + Video versions] RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 28th May 2018
    UK Censorship History
    No censors cuts but exists in two versions, one with a happy end, the other with a downbeat end. The film was seized by police during the video nasties moral panic but no action was taken against the film.

    Promotional Material

    Three years ago young Tony watched with horror as his father was taken into the night sky by a mysterious blinding light and never seen again. Until now. His father is coming home but he's not the man he used to be!

    A 'must-see' cult rental of the 80s, Xtro is one of the most outrageously bizarre, gory and insanely enjoyable horror films of its time complete with infamous 'alien birth' scene. 'Not all extra terrestrials are friendly'!


    • Limited Edition packaging
    • New restoration featuring option of alternate endings plus the original UK video version edit
    • New director restoration
    • 'Xploring Xtro' - a new 57 minute documentary featuring interviews with Harry Bromley-Davenport, Mark Forstater, Bernice Stegers, Susie Silvey, 'Tik' – Tim Dry, 'Tok' – Sean Crawford, Robert Pereno, Alan Jones and Craig Lapper
    • 'The World of Xtro' - a new featurette with Dennis Atherton, Harry Bromley-Davenport and Mark Forstater
    • 'Beyond Xtro' – a new featurette with Harry Bromley-Davenport and Mark Forstater looking ahead to new reboot 'Xtro – The Big One', including excusive test footage
    • 'Xtro Xposed'
    • 'Loving The Alien: A Tribute to Philip Sayer' featuring exclusive Brian May music tribute
    • Soft cover booklet with new writing by Kevin Lyons plus behind-the-scenes stills and promo material
    • Original soundtrack CD
    • Rigid slipcase featuring original UK video and UK theatrical artwork
    • English subtitles for the hearing impaired


     Shopping: Derek Jarman Volume One: 1972 -1986...

    Sebastiane's uncut penis now unhidden for UK Blu-ray release on 26th March 2018

    Link Here 20th March 2018
    Derek Jarman Volume One: 1972 -1986 Blu-ray Derek Jarman Volume One: 1972 -1986 is a 2018 set by Derek Jarman, consisting of:
    • In the Shadow of the Sun (1972-1974)
    • Sebastiane (1976)
    • Jubilee (1978)
    • The Tempest (1979)
    • The Angelic Conversation (1985)
    • Caravaggio (1986)

    UK: Passed an aggregate 18 uncut for:

    • 2018 Bfi Derek Jarman Volume One RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 26th March 2018
    Sebastiane is a 1976 UK romance by Paul Humfress and Derek Jarman.
    Starring Leonardo Treviglio, Barney James and Neil Kennedy. BBFC link IMDb

    Thanks to Peter:

    Sebastiane in the upcoming Derek Jarman Blu-ray box set from the BFI contains the infamous erection footage (BBFC advice states There is a prolonged sex scene, which includes sight of an erect penis. There is also a scene showing a pagan ritual dance, in which men wearing giant fake phalluses appear to ejaculate white fluid over a male dancer's face and body.)

    The erection was never officially censored by the BBFC for the film's original theatrical release. As Jarman later said: We hid it!......We shot the film in Academy [the 4x3 screen ratio of older films], but showed it to the censors with a widescreen mask on the projector. Sebastiane's hard-on was hidden below the frame-line, and they passed the film uncut. When we projected it in 4x3, the hard-on was still there!

    The shots were, however, matted out from subsequent video releases and TV showings.

    Jubilee is a 1978 UK drama by Derek Jarman.
    With Jenny Runacre, Nell Campbell and Toyah Willcox. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

    Cut by the BBFC for 1978 cinema release. Uncut on home video, 18 rated until 2001, and then 15 rated from 2014.

    By 2017, the script had to be censored for political correctness for a stage version. In the film, a character named Amyl Nitrate used her opening speech to say Hindley instantly became my hero when she was 15. She also said Hindley was a true artist because she knew how to make her desires a reality, and dismissed those who said her crimes were unimaginable because that showed the poverty of your imagination.

    Director Chris Goode, who has adapted the script for its stage premiere, said the lines were in the original film to show how punks deliberately wanted to shock society and smash taboos. He initially resisted requests to take out the reference to Hindley but was 'convinced' to do so by a member of the senior artistic leadership of the Royal Exchange.

