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A harmful and offensive attack on free speech...

ASA starts enforcing its new PC rule to censor gender stereotypes that it does not like

Link Here 15th June 2019
Full story: PC censorship in the UK...ASA introduce politically correct censorship rules for adverts

ASA's new rule banning harmful gender stereotypes in ads has come into force.

The new rule in the Advertising Codes, which will apply to broadcast and non-broadcast media (including online and social media), states:

[Advertisements] must not include gender stereotypes that are likely to cause harm, or serious or widespread offence.

This change follows a review of gender stereotyping in ads by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  Following the review, CAP (the rulle writing arm of ASA) consulted publicly on specific proposals to ban harmful gender stereotypes in ads, underpinned by the evidence collected by the ASA. The proposed restrictions were supported by a majority of respondents.

The evidence does not show that the use of gender stereotypes is always problematic and the new rule does not seek to ban gender stereotypes outright, but to identify specific harms that should be prevented.

The advertising industry has had six months to get ready for the new rule. The ASA will now deal with any complaints it receives on a case-by-case basis and will assess each ad by looking at the content and context to determine if the new rule has been broken.

Scenarios in ads likely to be problematic under the new rule include:

  • An ad that depicts a man with his feet up and family members creating mess around a home while a woman is solely responsible for cleaning up the mess.

  • An ad that depicts a man or a woman failing to achieve a task specifically because of their gender e.g. a man's inability to change nappies; a woman's inability to park a car.

  • Where an ad features a person with a physique that does not match an ideal stereotypically associated with their gender, the ad should not imply that their physique is a significant reason for them not being successful, for example in their romantic or social lives.

  • An ad that seeks to emphasise the contrast between a boy's stereotypical personality (e.g. daring) with a girl's stereotypical personality (e.g. caring) needs to be handled with care.

  • An ad aimed at new mums which suggests that looking attractive or keeping a home pristine is a priority over other factors such as their emotional wellbeing.

  • An ad that belittles a man for carrying out stereotypically female roles or tasks.

The rule and its supporting guidance doesn't stop ads from featuring:

  • A woman doing the shopping or a man doing DIY.

  • Glamorous, attractive, successful, aspirational or healthy people or lifestyles.

  • One gender only, including in ads for products developed for and aimed at one gender.

  • Gender stereotypes as a means to challenge their negative effects.

CAP will carry out a review of the new rule in 12 months' time to make sure it's meeting its objective to prevent harmful gender stereotypes.



Shopping: Lifeforce...

1985 UK / USA Sci-Fi horror thriller by Tobe Hooper just released on UK Blu-ray in two versions

Link Here 15th June 2019
Lifeforce is a 1985 UK / USA Sci-Fi horror thriller by Tobe Hooper.
Starring Steve Railsback, Mathilda May and Peter Firth. BBFC link IMDb
Uncut in Europe but shortened and altered to play down the vampires for US release
UK: Previously passed 18 uncut for for strong horror, gore, nudity::
  • 2019 Arrow Special Edition [International + US Versions] (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 10th June 2019
  • 2019 Arrow Video Amazon Prime VoD [UK only] at UK Amazon

Promotional Material


When a space shuttle crew finds a mysterious spacecraft containing three human-looking creatures in a state of suspended animation, they bring them back to Earth for further investigation.

It's only then that scientists discover that they are in fact a race of space vampires that feed off people's life-force rather than their blood. So when they escape and run amok in London, the consequences are apocalyptic - and the shuttle crew's only survivor (Steve Railsback) seems to be the only man who can stop them.

Based on Colin Wilson s novel The Space Vampires , co-written by Dan O Bannon (Alien, Return of the Living Dead) and directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist), this lively sci-fi horror romp has a stellar cast including Peter Firth, Frank Finlay and Patrick Stewart - although it's Mathilda May's appearance as a naked female alien that attracts most attention to this day.


