Banned: Self Censored

 In fear of the BBFC

The following table identifies videos that have not been formally rejected by the BBFC but are still effectively banned as it is pointless and expensive to submit films that won't pass. Other videos/DVDs are banned by copyright holders or distributors who are taking the moral high ground for their own reasons. Others because no one has got round to considering a release.

Title Notes Availability
100 Tears

Link Here

Tears directors Raine Georgia Davidson

100 Tears is a 2007 USA horror by Marcus Koch.
Starring Georgia Chris, Joe Davison and Raine Brown. YouTube icon IMDb

Exists in an Original Version and an Extended Director's Cut. Never released in the UK.

Summary Notes

After being accused of crimes he did not commit, a lonely circus performer exacts his revenge on those who unjustly condemned him. The act sparks something inside of him which he cannot stop and now, years later, his inner-demons have truly surfaced. Part urban legend, part tabloid sensationalism... he is now an unstoppable murderous juggernaut, fueled only by hate.

This film stands out for having one of the most entertaining and brutal opening 15 minutes. It is a montage of gruesome killing and the audience gets to see every gory moment; there is no fast cutting away at the crucial moment.

The only downside to having such a cool beginning is that the film shows its hand early which means suspense goes out of the window as the viewer is desensitised from this point in. The film then has to keep feeding visual candy in the form of gore. It succeeds well; this film must have one of the highest body counts for a slasher movie

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: Uncut and presumably MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here


Unedited Version Mara Lynn Bastian

1988 US splatter horror by Wally Koz.
With Ricardo Alverez, Mara Lynn Bastian and Christine Cabana. IMDb

Summary Review: It's a splatterfest...but

A spate of killings of teenagers by a maniac dressed like a hippie causes a detective to check the records for similar killings. He discovers that every five years, in the fifth month of the year, for five consecutive days, the same type of killings have occurred, and the few descriptions of the suspect always match: he's dressed like a hippie.

it is a tough one to sit through. There are gory killings, there is necrophilia, there is nudity but there is also a lot of dialogue. It's a splatterfest but not the full 80 minutes.

Not that great. One to watch with your friends having a beer and a pizza.

Current UK Status: Never Released
Abducted by the Daleks

Link Here
  • Abducted by the Daloids

Abducted by the Daleks DVD cover

2005 UK sex video by Don Skaro

The story centers around three sexy young disco babes who have met the mysterious Anna. As they journey through the woods they discuss the legend of The Serial Skinner not knowing that they are already being observed by a more ambitious and ruthless species of Alien: Dr. Who's The Daleks!

The DVD was renamed to Abducted by Daloids in 2005 after a fracas with the Terry Nation estate who moved swiftly to pull the plug. It was removed from sale on eBay.

The director of Terry Nation's estate, Tim Hancock, told the Sun: The reason the Daleks are still the most sinister thing in the universe is because they do not make things like porn. They weren't ever intended to be sexual creatures. It's simple, Daleks do not do porn.

Released in the UK as a sex video as Abducted by the Daleks

The DVD was banned from sale under threat of legal action from the Terry Nation estate who objected to the used of Daleks without their permission.

The DVD was renamed to Abducted by Daloids in 2005


Link Here

Aftermath DVD

1994 short by Nacho Cerda

Short video set in an autopsy room. Carries some unpleasant scenes of necrophilia which has never been well received by the UK censor

See review from IMDb : Simply the Best

I must say that after years of collecting obscure titles from the world over, gore-hound classics to underground film noirs and black comedies, Nacho Cerdas short film Aftermath is probably the single most compelling picture I have ever seen.

It is easily the sickest film and most beautiful film at the same time. The special effects are better than anything Tom Savini could dream up, and the cinematography is comparable to some of the great contemporary films in American history.

I love this film because it is a beautiful drug for the senses. Visually it is breathtaking, and the absence of dialogue adds the perfect dramatic suspense and brings a stomach turning realism to the events portrayed. The most incredible aspect of the film however, is the incredible attention to detail in the sound department. Every pin-drop has been captured so perfectly it elevates the grandeur of this ambitious effort and penetrates the sickness that pervades throughout this story.

This is an absolutely sickening and disturbing masterpiece that provides more shocks that any Hong Kong CAT 3 film or any nasty 80s cult horror flick. It is also a beautifully photographed film with a big budget feel that is a must see for any aspiring film maker or film student.

Never released in the UK

Was screened at 1994 Eurofest in London

The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon

Angel Guts Box Set

Link Here
  • Tenshi no harawata:
  • Akai kyôshitsu
  • Jokôsei:
  • Akai inga
  • Akai memai
  • Nami

Angel Guts DVD cover

From : Kevin Gilvear's 2005 Hit list
  • Angel Guts: Red Classroom (1979)
  • Angel Guts: High School Coed (1978)
  • Angel Guts: Red Porno (1981)
  • Angel Guts: Red Dizziness (1988)
  • Angel Guts: Nami (1979)

Without a doubt in my mind ArtsMagic excelled and outdid themselves by collecting all five of Nikkatsu's officially produced "Angel Guts" films from 1978-1988; but they went further still by bringing them to us uncut. Having had difficulties submitting Red Classroom and Red Dizziness to the BBFC back in 2002 they decided to abandon plans for the UK market full stop, because they knew they wouldn't be able to release the best versions that they could. Their attentions turned and stayed stateside, and despite some hurdles along the way they managed to put together a fine package, with the help of Japanese enthusiast Jasper Sharp. Accompanying the films was a strong collection of extras, with the interviews being the cream of the crop. The release wasn't perfect however; there were some awkward moments in the audio commentaries and the A/V wasn't particularly striking, although it must be noted that these films wouldn't have ever looked much better. Still this was a very attractive 5-disc set, full of passion, and it's rare that we see so much love being poured into something so "controversial". ArtsMagic deserve their place at the top of this year's best list.

Review from Amazon US

This series of erotic movies from the Japanese Nikkatsu Studios is collectively entitled "Angel Guts". The movies center around the theme of rape. Although they were meant to be exploitative, they do elicit more thoughtful insights on the subject than the genre would suppose. They portray rape as violent and brutish but they do not sensationalise or glorify it. All 5 movies end tragically, either in death or ruined lives. It's almost like soft-porn with a conscience. As soft-porn stories go, they are pretty interesting. My quibble here is with the censorship.

Although we do get scenes of sexual violence, there is absolutely no depiction of genitalia or penetration to conform with Japanese law. Where these inadvertently appear onscreen, they are digitally fogged away. To me this kind of censorship is ludicrous, laughable and totally unacceptable, especially in a DVD release that touts itself as a Collector's Edition. Even if it was censored in Japan, this DVD is an international version and we are not subject to Japanese laws. Why couldn't the producers have sourced for the original negatives? Why are we being foisted with censored prints? What we have left are some scenes of toplessness. Although it's unrated, it would probably merit an R-rating, mainly for the violence. Because it's meant to be erotica, there are some scenes included simply for titillation purposes. Some fairly kinky scenes include a girl using a condom

The region 1 DVD box set is available at US Amazon

Uncut but censored in production with Japanese laws in mind

Antfarm Dickhole  

Link Here

Antfarm Dickhole Region Import NTSC

See trailer from

2011 US horror by Bill Zebub.
With Rich Carucci, Lindsey Graham and Adam Kuligowski. IMDb

Summary Review: WTF

Hailed as having the most WTF moments in movie history Antfarm Dickhole is the story of rampaging army ants that have nested inside a living human body. The unwilling host discovers that when bullies attack him, the ants defend their nest.

