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News Sunday 17th December...

InternetInternet News scl tech law logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Age Verification Dangers
Pandora Blake offers a full analysis of the dangers and difficulties that come with the introduction of age verification in accordance with the Digital Economy Act 2017

News Saturday 16th December...

TV CensorshipStage News Rita, Sue and Bob Too: A State Affair: AND A State Affair
Politically confused
London Theatre bans production of Rita, Sue and Bob Too because it is about #MeToo issues and then reinstates it because it is about #MeToo issues
InternetInternet News putin keen
Extract: Vladimir Putin must be looking forward to getting his hands on the data
The UK Will Soon Keep a Permanent Record of Everyone Who Watches Porn. It's beyond insane they're even considering it.

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15th Dec
DCMS logo
Government proposes the BBFC as its internet porn censor
And of course not a word about protecting British business from obliteration, nor about protecting porn viewers from scammers, blackmailers and identity thieves
InternetInternet News fcc logo
Net neutrality becomes net corporate control
US FCC cedes internet censorship, access and pricing to large corporations
Music NewsMusic News

13th Dec
shyma video
Updated: Intolerant ethics
Egyptian authorities get nasty over a sexy pop video
TV CensorshipTV News

12th Dec
tvn logo
Justifying the protests
Polish government appointed TV censors fine TV company for covering protests against the government
moviesMovie News wadjda
Film censors required, must be good with scissors
Cinemas to return to Saudi Arabia
TV CensorshipStage News

11th Dec
Tip toeing around homophobia
Russian ballet Nureyev premieres at the Bolshoi but only after cuts and a director on house arrest
Music NewsMusic News

10th Dec
kety perry in sunflower dress
The Sunflower Award
Katy Perry has been honoured by being banned from performing in China again
InternetInternet News twitch logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Too much fun on Twitch
Miserable calls for Twitch to police sexual streaming'
InternetInternet News ajit pai
Offiste Article: Having a laugh
The disgraceful US internet censors of the FCC seem intent on handing over control of people's internet access to big business. And FCC boss Ajit Pai has been caught joking about it
InternetInternet News

9th Dec
YouTube logo
An army of censors but I bet terrorism will continue unabated
Google to employ an army of 10,000 internet censors

Previous Media

InternetInternet News

8th Dec
Threatening legislation
European Commission weighs in with threats of legislation to force social media companies to censor jihadist content
InternetInternet News
Maybe YouTube and Facebook would have to shutdown in Australia
Big media companies persuade Australian Government to exclude YouTube and Facebook from internet safe harbour protection
moviesMovie News
Offsite Article: FSK film censors
An overview of film censorship in Germany
moviesMovie News

7th Dec
Updated: Injustice in Lebanon and Palestine
Justice League has been banned by Lebanon as Wonder Woman is unwelcome in the country
InternetInternet News
Sh! Don't tell the Tories, they'd use it as another weapon to bash the unemployed
Iranian government dreams up an internet censorship scheme with personalised website blocking according to age and occupation
moviesMovie News

6th Dec
The 15:17 to Paris
Warner Brothers appeal to the MPAA for a PG-13 rating for their latest Clint Eastwood film
Art NewsArt News
Triggering a petition
A Balthus painting being shown at New York's Met survives an online petition calling for it to be taken down or captioned
moviesMovie News
Game of Ayodhya
Another Indian film becomes the focus for religious violence
TV CensorshipTV News

5th Dec
Like Titanic without the sinking
French TV ludicrously screens Fifty Shades of Grey without the 15 minutes of sex
advertsAdvert News

4th Dec
Free Balochistan may prove a little expensive for ASA
The advert censor should stick to the widespread offence of the easily offended rather than get involved in the widespread offence of the internationally litigative
moviesMovie News
Extract: Right speak
UK caste group urges the BBFC to find the 'right' historians who can watch the film Padmavati and stop the character assassination of Indian icons.
advertsAdvert News

3rd Dec
Cheezy or Juicy?
Silly strip joint advert winds up the easily offended Australian advert censors
InternetInternet News

2nd Dec
Sensitive information for advertisers
A detailed report analyzing Google algorithms that demonetise YouTube videos
booksBook News
Dozy idea
PC extremist calls for infant school to stop Sleeping Beauty over consent issues
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: The first step on the slippery slope
Cloudflare's decision to ban the Daily Stormer has led to an increase in censorship requests. Since August, Cloudflare has received more than 7,000 requests from across the political spectrum for removal of content
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Seven Years of Hadopi: Nine Million Piracy Warnings, 189 Convictions
French anti-piracy agency Hadopi has just released its latest results

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