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News Wednesday 16th August...

ASA WatchASA Watch christy skirt advert
Skirting around extremism
Another disgraceful PC ban by ASA who claim that anything slightly sexy somehow causes widespread offence
UK NewsPCC Watch ipso 2016 logo
The Sun takes heat
Muslim campaigner finds that IPSO will not take complaints about a Sun column that criticised islam

News Tuesday 15th August...

UK NewsUK News flintshire council logo
Update: Sunless Offices
Flintshire councillors propose motion calling for a ban of the Sun and its journalists from council offices

UK Censorship

Groucho Marx got it right when playing dictator Rufus T Firefly in Duck Soup. He clearly had Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in mind

If any form of pleasure is exhibited,
Report to me and it will be prohibited.
I'll put my foot down. So shall it be!
This is the land of the free!

Freedoms are eroding rapidly in the UK. This section covers UK censorship news particularly  where it is attributed to UK government and politicians.

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UK NewsUK News

15th Aug
flintshire council logo
Update: Sunless Offices
Flintshire councillors propose motion calling for a ban of the Sun and its journalists from council offices
Ofcom WatchOfcom Watch

13th Aug
BBC logo
In for a long hunt
A spat between the Countryside Alliance and the BBC reveals that there could be a lengthy BBC complaints process before complaints reach Ofcom for final arbitration
TV CensorshipUK TV News misused trust
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Ethical referees
Ofcom to unpick ethical dilemmas caused by the authorities once putting political correctness before justice when dealing with muslim grooming gangs
TV CensorshipUK TV News

12th Aug
That Was Satire, That Was: Sixties Satirists
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: No, satire isn't dead...It's resting
Safe choices and repetition have put lampooning comedy on its knees. By Keith Allen
ASA WatchASA Watch

11th Aug
lola lo club advert
An eyeful of political correctness
ASA advert censors whinge about night club advert that they claim references porn facials
Ofcom WatchOfcom Watch

10th Aug
imam fm logo
Update: Bad Iman
Ofcom closes Iman FM for condoning, promoting and encouraging violent behaviour towards non-Muslim people
UK NewsPCC Watch

6th Aug
ipso 2016
IPSO publishes its Annual Report
And applauds the Daily Mail for being the top newspaper

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TV CensorshipUK TV News

5th Aug
Offsite Article: BBFC Podcast 70: Game of Thrones
The BBFC get all coy about describing the classification issues wih the Battle of Bastards

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