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News Tuesday 17th October...

Control FreaksControl Freaks EU flag
Update: Unacceptable
56 European human rights groups call on the EU to abandon its disgraceful law proposal requiring the pre-censorship of content as it is being uploaded to the internet
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Impure thoughts
TorrentFreak explains that VPN providers who log the IP addresses used by their customers leave their customers unprotected from the authorities

News Sunday 15th October...

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Just tell your doctor to fuck off!
NHS doctors and nurses set to ask patients about their sexuality, and dangerously record it in a widely used database, all so that the state can use the data for 'equality targets"

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Control FreaksControl Freaks

13th Oct
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Copyright Isn't a Tool for Removing Negative Reviews
EFF reports on a US court case an attempt to misuse copyright law to silence free speech and bad reviews
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Extract: To those who lead a double life on social media, eg to keep a bar life separate to a family life
Facebook seems to have developed a nasty capability to connect across their two lives, no matter how careful they are
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6th Oct
gchq logo
Investigating a ring of snoopers
Privacy International and other campaign groups argue in court that GCHQ's mass snooping is a breach of human rights
Control FreaksControl Freaks

29th Sep
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Update: EU vs. the European people
EU continues to expand its repressive new copyright regime that will give media companies and the like total control over even snippets and short quotes
UK NewsBollox Britain

25th Sep
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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Don't stand for it
Doncaster is consulting on a vague, meaningless and potentially very repressive PSPO. It would target buskers, homeless people, chuggers, as well as anyone who chooses to stand around in the town centre.
Liberty WatchPrivacy

24th Sep
Facebook logo
Nowhere to hide
Facebook to snoop on users' location whilst out shopping

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