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 Shopping: Orloff Against the Invisible Man...

1970 France / Spain horror by Pierre Chevalier just released on UK DVD

Link Here 26th June 2017
Orloff Against the Invisible Man DVD Orloff and the Invisible Man is a 1970 France / Spain horror by Pierre Chevalier.
Starring Howard Vernon, Brigitte Carva and Fernando Sancho. BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed 18 uncut for sexual violence for:

  • 2017 Screenbound/Black House Films R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 12th June 2017
Exists in a cut clothed version and an uncut nude version. UK releases seem to be the Nude Version

Promotional Material

One rainy night, Dr. Garondet is summoned to the castle of Professor Orloff. Making it to the castle on foot, the good doctor meets Cecile, Orloff's daughter, a seemingly deranged girl who is convinced that an invisible phantom is at large on the premises. Orloff explains the story behind Cecile's insanity to the doctor--a tale involving premature burial, grave-robbing and flagellation--and invites him to stay over. As Garondet spends an uneasy night at the castle, he finds himself sharing in Cecile's delusions.


  Looking forward to censoring adult websites...

BBFC worryingly announces new Policy Director with a background of child protection

Link Here 23rd June 2017

david milesAs Policy Director David Miles is the principal adviser on policy and public affairs to the Chief Executive. He is responsible for coordinating the BBFC's policy work and managing and leading on its public affairs effort. The role is also responsible for managing the BBFC's research, communications and education programmes.

David Miles, BBFC Policy Director said: The BBFC is an intelligent and innovative organisation with a growing remit online, as well as an important legacy as a British institution and one of the most respected film and video regulators in the world. I am very pleased to join the BBFC as its Policy Director and look forward to working with all BBFC staff to ensure the BBFC's Classification Guidelines continue to adapt shifting public opinion and the BBFC provides the best possible, transparent and accessible guidance for anyone making a film, DVD/Blu-ray or VOD viewing decision for themselves or on behalf of children.

I also look forward to the opportunity to work on the BBFC's proposed role as the age verification regulator for pornography online, a significant and vital step in reducing children's exposure to online pornography available in the UK, and a role I believe the BBFC is well equipped to fulfil.

David joined the BBFC as a consultant in February 2017, before his appointment as Policy Director in June 2017. Prior to this David held a wide range of executive leadership roles in the technology and charitable sector, including IBM and the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). He is currently a member of UNICEF's Expert Panel for the Global Fund to End Violence against Children, as well as former Executive Board member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and chair of several key working groups. David is a Freeman of the City of London and a member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT), one of the Livery Companies of the City of London. The Company received its Royal Charter in 2010.


  Naked extremism...

PC censors object to trivial nudity in an advert for bathroom installers

Link Here 23rd June 2017

hds virtual tour advertTwo website ads for HDS Builders:

  • a. A virtual tour link for a bathroom installation on www.hdsbuilders.co.uk, seen on 21 March 2017, featured an image of a naked woman showering.

  • b. A still image from the virtual tour, showing the naked woman, with the option to click on the tour, was seen on the home page of www.wetroomswales.co.uk on 15 May 2017.

A complainant challenged whether the image of the naked woman in ads (a) and (b) was offensive and unsuitable for display in an untargeted medium.

HDS Builders said people did not shower wearing clothing and therefore the image of the naked woman showering was appropriate for a virtual tour of a bathroom installation. They appreciated that some people might not find the image acceptable, but no intimate body parts were visible and they did not believe it was indecent.

ASA Assessment: Complaint upheld

The ASA acknowledged that someone using a shower would be naked, but considered that it was not essential to use such an image in order to explain how a shower worked or to highlight a bathroom installation. Although the image had some relevancy to a bathroom and shower, we nonetheless considered it was likely to be seen as sexist and to demean women by using their physical features for no other reason than to draw attention to the advertising.