    Promotional Material

    Derek Jarman Volume One: 1972-1986
    5-disc Limited Edition Blu-ray box set

    Jarman's multi-faceted work is inspirational in its fearlessness, yet remains touchingly personal. The dynamism of these features evokes comparison with the bold romanticism of directors like Ken Russell (an early champion) and Michael Powell, as well as artists Paul Nash and John Piper. But Jarman was also a subversive force in film. Beginning with his psychedelic debut feature, In the Shadow of the Sun (1972-1974), then came the provocative Jubilee (1978), the evocative Shakespeare adaptation The Tempest (1979) and The Angelic Conversation (1985), in which he invoked Elizabethan occultist Dr John Dee and explored alchemical imagery, a subject in which he was well versed. In Sebastiane (1976) and Caravaggio (1986) he revived key gay and homo-erotic figures from the past with edgy and unmistakable style.

    Derek Jarman's first six feature films have all been newly scanned at 2K from original film elements and are presented in this lavish box set alongside an exciting array of new and archival extras drawn from Jarman's archive of workbooks and papers held in BFI Special Collections. Newly interviewed exclusively for this box set are some of the people who worked on these films; punk legend Jordan, producer and filmmaker Don Boyd, production designer Christopher Hobbs and artist filmmaker John Scarlett-Davis.

    Special features

    • All films presented in High Definition for the first time in the UK
    • Sebastiane : A Work in Progress (c.1975): newly remastered from 16mm film elements held by the BFI National Archive, this sadly incomplete early black and white work-print of Sebastiane differs significantly from the finished film. This previously unseen alternate edit assembled in a different order, featuring a different soundtrack was never subtitled or released
    • The Making of Sebastiane (Derek Jarman & Hugh Smith, 1975): previously unseen Super 8 footage shot on location in Sardiniai
    • Jazz Calendar (1968): a rarely screened documentary record of the 1968 ballet by Frederick Ashton, performed by The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, for which Jarman designed sets and costumes
    • Message from the Temple (1981)
    • TG: Psychic Rally in Heaven (1981)
    • Pirate Tape (WS Burroughs Film) (1982)
    • Toyah Willcox: Being Mad (2014); the singer and actress looks back on her role in Jubilee
    • Jordan remembers Jubilee (2018): punk icon Jordan looks back on her friendship with Derek Jarman and the making of Jubilee
    • Stormy Weather: the Magic Behind The Tempest (2016): Toyah Willcox and Stuart Hopps share their memories of working on Derek Jarman's 1979 production of The Tempest
    • Don Boyd remembers The Tempest (2018): Producer and filmmaker Don Boyd remembers the production, release and critical reception of The Tempest
    • A Meeting of Minds: Christopher Hobbs on collaborating with Derek Jarman (2018): production designer Christopher Hobbs looks back on his long and fruitfully creative friendship with Derek Jarman
    • Fully illustrated 80-page book with new writing on the film, contemporary reviews and full film credits
    • lots more

    UK | 1972-1986 | colour | 515 mins (+ extras) | English language with optional hard-of-hearing subtitles ( Sebastiane is presented in Latin with optional English subtitles) | original aspect ratios | 5 x BD50: 1080p, 24fps | In the Shadow of the Sun / Sebastiane / Jubilee / The Tempest / Caravaggio: : PCM 2.0 mono audio (48kHz/24-bit) | The Angelic Conversation : PCM 2.0 stereo audio (48kHz/24-bit) | Cert 18


     Shopping: The Last House On The Left...

    1972 USA video nasty by Wes Craven set for UK Limited Edition Blu-ray release on 28th May 2018 with 3 versions

    Link Here 11th March 2018
    The Last House On The Left Limited Edition Blu-ray The Last House on the Left is a 1972 USA horror by Wes Craven.
    Starring Sandra Peabody, Lucy Grantham and David Hess. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

    UK: Passed 18 uncut for:

    • 2018 Arrow Limited Edition [Unrated Version + Krugg & Co + R rated Version] RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 28th May 2018
    Censorship History
    In the US the Original Theatrical Version was uncut and X rated but was soon heavily cut for local censorship requirements and then for a series of attempts made in attaining an R rating. Much of the material cut for an R rating has now been declared lost. In 1986 director Wes Craven assembled his best remaining material previously cut from the film and declared that this version was his Director's Cut. It was released in the US Unrated by the MPAA.