The plot is original and hilarious. It has lots of people dying, and lots of naked women. It has one of the most obvious and offensive titles ever. The dialogue is very well written, the acting is poor acting, and the script is strange. Brilliant!

Current UK Status: Never Released.

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana

Link Here
  • Sexual Secrets of Marijuana

Aphrodisiac Sexual Secret Marijuana Anslinger

1971 US adult documentary by Dennis Van Zak. IMDb

Summary Review: Blast form the Past

This is another lost oddity form the past - whether this is a good thing or not is highly debatable. A pseudo-documentary regarding the sexual benefits of reefer on the average Dick and Jane and its legal history in the U.S., along with crucial information about how to roll a joint for newbies and even grow, cultivate and harvest plants for the degenerate pot fiends among us, all dished up in a casserole of grindhouse sex rife with nudity that's more laughable than erotic.

Somehow never seems to have made it to Britain

Current UK Status: Never Released.

US: Uncut and MPAA X rated for:

Anthropophagous 2000

Link Here

Anthropophagous 2000 Andre Sobottka

Anthropophagous 2000 is a 1999 Germany horror thriller by Andreas Schnaas.
Starring Achim Kohlhase, Andre Sobottka and Dirk Thies. IMDb

Promotional Material

Nikos and his family are trapped during a heavy storm in a boat, leading to the unfortunate death of their daughter Vicky. Nikos becomes mad with the desire to survive, and he begins to kill and eat his own wife. Nikos manages to reach the shore of a small island, but his appetite for human flesh has consumed him. A group of young people on vacation have an unfortunate meeting with Niko. Will these youngsters make it out alive?
Current UK Status: Never Released.

US: Uncut and MPAA rated for:

August Underground

Link Here

August Underground 2 disc special

2001 US Horror video by Fred Vogel. IMDb

Tagline: The sickest film ever made

From a review on Hollywood's Burning : A difficult movie

August Underground is a new independent film from a pair of Pittsburgh filmmakers who took that one sequence from Henry and expanded it to feature-length. The filmmakers behind August Underground posit a very real scenario that a pair of completely morally bankrupt young men, who could very well live next door to any of us, get a hold of a video camera and start to tape their crimes. Through the camera-eye, we see The Big Guy rape, bludgeon, terrify, humiliate a half-dozen men and women. The Cameraman participates as far as his free hand will allow, only dropping the camera once to give his friend a hand.

What becomes even more horrifying, as the film goes along, is that, as in Henry, these crimes were not committed just for the camera. The pair had been running rough-shod over others long before the 'record' button was pressed, but the camera is heightening the reality for them. The pair are totally believable, which makes it all the more chilling. They giggle when a female victim begs for her life as they beat and humiliate her. The Big Guy wretches at the stench in his basement, coming from the rotting blood and shit of his prey, vomits as he saws off the arms and legs of one guy who'd been dead a bit too long. The camera then becomes their constant companion, even after these opening scenes of depravity.

Don't be thrown off by the movie's low-tech look, either. This is intentional. Indeed, the filmmakers had originally designed the film to be seen as a fourth-generation dub, something you might find discarded on a bus. They wanted viewers to think they'd stumbled onto a snuff film. The biggest problem they pair are going to encounter are the so-called "raincoat crowd". These are the viewers who want to live out their own misogynistic fantasies through movies, the ones that keep the sleaze-soft-core rape-n-murder people in business. It will be a while before August Underground is perceived as something other than exploitation. Once it is appreciated for the gut-wrenching a difficult movie that it is, then it will start to earn a following.

Current UK Status: Never Released.

The US release is uncut:


Link Here

Barricade Uncut Limited Edition

Barricade is a 2007 Germany / USA horror thriller by Timo Rose.
Starring Raine Brown, Joe Zaso and André Reissig. IMDb

German gore fest that never made it to the UK. Exists in a Theatrical Version and a Director's Cut

Summary Notes

After several years apart, old friends Nina and Michael reunite in Germany, accompanied by Michael's associate, David. The three decide to take a weekend trip into the woods to escape the stress of their lives and relax for a few days. Unfortunately, the woods are inhabited by a long-forgotten family of cannibalistic mountain people - and these three look like the perfect meal.

Current UK Status: Never Released.

US: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:

Black Past

Link Here

Olaf Ittenbach Black Past Steelcase

2009 West Germany horror by Olaf Ittenbach Never released in the UK

The uncut region 2 DVD is available via UK Amazon

Blue Movie

Link Here

Blue Movie Danielle Dugas


Blue Movie is a 1978 Italy horror thriller by Alberto Cavallone.
With Danielle Dugas, Claude Maran and Joseph Dickson. IMDb

Promotional Material:  The film that breaks all boundaries

Touching upon art, trauma, madness and sexual perversion Blue Movie is one of the most obscure of the many late 70s Italian genre films, the film centers around Silvia (Dirce Funari) who has suffered an attempted rape. She escapes the attack and is rescued by Claudio (Claude Maran), a photographer who takes her under his wing. Claudio is obsessed by war images that tell of death, devastation and pain. While working with a supermodel, Daniela (Danielle Dugas), it appears that their relationship is bordering sado-masochistic. Things slowly build, with a fair dose of nudity and perversion. Observing all this as best she can Silvia begins to fall in love with Claudio, however she struggles to discern between reality and her traumatic past, especially while Daniela, who is locked in a room, regresses to an almost bestial dimension.
Current UK Status: Never Released.

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2014 Raro Video USA R1 DVD at US Amazon released on 27th May 2014
Bone Sickness

Link Here

Bone Sickness Darya Zabinski

2004 US horror by Brian Paulin

Review from US Amazon : Low Budget Gore Flick

I have to admit I expected the worst when I saw that this film was shot on digital camera and had a budget that was basically next to nothing, it looks like it cost 5$ to make and yet it was quite impressive.

I think that the gore and violence saved this film from being another garbage straight to video gore/horror film.

You can tell that this film was made by a bunch of guys who got together and managed to make a gory zombie film just because they were huge horror fans, the storyline was dumb as hell and very laughable but I didn't mind cause I've seen a lot worse.

Its about a guy who works as a coroner and who has a friend who's suffering from a degenerative bone disease or something so he provides him with some bone marrow from the grave yard, lots of bad acting follows and then some zombies start to appear.

The gore and make up fx were very good it includes one person's head being split open and his brains being eaten and one of the cops gets his spinal cord ripped out of his a** another scene has someones face being spilt with acid and torn off and other gross out scenes yes the film has a ton of blood and gore almost as much as dead alive or city of the living dead not to mention the disgusting sound fx so make sure you don't eat while watching this film trust me.

you could tell that the director was influenced by Lucio Fulci and a lot of other Italian horror films, the film also has a lot of nudity but most of the time it just wasn't that good especially when they show that ugly blond chick taking her clothes off several times lol.

Bone Sickness is a very well made low-budget gore flick that would have been made better if it only had a bigger budget but its still good so I definitely recommend this.

