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Updated: 12A transformed to PG...

BumbleBee is the latest cinema film to be cut for category in the UK and Australia

Link Here 16th December 2018
Bumblebee is a 2018 USA action Sci-Fi adventure by Travis Knight.
Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Justin Theroux and Angela Bassett. BBFC link IMDb

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug.

The film was originally passed 12A uncut for moderate fantasy violence for UK cinema release.

However the distributors preferred a cut PG version and the film was resubmitted shorn by about 6 secnds. The BBFC duly passed the film PG for moderate fantasy violence, mild sex references, injury detail, language.

In the US the film was Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action violence.

Update: Australia too

16th December 2018. See article from refused-classification.com

With echoes of the UK situation the Australian distributors of BumbleBee submitted the film uncut to the film censor and received an uncut M rating for moderate impact violence, mild impact themes, language Very mild drug use, sex. The M rating is an advisory 15 that would be labelled PG-15 in the US. It is the usual rating for films rated PG-13 in the US and 12A in the UK.

Like Britain the distributors preferred a local PG and resubmitted a cut version, presumably the same as the cut UK PG rated version . However it didn't cut any ice with the censor and was again M rated.

The distributors are now appealing the decision with the Review Board hoping to achieve the desired PG.



Shopping: Texas Adios...

1966 Italy / Spain action western by Ferdinando Baldi, once cut by the BBFC, just released on UK Blu-ray

Link Here 16th December 2018
Texas Adios is a 1966 Italy / Spain action western by Ferdinando Baldi.
Starring Franco Nero, Alberto Dell'Acqua and Elisa Montés. BBFC link IMDb
BBFC cuts were required for an 'AA' rated cinema release in 1970. Uncut and 12 rated since 2004 DVD. Uncut and MPAA Unrated in the US.
UK: Previously passed 12 uncut for moderate violence:
  • 2018 Arrow Video (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 10th December 2018


  • See review from thedigitalfix.com : " Nero has never been the greatest actor, though he does have considerable presence. That charisma is certainly stretched in Texas, Adios , as he's lumbered with some lousy dialogue "
  • See review from frontrowreviews.co.uk : " It is far less challenging, unconventional and blood soaked than Django. It is however still dust covered and sweat stained enough to feel a part of the genres best "

Promotional Material

Following on from the enormous success of his breakthrough film Django, Franco Nero returned to the Wild West (Almería, Spain) to star in the same year s Texas Adios, which was released as Django 2 in some countries.

Here he plays tough gunslinger Burt Sullivan, a sheriff who, along with his younger brother (Alberto Dell'Acqua, Endgame), journeys to Mexico to hunt down the sadistic bandit Cisco Delgado and avenge his father s murder. When Burt and his brother fall in with a group of Mexican revolutionaries, the stage is set for a violent climatic confrontation...

Directed by veteran helmsman Ferdinado Baldi, best known for the cult Western Blindman (starring Beatles tub-thumper Ringo Starr) and the 3D extravaganza Comin' at Ya!, Texas Adios is a lesser-known Spaghetti Western gem, which boasts rapid-fire action scenes, stunning locations and stylish cinematography courtesy of Enzo Barboni (Django, Nightmare Castle). The film is presented here in an exclusive new restoration, with a wealth of extras which allow this film to be enjoyed as never before.


  • New restoration from a 2K scan from the original camera negative by Arrow Films
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
  • Uncompressed Mono 1.0 PCM audio
  • Newly translated English subtitles for the Italian soundtrack
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for the English soundtrack
  • Audio commentary for by spaghetti western experts C. Courtney Joyner and Henry C. Parke
  • Newly filmed interview with star Franco Nero
  • Newly filmed interview with co-star Alberto Dell'Acqua
  • Newly filmed interview with co-writer Franco Rossetti
  • Hello Texas!, newly filmed appreciation by Spaghetti Westerns scholar Austin Fisher
  • Gallery of original promotional images from the Mike Siegel Archive
  • Original trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matt Griffin
  • FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Fully illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing by Howard Hughes, and original reviews


    Shopping: The Mighty Peking Man...

