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News Sunday 21st April...

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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A good summary of where we are at
Politics, privacy and porn: the challenges of age-verification technology. By Ray Allison

News Saturday 20th April...

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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: User's Behaving Badly
An interesting look at the government's Online Harms white paper proposing extensive internet censorship for the UK


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Groucho Marx got it right when playing dictator Rufus T Firefly in Duck Soup. He clearly had Britain in mind

If any form of pleasure is exhibited,
Report to me and it will be prohibited.
I'll put my foot down. So shall it be!
This is the land of the free!

Freedoms are eroding rapidly in the UK. This section covers UK censorship news, particularly  where it is attributed to UK government, censors and politicians.

News Friday 19th April...

UK News UK News Spiked logo
The right to be silent
Facebook bans several UK far right groups

News Thursday 18th April...

UK Government Gov Girl on the Net: How A Bad Girl Fell in Love
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Age verification won't block porn
But it will spell the end of ethical porn. By Girl on the Net

News Wednesday 17th April...

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Get a VPN or fill your boots now! There's 3 months left for unhindered porn downloading
The government announces that its internet porn censorship scheme will come into force on 15th July 2019
UK Government Gov clark stanley's snake oil liniment
Proven privacy concerns
When spouting on about keeping porn users data safe the DCMS proves that it simply can't be trusted by revealing journalists' private emails

News Tuesday 16th April...

Ofcom Watch Ofcom Watch channel44 logo
Religious hatred
Channel 44 fined 75,000 by Ofcom for hate speech directed at Ahmadiyya muslims

News Monday 15th April...

UK Government Gov ico censorship proposal
Does destroying the livelihoods of parents protect the children?
ICO announces another swathe of internet censorship and age verification requirements in the name of 'protecting the children'
UK Government Gov adam smith institute logo
Comments: An unelected quango introducing draconian limitations on the internet
Responses to the ICO internet censorship proposals
UK Government Gov netflix logo
Prime suspects
The Government is already considering its next step for increased internet censorship

News Sunday 14th April...

UK Parliament Houses of Parl conservative party logo
More like China, Russia or North Korea
Tory MPs line up to criticise their own government's totalitarian-style internet censorship proposals
UK News UK News julian assange 2010
Leaks plugged
Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been arrested in London

News Saturday 13th April...

UK Government Gov web user
Well if they legislate without giving a shit about the safety and privacy of porn users
WebUser magazine kindly informs readers how to avoid being endangered by age verification
TV Censorship UK TV News naked beach
A few complaints about pre-watershed body images
Non sexual nudity with a theme of more positive attitude to body image airs before the watershed

News Friday 12th April...

UK Government Gov The Guardian
Updated Comments: The UK Government harms the British people
The press and campaigners call out the Online Harms white paper for what it is...censorship

News Thursday 11th April...

UK Government Gov tory exit 1
Vote Texit...Tory Exit
Culture of Censorship Secretary Jeremy Wright tells British people not worry about the proposed end to their free speech because newspapers will still be allowed free speech

News Wednesday 10th April...

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A censorship cliffhanger
Advert censor bans Macallan whiskey advert with a man sprouting wings whilst falling


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