The region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon
The region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon
Bunman: The Untold Story 1992 Hong Kong horror by Danny Lee & Herman Yau

See The Untold Story

The Burning Moon

Link Here

Burning Moon Andrea Arbter

See trailer from

1997 Germany horror by Olaf Ittenbach.
With Andrea Arbter, Ellen Fischer and Ronald Fuhrmann. IMDb

A German gore fest that has never made it to the UK.

Summary Review: Unbelievably gory

The Burning Moon centers on two bedtime stories that a delinquent brother reads his kid sister. These disturbingly morbid stories focus on a serial killing blind date and a murderous, psychotic priest.

The Burning Moon is an unbelievably gory splatter film from German Director Olaf Ittenbach. In the movie a little girls older, drug addicted brother tells her horrifying bedtime stories filled with some of the most over the top splatter ever seen. I have seen many gruesome splatter movies and this one is definitely near the top of the list.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Germany: Uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here

CHAOS Directors Cut David DeFalco


Chaos is a 2005 USA horror thriller by David DeFalco.
With Kevin Gage, Sage Stallone and Kelly KC Quann. IMDb
Initially cut for an MPAA R rating but later the uncut Director's Cut was released on US home video. The film has never released in the UK, this is exactly the sort of nastiness that the BBFC would never allow.

Summary Notes

Exactly the sort of nastiness that the BBFC would never allow.

Emily and her friend Angelica go to a rave in the woods, and when they arrive, they meet a stranger called Swan that promises some Exstasy for the girls. They follow him to a cabin into the forest where they meet the sadistic gang leaded by the psychotic Chaos. The girls are abused, tortured and raped in a night of nightmare and murder.

A nasty take on Last House on the left. It was originally released with about 2 minutes of cuts for an MPAA R rating, but the uncut Director's Cut was later released

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here
  • Born to Kill
  • Gamblin' Man
  • Wild Drifter

Cockfighter DVD cover

1974 US film by Monte Hellman

The film was denied a screening at the 2006 Edinburgh Film Festival after advice from the BBFC who stated that UK Law does not allow public performance of films with real animal cruelty staged for the film.

The film has never been submitted to the BBFC but they have commented about the film as follows: The film COCKFIGHTER, as its title would indicate, contains several scenes of cock fighting in which birds are goaded to fury in order to fight each other. These sequences are unsimulated and were expressly created for the purposes of the film. As a result, this work would be in breach of the Animals Act.

Review from US Amazon

Warren Oates plays Frank Mansfield in 1974's Cockfighter . Although outlawed in most states, cockfighting was legal in Georgia, and Oates portrays a top trainer. However, Mansfield is also a deeply flawed man whose success leads him to recklessness. On the night before a major fight, he impetuously enters a cockfight that ends badly. At that moment, he takes a vow of silence, which he will not break until he can regain his position in the sport. Throughout most of the movie, therefore, Oates is mute, with his thoughts serving as narration.

Warren Oates is truly great in this role. His weathered face and ability to portray unsympathetic characters in a likeable manner bring great authority to this film. Although perhaps best known for his appearances in Peckinpah films ( The Wild Bunch , Ride the High Country ), he also did extraordinary work in a number of lesser known 1970's films: Two-Lane Blacktop, Badlands, Rancho Deluxe .

Director Monte Hellman was a collaborator with legendary producer Roger Corman, and he's simply one of the most underappreciated filmmakers of the 1970s. He specialized in spare, low-key character studies, such as Two-Lane Blacktop (1971). This film is so vibrant because of his talent for using naturalistic settings and minimalist direction. His style is perfectly suited to this script, which was adapted by Charles Willeford from his novel of the same name. The book is out-of-print, but Willeford is a marvelous writer of noir and gritty fiction.

Despite being a solid character study, the film is probably of limited appeal. For the most part, the sport of cockfighting (if you consider it a sport) serves only as the background, and the characters drive the film. However, the sport is presented in an unflinching manner. The bloody and violent aspects of cockfighting are not glossed over in any way. Thus, this film is definitely not for people who are squeamish or extremely passionate about humane treatment of animals. In ways, though, the film is reminiscent of Peckinpah, who made violent deaths in The Wild Bunch seem almost operatic in their grandeur. Watching the cockfights depicted here is almost sickening, but Hellman manages to capture their bizarre magnificence as well. If you can set aside your distaste for the topic matter, then you will be treated to some great acting and directing and a truly unique cinematic experience.

Occasionally shown in the UK without a certificate, most recently at the NFT during a Monte Hellman retrospective.

The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon

Countess Perverse

Link Here
  • La comtesse perverse
  • The Perverse Countess
  • Sexy Nature
  • Les croqueuses

Countess Perverse Original Directors Cut


The Perverse Countess is a 1974 France horror thriller by Jesús Franco.
With Alice Arno, Howard Vernon, Kali Hansa. IMDb The Director's Cut is the original version before Franco tried various edits to try and sell it. French and Italian versions include hardcore inserts with Alice Arno and Lina Romay.

It is reported that the cannibal elements restricted distribution, perhaps this was an issue for British distributors and censors.

Summary Review: Sordid flesh festivities

Two wealthy aristocrats lure a virginal girl to a Spanish island for a night of sex, death and cannibalism.

Half the film is devoted to Sapphic sessions and sordid flesh festivities just shy of pornography. Franco is the ultimate cinematic voyeur and his films appeal to those with voyeuristic tendencies, and what they always lack in plot development offer prurient interest and degenerate lust as compensation.

Franco stable mate Howard Vernon's back as his usual creepy self, the baron chef with unusual culinary skills and a smile that would make your skin crawl.

All in all, I found this to be a really enjoyable watch

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:

Italy : The Italian version titled Sexy Nature includes hardcore inserts featuring Alice Arno and Lina Romay. One scene is included at a more logical point in the film than the French version

France : The French version titled Les croqueuses features illogically order hardcore inserts and an extra plot element that turned the whole film into a dream.


Link Here
  • Ryôshoku

Debauchery Ryoko Watanabe

1983 Japanese film by Hidehiro Ito.
With Mizuho Nakagawa, Shinshô Nakamaru and Tatsuya Nanjo. IMDb

Promotional Material:

Celebrating 100 years of NIKKATSU PRODUCTIONS, Impulse Pictures is proud to present THE NIKKATSU EROTIC FILMS COLLECTION, a continuing series of critically acclaimed, classic eroductions designed to shock and titillate fans of erotic cinema.

The sexy Ryoko Watanabe stars as Ami, a jaded housewife who pitches herself, body and soul, into the Tokyo decadence of the decade in an attempt to pep up her marriage. She secretly joins the elite Madame Machiko Society Club to experiment with discrete sex games and the thrill of making love to anonymous men. The sexual perversion and sick depravity she is subjected to, by her clients, is much more than she bargained for. Bondage, beads and whips are only the beginning! Can she escape this secret life she has chosen, or will it destroy her forever?

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Defenceless: A Blood Symphony

Link Here

Defenceless DVD Region US NTSC

Defenceless: A Blood Symphony is a 2004 Australia horror by Mark Savage.
With Susanne Hausschmid, Bethany Fisher and Colin Savage. YouTube icon IMDb

Summary Notes

A woman seeks revenge after being brutally attacked by dishonest land developers.

