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News Tuesday 17th October...

InternetInternet News EU flag
Update: Unacceptable
56 European human rights groups call on the EU to abandon its disgraceful law proposal requiring the pre-censorship of content as it is being uploaded to the internet
TV CensorshipTV News north korea misslle
North Korea censors Channel 4 drama
In a contest of who's got the biggest rocket, Kim Jung Un betters a few scaredy cat TV investors
booksBook News American Heart
The bitter heart of America
PC lynch mob demands the removal of a good review for a new novel dealing with PC sensitive issues
Games NewsGames News loot box
A bit of a lucky dip
Games censors and the UK parliament considers whether loot boxes in video games need to be regulated as gambling
InternetInternet News purevpn logo
Impure thoughts
TorrentFreak explains that VPN providers who log the IP addresses used by their customers leave their customers unprotected from the authorities

News Monday 16th October...

TV CensorshipPhone News return of kings logo
Men's rights at the BBFC
BBFC decides that a strident men's rights website should be 18 rated
GRA (VSC) NewsArt News hao nhien exhibit
Subtle progress
Vietnam's first officially sanctioned nude photography exhibition

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Recent Media

TV CensorshipPhone News

15th Oct
privateinternetaccess logo
All the kids are virtually 18 anyway
BBFC asked to decide if websites offering VPNs should be 18 rated so as to blocked to under 18's
Games NewsGames News fate grand order parvati
Update: Playing the whinger
Rajan Zed complains about hindu character in Fate/Grand Order role playing game
advertsAdvert News

14th Oct
heist tights
Update: Bareback banned in London
The latest example of puerile censorship from Sadiq Khan and TfL
InternetInternet News blocked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Stitched up
Websites about crochet being blocked by negligent ISPs. Courtesy of the blocking checking website,
moviesMovie News

13th Oct
Poster Kingsman the Golden Circle 2017 Matthew Vaughn
Cambodia bans Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Denying Cambodia 'as a place where villains are based who make trouble for the world'...conveniently forgetting about Pol Pot
InternetInternet News Electronic Frontier Foundation
Copyright Isn't a Tool for Removing Negative Reviews
EFF reports on a US court case an attempt to misuse copyright law to silence free speech and bad reviews
InternetInternet News openvpn logo
Update: Virtually useless
Egyptian ISPs block VPN traffic using deep packet inspection
InternetInternet News Facebook logo
Extract: To those who lead a double life on social media, eg to keep a bar life separate to a family life
Facebook seems to have developed a nasty capability to connect across their two lives, no matter how careful they are
InternetInternet News

12th Oct
karen bradley
Updated: If only people could be force fed with official propaganda news, all would be right with the world
Karen Bradley proposes that social media companies should pay a new tax to fund a new propaganda education unit to warn of the dangers of non government approved internet content
InternetInternet News

11th Oct
patricia hodgson
If only people could be force fed with official propaganda news, all would be right with the world
Ofcom's Patricia Hodgson angles for powers to censor and control internet news distribution by the likes of Facebook and Google
InternetInternet News european commission logo
The End Game for European Upload Filtering Approaches
The EU is considering forcing websites to vet uploaded content for pirated material. Of course only the media giants have the capability to do this and so the smaller players would be killed (probably as intended)
InternetInternet News

10th Oct
police npcc logo
Score to settle? Give us a call...we'll send the boys round
An online hate crime reporting centre is being set up so that easily offended people can order police action against their critics and mockers
Games NewsGames News Telltale - Batman: The Enemy Within
Inappropriate pasting
Image of assassinated Russian diplomat cut from Batman: The Enemy Within video game

Previous Media

TV CensorshipTV News

9th Oct
The Propaganda Curtain
As pressure on the Russian propaganda channel RT mounts, Russians speak of banning the US fake news channel, CNN
moviesMovie News
Ranting and rampaging
US moralists lose no time in trying to blame media violence for gun rampage killings
moviesMovie News

8th Oct
BBFC cut a Canadian comedy drama over child protection concerns
GRA (VSC) NewsArt News

6th Oct
US moralists whinge at a 45 foot Washington DC artwork depicting a naked woman.
booksBook News
Update: Nerves of Steal
Malaysian government bans the 11th political cartoon book by Zunar
InternetInternet News

5th Oct
Amber Rudd under fire for demanding more extreme internet censorship
The trouble with politicians claiming that censorship is the answer, is that when the censorship inevitably fails to solve the problem, they can never admit fallibility, and so their only answer is to censor more
GRA (VSC) NewsArt News
A shaggy dog story
The Louvre censors sculpture referencing bestiality
TV CensorshipTech News
Offsite Article: The Golden Age of Porn Media
US adult producers discuss the diminished, but continuing popularity of DVDs as an alternative to internet streaming or downloads
moviesMovie News

3rd Oct
Update: Blade Runner 2049
India's censor droids show no empathy for the human desire to enjoy a bit of nudity
InternetInternet News
Who'd want to be a part of a country like that?
Catalonian voters weren't only brutalised by Spanish police they were also attacked by Spanish internet censors
GRA (VSC) NewsArt News
Offsite Article: Art in a dog eat dog world
By bowing to the braying internet mob, the Guggenheim forgot its purpose. By Rupert Myers
InternetInternet News

2nd Oct
Update: Hate speech and anything else the authorities don't like
New law comes into force in Germany requiring social media to delete 'hate speech' within 24 hours
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: An army of at least 2 million internet censors
In a glass tower in a trendy part of China's eastern city of Tianjin, hundreds of young people sit in front of computer screens, scouring the internet for videos and messages that run counter to Communist Party doctrine

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