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News Tuesday 22nd January...

South Asia South Asia jio 0300x0300 logo
Updated: Then they came for the VPNs
Indian ISP starts blocking websites of VPN providers

News Monday 21st January...

World News East Europe roskomnadzor logo
Distant friends
Russian internet censor takes Facebook and Twitter to court over access to user data


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News Sunday 20th January...

World News Asia Pacific iqiyis sister
Censorship ring
Male TV stars' earrings censored on Chinese Netflix

News Saturday 19th January...

EU News West Europe julia reda
Hollywood held at bay
MEP Julia Reda reports that several nations are fighting for the livelihoods of Europeans by resisting the EU's disgraceful link tax and censorship machines law
US News US News Arizona state seal
Divisive politics
Arizona politicians propose a one off 20 dollar tax on accessing internet porn with the proceeds going to help Trump build his border wall
World News East Europe logo sputnik
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Russia unliked and unfriended
Facebook censors the Russian propaganda news service Sputnik

News Friday 18th January...

South Asia South Asia poster shonibar bikel
Shonibar Bikel
Bangladesh film censor bans movie based on a terrorist attack claiming that it would damage the country's reputation

News Friday 18th January...

South Asia South Asia india government logo
Closed society
India's proposals for the censorship of social media do not go down well
South Asia South Asia sunny leone
Perhaps the BBFC and UK government should take note
Indians find ways around the country's attempts to block internet porn

News Thursday 17th January...

South Asia South Asia netflix logo
Netflix flux
Indian internet TV companies introduce self censorship rules

News Wednesday 16th January...

EU News West Europe EU flag
Extract: More from the red tape monstrosity that calls itself the EU
Europe's proposed regulation on online extremism endangers freedom of expression. A statement by Index on Censorship

News Tuesday 15th January...

EU News West Europe EU flag
And they wonder why Brits are so keen to leave
The EU is bent on destroying the livelihoods of European creators in favour of handing over control and money making on the internet to US media giants

News Sunday 13th January...

EU News West Europe European Court of Justice
The right to be partially forgotten
European Court of Justice moves towards limiting censorship via the 'right to be forgotten' to the EU
Africa News Africa News Africa silhouette image by Natasha Sinegina (CC BY-SA 4.0). Image remixed by Geo
Taxed, throttled or thrown in jail
Africa's new internet paradigm

News Friday 11th January...

World News East Europe bbc world news logo
Tit for tat
Russia responds to Ofcom investigation of propaganda channel RT by investigating the BBC propaganda channel
World News Asia Pacific Facebook logo
Facing off the state censor
Facebook refuses to bow to Vietnam's repressive new internet censorship law

News Monday 7th January...

World News Asia Pacific China flag
Virtually complete repression
China fines internet user for using a VPN to elude state censorship


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