For those of you who enjoy venturing deep into the nastier things the horror realm has to offe. A film that revolves around themes of revenge and staying true to oneself in rough times . The kicker is, there isn't a word spoken in the film. And to come across as powerful as it did, is pretty commendable.

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Devil in the Flesh

Link Here
  • Diavolo in corpo

Devil Flesh Maruschka Detmers

Devil in the Flesh is a 1986 Italy/France romance by Marco Bellocchio.
With Maruschka Detmers, Federico Pitzalis and Anita Laurenzi. IMDb

Thanks to Gary.

Controversial and MPAA X-rated due to an unsimulated fellatio scene between Maruschka Detmers and Federico Pitzalis.

Never submitted to the BBFC but it was shown at the Piccadilly Film Festival in 1990; (I saw it there - five people walked out after the fellatio scene!) It would pass without difficulty at 18 nowadays if someone were to submit it.

Summary Notes

An Italian high school student becomes infatuated with a woman he sees outside his class window. Her fiancée is in jail for being involved in a radical movement, and she spends much time in court providing moral support. At first she resists the student's advances, but eventually begins an affair with him. Their situation is condemned by her family and his father, who is the woman's psychologist.



US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
Doctor Lamb

Link Here
  • Dr Lamb
  • Doctor Lam
  • Go Yeung Yi Sang

Dr Lamb Kent Cheng

1992 Hong Kong film by Danny Lee Sau-Yin & Billy Tang Hin-Sing

One of the most popular "category III" films ever (at least in Occident). Simon Yam plays a slightly disturbed cab driver who (in order) kills, rapes and chops up some beautiful women.

Review from US Amazon : Has to be seen to be believed

Simon Yam Tat-Wah portrays the title character (not a doctor), an insane maniac who does things to women (living and dead) that are better left undescribed. This early 1990s movie is an infamous Category III title from Hong Kong. Danny Lee plays the inspector in charge of solving the case and getting a confession (i.e., beating the suspect up until he confesses).

I don't like the idea of labeling anything as sick or twisted, but if I were to, this would be the movie about which to use those terms (and I've seen and can easily stomach a lot of these Category III flicks).

What can one say about this movie? I'd put this one in the has to be seen to be believed category, but then that might be seen as a recommendation, and I can't recommend this one.

If you dislike violence and nudity thrown together, avoid this at all costs. If you think jokes about severed bodily parts are in poor taste, feel free to pass. However, if you are a fan of HK Category III movies, don't mind gore, extreme violence toward women, have enjoyed HK police procedurals/confession beating stories, and like Simon Yam and/or Danny Lee, well, how can I stop you?

Current UK Status: Never Released

The uncut region 0 DVD is available via UK Amazon
The uncut region 0 DVD is available at US Amazon

Ebola Syndrome

Link Here
  • Yi boh lai beng duk

Ebola Syndrome DVD Region NTSC

Ebola Syndromes is a 1996 Hong Kong comedy horror by Herman Yau.
With Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Ming Wan Yeung and Fui-On Shing. YouTube icon IMDb
Cut by Hong Kong censors when it was released and this is the version that has been used ever since. The film has never been released in the UK.

Summary review: Sicko Gore

A kind of sicko gore film that will never be equalled in Western cinema. The whole film is as twisted as possible as we are shown acts of murder, masturbation, rape and cannibalism in safe Hongkong style! There is no point in trying to review this as some kind of a serious film because this is pure trash and b-level horror/gore film.

It is too bad that all versions available (Euro DVD and HK VCD) are censored pretty badly and I've heard that the director has stated that the uncut version doesn't even exist anymore. It would be more than interesting to see the full director's vision of this film!

Current UK Status: Never released

US: The Hong Kong Cat III version is MPAA Unrated for:

End of the Road

Link Here


end of the road

End of the Road is a 1970 USA comedy drama by Aram Avakian.
With Stacy Keach, Harris Yulin and Dorothy Tristan. YouTube icon IMDb

Thanks to Gary:

Anti-establishment black comedy/drama that received a MPAA X-rating on release.  The UK release without a certificate was by Contemporary Films and was around 1972, as the Monthly Film Bulletin reviewed it in September of that year.

I suspect that the lack of submission to the BBFC was due to fears of significant cutting (the chicken-fucking and abortion scenes) at the time, but now it's likely 15 material, with the chicken scene possibly tipping it over into an 18. (Trivia point: the chicken man was played by Joel Oppenheimer, a poet of some repute, now dead, in his only film role.)

It probably doesn't count as self-banned any more, just forgotten about and not submitted.

Summary Notes

After a catatonic episode on a railway station platform, Jacob Horner is taken to "The Farm", a bizarre insane asylum run by Doctor D. After being cured, Jacob takes a job as an English lecturer and begins a disastrous affair with Rennie, the wife of a colleague.

Current UK Status: Not released since uncertificated cinema club release around 1972.

Released in the USA

The Gateway Meat

Link Here


See video from

2008 US gore fest by Ron DeCaro


Current UK Status: Never released

Uncut for:

The Good Old Naughty Days

Link Here
  • Polissons et galipettes

good old naughty days

2002 France documentary by Michel Reilhac

Thanks to Gary.

A documentary with old stag movies shown in full hardcore glory.

The BBFC passed the 2003 cinema release R18 uncut but no video version has been submitted since.

The DVD will languish on the banned list due to British censorship law. The market is general interest, yet the explicit sex limits the film to R18 sex shops, where too few film fans choose to frequent.

See review from IMDb : Grandparents as horny as us

I found this movie to be very interesting. It gives a brilliant look into early movie-making and the mentality of the old folks.

Having seen this thing, i have to say it is amusing, relieving and a bit shocking and even disgusting to know that our great grandparents generation was as horny as we are. The apparent openness about both homosexuality and bestiality is shown in this movie is quite amazing, today no one would even imagine mixing porn genres in such a way, but it seems like back in the day they wished to cater to all audiences at once.

This is, by all means, pornography. But it is also a very interesting and fascinating look at a time gone by, both in movie history and history in general.

Current UK Status: Passed R18 uncut at the cinema but never released on DVD

The region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon.

But not one for Brits to buy as it contains a scene of oral sex involving a dog. This is now illegal to posses under the Dangerous Pictures Act . BBFC classified films are exempt but a cinema classification may not exempt a video.

Guinea Pig 1: Devils Experiment

Link Here
  • Guinea Pig 1

Guinea Pig Complete english subtitles

1985 Japan torture video by Satoru Ogura. IMDb

Review from Amazon: No Substance

This is not horror - horror has substance, characters, and a brain. The people behind this film supposedly set out to make as shocking a film as they could, but ended up with exploited pseudo-snuff that sways between stupidly staged to pointlessly violent. While I thoroughly enjoy gory film, the gore is not the focus of this video as 3 men torture a lady for about 30 minutes (only about 10 have actual gore). We get to see these men tie her up and spin her in a chair 200 times - what fiends! But first, repeatedly slap her - I've seen more heated slapping on Jerry Springer! One cool scene - the needle in the eye (which is blatently fake and Fulci's Zombie pulled off the gag much better).

Current UK Status: Never Released

The Austrian release is uncut for:

The US release is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh And Blood

Link Here
  • Slow Death: The Dismemberment
  • Guinea Pig 2
  • Ginî piggu 2: Chiniku no hana

Guinea Pig Complete english subtitles

1985 Japan torture film by Hideshi Hino

An episode from the infamous Japanese video series by Hideshi Hino. It features the extraordinarily explicit dismembering of a young girl.