    1977 Hong Kong action Sci-Fi horror by Meng Hua Ho just released on UK Blu-ray

    Link Here 16th December 2018
    The Mighty Peking Man is a 1977 Hong Kong action Sci-Fi horror by Meng Hua Ho (as Homer Gaugh).
    Starring Evelyne Kraft, Danny Lee and Feng Ku. BBFC link IMDb
    Original European version with title Colossus of Congo has an alternate ending to the Hong Kong version.
    UK: Passed 15 uncut for sexual threat, moderate violence:

    Promotional Material

    The success of the Japanese GODZILLA movies led to all kinds of strange cash-in capers - including the legendarily bizarre North Korean opus PULGASARI (1985). However, it was with THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN in 1977 that the Shaw Brothers studio cast their own attempt at a mega-sized monster movie and, for many, this is the one that even outdoes the Tokyo originators for sheer sublime cinematic genius. Featuring the iconic Danny Lee (THE KILLER/ THE UNTOLD STORY/ CITY ON FIRE) as an explorer in the Himalayas who gets caught up with a ravishing jungle Jane (played by the delicious Evelyne Kraft), and discovers a huge King Kong-inspired ape hiding in the forest, THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN is a creature feature that is packed full of sex appeal, city-smashing theatrics and monstrous moments. Acclaimed by Quentin Tarantino, who considers it a personal favourite, and highlighting assured direction from the great Ho Meng Hua (whose genre career also spans such sleazy classics as BLACK MAGIC and THE OILY MANIAC), MIGHTY PEKING MAN sets a gold standard in Hong Kong grindhouse glory and is finally back on British shelves, ready to pummel its way into the hearts of a new generation!

    • "RESTORED UNCUT HD TRANSFER in Original 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
    • Uncompressed English & Mandarin Audio
    • English Subtitles
    • Reverse Sleeve featuring Original Hong Kong Poster Art
    • Audio Commentary with Bey Logan"



    BBFC age verification we don't trust...

    The upcoming porn censorship regime has been approved by the Lords

    Link Here 14th December 2018
    Full story: BBFC Internet Porn Censors...BBFC: Age Verification We Don't Trust

    On Tuesday the House of Lords approved the BBFC's scheme to implement internet porn censorship in the UK. Approval will now be sought from the House of Commons.

    The debate in the Lords mentioned a few issues in passing but they seemed to be avoiding taking about some of the horrors of the scheme.

    The Digital Economy Act defining the law behind the scheme offers no legal requirement for age verification providers to restrict how they can use porn viewers data. Lords mentioned that it is protected under the GDPR rules but these rules still let companies do whatever they like with data, just with the proviso that they ask for consent. But of course the consent is pretty mandatory to sign up for age verification, and some of the biggest internet companies in the world have set the precedent they can explain wide ranging usage of the data claiming it will be used say to improve customer experience.

    Even if the lords didn't push very hard, people at the DCMS or BBFC have been considering this deficiency, and have come up with the idea that data use should be voluntarily restricted according to a kite mark scheme. Age verification schemes will have their privacy protections audited by some independent group and if they pass they can display a gold star. Porn viewers are then expected to trust age verification schemes with a gold star. But unfortunately it sounds a little like the sort of process that decided that cladding was safe for high rise blocks of flats.

    The lords were much more concerned about the age verification requirements for social media and search engines, notably Twitter and Google Images. Clearly age verification schemes required for checking that users are 13 or 18 will be very different from an 18 only check, and will be technically very different. So the Government explained that these wider issues will be addressed in a new censorship white paper to be published in 2019.

    The lords were also a bit perturbed that the definition of banned material wasn't wide enough for their own preferences. Under the current scheme the BBFC will be expected to ban totally any websites with child porn or extreme porn. The lords wondered why this wasn't extended to cartoon porn and beyond R18 porn, presumably thinking of fisting, golden showers and the like. However in reality if the definition of bannable porn was extended, then every major porn website in the word would have to be banned by the BBFC. And anyway the government is changing its censorship rules such that fisting and golden showers are, or will soon be, allowable at R18 anyway.

