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 How sex machines can act as masturbation machines

 Realistic and safe

29th April

How sex machines can act as masturbation machines...

Realistic and safe
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sex machines blue ballsMasturbation is the self stimulation of the sexual organ by finger, hand, everyday objects or specially manufactured sex toys. Masturbation was once believed to be sinful and damaging to health and development and was known as self abuse . Mutual masturbation is the stimulation of a partner's genitals. The main purpose of masturbation is usually, but not always, to achieve an orgasm. Masturbation is not age related and has been witnessed in infants and often continued through a person's whole life. The frequency of masturbation varies according to age, some teenage boys have been known to masturbate to orgasm six to ten times a day and older people might only masturbate a few times a month.

Women who masturbate using everyday objects have been known to insert unusual things into their vaginas and anuses. Masturbation objects include but are not limited to, candles, soap, shampoo bottles, mobile phones, vegetables, fizzy drink cans, bottles of various sizes, baseball bats, racket handles and even huge objects such as fire extinguishers. Male masturbation objects will include the aforementioned for anal penetration; for penile masturbation objects include but are not limited to, pillows, between cushions on sofas, cut out fruit such as oranges and water melons, bubble wrap, toilet roll tubes, vases, bottle openings and even more dangerous items such as vacuum cleaner hoses. Use of many of these objects has caused serious injury and there are numerous accounts of people attending medical clinics and hospitals with damaged genitals or objects lost in their orifices.

The safest form of using equipment to masturbate is to buy purposely produced sex toys. There are many manufacturers but the top names such as Doc Johnson, Pipe Dream, Diva and Leco are the safest products to buy as they have been rigorously tested and constructed from high quality materials. Cheap Chinese imported sex toys with no branding or counterfeit packaging should be avoided for both quality and safety reasons.

Many people of all walks of life and of all sexual persuasions are buying or are interested in buying sex machines. Although the sex machine is not a new invention its development and acceptability has grown in recent years. Sex machines or fucking machines are used by gay men, lesbians, heterosexuals and bi-sexuals, they are used by single people, those in a monogamous relationships and by swingers and people who enjoy group sex. The sex machine or fucking machine is powered by mains electricity; this provides a regular and constant power and will outperform any battery sex device. Quality sex machines such as the Sybian, Blue Balls , Caesar 3.0 , HumpUs and others seldom disappoint the purchaser; these machines have been made following a research and development program and are made from the best quality materials providing the user years of service.

vac-u-lockA sex machine or fucking machine replaces a human sexual partner. The machine can be adjusted to penetrate the user in numerous different positions and the speed of thrust and depth of penetration can be adjusted to optimum requirements. Quality fucking machine s are very quiet and provide the best features. Sex machines are bought to enable the user to enjoy a sexual experience that is almost identical in feel to real sex. When choosing a sex machine it is beneficial to buy one that is compatible with the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock system . Doc Johnson are a U.S. manufacturer of sex toys and have been in the business for several decades, all products are made from the best materials and will be long lasting. The Vac-U-Lock system allows the owner of the sex machine to change the penetrating accessory with a huge range of alternative items; anal probes, dildos, life like cocks, artificial anuses and artificial female genitalia for male penile use.

The sex machine is the perfect equipment for both male and female masturbation, providing a hands free as close to a real sex experience as is possible. Couples can enjoy a third person experience without the mental turmoil that a real ménage a trios can bring to a relationship. A sex machine provides safe sex and can actively reduce the frequency a person carries out risky sexual contact with another person.