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  Master Bot Deluxe Rechargeable Male Masturbator...

Sex Machine Reviews

Link Here 14th October 2015

Master Bot Deluxe Rechargeable Male Masturbator The Master Bot Deluxe is the best masturbating machine available; it gives you the sensation of being sucked off whenever you want, day or night! Simply slide your hard cock into the waiting mouth of the Master Bot and it will massage in an up and down motion until you explode.

The Master Bot can be used as a handheld masturbator by you or your partner or you can use the suction base to attach it to any flat surface and use it hands free. There are 3 powerful speeds to choose from, ideal if you want something soft and calming one day or fast and furious the next. Master Bot sex machine can deliver your wildest fantasy!

You can adjust the angle of the Master Bot to suit your needs allowing you to be on all fours, kneeling, standing or laying down. Enjoy any position and this fabulous little machine will go far beyond your expectations.

With no wires it can go anywhere with you and has no limitations, when you have finished just use the USB charger to re-charge the Master Bot and its ready to go again!

The Master Bot has an internal length of 5.5 inches and diameter of 2 inches meaning it fits 90% of all men! It comes in white and with a 1 year worldwide warrantly and is CE certified, and ROHS compliant.

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