This film was made famous by Charlie Sheen who thought it was a snuff movie and reported it to the US authorities. See Snuff Movies: an Urban Legend for a fuller story

The makers cashed in on the ensuing FBI investigation with a 'making of' documentary.

Review from US Amazon : The notorious Guinea Pig series

I think nearly every horror movie fan is aware of the notorious Guinea Pig series by now. If you like horror films or gory curiosities and aren't aware of this explosive series of Japanese movies, you ought to rush out right now and see a few of them. Made throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Guinea Pig pushes envelopes few people in this country would ever conceive possible. After viewing one of these repugnant films, a natural impulse is one of extreme revulsion. Why would anyone create such soul shattering images? It's important to remember that Japanese audiences possess a different attitude about horror films. As far as I can tell, in Japanese cinema anything and everything is fair game. A typical jaunt through the wilderness of Asian horror cinema (in which Japan plays a significant role) typically reveals graphic scenes of dismemberment, torture, and other no-no nasty behavior that rarely, if ever, appears in American films. Some films containing such stomach churning themes do occasionally rear their heads on this side of the pond, but these films rarely play to a wide audience. In Japan, the Guinea Pig franchise was a spectacular hit.

The Flower of Flesh and Blood easily wins the prize for outright sleaze and nastiness. It's difficult to imagine any film approaching (or descending to) the levels seen in this mind blasting forty-minute movie. This movie is a sledgehammer blow to the head and stomach with its unrelenting scenes of carnage and depravity. They ought to sell copies of this wrapped in a barf bag.

Forget about character development. Two characters exist in this movie: the poor young woman picked up by the killer, and the killer himself. At least they made the murderer look like a complete psycho, as the guy wears a samurai helmet, a full body leather apron, and some sort of black caps on several of his teeth. This gentleman does not fit the bill of a role model in any way, shape, or form. He's a degenerate who likes to wax philosophic between removing arms and legs, blurting out weird lines about how his next activity will imitate blooming flowers and the like. At the end of the movie, he sings a melancholy song about sending people to the underworld. He also shines a different colored light on his victim at various times, although why he does this makes little sense. The majority of the film takes place in some seedy basement splashed with blood and filled with numerous tools of pain. Then you watch this guy commit his atrocities and that's it. There is nothing more to The Flower of Flesh and Blood than close up shots of bloody mayhem.

Current UK Status: Never Released

The Austrian release is uncut for:

The US release is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

And of course just to ensure that you don't thinks its real they have included the Making of Documentary

Guinea Pig: He Never Dies

Link Here
  • Ginî piggu 3: Senritsu! Shinanai otoko
  • He Never Dies
  • Guinea Pig 3

Mermaid Manhole He Never Dies

1986 Japan horror by Masayuki Kusumi

Review from US Amazon : A bit gore-numbed

As for He never Dies , I actually found it to be quite amusing, once I had become a bit gore-numbed by the Mermaid film.

Never released in the UK

The uncut region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available via US Amazon

Guinea Pig: Mermaid in a Manhole

Link Here
  • Ginî piggu: Manhôru no naka no ningyo
  • Ginî piggu 5
  • Guinea Pig 5
  • Za ginî piggu: Manhôru no naka no ningyo

Mermaid Manhole He Never Dies

1988 Japan horror by Hideshi Hino

Review from US Amazon : A lot of gory bits!

I couldn't resist watching this movie.  If you can get past the gory bits, (and there are a lot of gory bits!) you may even discover a simple story line that is quite interesting.

The special effects of the mermaid tail upon first encounter are actually quite lovely. Intriguing ending~ however, if you have a weak stomach- this may not be the movie for you.

Never released in the UK

The uncut region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available via US Amazon

A Gun for Jennifer

Link Here

Gun Jennifer UNCUT Hardbox

A Gun For Jennifer is a 1997 USA crime thriller by Todd Morris.
Starring Deborah Twiss, Benja Kay and Rene Alberta. YouTube icon IMDb

Summary Notes

A woman comes to New York City from Ohio to escape an abusive husband and gets entangled with murderous female vigilantes who prey on abusive men.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Austria: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Guts of a Virgin

Link Here
  • Shojo no harawata
  • Entrails of a Virgin

Entrails Virgin Saeko Kizuki

1986 Japan horror by Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu

See review from IMDb : Sleazy, trashy and a bit gory

Soft-core filmmakers take nubile young women to a remote house under the pretense of advancing their careers. Too bad for them a maniac in the form of a demon with a large penis is stalking and killing them.

There is a ton of soft-core sex (including demon sex), a beheading, a disemboweling, severed hand masturbation....well, these are things already mentioned in previous comments so let's get to the point of why I enjoyed this movie.

Its sleazy, trashy, a bit gory, and a whole helluva lot of fun. This movie does things that were completely shocking and unexpected and had me, more than once, laughing and crying out, OMG! . If you're like me you've seen just about every piece of exploitative filth made in the US and Europe, but this film tops them all. And it has an ending which left me gape-mouthed and wanting more.

As far as the optical censoring mentioned in other posts, yes, its true. Now to clarify this. The Japanese do not allow below the waist nudity, period. Optical fogging is a fact even in porn. To the user who hopes Synapse would correct this, they won't. Check out their website and you can find an old news piece that talks about how the actress' wore small pieces of white tape over their genitalia. So, even if the fogging is removed, you won't see anything. But don't let this stand in the way.

If you are a fan of Asian exploitation, horror, or manga I can't imagine you wouldn't enjoy this movie. In fact, that's what it reminded me of; a live action manga. So, check it out.

The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon
Guts of a Virgin 2

Link Here
  • Bijo no harawata
  • Entrails of a Beautiful Woman
  • Guts of a Beauty

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman DVD

1986 Japan horror by Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu

Review from US Amazon : More Trash Fun

Not so long ago I watched Entrails of a Virgin so now I was ready - I knew what to expect. I'm not sure why the series are called Entrails... because there ain't many of them in the films.

Here we are dealing with some yakuza members who rape and drug women. Pretty explicit sex scenes occupy about an hour on this 68-minute feature just very much like in Entrails of a Virgin .

The movie is simple stupid, but I guess no-one has big expectations regarding it, so if you decided to watch it you know what you are doing and you'll definitely get you piece of fun.

This is not a horror film, looks like it pretends to be horror and not for a moment tries to hide its exploitative nature.

Verdict: buy it if you like exploitative flicks or you're a fan of Japanese extreme cinema. If you are not, avoid it at all costs.

The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon

Link Here

Gutterballs Ws Unct Alastair Gamble

See trailer from

Gutterballs is a 2008 Canada horror by Ryan Nicholson
With Alastair Gamble, Mihola Terzic and Nathan Witte. IMDb

Summary Review: Borderline porn

A brutally sadistic rape leads to a series of bizarre gory murders during a midnight disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley

Gutterballs reworks a classic 80's teen-slasher formula and drops it into a bowling alley. Shot with a cast of unknowns, crappy lighting and cliched dialogue, Gutterballs looks and feels like it was flashed forward from 1982.