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of both the Theatrical and International Versions, both from new 4K restorations
  • Optional uncompressed 2.0 Stereo PCM and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Surround Sound
  • Isolated Music and Effects Soundtrack
  • Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audio commentary with Tobe Hooper, moderated by filmmaker Tim Sullivan
  • Audio commentary with Academy Award-winning visual effects artist Douglas Smith, moderated by filmmaker and scholar Howard S. Berger
  • Audio commentary with make-up effects artist Nick Maley, moderated by filmmaker Michael Felsher
  • Cannon Fodder: The Making of Lifeforce - An epic UK-exclusive look at the genesis, production and release of Lifeforce featuring interviews with Hooper, producer Michael J. Kagan, editor John Grover, actors Aubrey Morris and Nicholas Ball, makeup artist Sandra Exelby, screenwriter Michael Armstrong, sound designer Vernon Messenger, artistic designers Tom Adams and Douglas Smith and effects artist John Schoonraad.
  • Space Vampires in London: An interview with Tobe Hooper
  • Dangerous Beauty: An interview with Mathilda May, Lifeforce s iconic star
  • Carlsen s Curse: Star Steve Railsback looks back on Lifeforce and his career
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin


    Logging your porn history (in the name of fraud yer know)...

    Open Rights Group Report: Analysis of BBFC Age Verification Certificate Standard June 2019

    Link Here 14th June 2019
    Full story: BBFC Internet Porn Censors...BBFC: Age Verification We Don't Trust

    Executive Summary

    The BBFC's Age-verification Certificate Standard ("the Standard") for providers of age verification services, published in April 2019, fails to meet adequate standards of cyber security and data protection and is of little use for consumers reliant on these providers to access adult content online.

    This document analyses the Standard and certification scheme and makes recommendations for improvement and remediation. It sub-divides generally into two types of concern: operational issues (the need for a statutory basis, problems caused by the short implementation time and the lack of value the scheme provides to consumers), and substantive issues (seven problems with the content as presently drafted).

    The fact that the scheme is voluntary leaves the BBFC powerless to fine or otherwise discipline providers that fail to protect people's data, and makes it tricky for consumers to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy providers. In our view, the government must legislate without delay to place a statutory requirement on the BBFC to implement a mandatory certification scheme and to grant the BBFC powers to require reports and penalise non-compliant providers.

    The Standard's existence shows that the BBFC considers robust protection of age verification data to be of critical importance. However, in both substance and operation the Standard fails to deliver this protection. The scheme allows commercial age verification providers to write their own privacy and security frameworks, reducing the BBFC's role to checking whether commercial entities follow their own rules rather than requiring them to work to a mandated set of common standards. The result is uncertainty for Internet users, who are inconsistently protected and have no way to tell which companies they can trust.

    Even within its voluntary approach, the BBFC gives providers little guidance to providers as to what their privacy and security frameworks should contain. Guidance on security, encryption, pseudonymisation, and data retention is vague and imprecise, and often refers to generic "industry standards" without explanation. The supplementary Programme Guide, to which the Standard refers readers, remains unpublished, critically undermining the scheme's transparency and accountability.


    • Grant the BBFC statutory powers:

    • The BBFC Standard should be substantively revised to set out comprehensive and concrete standards for handling highly sensitive age verification data.

    • The government should legislate to grant the BBFC statutory power to mandate compliance.

    • The government should enable the BBFC to require remedial action or apply financial penalties for non-compliance.

    • The BBFC should be given statutory powers to require annual compliance reports from providers and fine those who sign up to the certification scheme but later violate its requirements.

    • The Information Commissioner should oversee the BBFC's age verification certification scheme

    Delay implementation and enforcement:

    Delay implementation and enforcement of age verification until both (a) a statutory standard of data privacy and security is in place, and (b) that standard has been implemented by providers.

    Improve the scheme content:

    Even if the BBFC certification scheme remains voluntary, the Standard should at least contain a definitive set of precisely delineated objectives that age verification providers must meet in order to say that they process identity data securely.

    Improve communication with the public:

    Where a provider's certification is revoked, the BBFC should issue press releases and ensure consumers are individually notified at login.

    The results of all penetration tests should be provided to the BBFC, which must publish details of the framework it uses to evaluate test results, and publish annual trends in results.

    Strengthen data protection requirements:

    Data minimisation should be an enforceable statutory requirement for all registered age verification providers.