    The R rated version was banned from 1974 UK cinema release by the BBFC and the Greater London Council. The film, presumably still in the R rated version was released in the UK when BBFC certificates were not required but it was soon banned as a 'video nasty'. The BBFC continued its ban with the Unrated version being banned from cinema release in 2000.

    In 2001 the DVD was resubmitted and was again banned, but this time cuts were being discussed. A resubmission in 2002 resulted in a BBFC offer of an 18 rating after cuts. The distributors appealed against the cuts but lost their case, and ended up with even more cuts than requested by the BBFC. The film was released in the following year with the same BBFC cuts but in two versions, including an alternative cut called Krug & Co.

    By 2008 the BBFC had relented and the film was released without BBFC cuts in both the Unrated Version and the alternative Krug & Company.

    See also Cutting Edge Episode 48: Last House on the Left Gavin Salkeld investigates the appeal of Wes Craven's much censored classic

    See further details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: Last House on the Left

    Promotional Material


    The directorial debut of Wes Craven, the man behind such horror favourites as A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes and Scream, The Last House on the Left justly retains its reputation as one of the most harrowing cinematic experiences of all time, nearly half a century on from its original release.

    On the eve of her 17th birthday, Mari and friend Phyllis set off from her family home to the big city to attend a concert by shock-rockers Bloodlust. Attempting to pick up some marijuana on the way, the pair run afoul of a group of vicious crooks, headed up by the sadistic and depraved Krug (David Hess). Gagged and bound, the young women are bundled into a car trunk and driven to the woods, where the gang subject them to a terrifying ordeal of sexual humiliation, torture and murder.

    Unleashed on an unsuspecting public in 1972, The Last House on the Left shocked audiences with its graphic and unflinching portrayal of interpersonal violence, paving the way for a whole host of cheap imitators looking to capitalise on its success. It is Wes Craven s original alone, however, that remains one of the true watershed moments in horror (and indeed, film) history.


  • Three cuts of the film newly restored in 2K from original film elements
  • Original Uncompressed Mono Audio
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Double-sided poster featuring original and newly commissioned artwork
  • 6 x lobby card reproductions
  • Limited edition perfect-bound book featuring new writing on the film by author Stephen Thrower
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Paul Shipper


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the Uncut Version
  • Brand new audio commentary by podcasters Bill Ackerman and Amanda Reyes
  • Archival audio commentary with writer/director Wes Craven and producer Sean S. Cunningham
  • Archival audio commentary with stars David Hess, Marc Sheffler and Fred Lincoln
  • Junior s Story a brand new interview with actor Marc Sheffler
  • Marc Sheffler in Conversation at the American Cinematheque
  • Brand new interview with wardrobe and make-up artist Anne Paul
  • Songs in the Key of Krug never-before-seen archive interview with David Hess
  • Celluloid Crime of the Century archival documentary featuring interviews with Wes Craven, Sean S. Cunningham, actors David Hess, Fred Lincoln, Jeramie Rain, Marc Sheffler and Martin Kove
  • Still Standing: The Legacy of The Last House on The Left archival interview with Wes Craven
  • Scoring Last House on the Left archival interview with actor/composer David Hess
  • It's Only a Movie: The Making of The Last House on the Left archival documentary
  • Forbidden Footage the cast and crew of Last House on the film s most controversial sequences
  • Deleted Scene
  • Outtakes and Dailies
  • Trailers, TV Spot & Radio Spots
  • Image Gallery


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the Krug and Company and R-rated cuts of the film
  • The Craven Touch brand new featurette bringing together interviews with a number of Wes Craven s collaborators, including Sean S. Cunningham, composer Charles Bernstein, producer Peter Locke, cinematographer Mark Irwin and actress Amanda Wyss
  • Early Days and Night of Vengeance filmmaker Roy Frumkes remembers Wes Craven and Last House on the Left
  • Tales That'll Tear Your Heart Out excerpts from an unfinished Wes Craven short

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