    The debate revealed that the banks and payment providers have already agreed to ban payments to websites banned by the BBFC. The government also confirmed its intention to get the scheme up and running by April. Saying that, it would seem a little unfair for the website's 3 month implementation period to be set running before their age verification options are accredited with their gold stars. Otherwise some websites would waste time and money implementing schemes that may later be declared unacceptable.

    Next a motion to approve draft legislation over the UK's age-verification regulations will be debated in the House of Commons. Stephen Winyard, AVSecure s chief marketing officer, told XBIZ:

    We are particularly pleased that the prime minister is set to approve the draft guidance for the age-verification law on Monday. From this, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will issue the effective start date and that will be around Easter.

    But maybe the prime minister has a few more urgent issues on her mind at the moment.



    4 million Europeans petition the EU to abandon its disastrous new copyright law...

    This will deprive European creators of their livelihood in favour of mostly American corporations. And yet these corporations are complaining that the law does not go far enough

    Link Here 14th December 2018
    Full story: Copyright in the EU...Copyright law for Europe

    4,000,000 Europeans have signed a petition opposing Article 13 of the new Copyright in the Single Market Directive. They oppose it for two main reasons: because it will inevitably lead to the creation of algorithmic copyright filters that only US Big Tech companies can afford (making the field less competitive and thus harder for working artists to negotiate better deals in) and because these filters will censor enormous quantities of legitimate material, thanks to inevitable algorithmic errors and abuse.

    On Monday, a delegation from the signatories officially presented the Trilogue negotiators with the names of 4,000,000+ Europeans who oppose Article 13. These 4,000,000 are in esteemed company: Article 13 is also opposed by the father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, and the creator of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee and more than 70 of the Internet's top technical experts, not to mention Europe's largest sports leagues and film studios. Burgeoning movements opposing the measure have sprung up in Italy and Poland.

    But no matter how much damage the EU proposed law will do to European businesses and creators, it does not go far enough for the large corporates. This leaves a tricky negation for the EU power brokers of the EU Commission and EU Council of Ministers. The law is widely opposed by European people but now the US corporates are whingeing that they don't like a few concessions made to get get the bill through the European Parliament. They want the full horror of censorship machines resurrected. The EFF reports on a delay to proceedings:

    This week EU negotiators in Strasbourg struggled to craft the final language of the Copyright in the Single Digital Market Directive, in their last possible meeting for 2019. They failed, thanks in large part to the Directive's two most controversial clauses: Article 11, which requires paid licenses for linking to news stories while including more than a word or two; and Article 13, which will lead to the creation of error-prone copyright censorship algorithms that will block users from posting anything that has been identified as a copyrighted work -- even if that posting is lawful. This means that the Directive will not be completed, as was expected, under Austria's presidency of the European Union. The negotiations between the European Parliament, representatives of the member states, and the European Commission (called "trilogues") will continue under the Romanian presidency, in late January.

    The controversy over Article 13 and Article 11 has not diminished since millions of Europeans voiced their opposition to the proposals and their effect on the Internet earlier this year. Even supporters and notional beneficiaries have now grown critical of the proposals. An open letter signed by major rightsholder groups, including movie companies and sports leagues, asks the EU to exempt their products from Article 13 altogether , and suggest it should only apply to the music industry's works. Meanwhile, the music industry wrote their own open letter, saying that he latest proposed text on Article 13 won't solve their problems. These rightsholders join the world's most eminent computer scientists, including the inventors of the Internet and the Web, who denounced the whole approach and warned of the irreparable harm it will do to free expression and the hope of a fair, open Internet.