The woman was fully nude, shown full length side on, with her bottom sticking out, her back arched and with some of her breast visible under her folded arms. In light of the nudity, we considered the pose was provocative and could be seen to be sexually suggestive with the tone further enhanced in the virtual tour in ad (a) because it was possible to freeze the image, zoom in and out and change the angle.

We considered that, because the websites were for a builder, consumers would not expect to see a naked woman either on the home page of ad (b) or at the start of the virtual tour in ads (a) and (b), and the image had the potential to be seen by many people who were likely to find it offensive.

We therefore concluded that the ads were inappropriately targeted and, because of the amount of nudity and the woman's sexually provocative pose, the image was likely to cause serious offence.

The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told HDS Builders not to use similar images in its advertising in future.


 Shopping: Zombie Creeping Flesh...

1980 Italy/Spain video nasty by Bruno Mattei set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 28th August 2017

Link Here 23rd June 2017
Zombie Creeping Flesh Blu-ray Zombie Creeping Flesh is a 1980 Italy/Spain horror by Bruno Mattei.
With Margit Evelyn Newton, Franco Garofalo and Selan Karay. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed 18 uncut for:

  • 2017 88 Films RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 28th August 2017
  • 2017 88 Films R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 28th August 2017
UK Censorship History

Pre-cut for violence and further shortened for brevity for 1982 cinema release. Banned as a video nasty in 1983. Unbanned and uncut in 2002. Uncut in the US

Promotional Material

A tough female reporter and her cameraman boyfriend team up with a four-man commando unit in the New Guinea jungle whom are fighting flesh-eating zombies.


 Shopping: The Awful Dr. Orloff...

1962 Spain/France horror thriller by Jesus Franco, once cut by the BBFC, just released on UK DVD

Link Here 23rd June 2017
The Awful Dr. Orloff DVD The Awful Dr Orlof is a 1962 Spain/France horror thriller by Jesús Franco.
With Conrado San Martín, Diana Lorys, Howard Vernon. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

UK: The cut French Version was passed 15 for sexual threat, nudity with all previous BBFC cuts waived for:

  • 2017 Screenbound/Black House Films R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 12th June 2017
Censorship History
Widely distributed in a cut French Version. The BBFC further cut this by 37s. The BBFC later waived these cut for 2017 video. The uncut Spanish Version turned up on German DVD in 2013.

Promotional Material

When beautiful music hall entertainers begin to disappear under mysterious circumstances, Inspector Tanner is summoned to investigate. His resourceful fiancee decides to help him by going undercover as a cabaret singer, and succeeds all too well, attracting the attention of the diabolical Dr. Orlof, who, with his blind henchman Morpho, is using the skin of slain women to restore the beauty of his disfigured sister, Melissa!


  Cleaning up at the expense of film makers' integrity...

Sony makes the children's versions of its films available as home video extras

Link Here 19th June 2017
sony clean versionSony have been regularly 'sanitizing' their movies but cutting down the violence and strong language so as to make them suitable for children. These versions are targeted at airlines and daytime TV but earlier this month Sony decided to make these sanitised versions available to download at home, choosing 24 titles:

50 First Dates, Battle Of The Year, Big Daddy, Captain Phillips, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Easy A, Elysium, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Goosebumps, Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2Hancock, Inferno, Moneyball, Pixels, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2Step Brothers, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, White House Down

The censorship cuts are typically very extreme. For example, the clean version of Will Ferrell comedy Step Brothers - originally given an R rating for crude and sexual content according to Sony - has had 23 instances of violence taken out, 152 of bad language and 91 of sexual content.

The Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler romcom 50 First Dates had a PG13 for crude sexual humour and drug references. Its clean version has 10 violent moments taken out, 34 uses of bad language and 34 instances of sexual content.

Matt Damon sci-fi film Elysium , which also had an R rating for bloody violence, had 18 of those violent moments taken out, 63 uses of bad language and one instance of sexual content.

