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Link Here 28th May 2015
Fetish Fantasy Glide

  Fetish Fantasy Glide

A sex machine without power; the Fetish Fantasy Glide is a well engineered fucking device which can be used solo or with a partner. Aimed at the female market the Fetish Fantasy Glide is designed to provide a real life fucking experience without the need of electricity or batteries. The user controls the activity manually but this ingenious fucking machine keeps the users hands well away from the point of entry thus providing a real fuck experience.

The key to the success of the Fetish Fantasy Glide is the pogo-style gliding rod. The handle of the machine is held close to the upper torso and the foot plate can be held against a wall, the floor or a headboard; by gliding the handle up and down at the speed that satisfies most the user is penetrated by the dildo attachment - this is total control masturbation with the feel of a real fuck.

This clever invention can be used in many different positions, standing up, lying on the back, lying on the front, down on the knees, front or rear entry - positions are limited only by the user's imagination. Ideal for self satisfaction the Fetish Fantasy Glide can also be operated by a partner, providing another twist to bedroom fun. The sex machine takes only a couple of minutes to put together and is compact enough to store away under the bed or at the back of a wardrobe, it also comes with two dildo attachments.

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28th May 2015.

The Fantasy Glide is the most incredible self-powered sex machine ever created! With the amazing Fantasy Glide, there's no need for messy electrical cords, expensive batteries, or complicated machinery to experience the most powerful orgasms. The Fantasy Glide works off your own energy, the pogo-style pleasure rod reaches spots you never knew existed!

The Fantasy Glide allows beginners to enjoy difficult positions usually reserved for the athletically gifted and sexually advanced. The TPR dildos are phthalate-free, body-safe, and sculpted to excite the body, both dildos screw on to the cradle arm with a small bolt and the two dildos are interchangeable, the thin, tapered plug is perfect for anal play, while the smooth dong can be used for both vaginal and more advanced anal adventures.