    The collective opposition is unsurprising. Months of closed-door negotiations and corporate lobbying have actually made the proposals worse : even less coherent, and more riddled with irreconcilable contradictions. The way that the system apportions liability (with stiff penalties for allowing a user to post something that infringes copyright, and no consequences for censoring legitimate materials) leads inexorably to filters . And as recent experiences with Tumblr's attempt to filter adult material have shown, algorithms are simply not very good at figuring out when a user has broken a rule, let alone a rule as technical and fact-intensive as copyright.

    What is worse, the Directive will only reinforce the power of US Big Tech companies by inhibiting the emergence of European competitors. That's because only the biggest tech companies have the millions of euros it will cost to deploy the filters Article 13 requires. Proponents of Article 13 stress that the dominance of platforms like Google and Facebook leaves them with insufficient bargaining leverage and say this leads to a systematic undervaluing of their products. But Article 13 will actually reduce that leverage even further by preventing the emergence of alternative platforms.

    Compromises suggested by the negotiators to limit the damage are proving unlikely to help. Prior to the Trilogue, Article 13 was imposed on all online platforms save those businesses with less than 10 million euros in annual turnover. Some parties, realising that this will limit the EU tech sector, have suggested changing the figure, but doubling that figure to 20 million doesn't help. If you own a European tech company that you hope will compete with Google someday, you will have to do something Google never had to face: the day you make the leap from 20 million euros in annual turnover to 20,000,001 euros, you will have to find hundreds of millions of euros to implement an Article 13 copyright filter.

    Others have proposed a "notice-and-staydown" system to reassure rightsholders that they will not have to invest their own resources in maintaining the copyright filters. But creating this model for copyright complaints extinguishes any hope of moderating the harms Article 13 will do to small European companies. Earlier drafts of Article 13 spoke of case-by-case assessments for mid-sized platforms, which would exempt them from implementing filters if they were judged to be engaged in good faith attempts to limit infringement. But notice-and-staydown (the idea that once a platform has been notified of a user's copyright violation, it must prevent every other user from making such a violation, ever) necessarily requires filters. Others in the negotiation are now arguing that microenterprises should have to pay the burden, and are pressing for even these small and mid-sized business exemptions to be deleted from the text.

    With European internet users, small business people, legal experts, technical experts, human rights and free speech experts all opposed to these proposals, we had hoped that they would be struck from the Trilogue's final draft. Now, they are blocking the passage of other important copyright reforms. Even Article 13 and 11's original advocates are realising how much they depend on a working Internet, and a remuneration system that might have a chance of working.

    Still, the lobbying will continue over the holiday break. Some of the world's biggest entertainment and Internet companies will be throwing their weight around the EU to find a "compromise" that will keep no-one happy, and will exclude the needs and rights of individual Internet users, and European innovators.

    Read more about the Directive, and contact your MEPs and national governments at Save Your Internet .



    Shopping: The Equalizer 2...

    2018 USA action crime thriller by Antoine Fuqua just released cut on UK Blu-ray and DVD and uncut on 4k Blu-ray

    Link Here 14th December 2018
    The Equalizer 2 is a 2018 USA action crime thriller by Antoine Fuqua.
    Starring Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington and Bill Pullman. BBFC link IMDb

    BBFC Category cuts were required for a 15 rated cinema, DVD and Blu-ray release in 2018 but is uncut and 18 rated for 4k Blu-ray. Uncut and MPAA R rated in the US.

    UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong bloody violence for:
    • 2018 Sony Pictures RB 4k Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 10th December 2018

    UK: Passed 15 for strong violence, threat, language, drug misuse after BBFC advised pre-cuts for:

    The BBFC commented:
    • This film was originally seen for advice at which stage the company was informed it was likely to be classified 18 uncut but that their preferred 15 classification could be achieved by making reductions to scenes of strong violence and gore. When the film was submitted for formal classification these scenes had been acceptably reduced.

    US: Rated R for brutal violence throughout, language, and some drug content for

    Promotional Material

    Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed -- but how far will he go when that is someone he loves?



    Shopping: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation...