However, there is one notable exception. Gutterballs amps the sexual violence way past the norm with a near eight minute graphically sadistic gang rape that sets the rest of the movie into motion. It will repulse you and frankly, it sets Gutterballs close to a level of grindhouse porn.

Is Gutterballs cheap and cheesy, slick and sleazy? Heck yes. Although I must admit, the ending did catch me off guard by about one third, so maybe pure gorehounds might get a kick from the naked boobies and the sexual violence. I can even say I liked this more than Hostel II, so if you thought those were too tame, then Gutterballs is up your alley.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Austria: The Director's Cut is uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Hail Mary

Link Here
  • Je vous salue, Marie

Hail Mary Region Import NTSC

Hail Mary is a 1985 France/Switzerland/UK drama by Jean-Luc Godard.
With Myriem Roussel, Thierry Rode and Philippe Lacoste. YouTube icon IMDb

Set in modern times with characters, Mary, Joseph and a virgin birth. Somehow wound up the nutters perhaps for its plentiful nudity. Kicked off a blasphemy storm in Australia and somehow never made it to UK cinema/DVD

Summary Review : Illuminating

In this modern retelling of the Virgin birth, Mary is a student who plays basketball and works at her father's petrol station; Joseph is an earnest dropout who drives a cab. The angel Gabriel must school Joseph to accept Mary's pregnancy, while Mary comes to terms with God's plan through meditations that are sometimes angry and usually punctuated by elemental images of the sun, moon, clouds, flowers, and water.

Perhaps only Jean-Luc Godard would be arrogant or mad enough to make a film of the nativity recast in 1980s. He concentrates on the experience of Mary, who is a basketball playing teenager who has stuck by her high moral standards by not sleeping with her boyfriend Joseph only to find herself pregnant by divine intervention. She struggles with the idea of a child growing inside her without having played a role in its conception or even enjoyed the intimacy of its creation.

There is a lot of nudity and it is perhaps this which was considered most controversial, but this is always non-sexual and unlikely to be found offensive.

On the whole the film is subtle and illuminating

Current UK Status: Never Released

Thanks to David who noted that it has been broadcast in the UK by Channel 4

Thanke to Tobiaswragg. It was the first film to play at London's Metro Cinema and Metro Pictures also made it available on video.

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here


Hanger DVD Region US NTSC

Hanger is a 2009 Canada horror video by Ryan Nicholson
With Debbie Rochon, Dan Ellis and Nathan Dashwood. YouTube icon IMDb

UK: Never submitted for release

Australia: Banned by the Classification Board for:

  • Au 2012 Bounty DVD

Germany: Hanger was released July 2009 in a severely cut and censored version for the German market. Unfortunately a torrent version of this was spread around the world and undermined the standing of the film.

Summary Review: New Depths

Hardcore gore from Ryan Nicholson who previously directed Gutterballs, another extreme gore video that hasn't made it to the UK.

The director describes his film as:

A horrifying tale of revenge that begins with a back-alley abortion, and ends with a bloodbath so vicious that it brings a new meaning to an eye for eye. From pimps to dealers and hookers to junkies, this film dives headfirst into the depths of human depravity.
Current UK Status: Never Released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Hookers in Revolt

Link Here

Hookers Revolt Jovan Roman

See trailer from

2006 US crime thriller by Sean Weathers with Melissa Grimmond and Olivia Lopez. IMDb

Summary Review: A must watch

Tired of mistreatment from the hands of their pimps, a group of hookers ban together to start their own escort agency under the credo, all women are equal to men . But as the money quickly comes in, the hoes in charge become corrupt from their newfound power.

An entertaining offbeat movie. A Mix between Animal Farm, A Clockwork Orange and Death Race 2000. Action, dark comedy, political satire, beautiful women, naked bodies and wild sex scene. A must watch for any cult movie fan.

Never made it to the UK

The US release is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

House of Blood

Link Here
  • Chain Reaction

Extreme Version Region European Release

House of Blood is a 2006 Germany horror by Olaf Ittenbach.
Starring Christopher Kriesa, Martina Ittenbach and Simon Newby. IMDb

Not released in the UK. Cut in the US for an MPAA R rating. Uncut in Europe

Summary Notes

A prison bus with over a dozen criminals on board has an accident and rams another car, in which Dr. Douglas Madsen was on his way home. Most of the prisoners die. Four of them survive, one of them severely injured. After having killed all the guards, they head for the woods. They take Dr. Douglas Madsen hostage. Suddenly a huge house appears in the middle of the woods. The leader of the group, Arthur, emphasizes that he will kill Douglas and every single member of the "family" if his wounded brother would die. Meanwhile some members of the family show strange behavior, and very soon mayhem breaks loose.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Poland:  Uncut for:

House of the Damned

Link Here

House Damned DVD Region NTSC

See trailer from

1996 US comedy horror by Sean Weathers with Valerie Alexander and Blue. IMDb

Summary Review: Evil Mom

The plot revolves around Liz who is having her 21st birthday party and finds out that her mother, Emily is an evil witch who wants to kill her and steal her youth so that she can go without aging for another 21 years.

The major thing that makes House Of The Damned stand out from a lot of crappy low budget horror movies is that as opposed to just moving from site gag to site gag it has an actual story-line to follow and it gets you wrapped up in wanting to know what's going to happen next. So if you are of fan of camp like me this movie is definitely worth a watch.

Never made it to the UK

The US release is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

House of Flesh Mannequins

Link Here

House Flesh Mannequins Region NTSC

House of Flesh Mannequins is a 2009 USA horror thriller by Domiziano Cristopharo.
With Domiziano Arcangeli, Irena A Hoffman and Giovanni Lombardo Radice. YouTube icon IMDb

Summary Review: Over the Top Art House

Sebastian, a loner artist, photographer and filmmaker spends his days in the seediness of life's elements. Taking pictures, photographing violent acts and spending a lot of time watching homemade films filled with jarring imagery, Sebastian also happens to be his building's landlord. He has also suffered an abused childhood, being subjected to sleep deprivation and constant home videos. Things begin to change for him when apartment tenant, Sarah Roeg, begins to take interest in his work and Sebastian himself. Boldly brave, House of Flesh Mannequins pulls you into its own hell!

Both loved and hated by the critics but tough watch with a BBFC baiting mix of real sex, torture, horror and BDSM. Unlikely to be submitted in the near future.

Never made it to the UK

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

In a Glass Cage

Link Here
  • Tras el cristal

Glass Cage Tras cristal

In a Glass Cage is a 1987 Spain drama by Agustí Villaronga.
With Günter Meisner, David Sust and Marisa Paredes. YouTube icon IMDb

UK: Never made it to the UK, perhaps in [probably misplaced] fear of BBFC censorship.

Australia: Banned

  • The Mardi Gras Film Festival 1995 showing was banned by the Australian film. The ban was confirmed on appeal. See article from
  • The 2005 DVD release was banned by the film censor and this was confirmed on appeal.

Summary  Review: A Black Heart

A former Nazi doctor-turned-pedophile, paralyzed from the neck down after a suicide attempt, is forced to accept a boy as his nurse under threat of blackmail. The boy possesses the man's diary, which details his wartime experiments and his subsequent descent into pedophilia and murder. Before long, the boy displays his ambition to follow in the older man's footsteps.