    The Standard should outline specific and very limited circumstances under which it's acceptable to retain logs for fraud prevention purposes. It should also specify a hard limit on the length of time logs may be kept.

    The Standard should set out a clear, strict and enforceable set of policies to describe exactly how providers should "pseudonymise" or "deidentify" data.

    Providers that no longer meet the Standard should be required to provide the BBFC with evidence that they have destroyed all the user data they collected while supposedly compliant.

    The BBFC should prepare a standardised data protection risk assessment framework against which all age verification providers will test their systems. Providers should limit bespoke risk assessments to their specific technological implementation.

    Strengthen security, testing, and encryption requirements:

    Providers should be required to undertake regular internal and external vulnerability scanning and a penetration test at least every six months, followed by a supervised remediation programme to correct any discovered vulnerabilities.

    Providers should be required to conduct penetration tests after any significant application or infrastructure change.

    Providers should be required to use a comprehensive and specific testing standard. CBEST or GBEST could serve as guides for the BBFC to develop an industry-specific framework.

    The BBFC should build on already-established strong security frameworks, such as the Center for Internet Security Cyber Controls and Resources, the NIST Cyber Security Framework, or Cyber Essentials Plus.

    At a bare minimum, the Standard should specify a list of cryptographic protocols which are not adequate for certification.



    Shopping: Dazed and Confused...

    1993 USA comedy by Richard Linklater just released on UK Blu-ray in the usual Director's Cut

    Link Here 14th June 2019
    Dazed and Confused is a 1993 USA comedy by Richard Linklater.
    Starring Jason London, Wiley Wiggins and Matthew McConaughey. Youtube link IMDb
    The 2019 Criterion Blu-ray notes that it is the Director's Cut but it is not clear of any other versions have been released. IMDb speaks of an earlier cut with plot variations.
    UK: Passed 15 uncut for:
    • 2019 Sony/Criterion Collection RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 10th June 2019

    Promotional Material

    America, 1976. The last day of school. Bongs blaze, bell-bottoms ring, and rock and roll rules. Among the best teen films ever made, Dazed and Confused , directed by Richard Linklater, eavesdrops on a group of seniors-to-be and incoming freshmen. A launching pad for a number of future stars, Linklater's first studio effort also features endlessly quotable dialogue and a blasting, stadium-ready soundtrack. Sidestepping nostalgia, Dazed and Confused is less about "the best years of our lives" than the boredom, angst, and excitement of teenagers waiting… for something to happen.

    Director-Approved Special Edition Features

    • High-definition digital transfer of the director's cut, supervised by director Richard Linklater and cinematographer Lee Daniel, with 5.1 DTS-HA Master Audio soundtrack
    • Audio commentary featuring Linklater
    • Making "Dazed", a fifty-minute documentary by Kahane Corn
    • Rare on-set interviews and behind-the-scenes footage
    • Footage from the ten-year anniversary celebration
    • Audition footage and deleted scenes
    • Original theatrical trailer
    • Plus: a booklet featuring essays by Kent Jones, Jim DeRogatis, and Chuck Klosterman; reprinted recollections of the filming from cast and crew, and character profiles from the Dazed and Confused companion book; as well as the original film poster by Frank Kozik



    Shopping: Blood on Satan's Claw...

    1971 UK horror thriller by Piers Haggard, once cut by the BBFC, just released on UK Blu-ray

    Link Here 13th June 2019
    Blood on Satan's Claw is a 1971 UK horror thriller by Piers Haggard.
    With Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden, Barry Andrews. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
    Cut by the BBFC for 1971 cinema release but uncut on home video.
    UK: Passed 18 uncut for a scene of sexual violence and strong bloody horror:
    • 2019 Screenbound Collector's Edition RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 10th June 2019
    • 2019 Screenbound Amazon Prime VoD [UK only] at UK Amazon

    Promotional Material

    Scanned from a 4K masters - Limited to 4000 copies with a host of brand new extras. One of the greatest British horror films of all time! A human skull is unearthed in a small, isolated 18th century English village and the children of the village form themselves into a secret, murderous coven. Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden and Wendy Padbury star.


