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News Sunday 11th November...

BBFC News BBFC Daily christmas carol simon callow poster
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
BBFC Cuts Cuts and Bans The Boston Strangler Blu-rayCombo
Shopping: The Boston Strangler
1968 USA crime mystery thriller by Richard Fleischer, once cut by the BBFC, just released on UK Blu-ray/DVD Combo

News Saturday 10th November...

MPAA MPAA News Promises! Promises! DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Promises! Promises!
The History Of Nudity In R-Rated Films. By Dirk Libbey
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Reverse motion
As 6 major Hollywood studios become 5, a little speculation how the MPAA will cope with its shrinking budget
BBFC News BBFC Daily Poster Foxtrot 2017 Samuel Maoz
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
Video Nasties Video Nasties Zombie Cover B ''Splinter'' Blu-ray
Shopping: Zombie
1979 Italian video nasty by Lucio Fulci set for 40th Anniversary restoration US Blu-ray release on 27th November 2018
BBFC Cuts Cuts and Bans Phantasm Blu-ray
Shopping: Phantasm
1979 USA Sci-Fi horror fantasy by Don Coscarelli, cut for a US R rating, just released on US Blu-ray


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The British Board of Film Classifications are the state designated censors of all video media sold in the UK.

The BBFC are also the cinema censors, but in this capacity, the ultimate decision rests with local councils. BBFC certificates though are generally accepted by the local authorities.

In recent years the BBFC has done a very good in making their decisions accessible to all.

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October 2018 Podcast 86 Halloween
August 2018 Podcast 85 Reclassification/Heathers
August 2018 Podcast 85 A diverse film making project
June 2018 Podcast 84 Bollywood Films
June 2018 Podcast 83 Wonder Woman/Avengers
April 2018 Podcast 82 Boyhood/LadyBird
March 2018 Podcast 81 She's Gotta Have It/Girls
March 2018 Podcast 80 BFG and Paddington
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January 2018 Podcast 77 Get Out
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List of Cuts : Blasphemy
List of Cuts : Exorcist Films
Detailed Cuts: The Expendables
List of Cuts : Friday the 13th Films
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Genre Cuts:  James Bond Films
Detailed Cuts: Die Another Day
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Detailed Cuts: Tomorrow Never Dies

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Manhunt



Cutting Edge Season 4

54: Manhunt Special Edition 31st October 2018
53: Scarface 31st August 2018
52: Romy & Michele's High School Reunion June 2018
51: Lawless 30th April 2018
50: Rambo III 1st March 2018

Cutting Edge Season 3

49: The Exorcist 31st December 2017
48: Last House on the Left 30th November 2017
47: Ace Ventura 2 30th September 2017
46: Enter the Dragon 31st July 2017
45: The Angels' Share 31st May 2017
44: Spider-Man Films and 12A 31st March 2017
43: 2 Fast 2 Furious 31st January 2017
Cutting Edge Previous Episodes
Cutting Edge Quick Trims

Cutting Edge Quick Trims

40 Edward Scissorhands August 2018
39 A Bridge Too Far June 2018
38 The Saint March 2018
37 Moonwalker February 2018
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News Thursday 8th November...

BBFC News BBFC News open rights group 2016 logo
BBFC: Age verification we don't trust
Analysis of BBFC's Post-Consultation Guidance by the Open Rights Group
BBFC News BBFC Daily Poster German Sisters 1981 Margarethe Von Trotta
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
BBFC Cuts Cuts and Bans Blind Fury Blu-ray
Shopping: Blind Fury
1989 USA action crime comedy by Phillip Noyce just released on UK Blu-ray and DVD
BBFC Cuts Cuts and Bans Blood Harvest featuring Tiny Tim DVDBlu-rayCombo
Shopping: Blood Harvest
1987 USA horror by Bill Rebane just released on US Blu-ray/DVD Combo

News Wednesday 7th November...

MPAA MPAA Weekly Poster Capharnam 2018 Nadine Labaki
Weekly US Ratings from the MPAA
Latest classification decisions
MPAA MPAA News Poster Deadpool 2 2018 David Leitch
Once Upon a Deadpool
Children's version of Deadpool 2 rated PG-13 by the MPAA


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Snuff Movies: The Making of an urban legend (1999)

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