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HBO's 'simply outrageous' The Young Pope

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Link Here 6th January 2017
young pope protest 25,000 people have signed the following petition:

Beginning January 15, HBO plans to air in America a European TV series which will culminate with an IMPURE ATTACK on the PAPACY in one of its final episodes.

This program, The Young Pope, offends God, insults and slanders the good reputation of the Papacy, thus doing serious harm to souls, and, using the 'pontiff' in a scene of an adulterous sexual act, implies that holy priestly celibacy is too much of a struggle to maintain.

For HBO to bring this scandalous and anti-Catholic series, and especially this impure episode, to its nearly 40 million American subscribers is a great offense against God and ruinous to America's soul.

The following are two headlines about the episode:

  • Actor Jude [Law] grabs Ludivine Sagnier's bare breasts as his character Pius XIII struggles with celibacy in shockingly racy scene from The Young Pope .

  • LOOK away now if you're easily offended -- as Sky series The Young Pope prepares to broadcast a shocking sex scene involving the pontiff.

Actor Jude Law plays the fictional Pope Pius XIII as he gets to grips with a blonde's breast while in his holy white robes.



  Rajan Zed takes aim at a politically incorrect historical character Black Pete...

Shouldn't religions be a bit more careful about knocking silly historical traditions?

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Link Here 13th November 2016  full story: Rajan Zed...Taking easy offence at hindu imagery

amzwartepietmiekebalPerennial hindu whinger Rajan Zed has taken aim at the Dutch festive character Black Pete. He wrote:

It was time for the negative, offensive, racist and discriminatory caricature of Black Pete (Zwarte Piet) to vanish from the traditional festivities of Netherlands.

Country of Rembrandt and Van Gogh which had a long history of social tolerance and which hosted International Court of Justice should not be in the business of such negative stereotyping.

Rajan Zed noted that it was absolutely baffling that racist stereotypes like Dutch Black Pete , which should have been extinct many decades ago, continued to exist in 21st century world. Was not Netherlands famous for promoting equality? Zed asked.

Zed indicated that Dutch Black Pete might be a popular Dutch tradition but it appeared to be a racist throwback to the slavery era.

Rajan Zed urged His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands to urgently intervene to put an end to the character of Dutch Black Pete .

Zed suggested His Holiness Pope Francis and other religious leaders to also come out with a strong statement against Dutch Black Pete tradition as religions were supposed to speak against racism.


 Update: Fashionable offence taking...

Rajan Zed whinges about London fashion show with models taking on a theme of hindu dieties

Link Here 9th October 2016  full story: Rajan Zed...Taking easy offence at hindu imagery

ashish gupta bollywood bloodbathPerennial hindu whinger Rajan Zed has been 'outraged' by fashion designer Ashish Gupta for trivializing Hindu deities in London Fashion Week show on September 19th.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, said in a statement that Hindu deities were meant to be worshipped in temples and home shrines and it was highly inappropriate to unnecessarily parade their likeness in fashion shows for mercantile greed.

Zed further said that inappropriate usage of Hindu deities or concepts or symbols for commercial or other agenda was not okay as it was disturbing to the faithful. Hindus were for free expression and speech as much as anybody else if not more ...BUT... faith was something sacred and attempts at trivializing it tormented the devotees, Zed pointed out and added that businesses should be respectful to various faith traditions.

Writing about this Ashish Gupta's Bollywood Bloodbath catwalk show, fashion website styleXstyle, calling it Downright Disrespectful , said that:

We couldn't help but notice how models were dressed as Hindu deities to showcase the looks and I see models' faces painted to replicate that of Hindu Gods. It further asked What does Lord Shiva or Hindu Goddess Kali have to do with fashion?

And added that cultural appropriation is not cool or hip or edgy. It's disrespectful.