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News Saturday 11th March...

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Offsite Article: Best Avoid Best Buy
Are Online Porn Watchers In Danger From Geek Squad? US computer repairers get over enthusiastic with a deep scan of PCs looking for possible suggestions of child porn

News Thursday 9th March...

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Free kick
The Premier League secures court order to block Kodi servers offering pirated content

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8th Mar
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Update: America's listening
Wikileaks reveals a new set of leaked information detailing CIA snooping and hacking technology
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3rd Mar
big brother watch body cameras
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Smile you are on Body Worn Camera
Part 1 203Local Authorities. How councils are using body worn cameras. A report by Big Brother Watch
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25th Feb
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Update: The Snooper's Charter Published
The Government issues draft procedures for mass snooping subject to public consultation
Liberty WatchLiberty News Amazon Echo, Black
Is Amazon Echo ALWAYS listening in?
US police seem to think so and are trying to demand that Amazon hands over the recordings

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