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News Thursday 17th August...

moviesMovie News alien covenenant advert video
Euston, we have a problem
ASA bans trailers for Alien Covenant as shown at railway stations
InternetInternet News DCMS logo
A forgotten childhood
Government to incorporate upcoming EU privacy protection directive into UK law
InternetInternet News Vietnam flag
Update: Misleading intentions
Vietnam's government announces an internet censorship systems to identify and block news that it does not like
InternetInternet News Offsite Article
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Is Your Laptop Watching You Masturbate?
Naah... It's just an attempted scam

News Wednesday 16th August...

advertsAdvert News christy skirt advert
Skirting around extremism
Another disgraceful PC ban by ASA who claim that anything slightly sexy somehow causes widespread offence
InternetInternet News dreamhost logo
Dreaming of a right to protest in the USA
US government is bullying an internet company to obtain personal details of those involved in a protest against Donald Trump.
booksBook News Fanny Hill
Still corrupting a weakly few of the king's subjects
Fanny Hill: why people keep trying to ban the racy novel about a woman of pleasure, and why the press reports of a ban is 'fake' news

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InternetInternet News

15th Aug
go daddy logo
Site Supremecy
GoDaddy and Google are within their rights to deny website hosting to the Daily Stormer
InternetInternet News wsws logo
But it's not only the right that is out of favour with the internet gatekeepers
The World Socialist Web Site claims that Google has been pushing sites like itself out of search results presumably so that we are all nudged into reading mainstream media sites instead
InternetInternet News Facebook logo
But its not only the left and right that is out of favour with the internet gatekeepers
LGBTQ folk are being censored by Facebook's poor quality keyword algorithms that are designed to protect them
moviesMovie News

12th Aug
shakespeare must die
Update: Political sensitivities
Thai court confirms the ban on the film Shakespeare Must Die
moviesMovie News

11th Aug
atomoc blonde
... Oustanding nipples at the CBFC
Indian film censors make significant cuts to Atomic Blonde
moviesMovie News

10th Aug
Cable Guy Full Screen
The Cable Guy
Previous BBFC cuts waived for 2017 home video
InternetInternet News

6th Aug
may putin
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Policing the internet
In the wake of the latest destabilizing cyber attacks, some Western leaders like Theresa May are joining Russia and China to urge state policing of the internet. This is not wise. By Alexander Klimburg
TV CensorshipTV News

5th Aug
nrk p3 logo
Unrealistic expectations of sex education
Norwegian TV channel seeks to educate youngster about sex via real sex and real people
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Voices of Moderation banned
Malaysian book censors ban 8 books since March

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moviesMovie News

4th Aug
Family Guy: Season 7
Gavin Salkeld's Quick Trims reveals the BBFC cuts to a commentary track on ths DVD extras

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