    Underneath Satan's Skin: New in-conversation interview with Piers Haggard (Director) and Robert Wynne-Simmons (writer) [Duration – 40 minutes]
    New interview with Marc Wilkinson (composer) [Duration – 15 minutes]
    New interview with Tony Dawe (sound mixer) [Duration – 15 minutes]
    New interview with Simon Williams (actor) [Duration – 15 minutes]
    Bix Bottom – New featurette on the setting of Blood on Satan's Claw [Duration – 12 minutes]
    Touching The Devil – The Making of Blood on Satan's Claw [Duration – 20 minutes]
    Interview with Director Piers Haggard [Duration – 22minutes]
    Theatrical Trailer
    New booklet notes on Blood on Satan's Claw by horror author, Mark Morris
    Commentary with Piers Haggard, Robert Wynne-Simmons and Linda Hayden
    Commentary with Mark Gattis, Jeremy Dyson and Reece Shearsmith



    Small island values...

    Rocketman banned by Samoa's film censor for its gay content

    Link Here 12th June 2019
    Rocketman is a 2019 UK / USA musical music biography by Dexter Fletcher.
    Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Taron Egerton and Richard Madden. BBFC link IMDb

    A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.

    The Elton John biopic Rocketman was banned by Samoa's film censor last week due to its depiction of homosexuality onscreen. Film censor Leiataua Niuapu Faaui said:

    We're concerned with the cultural values and also the Christian beliefs here in Samoa -- it's not appropriate for public viewing,

    Samoa recently also edited scenes from a screening of the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody n the same grounds.

    In Samoa, sodomy is illegal and is punishable by up to seven years in prison.



    Shopping: The Mary Millington Movie Collection...

    2019 film set by Willy Roe, George Harrison Marks, inevitably cut by the BBFC at the time, set for UK Blu-ray release on 7th October 2019

    Link Here 12th June 2019
    The Mary Millington Movie Collection is a 2019 film set by Willy Roe, George Harrison Marks...
    Starring Mary Millington, Diana Dors and Alan Lake. UK: Passed 18 uncut for:
    • 2019 Screenbound [Mary Millington Movie Collection] (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 7th October 2019
    Come Play with Me is a 1977 UK sex comedy by George Harrison Marks.
    Starring Irene Handl, Alfie Bass and George Harrison Marks. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
    Cut by the BBFC for 1977 cinema release. The cuts have persisted to all releases since. There is also an unreleased hardcore version of the film.

    See cuts details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: Come Play With Me

    The Playbirds is a 1978 UK sex comedy by Willy Roe.
    Starring Mary Millington, Glynn Edwards and Gavin Campbell. BBFC link IMDb
    Cut by the BBFC for an X rated cinema release in 1978. The same version was released on 18 rated home video.
    Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair is a 1979 UK sex comedy by Willy Roe.
    Starring Alan Lake, Glynn Edwards and Anthony Booth. BBFC link IMDb

    Passed X after BBFC cuts for 1979 cinema release. It is not clear if these cuts have persisted onto 18 rated home video.

    The other films have always been uncut

    Promotional Material

    Released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mary Millington s death, this special edition Blu-ray box set (individually numbered and limited to 3,000 units) features Mary s most glamorous film roles, with new, stunning 2K restorations, including: Come Play with Me (1977), The Playbirds (1978), Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979), Queen of the Blues (1979), Mary Millington s True Blue Confessions (1980) plus Respectable: The Mary Millington Story (2015), an in-depth documentary chronicling her extraordinary life. This collector s edition is a must for any Millington fan! Filled with scintillating new extras, packaged in a collectable case (displaying brand new artwork throughout) and including a huge 80-page book, with an introduction from David Sullivan and notes by biographer Simon Sheridan (author of Keeping the British End Up: Four Decades of Saucy Cinema). A tantalising orgy of extras that no self-respecting lover of Mary Millington or 1970 s British sex comedies can but fail to be aroused by!