Horror comedy Goosebumps was a PG when it came out - so could be described as family-friendly already. But its clean version had four fewer incidences of violence, with five uses of bad language and five examples of nudity taken out too.

But now they've had to backtrack after filmmakers complained about the vandalisation of their works. After an outcry, the president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Man Jit Singh, said their directors were of paramount importance to us and they wanted to respect those relationships to the utmost:

We believed we had obtained approvals from the film-makers involved, for use of their previously supervised television versions as a value-added extra on sales of the full version. But if any of them are unhappy or have reconsidered, we will discontinue it for their films.

Seth Rogen was one of the first to react when news of Clean Version emerged. He pleaded, adding a swear word for emphasis, please don't do this to our movies.

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) has said the hard-fought-for rights that protect a director's work and vision are at the very heart of our craft and a thriving film industry.


 Shopping: John Wick: Chapter 2...

2017 USA action crime thriller by Chad Stahelski just released on UK home video, mostly in the cut 15 rated version

Link Here 19th June 2017
John Wick: Chapter 2 Blu-ray John Wick: Chapter 2 is a 2017 USA action crime thriller by Chad Stahelski.
Starring Ruby Rose, Keanu Reeves and Bridget Moynahan. IMDb

UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong violence, gory images for:

  • 2017 Warner Home Video 4k RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 12th June 2017
UK: Passed 15 for strong violence, gory images, suicide scene, language after 23s of BBFC category cuts for:
  • 2017 Warner Home Video RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 12th June 2017
  • 2017 Warner Home Video R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 12th June 2017
The BBFC commented:
  • Company chose to reduce bloody injury detail in a suicide scene in order to obtain a 15 classification. An uncut 18 classification was available.
UK Censorship

BBFC category cuts were required for a 15 rated cinema release, DVD and Blu-ray. However the UK 4k Blu-release features the uncut version with an 18 rating.

The film is uncut and MPAA R rated in the US.

Uncut in the US

US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:

Promotional Material

In this next chapter following the 2015 hit, legendary hitman John Wick [Keanu Reeves] is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world’s deadliest killers.

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes,
RetroWick: Exploring the Unexpected Success John Wick
Training John Wick,
As Above, So Below: The Underworld of John Wick,
Friends and Confidantes: The Keanu/Chad Partnership,
Car Fu Ride Along,
Chamber check: Evolution Of A Fight Scene,
Wick’s Toolbox,
Kill Count


 Shopping: Blood of Fu Manchu/Castle of Fu Manchu...

2017 film by Jess Franco, once cut by the BBFC, just released on US Blu-ray

Link Here 19th June 2017
Blood of Fu Manchu/Castle of Fu Manchu Blu-ray Blood of Fu Manchu/Castle of Fu Manchu is a 2017 film by Jess Franco.
Starring Christopher Lee, Tsai Chin and Richard Greene.

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2017 Blue Underground (RA) Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 30th May 2017
The Blood of Fu Manchu is a 1968 Spain / West Germany / UK / USA crime adventure by Jesús Franco (as Jess Franco).
Starring Christopher Lee, Richard Greene and Howard Marion-Crawford. BBFC link IMDb

Suffered BBFC category cuts from its 1996 cinema release until 2007 when it was passed 15 uncut for 15 rated DVD.

Castle of Fu Manchu has always been uncut.

There are no censorship issues with this release

Promotional Material

THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU: From his secret lair deep within the South American jungle, international super-villain Fu Manchu ( Christopher Lee of COUNT DRACULA) and his sadistic daughter Lin Tang ( Tsai Chin of YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE) reveal their latest diabolical plot for world domination: ten beautiful women are infected with an ancient poison so deadly that one kiss from their lips will bring instant death and lead to a global plague. Now the Asian madman's nemesis, Nayland Smith ( Richard Greene of TALES FROM THE CRYPT), must desperately hunt an antidote in a savage land where violence and torture reign and the ultimate evil lies in THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU.