    1994 USA comedy horror thriller by Kim Henkel just released on US Blu-ray with 2 versions

    Link Here 14th December 2018
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is a 1994 USA comedy horror thriller by Kim Henkel.
    Starring Renée Zellweger, Matthew McConaughey and Robert Jacks. IMDb
    Not cut by film censors but exists in 2 versions. A shortened Standard Version and an Extended Version
    US: The Extended Version is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
    The Standard Version is uncut and MPAA R rated for:
    • 2018 Shout! Factory Collector's Edition [Standard + Extended Versions] RA Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 11th December 2018
    • 2018 Shout! Factory Amazon Prime VoD [US only] at US Amazon


    • See review from geeksofdoom.com : " It's a meta-concept straight out of Cabin in the Woods , albeit poorly executed and barely explored, but intriguing nonetheless "

    Summary Notes

    This is the twisted tale of Vilmer and his crazy family which includes the lovely Leatherface. They have pastime of killing and stuffing people. Unfortunately, Jenny and her friends run into Vilmer and his clan in the middle of the night in the middle of the woods.


    BBFC uncut
    MPAA Unrated ~93:00s


    The Extended Version is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

    Although it has not been cut by the BBFC, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 is the short standard version which removed the pointless alien subplot and the subplot of Jenny's abusive mother; all these cuts apply to dialogue scenes, there were no cuts to the violence. This version is about 5:31s shorted than the Extended Version. See pictorial version details from movie-censorship.com

    BBFC uncut
    MPAA R ~181:00s The Standard Version is uncut and MPAA R rated for:



    Once Upon a Time Deadpool was R rated...

    But now the producers are testing out a PG-13 rating that hasn't sat well with UK, Australian and New Zealand censors

    Link Here 13th December 2018
    Full story: Deadpool and Deadpool 2...Superhero films with a little bit more adult appeal
    Disney, the producers of Deadpool 2 are testing out a move to PG-13 for a projected series of films. The company has produced a festive version called Once Upon a Deadpool which has been cut for a PG-13 rating in the US.

    The cuts were insufficient for the BBFC to lower its rating and the film was given a 15 rating.

    In Australia the festive release achieved an M rating which is an advisory label recommending the film as suitable for 15 year olds.

    As is the default case, the Australian rating is automatically accepted for New Zealand release with the film censor able to step in  to consider a New Zealand rating if it is felt necessary. And after the film had released, the New Zealand chief censor did indeed step in and replaced the Australian rating with a New Zealand R13. This is a straight 13 age restriction require all cinema goers to be 13 or over.

    Chief censor David Shanks said he had decided to call the film in because of the disparity between the Australian and American assessments and Britain where it was slapped with a 15 classification.

    Aware of the popularity of Deadpool 2 and significant interest in this new version from young Kiwis, particularly since it includes the now 16-year-old Dennison in a prominent role), Shanks and the rest of the censorship office included three members of its Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) in the special screening. The panel is made up of a dozen 16-to-20 year olds. Shanks said:

    They confirmed many of our impressions, which was that, while significantly toned-down in terms of graphic gore, sexual innuendo and language, this film was still fundamentally a Deadpool film -- which meant that it features wall-to-wall death and violence and dark, adult-oriented humour.

    They thought, on balance, an R13 classification would reflect the fact that this film has had some of the graphic content in the original Deadpool 2 toned down -- but the result is really still for teens and above.

    Will Deadpool Movies Remain PG-13 Moving Forward?

    13th December 2018 See article from movieweb.com by Trevor Norkey

    Yes concludes the commentator, producers Disney would be much happier if they could drop the R rating.

    Meanwhile the Once Upon a Deadpool poster has offended mormons

    13th December 2018  See  article from patheos.com

    Some Mormons are 'outraged' by a poster for Once Upon a Deadpool, because Deadpool looks too much like the religious character Jesus.

    A petition with about 30,000 signatures insists that the poster is a doctored version that plays fast and loose with a sacred image of The Second Coming:

    In the original painting Jesus Christ is at the center surrounded by angels. In the poster Deadpool replaces Jesus Christ.

