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Link Here 10th February 2019
Unfolding is a 2019 US adult film by Kay Brandt (Adam & Eve)

Starring Cherie DeVille.

Promotional material

Beautiful Charlie (Cherie DeVille) seems content with her life but harbors a yearning,a passion and desire for something more. At a bed & breakfast with her husband Jack (Seth Gamble), she opens up to a whole new world of pleasure: one filled with voyeurism, three-ways, double penetrations, and more. Witness the exquisite unfolding of Charlie's sexual awakening as she discovers her lust for the taboo.

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Sexual Witchcraft...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 5th February 2019
Sexual Witchcraft is a 1973 US adult film by Beau Buchanan (Alpha Blue Archives)

Starring Stephanie.

Promotional material

A young runaway escapes from abusive men, and finds a happy home with a cult of devil-worshiping lesbians. Wayne is home from the sea, and ready for some girly action. While he and his mother exchange a lot of sexual innuendo, nothing develops along those lines. 4 classic scenes and extremely beautiful women of 70's satisfying their sexual desires.

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The Wannabe Stripper...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 1st February 2019
The Wannabe Stripper is a 2019 US adult film by Stills By Alan (Girlsway)

Starring Serena Blair.

Promotional material

Actress Vanessa Veracruz gets hired to shoot a commercial selling massage oil. But each time Vanessa does a take, the director Serena Blair calls cut. No matter how many times Vanessa covers herself in oil and tries to recite her lines, the execution isn't what Serena wants. Sixty-seven takes later, the oil is staining her pants, and Vanessa's acting style becomes over the top. Serena calls a timeout on the set and excuses the cameraman to give them some privacy.

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Dream Escort 13...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 26th January 2019
Dream Escort 13 is a 2019 US adult film by Tom Herold (LetsDoeIt)

Starring Dolly Diore.

Promotional material

Ever wondered what it would be like to fuck your friend's hot wife? or your new girlfriend... IN THE ASS? How about titty fucking the hot neighbor with the huge tits? Anything is possible in XXXSHADES, a brand new series that sets out to explore every man's hidden desires. Directed by Tom Herold and brought to you by LETDOEIT productions, 2018 XBIZ AWARD WINNER - what's your dirty fantasy?

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Girls in the Band...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 21st January 2019
Girls in the Band is a 1976 US adult film by Andrea Scott (Vinegar Syndrome)

Promotional material

The Girls in the Band... They'll Blow Your Mind!

Keith Erickson plays a man on the street reporter getting the scoop on the New Years Eve celebration in NYC. His assistant is non other than the man of meat himself John Holmes! Also featuring Jodi Thorpe and Abigail Clayton. Don't miss this classic from Vinegar Syndrome REMASTERED with excellent sound and video quality for your viewing pleasure!

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Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 17th January 2019
Doppleganger is a 2019 US adult film by Jacky St. James (Sweet Sinner)

Starring Alexa Grace.

Promotional material

As technologic breakthroughs increasingly allow the ultra-wealthy to manufacture their appearance, the elite become unable to recognize their own reflection. Ryan has lost himself, and the love of his life, in pursuit of this outward perfection. He paid to look more distinguished so his employees would not see him as the spoiled rich kid who inherited his father's company. His ability to buy whatever he wants has caused him to fantasize about what he cannot have--like women who are not won over by wealth. A product of privilege, Ryan's step daughter, Alexa, also wants the one things she can't have: her stepfather. Alexa goes under the knife to make herself look indistinguishable from Ryan's current obsession--a young stripper named Kenna. Unfathomable wealth has left these two beautiful, but broken, individuals longing for what money can't buy. Their preoccupation with perfection may ultimately be their downfall.

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Lesbian PsychoDramas 31...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 9th January 2019
Lesbian PsychoDramas 31 is a 2018 US adult film (Girlfriends Films)

Starring Britney Light.

Promotional material

If you've got a girlfriend, then you've got drama! That's no different for these lesbians; especially when tainted passion turns to obsessed lust. These Elsa Jean and her partner have got baby fever and their taking all their friends along for the raunchy ride when passions are too much to handle and the hormone induced lust prompts all sorts of sordid action behind closed doors. Get ready for drama to the highest degree in the 31st installment of Lesbian PsychoDramas featuring Elsa Jean, Angela White, Jillian Janson, Britney Light, Sofie Marie, Cherie Deville and Prinzess.

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After School Orgy 2...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 2nd January 2019
After School Orgy 2 is a 2018 US adult film by Mike Quasar (Zero Tolerance Entertainment)

Starring Jaye Summers.

Promotional material

These naughty schoolgirls have been fantasizing about sex all day! When the bell finally rings, they're ready to get on their knees and suck and get their little wet pussies fucked! But one on one is not enough -- they want a full on hardcore orgy! Join the after school party with this barely legal group grope that features all your favorite knee-sock cuties in all kinds of compromising multiple positions!

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Hot Movies

Hot Movies

Hot Movies is a major US Video on Demand website.

Perhaps following the example of the more mainstream website, Amazon, scale matters when operating an internet resource. Customers are attracted to the websites that stock more or less everything and Hot Movies fits the bill. In fact it probably needs the caveat that Hot Movies stocks nearly everything available in the US. Hot Movies does stock European films, but only those distributed in the US.

Hot Movies plays everything totally straight and in 10 years, Melon Farmers has not received a single complaint about customers not getting what they have paid for. (or anything else for that matter).

The website offers all sorts of navigation options to get to a film of interest, but whenever I use the site I have a title or star in mind and opt immediately for the search facility. It works perfectly well, but I always wonder why so many websites offer such tiny little boxes to enter search terms.

I do enjoy using extensive sites such as Hot Movies. I may start off a session looking for a particular film but I am easily distracted by such options as being able to get a filmography of the stars in a film. I am often distracted from my basic quest by the option to see the bio of a particularly attractive performer. Sometimes I get carried away with following up alternative leads and spending all my time available navigating rather than actually viewing.

Hot Movies has an enormous range of movies available along with plenty of viewing options. It is not quite so strong on critical reviews of what is hot and what is not.

Links See for yourself at Hot Movies

Melon Farmers is an affiliate of Hot Movies

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