Maria Rohm (VENUS IN FURS) and Shirley Eaton (GOLDFINGER) co-star in this wild Fu Manchu feature written and produced by Harry Alan Towers (EUGENIE) and directed by the one and only Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS). Also known as KISS AND KILL, AGAINST ALL ODDS, and KISS OF DEATH, Blue Underground presents THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU in High Definition, complete with additional scenes of violence!

Special Features for THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU:
  • The Rise of Fu Manchu - Interviews with Director Jess Franco, Producer Harry Alan Towers, and Stars Christopher Lee, Tsai Chin, & Shirley Eaton
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Poster & Still Gallery
THE CASTLE OF FU MANCHU: Christopher Lee (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) returns as the diabolical super-villain who, along with his sadistic daughter Lin Tang ( Tsai Chin of CASINO ROYALE), creates a fiendish new chemical weapon that will turn the seas into a giant block of ice. But when his archenemy Nayland Smith ( Richard Greene of THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD) tracks the madman's trail of kidnapping, murder and massive global destruction, he himself becomes trapped in Fu Manchu's impenetrable lair of cruelty. Can any of the world's top secret agents (including a wild performance by Jess Franco ) stop the cold-blooded terror that lives in THE CASTLE OF FU MANCHU?

Maria Perschy (THE GHOST GALLEON) and Rosalba Neri (99 WOMEN) co-star in this notorious sequel directed by Jess Franco (THE BLOODY JUDGE) that marked Christopher Lee's final performance as the infamous Chinese madman. Now Blue Underground presents THE CASTLE OF FU MANCHU in High Definition, packed with Extras for a disc full of Fu Manchu mayhem!

Special Features for THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU:
  • The Fall of Fu Manchu - Interviews with Director Jess Franco, Producer Harry Alan Towers, and Stars Christopher Lee & Tsai Chin
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Poster & Still Gallery


 Shopping: Blackenstein...

1973 USA horror by William A Levey just released on US DVD and Blu-ray in 2 versions

Link Here 19th June 2017
Blackenstein DVD Blackenstein is a 1973 USA horror by William A Levey.
Starring John Hart, Ivory Stone and Joe De Sue. IMDb

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2017 Severin Films [Theatrical + Video Version] R0 Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 30th May 2017
  • 2017 Severin Films [Theatrical + Video Version] R0 DVD at US Amazon released on 30th May 2017

Exists as a Theatrical Version and a longer Video Version.

Promotional Material

Two Restored Versions Of The Most Notorious Blaxpoitation Shocker Of Them All...
And The Most Insane Backstory Ever.

You may have heard of this infamous Blaxploitation/Horror hybrid, but the real story is even more bizarre: In 1973, criminal-lawyer-turned-wannabe-monster-movie-mogul Frank R. Saletri wrote and produced this grindhouse hit about a Black soldier mortally wounded in Vietnam, transformed into a rampaging monster by an L.A. mad scientist. Almost a decade later, Seletri himself would be murdered gangland-style in a crime that remains debated and unsolved to this day. John Hart (TV's "The Lone Ranger "), 40s Hollywood starlet Andrea King (THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS) and even former mob moll/stripper Liz Renay (DESPERATE LIVING) star in this jaw-dropper directed by William A. Levey (THE HAPPY HOOKER GOES TO WASHINGTON) , now restored with all-new Special Features that spotlight the entire twisted saga! Special Features:

  • Theatrical Release Version (78 Minutes) and Video Release Version (87 Minutes)
  • Monster Kid: Interview With Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri's Sister, June Kirk
  • Archive News Broadcast On The Murder Of Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri
  • Producers / Directors / Actors Ken Osborne And Robert Dix Remember Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri
  • Bill Created Blackenstein: Interview With Creature Designer Bill Munns
  • Theatrical Trailer