    Deadpool is positioned exactly as Jesus Christ was and is wearing a white robe. It is unknown if the picture was used to intentionally mock the Church of Jesus Christ, but it is clear it was copied from the original picture. This is a form a religious discrimination.

    We ask that the picture be not used or posted in any manner. That they find another poster to represent their movie.



    Shopping: Evil Dead 2...

    1987 US horror by Sam Raimi, cut in the US and UK, just released on US 4k Blu-ray

    Link Here 13th December 2018
    Evil Dead II is a 1987 US horror by Sam Raimi
    With Bruce Campbell and Sarah Berry. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
    Cut for an MPAA R rating. Further cut by the BBFC for 18 rated cinema and VHS releases. UK DVD and Blu-ray is the same as the cut US release although the rating was downgraded to 15 in 2003. An extended version was released in Germany in September 2013.

    This release is the Theatrical Version.

    US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
    • 2018 Lions Gate Home Entertainment (RA) 4k Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 11th December 2018
    • 2018 Lions Gate Home Entertainment Amazon Prime VoD [US only] at US Amazon




    Shopping: The Stray...

    2017 USA family drama by Mitch Davis set for UK DVD release on 11th February 2019 with BBFC cuts for category

    Link Here 12th December 2018
    The Stray is a 2017 USA family drama by Mitch Davis.
    Starring Sarah Lancaster, Michael Cassidy and Connor Corum. BBFC link IMDb

    BBFC category cuts were required for a PG rated video release in 2018. Uncut and MPAA PG rated in the US.

    UK: Passed PG for mild threat, sex references after 39s of BBFC category cuts ( 83:27s ) :
    • 2019 Universal Pictures UK R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 11th February 2019
    Previously passed 12 uncut for moderate threat, sex references:
    • 2018 4Digital Media video not released
    The BBFC commented:
    • Company chose to reduce two scenes of moderate threat in order to obtain a PG classification. An uncut 12 classification was available.
    For comparison

    US: Uncut and MPAA PG rated for thematic elements including a perilous situation.

    Promotional Material

    Young Christian Davis finds a stray dog named Pluto and decides to bring it home to his parents and two siblings. Christian's father, Mitch, works long hours and his mother Michelle just wants a husband who's there for the family. In just a short time with the Davis clan, Pluto manages to rescue a lost toddler, bring comfort Christian and help save Mitch and Michelle's struggling marriage.



    Shopping: Maniac...

    1980 US serial killer horror by William Lustig, once banned by the BBFC, just released on US Blu-ray/DVD Combo

    Link Here 12th December 2018
    Maniac is a 1980 US serial killer horror by William Lustig.
    With Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro and Abigail Clayton. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
    The Uncut Unrated Theatrical Version is preferred over the shortened Director's Cut. Once Banned by the BBFC, then cut. The film was also cut in the US for an R Rating.

    See further details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: Maniac

    US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
    • 2018 Blue Underground Limited Edition R0 Blu-ray/R0 DVD Combo at US Amazon released on 11th December 2018


    • See review from horrornewsnetwork.net : " The film received the type of negative publicity that was rare for the time period, with protesters picketing theaters which screened the film for its portrayal of graphic violence, especially towards women "

    Promotional Material


    Frank Zito (a career performance by co-writer/co-executive producer Joe Spinell of ROCKY and THE GODFATHER fame) is a deeply disturbed man, haunted by the traumas of unspeakable childhood abuse. And when these horrific memories begin to scream inside his mind, Frank prowls the seedy streets of New York City to stalk and slaughter innocent young women. Now Frank has begun a relationship with a beautiful photographer (Caroline Munro of THE SPY WHO LOVED ME), yet his vile compulsions remain. These are the atrocities of a human monster. This is the story of a MANIAC.