Although it is frequently mesmerizing and brilliantly filmed, its aesthetic beauty is unable to disguise its nihilism and black heart. The film nevertheless presents one of the only truly effective psychological portraits of human evil on film. It's a schizophrenic film to say the least. But it's an unforgettable one, as well.

Spain : released uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Ken Park

Link Here

Ken Park Uncut Larry Clark


Ken Park is a 2002 USA/Netherlands/France drama by Larry Clark and Edward Lachman.
With Adam Chubbuck, James Bullard, Seth Gray. YouTube icon IMDb

UK: Hasn't had a UK release yet. It is reported that Larry Clark punched the only potential distributor to date, putting an end to the release.

Summary Review: Not About Much

It's about several Californian skateboarder's life and relationships with and without their parents.

Ken Park has not received widespread distribution due to the depiction of young teenagers in acts of urination, cunnilingus, auto erotic asphyxiation and group sex. It is all simulated bar for one act -- a young man was genuinely masturbating.

The reason I dislike this film, as I did both Kids and Bully (two movies that appear tame by comparison), is simply because once you take away the shocking aspects of it - the violence, the no-holds-barred sex scenes - it really isn't about anything much.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Netherlands : Uncut and 16 rated for:

L.A. Zombie

Link Here

la zombie hardcore

See trailer from

2010 US gay adult horror by Bruce la Bruce. IMDb

The Bruce La Bruce movie got lots of hype when it was banned by Australia for the 2010 Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

Nevertheless it has never been given a UK release, possibly because horror is not allowed to mix with hardcore porn in the UK.

Note that the hardcore Director's Cut has a running time of 103 minutes. Versions running at 63 minutes are cut down softcore.

Review from Adult Video Universe : Depraved acts of man-sex

A lone creature (international adult star and metal, Francois Sagat) emerges from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Possessing the ability to reanimate the dead through depraved acts of man-sex, our creature prowls the streets of ... Full DescriptionLos Angeles looking for corpses to gorge his sexual thirst. A critically acclaimed movie on the festival circuit, LA Zombie is cinematic, erotic, and pushes the envelope of art, porn, and the zombie-horror genre.

Current UK Status: Never Released

The US release featuring the hardcore Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:

La petite mort

Link Here
  • La Petite Mort: Die Nasty

PETITE UNCUT Little Death House

La petite mort is a 2009 Germany horror thriller by Marcel Walz.
With Manoush, Andreas Pape and Inés Zahmoul. YouTube icon IMDb

Summary Review: A German Hostel

Three buddies, Simon, Nina and Dodo are going to Mallorca, but their flight to Frankfurt is delayed. They take a walk around town and end up at the Maison de la petit mort which means The Little Death House . This restaurant is governed by Madame Fabienne who together with his two psychopathic daughters engaged in a much more lucrative business in the basement. Where can rich businessmen buying its own torture victims to do what they please with ....

Current UK Status: Never Released

Germany: Uncut for:


Last Caress

Link Here

Caress Guillaume Beylard Julie Baron


Last Caress is a France horror by François Gaillard and Christophe Robin.
With Julie Baron, Guillaume Beylard, Elina Calmels. YouTube icon IMDb

Maybe the accent of 'glam gore', nudity and sexual violence have made UK distributors wary. Or maybe it is just the bad reviews.

Summary Review: Glam Gore

Five youngsters who just wanted to spend a nice weekend among friends in a manor will find a far less peaceful place than they expected when faced with a family curse and a sadistic ruthless killer.

If you are a giallo fan of Italian horror lover then pick this up. If you love gory shots and nudity then also pick this up but if you're looking for a good story or good acting then you have picked up the wrong DVD.

Current UK Status: Never Released.

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

The Last Savage 2: Shocking Africa

Link Here
  • Africa dolce e selvaggia
1982 Italy documentary by Alfredo Castiglioni & Angelo Castiglioni. IMDb

Review from IMDb : Harshest mondo

Introduced as: "The film you are about to see was made for a restricted academic audience……… The producers have decided to release this exceptional documentary through general distribution so that everyone can be aware of what happens in our cruel, chaotic and colorful world."

This is probably the harshest mondo I've seen yet. nasty stuff that had me wincing every couple minutes, or feeling like I was gonna blow chunks. definitely an experience I am pleased to have had though.

Current UK Status: Never Released

There is a US DVD titled Shocking Africa but it is not related to the film listed here

The Life and Death of a Porno Gang

Link Here
  • Zivot I Smrt Porno Bande

life and death of a porno gang

See trailer from

The Life And Death of a Porno Gang is a 2009 Serbia drama by Mladen Djordjevic.
With Mihajlo Jovanovic, Ana Acimovic and Predrag Damnjanovic. IMDb

The film was passed R18+ uncut in Australia in June 2011 with the comment: High impact sexual themes, violence and actual sexual activity

Summary Review: Disturbing

A disturbing film taking cues from the more famous A Serbian Film. It similarly uses the setting of a porn film being made with allegories to some of the shit going down in Serbia. It's a transgressive film with the scenes of rape, self-mutilation, bestiality, snuff murders and suicide.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Denmark: Uncut and 15 rated for:

Germany: Uncut and FSK 18 rated for:

Sweden : Uncut and 15 rated for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Living Sex Toy Delivery Vol 1: The Boxed Women

Link Here

Living Sex Toy Delivery Vol 1 DVD cover

Japanese Hentai by Shigeki Kurii (RSK Entertainment)

The video was informally presented to the BBFC in 2006 for an advice viewing. The BBFC suggested that a formal presentation would be a waste of time and money as the video would probably be rejected due to sexual violence.

Description from Canada Hentai

Working for a moving company, Shouji is invited to a party by a girl named Yuika. However, he is drugged, and multiple women take advantage of him, and rape him repeatedly. When he recovers his memory, he finds himself stuffed in a cardboard box on the railroad tracks, with a suicide note stuffed inside. Shocked, he frantically escapes from the cardboard box. Vowing revenge, he sets off to Yuika's residence. He pretends to be a delivery man, and enters her apartment. There, he stuffs her in a box and takes her to a hideout where she will be used as a lure to contact the other party members that violated him. Watch the depravity of Shouji's revenge as he hunts down and boxes up the women for his carnal revenge...

Banned in UK


Long Pig

Link Here

Long Pig Movie Region NTSC

See trailer from

2008 US action horror by Carlo Rodriguez.
With Jennifer Lyon, Grace Carpenter and Laura Carter. IMDb

For some reason this has never made it to the UK. May be cannibalism is too touchy in a contemporary setting.

Summary Review: Permeating sense of menace

A terrifying film that offers a decidedly different take on the gruesome practice of cannibalism. Long Pig - A culinary term that refers to human beings.

For more than 100 years, Halloween night has traditionally been the night that America's cannibal elite feast on Long Pig. They are the powerful, the wealthy, and the elite - CEOs, Senators, Congressmen, and Clergy. They feed upon those whom they deem will add to their power - beautiful young people in the prime of their virility.

The film is a bleak, political / social satire wrapped in a blood-soaked blanket of horror. While clunky at times, I found the dialogue refreshingly genuine, even revealing, making the characters more than cardboard cut-outs.

Long Pig rises above its obvious budgetary constraints with a decent story, interesting characters, some humour, and a permeating sense of menace and dread.