    Special Features and Technical Specs:

    • NEW 'The Playbirds' audio commentary by biographer Simon Sheridan and director Willy Roe.
    • NEW 'Queen of the Blues' audio commentary by biographer Simon Sheridan and actor Allan Warren.
    • NEW Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions - audio commentary by biographer Simon Sheridan and executive producer David Sullivan.
    • NEW ' Ten Million Dirty Words - a brand new featurette about Harry Knights, the Nottingham-based porn writer who helped create Mary's image).
    • Confessions of a Pixie - an interview with Josie Harrison Marks, the daughter of Come Play With Me's director George Harrison Marks.
    • Mary on Location - Then and Now' travelogue revisiting the main locations in Mary's life and films.
    • Respectable: The Mary Millington Story - audio commentary by director Simon Sheridan and the BFI's Sam Dunn.
    • 8mmillington - compilation of the 'tamer' sequences from Mary's hardcore 8mm films.
    • Short Films
      • Response - 8mm softcore short film (1974)
      • Wild Lovers - 8mm softcore short film (1974)
      • Party Pieces - 8mm softcore short film (1974)
      • Sex Is My Business - 8mm softcore short film (1975)
      • Mary Millington's World Striptease Extravaganza (1981).
    • Come Play with Me original 1977 trailer



    Shopping: The Godfather Collection...

    1972 USA crime drama by Francis Ford Coppola, with censor cuts for part I and III, just released on US Blu-ray

    Link Here 12th June 2019
    The Godfather Collection is trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola.
    Starring Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Robert Duvall. US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:
    • 2019 PARAMOUNT Godfather Collection (RA) Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 11th June 2019
    The Godfather is a 1972 USA crime drama by Francis Ford Coppola.
    Starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and James Caan. BBFC link IMDb
    Cut by the BBFC for an X rated cinema release in 1972. Uncut on 18 rated VHS and 15 rated DVD. Uncut and MPAA R rated in the US.

    The Godfather Part III is a 1990 USA crime drama by Francis Ford Coppola.
    Starring Al Pacino, Diane Keaton and Andy Garcia. BBFC link IMDb

    Cut in the US for an MPAA R rating. The cuts persisted to all releases including the longer Director's Cut

    Promotional Material

    The Godfather Trilogy is the benchmark for all cinematic storytelling. Francis Ford Coppola's masterful adaptation of Mario Puzo's novel chronicles the rise and fall of the Corleone family in this celebrated epic. Collectively nominated for a staggering 29 Academy Awards, the films are the winner of 9, including 2 for Best Picture for The Godfather and The Godfather Part II. To this day, the saga is rightfully viewed as one of the greatest in the history of motion pictures.

    Now, for true cinema lovers, comes The Godfather Trilogy, with the Corleone Legacy Family Tree, Original Theatrical Art Cards, and Collectible Portraits with Frame to complete every fan's collection.



    To the UK Government: Don't block my legal porn and I'll be happy to use the IWF feed...

    The catastrophic impact of DNS-over-HTTPs. The IWF makes its case

    Link Here 10th June 2019

    Here at the IWF, we've created life-changing technology and data sets helping people who were sexually abused as children and whose images appear online. The IWF URL List , or more commonly, the block list, is a list of live webpages that show children being sexually abused, a list used by the internet industry to block millions of criminal images from ever reaching the public eye.

    It's a crucial service, protecting children, and people of all ages in their homes and places of work. It stops horrifying videos from being stumbled across accidentally, and it thwarts some predators who visit the net to watch such abuse.

    But now its effectiveness is in jeopardy. That block list which has for years stood between exploited children and their repeated victimisation faces a challenge called DNS over HTTPS which could soon render it obsolete.

    It could expose millions of internet users across the globe - and of any age -- to the risk of glimpsing the most terrible content.

    So how does it work? DNS stands for Domain Name System and it's the phonebook by which you look something up on the internet. But the new privacy technology could hide user requests, bypass filters like parental controls, and make globally-criminal material freely accessible. What's more, this is being fast-tracked, by some, into service as a default which could make the IWF list and all kinds of other protections defunct.

    At the IWF, we don't want to demonise technology. Everyone's data should be secure from unnecessary snooping and encryption itself is not a bad thing. But the IWF is all about protecting victims and we say that the way in which DNS over HTTPS is being implemented is the problem.