    Directed by William Lustig (MANIAC COP 2, VIGILANTE) and featuring landmark gore effects by Tom Savini (DAWN OF THE DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13th), this relentlessly shocking and disturbing film was originally censored all over the world due to its graphic violence. Now Blue Underground is thrilled to present MANIAC in a brand-new 4K Restoration from its recently discovered 16mm original camera negative, overflowing with hours of new and archival extras!


  • NEW 3-Disc Set includes Blu-ray with NEW 4K restoration of the flim + DVD + CD
  • NEW! Collectable Booklet with new essay by author Michael Gingold
  • NEW! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD with MANIAC score by Jay Chattaway
  • NEW! Maniac Outtakes Featurette
  • NEW! Returning to the Scene of the Crime with William Lustig
  • The Joe Spinell Story (49:12 )
  • Audio Commentary #1 with Co-Producer/Director William Lustig and Co-Producer Andrew W. Garroni
  • Audio Commentary #2 with Co-Producer/Director William Lustig, Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini, Editor Lorenzo Marinelli, and Joe Spinell assistant Luke Walter
  • MANIAC PUBLICITY: 'Paul Wunder' Radio Interview with William Lustig, Joe Spinell, and Carline Munro (19:11), William Lustig on 'Movie Madness' (47:18), Joe Spinell at Cannes (0:44), Joe Spinell on 'The Joe Franklin Show' (13:13) and Carline Munro TV Interview (2:54)
  • MANIAC CONTROVERSY: A selection of archival broadcast TV news clips, interviews and reactions to the film. (41:15)
  • Mr. Robbie: 'Maniac 2' Promo Reel (7:28)
  • Maniac Men Interview with Songwriters Michael Sembello and Dennis Matkosky (10:38)
  • Dark Notes Interview with Composer Jay Chattaway (12:13)
  • The Death Dealer Interview with Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini (12:11)
  • Anna and the Killer Interview with Star Caroline Munro (13:08)
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Radio Spots
  • and more! Special Features May Not Be Rated, Closed Captioned Or In High Definition.

    Original English language along with Spanish, French, Italian and German dubbed options .

    Subtitles: English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai

  • Versions

    BBFC uncut
    MPAA Unrated ~88:00s US: The Theatrical Version is uncut and MPAA Unrated



    BBFC: Age Verification We Don't Trust...

    The government's age verification scheme which leaves people's sensitive sexual preferences unprotected by law is to be presented for approval by the House of Lords

    Link Here 10th December 2018
    Full story: BBFC Internet Porn Censors...BBFC: Age Verification We Don't Trust
    The following four motions are expected to be debated together in the House of Lords on 11th December 2018:

    Online Pornography (Commercial Basis) Regulations 2018

    Lord Ashton of Hyde to move that the draft Regulations laid before the House on 10 October be approved. Special attention drawn to the instrument by the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments, 38th Report, 4th Report from the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (Sub-Committee B)

    Guidance on Age-verification Arrangements

    Lord Ashton of Hyde to move that the draft Guidance laid before the House on 25 October be approved. Special attention drawn to the instrument by the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments, 39th Report, 4th Report from the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (Sub-Committee B)

    Lord Stevenson of Balmacara to move that this House regrets that the draft Online Pornography (Commercial Basis) Regulations 2018 and the draft Guidance on Age-verification Arrangements do not bring into force section 19 of the Digital Economy Act 2017, which would have given the regulator powers to impose a financial penalty on persons who have not complied with their instructions to require that they have in place an age verification system which is fit for purpose and effectively managed so as to ensure that commercial pornographic material online will not normally be accessible by persons under the age of 18.

    Guidance on Ancillary Service Providers

    Lord Ashton of Hyde to move that the draft Guidance laid before the House on 25 October be approved. Special attention drawn to the instrument by the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments, 39th Report, 4th Report from the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (Sub-Committee B)

    The DCMS and BBFC age verification scheme has been widely panned as fundamentally the law provides no requirement to actually protect people's identity data that can be coupled with their sexual preferences and sexuality. The scheme only offers voluntary suggestions that age verification services and websites should protect their user's privacy. But one only has to look to Google, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to see how worthless mere advice is. GDPR is often quoted but that only requires that user consent is obtained. One will have to simply to the consent to the 'improved user experience' tick box to watch the porn, and thereafter the companies can do what the fuck they like with the data.

