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Sex Machine Reviews

Link Here 12th May 2015

sex machines ram a lot At 24 inches long and weighing just 1lb the Ram-a-lot has to be one of the most simple and lightest sex machines on the market which makes it perfect for travelling and is easy to store discreetly anywhere.

The Ram-a-Lot gives you precise control as well as arm pumping speeds with all your Vac-U-Lock dildos. The design allows you to hold the middle handle (6 inches long for universal hand sizes) with one hand and pump the dildo back and forth with the other hand. The shafts glides through the middle handle for total control. The user can pump as fast and as hard as desired because the Ram-a-Lot is a fucking machine machined from Aircraft quality billet aluminium.

  The Nymphoconda is a very versatile solid steel fucking machine with ian adjustable leg design. The safety locking joints lock the machine into virtually any position; simply adjust into position by loosening the large handles, set the machine to the desired position and retighten the handle for a solid connection. The safety lock system is adjustable in 3 degree increments up to a full 360 degrees. This machine offers amazing height and the unit can be raised to roughly 40 inches (52 inches with the optional extension arm) from the floor.

The Nymphoconda fucking machine is a very quiet sex machine thanks to the balanced flywheel and heavy duty slide mechanism. It has a stroke length of up to 7 inches and speed of up to 268 strokes per minute. The Nymphoconda is not a machine to be ignored, it is compatible with the Vac-U-Lock system for a huge choice in dildos.

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