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News Sunday 19th February...

InternetInternet News twitter 2015 logo
Updated: Debeaked
Twitter claims an unlikely sounding capability to detect abusive tweets and suspend accounts without waiting for complaints to be flagged

News Friday 17th February...

InternetInternet News US Senate
Update: A handle on your private life
US lawmaker introduces bill to force visa applicants to identify their social media accounts
advertsAdvert News can you keep up with a kardashian advert
Can you keep up with a Kardashian?
Another Protein World advert offends the politically correct

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Recent Media

moviesMovie News

16th Feb
Poster Moonlight 2016 Barry Jenkins
Is it politically correct to censor the language of the American African community?
Moonlight has been significantly cut by the Indian film censors for an Adults only 'A' rating
InternetInternet News

15th Feb
open rights group 2016 logo
Comment: Blackmailer's Charter
Digital Economy Bill could make UK citizens vulnerable to blackmail. By Open Rights Group
moviesMovie News Fifty Shades Darker Unmasked Edition DVD + Digital Copy DVD
More Darker
Fifty Shades Darker will be released on home video with the inevitable extended/unrated/unmasked version
InternetInternet News

14th Feb
facebook login
Deep profiling
US immigration is beyond checking publicly available Facebook profiles, it is now considering demanding your passwords before granting a visa
moviesMovie News Poster Jolly Llb 2 2017 Subhash Kapoor
Don't mention the Kashmir
Pakistan film censors ban another Indian Movie, Jolly LLB 2
InternetInternet News

13th Feb
Snowden DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A jailer's charter
The government ramps up prison sentences for heroic whistle blowers like Snowden and publishers like the Guardian
moviesMovie News

11th Feb
Vietnam flag
But still the censorship is gratuitous
Vietnam introduces a new film censorship process with 4 ratings available
moviesMovie News fifty shades darker again
Update: Fifty Shades of Hype
Men banned from Fifty Shades Darker in Ireland whilst everyone is banned in Vietnam
moviesMovie News Elsa Fraulein SS DVD
Euro Sleaze and Horror
2 new Euro cult film labels launch
InternetInternet News

10th Feb
disqus logo
When all speech is hate speech
Disqus internet forum provider speaks of a commitment to fighting hate speech whilst defining hate speech as anything deemed insulting

Previous Media

InternetInternet News

9th Feb
An encyclopedia with only one side of the story
Wikipedia adds its weight to the move to silence the views voiced by the Daily Mail
InternetInternet News
Update: Just how much censorship will the Digital Economy lead to?
How the government's porn censorship bill will probably lead to practically all adult websites being banned
InternetInternet News

8th Feb
Update: The government put phishers, fraudsters and scammers ahead of porn viewing citizens
Government says privacy safeguards are not 'necessary' during a House of Lords debate on the Digital Economy Bill. A parliamentary report by the Open Rights Group
InternetInternet News
Virtually no borders
The EU takes a rare break from generating crap laws and firms up on proposals to require video streaming services to be available to all of the EU
moviesMovie News
Offsite Article: The BBFC at their most ludicrous
Why Sausages Were Cut Out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
InternetInternet News

7th Feb
Malicious Communications (Social Media) Bill
Labour private members bill suggests that social media websites implement age filtering systems
moviesMovie News
Wrong type of baddies
Pakistan bans Indian action film Raees for its depiction of muslim terrorists
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Inside the government's mad plan to catalog every video on the Internet
The plan is unworkable and troublingly authoritarian, says Myles Jackman.
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Your Browsing History Alone Can Give Away Your Identity
Researchers have found a way to connect the dots between people's private online activity and their Twitter accounts -- even for people who have never tweeted.
moviesMovie News

5th Feb
Fifty Shades Darker
Rated 18 by the BBFC for UK cinema release
InternetInternet News

4th Feb
Offsite Video: Government recruitment for video porn censors
Open Rights Group have fun highlighting the upcoming state censorship of porn
moviesMovie News
Based on fake historical facts
Indian film censors do a bit of fact checking and ask film makers to remove a promotional claim

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