    See criticism of the scheme:

    Security expert provides a detailed break down of the privacy and security failures of the age verification scheme

    Parliamentary scrutiny committee condemns BBFC Age Verification Guidelines

    Parliamentary scrutiny committee condemns as 'defective' a DCMS Statutory Instrument excusing Twitter and Google images from age verification.



    Shopping: Nemesis...

    1992 Denmark / USA action Sci-Fi thriller by Albert Pyun set for US Blu-ray/DVD Combo release on 8th January 2019 with 3 versions

    Link Here 9th December 2018
    Nemesis is a 1992 Denmark / USA action Sci-Fi thriller by Albert Pyun.
    Starring Olivier Gruner, Tim Thomerson and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

    The Theatrical Version is MPAA R rated and is missing violence found in several extended versions. The Director's Cut, the Japanese Version and UK Version all feature similar extended violence and a darker alternative ending, but it unclear as to which of these is the definitive version.

    US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
    • 2019 MVD Collectors Edition [Theatrical Version + Director's cut + Extended Japanese versions] (RA) Blu-ray/R1 DVD Combo at US Amazon released on 8th January 2019

    Promotional Material


    Los Angeles, 2027. Troubled cyborg cop Alex (Olivier Gruner, Angel Town) is ordered by police commissioner Farnsworth (Tim Thomerson, Near Dark) to apprehend his former partner and lover Jared (Marjorie Monaghan, Regarding Henry), accused of smuggling data to information terrorists plotting to kill government officials. Systems cowboys, bio enhanced gangsters and cyborg outlaws all play a part in this battle of man vs. machine.

    Directed by Albert Pyun (Cyborg, Crazy Six), NEMESIS is a ''provocative, sleek thriller'' (LA Times) that features an all-star supporting cast that includes Brion James (Blade Runner), Thomas Jane (Boogie Nights), Academy Award® Nominee* Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Planet of the Apes), Thom Mathews (The Return of the Living Dead), Yuji Okumoto (Inception) and Deborah Shelton (Body Double).

    *2007: Best Supporting Actor, Little Children


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the main feature in both 2.35:1 and 1.78:1 aspect ratios
  • Audio: English 5.1 Surround, English 2.0 Stereo, French 2.0 Stereo, German 2.0 Stereo
  • Subtitles: English SDH, German
  • NEW! 2018 Interview with Producer Eric Karson (HD)
  • NEW! 2018 Interview with Director Albert Pyun (HD)
  • ''Nemesis 2.0'' (aka ''Director s Cut'') with Director s Commentary audio (SD, 2.35:1, 92:29)
  • Original Theatrical Trailer (SD, 2:26)


  • ''Nemesis 2.0'' (aka ''Director s Cut'')(SD, 2.35:1, 87:49)
  • Japanese Extended Cut (SD, 1.33:1, 95:49) (w/ Japanese subtitles burnt-in)
  • Introduction by Albert Pyun (SD, 2:19)
  • Introduction by Olivier Gruner (SD, 3:13)
  • Afterword by Albert Pyun (SD, 0:48)
  • 'Behind The Scenes: The Making of Nemesis' (SD, 7:13)
  • Interview with Olivier Gruner (SD, 2:18)
  • 'Making Of - Stunts & Effects' (SD, 2:43)
  • 'Making Of - Visual Effects' (SD, 1:41)
  • 'Killcount' featurette (SD, 2:26)
  • Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery (SD, 3:00)
  • Key Art Photo Gallery (SD, 2:20)
  • TV Spots (SD, 4:43)
  • Collectible Mini-Poster

    *Special Features May Not Be Rated, Closed Captioned or In High Definition and are subject to change.


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