    If it was set as the default on the browsers used by most of us in the UK, it would have a catastrophic impact. It would make the horrific images we've spent all these years blocking suddenly highly accessible. All the years of work for children's protection could be completely undermined -- not just busting the IWF's block list but swerving filters, bypassing parental controls, and dodging some counter terrorism efforts as well.

    From the IWF's perspective, this is far more than just a privacy or a tech issue, it's all about putting the safety of children at the top of the agenda, not the bottom. We want to see a duty of care placed upon DNS providers so they are obliged to act for child safety and cannot sacrifice protection for improved customer privacy.



    Updated: Few complaints...

    Irish Film Classification Office publishes its annual report covering 2018

    Link Here 9th June 2019
    Full story: Irish Film Censors at IFCO...IFCO: the Irish film censor board
    IFCO has published its annual report covering 2018.

    It notes that teh number of cinema films passed is about the same as the previous year with 448 releases in 2018. However it reports that video DVD submissions (presumably including Blu-ray) has declined by 15% to 2621 submission in 2018.

    IFCO reports on 2 appeals in 2018, both appeals were rejected and the rating remained unaltered. The two films were the 18 rated The First Purge , and the 12A rated Bumblebee.

    The number of complaints received by IFCO has always been minimal. IFCO writes:

    During 2018, IFCO received 18 complaints from the public which related specifically to classifications awarded. The most received in respect of any one title was 6 in the case of SHOW DOGS, a comedy classified PG for Mild violence, language and rude humour. Of these, two were from people who had not seen the film.

    IFCO has also just upgraded its website to make it a bit smarter. IFCO acknowledged that it needs to up its game in interacting with the public. IFCO wrote in the report:

    It is to be hoped that the updated website will be more visited and perhaps encourage people to contact IFCO. All constructive input, whether positive or negative is very welcome and informs as to people's expectations of IFCO service

    See the updated website at ifco.ie .

    Update: Censor slump

    9th June 2019. See article from thetimes.co.uk

    The Irish Film Classification Office (Ifco) is suffering a rapid decline in revenue as a result of the collapse of DVD sales. The state censor has experienced a 23% drop in income over two years.

    In its recently published 2018 report Ifco said the slump in DVDs being submitted for classification meant its financial situation would have to be closely monitored.



    Commented: EU vs. Free Speech...

    European Court of Justice moves towards a position requiring the international internet to follow EU censorship rulings

    Link Here 8th June 2019
    TechDirt comments:

    The idea of an open global internet keeps taking a beating -- and the worst offender is not, say, China or Russia, but rather the EU.

    We've already discussed things like the EU Copyright Directive and the Terrorist Content Regulation , but it seems like every day there's something new and more ridiculous -- and the latest may be coming from the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU). The CJEU's Advocate General has issued a recommendation (but not the final verdict) in a new case that would be hugely problematic for the idea of a global open internet that isn't weighted down with censorship.

    The case at hand involved someone on Facebook posting a link to an article about an Austrian politician, Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, accusing her of being a lousy traitor of the people, a corrupt oaf and a member of a fascist party.

    An Austrian court ordered Facebook to remove the content, which it complied with by removing access to anyone in Austria. The original demand was also that Facebook be required to prevent equivalent content from appearing as well. On appeal, a court denied Facebook's request that it only had to comply in Austria, and also said that such equivalent content could only be limited to cases where someone then alerted Facebook to the equivalent content being posted (and, thus, not a general monitoring requirement).

    The case was then escalated to the CJEU and then, basically everything goes off the rails

    See  detailed legal findings discussed by techdirt.com


    Offsite Comment: Showing how Little the EU Understands About the Web

    8th June 2019. See article from forbes.com by Kalev Leetaru

    As governments around the world seek greater influence over the Web, the European Union has emerged as a model of legislative intervention, with efforts from GDPR to the Right to be Forgotten to new efforts to allow EU lawmakers to censor international criticism of themselves. GDPR has backfired spectacularly, stripping away the EU's previous privacy protections and largely exempting the most dangerous and privacy-invading activities it was touted to address. Yet it is the EU's efforts to project its censorship powers globally that present the greatest risk to the future of the Web and demonstrate just how little the EU actually understands about how the internet works.


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