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If anyone wants an icon for site links feel free to use the following.

The uncompressed images can all stand a little more jpg compression if bandwidth is a consideration.

Thanks again to Richard Oliver for the art work   

Text Link:

Melon Farmers Watching the censors watch what we watch


250x150, True Colour

10.5 kbytes

Melon Farmers Logo

250x235, True Colour

14.6 kbytes


Melon Farmers Logo

128x120, True Colour

3.7 kbytes


   Melon Farmers logo

96x88, True Colour

3.3 kbytes


Melon Farmers' logo

69x65, 256 Colours

4.0 kbytes


Melon Farmers' logo

Transparent for dark background

9.12 kBytes


melonfarmers icon