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  Safer than kid's toys...

Sweden checks out sex toys for dangerous chemicals but find very few issues

Link Here 24th January

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Sex Machines

Sex Toy Handcuffsr Fewer sex toys than children's toys contain dangerous chemicals, according to a new report by a Swedish inspection authority.

In its study conducted in 2016, 2% of the 44 surveyed sex toys that had been imported to Sweden contained banned chemicals, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (SCA) said. In a separate study the year before, the agency tested 112 children's toys in Sweden and found 15% contained banned chemical substances, including lead. An inspector for the agency, told AFP:

This was a bit surprising. This was the first time we did such a study.

Of the 44 sex toys examined, only one plastic dildo was found to contain a banned substance: chlorinated paraffins, which is suspected of causing cancer.

Three of the 44 examined sex toys, made of artificial leather and bondage tape, contained a type of phthalates used as a plasticiser at levels above a 0.1% threshold, the agency said. That specific type of phthalates is not banned in sex toys but is on the EU list of chemicals of very high concern .


  Stimulating legal debate...

We-Vibe settles privacy legal case after logging vibrator's usage details without obtaining permission

Link Here 15th December

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Sex Machines

We-Vibe 4 Plus Bluetooth Smartphone Controlled Couples Vibrator - PinkA few months back, the makers of We-Vibe smart sex toys found themselves facing litigation over the use of potentially intimate customer data.  Last week, the company settled things for an undisclosed amount.

Makers Standard Innovation were subject to a class action lawsuit brought by users. The group alleged that the company's connected toys and mobile app collected real-time data on devices' vibration settings, temperature, and duration of use without notifying customers.

In October the company initiated a new privacy policy for users, including easier steps for opting out of data collection. Among other things, the company told customers that they can use their vibrators without the app, or through the app but with data-sharing turned off, for a totally private experience.


  Nativity Naivete...

'Peace and goodwill to all men'...except of course those running a Spanish sex shop with a sex toy nativity scene window display

Link Here 13th December
dildo nativityViolent threats have been made against a Spanish sex shop over its window display featuring a Christmas nativity scene made up of dildos.

The shop's website website reported that for three years ceramic dildos depicting Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph have been put in the shop's window to great interest from local media.

However, this year the Toledo sex shop 203 reported an altogether more sinister response. A statement posted on the Non Sit Peccatum Facebook page claims people working at the sex shop have been the target of verbal aggression and the premises have been vandalized by people related to religious groups in recent weeks.

One letter sent to the shop's owner, Hector Valdivielso, asks if he thinks it is amusing to make to make fun of the beliefs of millions of people and threatens violence .

The shop removed the display far a while explaining that at no time did they mean to offend anyone. However an online poll found that about 80% of responders supported the display, and so the display was restored.


 Offsite Article: Is the Poundland Vibrator Better Than Expensive Ones?...

Link Here 10th December
poundland vibrator Review of cheap versus more expensive sex toys by Gwen Poonani

See article from

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