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Fake news in the Daily Record
Scottish newspaper exaggerates a tiny little local story of a routine police raid of a GoGo, suggesting that it is the beginning of the end of Pattaya's sexy nightlife

UK Censorship

Groucho Marx got it right when playing dictator Rufus T Firefly in Duck Soup. He clearly had Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in mind

If any form of pleasure is exhibited,
Report to me and it will be prohibited.
I'll put my foot down. So shall it be!
This is the land of the free!

Freedoms are eroding rapidly in the UK. This section covers UK censorship news particularly  where it is attributed to UK government and politicians.

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ASA WatchASA Watch

15th Feb
queens solitaire games
ASA playing solitaire
UK advert censor unsurprisingly gets no response from a Hong Kong solitaire games company over a ludicrous PC whinge about an advert featuring bikinis
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Comment: Blackmailer's Charter
Digital Economy Bill could make UK citizens vulnerable to blackmail. By Open Rights Group
UK GovernmentGov

13th Feb
Snowden DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A jailer's charter
The government ramps up prison sentences for heroic whistle blowers like Snowden and publishers like the Guardian
UK ParliamentHouses of Parl

10th Feb
open rights group 2016 logo
Update: A charter for copyright trolls
Open Rights Group asks: Why does the government want to encourage legal threats to grannies and put file sharing teens in prison for a decade?
UK ParliamentHouses of Parl

9th Feb
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Update: Just how much censorship will the Digital Economy lead to?
How the government's porn censorship bill will probably lead to practically all adult websites being banned
UK ParliamentHouses of Parl

8th Feb
house of lords red logo
Update: The government put phishers, fraudsters and scammers ahead of porn viewing citizens
Government says privacy safeguards are not 'necessary' during a House of Lords debate on the Digital Economy Bill. A parliamentary report by the Open Rights Group
UK ParliamentHouses of Parl

7th Feb
ruth smeeth
Malicious Communications (Social Media) Bill
Labour private members bill suggests that social media websites implement age filtering systems
UK GovernmentGov myles jackman
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Inside the government's mad plan to catalog every video on the Internet
The plan is unworkable and troublingly authoritarian, says Myles Jackman.

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Ofcom WatchOfcom Watch

6th Feb
So is the TV watershed actually 9:07pm?
Channel 5 reveals that it usually considers 9:07 as the watershed for strong language, and indeed gets in trouble with Ofcom for strong language at 9:04
UK NewsUK News
Update: Justice must be seen to be done
Not used to threaten extreme punishments to cover up the sexual peccadilloes of the rich and famous
UK GovernmentGov
Offsite Article: The Guardian on the Digital Economy Bill
We need a better balance between the needs of government and the privacy of citizens than that provided in the proposed legislation
UK GovernmentGov

4th Feb
Offsite Video: Government recruitment for video porn censors
Open Rights Group have fun highlighting the upcoming state censorship of porn
UK NewsUK History

3rd Feb
Remember the episode about the senior politician's jack boot fetish?
Jack Straw tried to get Eurotrash banned back in the 1990s

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