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Lost Souls

Link Here
  • Da She

Lost Souls Chan Sen

1980 Hong Kong drama by Tun Fei Mou

Shaw Brothers exploitation film that managed to get banned in Germany and Australia and never released in the UK

Review from US Amazon : Genius? madness?

Hong Kong-based exploitation film director T. F. (Tun Fei) Mous, who would go on to worldwide notoriety eight years after this with Men Behind the Sun , teamed up here with equally low-rent exploitation producers the Shaw Brothers for a pinky-style look at the plight of illegal Chinese immigrants to Hong Kong.

They took the most lurid stories they could find, elaborated on those as much as they could, and then turned Mous and screenwriters loose. The end result, while not being anywhere near as brutal (or as well thought-out) as Men Behind the Sun , certainly shows the roots of Mous'... genius? madness? whatever you want to call it.

The story centers on three close friends who wouldn't have any luck at all if they didn't have bad luck. First, they miss the boat out of China, and have to swim for it. When they get to the boat, most of its inhabitants don't want to let them on; after all, it's full and they haven't paid. They eventually do get hauled on board, only to have the boat attacked when it gets to the shores of Hong Kong. Most of the refugees are rounded up and taken to a large orange tent, but these three manage to escape, only to fall into the clutches of a series of more and more bizarre, sadistic captors. It seems that illegal Chinese immigrants are good old-fashioned currency on the outskirts of Hong Kong society, and are eventually sold for slave labor, but not before being humiliated in all sorts of ways first.

Da She (Lost Souls) shows the way Mous got from point A to point B; the character development may be absent, but the emotional frameworks are the same, both for his illegal Chinese immigrants and his later Chinese test subjects, and his fascination with the extremes to which a person can be taken is also in evidence, though here, with a few exceptions, the torture suffered by these folks is more emotional than physical (relatively, of course).

It's silly and predictable, but if you're a Mous fan, it's an important archival document, and it's one you should search out.

Current UK Status: No UK release

The uncut region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon

Lucker the Necrophagous

Link Here
  • Lucker

Lucker Necrophagous Dir Region NTSC

1986 Belgium horror by Johan Vandewoestijne.
With Nick Van Suyt, Helga Vandevelde and Let Jotts. IMDb

Summary Review: One nasty little film

A serial killer awakens from a coma and escapes from a mental hospital to kill a survivor of his slayings years ago, all the while stalking, terrifying, and killing women on the way.

If the thought of watching somebody lick their hands after stroking slimy, putrid corpse tang makes you queasy, I'd recommend passing on this film.

Lucker is one nasty little film, it's not very long or incredibly complex, but it's nasty nonetheless and for that I love it. Don't be a dullard and purchase this without knowing what you're getting into first, this isn't a party flick nor is it one of those classic "Must Have" films that make everybody's favorite films lists. If you're a fan of films like Buttgereit's Nekromantik , Cerda's Aftermath or D'Amato's Buio Omega, you're going to probably dig this as I did.

Current UK Status: No UK release
Lust for Vengeance

Link Here

Lust Vengeance 10th Anniversary Region

2001 US giallo by Sean Weathers with Michelle Soto, Julia Cornish and Tumaini. IMDb

Summary Review: A must see giallo

A psychotic serial killer makes 5 women obsessed with sex & drugs pay for their sins.

If you are a guy you'll love this movie cause it has a lot of sex, nudity, violence and some campy dialogue.

However instead of just stopping there which he could have, Sean Weathers gives this movie a very artistic and art house feel, there are different color schemes used from scene to scene, split screen scenes, juxtaposition scenes, character point of view shots, perfectly timed hand-held shots, and in-between all the crazy stuff going on, a lot of time is given to develop and make you actually care about the characters

This movie is really under the category of a giallo and is a must see for any fans of Dario Argento or Mario Bava.

Never made it to the UK

The US release is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here

Maskhead Unrated Edition

2009 US horror by Scott Swan & Fred Vogel.
With Dani Inks, Douglas Bell and Jerami Cruise. IMDb

Summary Review: Well Crafted Gore

Two young lesbians Syl and Madie produce gruesome and gory fetish videos with the help of a gay cowboy. Actors or victims show up to audition and some of them are tortured to death and slowly butchered by Maskhead, a disfigured sadist.

Maskhead is not as disturbing as August Underground trilogy but has some pretty sick and well crafted gore.

The film loses its way by trying to add a bit of a plot. Interviews with the victims are a bit boring.

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Men Behind the Sun II: Laboratory of the Devil

Link Here
  • Hei tai yang 731 xu ji zhi sha ren gong chang
  • Hak taai yeung 731 chuk chap ji saai yan gung chong
  • Men Behind the Sun 2: Laboratory of the Devil

Men Behind Sun Laboratory Devil

1992 Hong Kong drama by Godfrey Ho. IMDb

From IMDb: Delivering the shocks!

In the spring of 1945, Japan established a secret base, Unit 731 in Manchuria, where many innocent Chinese, Korean and Mongolian people were killed in grotesque experiments. An idealistic young doctor , Morishima, is horrified by the experiments being performed in the camp and when his fiancée arrives disguised as a Chinese prisoner he sets out to liberate the camp. A docudrama sequel to the notorious Men Behind the Sun , which pulls no punches when it comes to delivering the shocks!

Current UK Status: No UK release

The Dutch release is uncut:

Mondo Candido

Link Here

Mondo Candido

See trailer from

1975 Italy adventure by Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi .
With Christopher Brown, Michele Miller and Jacques Herlin. IMDb

Summary Review: Violence and Pessimism

Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi have a notable pedigree of genre film making, making a massive impact with Mondo Cane and Farewell Uncle Tom .

Mondo Candido despite the title is not a shock documentary, it is an outlandish version of Voltaire's Candide that transcends time zones and logic.

Reviewed as reminiscent of Fellini. Behind the kaleidoscope of violence, black humour and pessimism hides a series of metaphors and symbolism.

It's said to be a true, genuine, masterpiece. Highly recommended!

Current UK Status: No UK release

Germany : Uncut for:


Link Here
  • Necronos Tower of Doom
2010 Germany horror by Marc Rohnstock with Thomas Sender, Timo Fuchs and Manoush. IMDb

Summary Review: Ultra violent

Necronos, one of the mightiest minions of the devil himself has come to earth to create an invincible army of the undead under leadership of barbaric demons, called Berzerkers. To achieve his goal Necronos needs numerous often very macabre and difficult to come by ingredients.

German ultra violence that could never get released in the UK

Never released in the UK
Philosophy of a Knife

Link Here

Philosophy Knife DVD Region NTSC

Philosophy of a Knife is a 2008 Russia/USA horror drama by Andrey Iskanov.
With Tetsuro Sakagami, Tomoya Okamoto and Yukari Fujimoto. YouTube icon IMDb

Summary Notes

The true history of Japanese Unit 731, from its beginnings in the 1930s to its demise in 1945, and the subsequent trials in Khabarovsk, USSR, of many of the Japanese doctors from Unit 731. The facts are told, and previously unknown evidence is revealed by an eyewitness to these events, former doctor and military translator, Anatoly Protasov. Part documentary and part feature, the story is shown from the perspective of a young Japanese nurse who witnessed many of horrors, and a young Japanese officer who is torn between his sincere convictions that he is serving the greater purpose, and the deep sympathy he feels for an imprisoned Russian girl. His life is a living hell as he's compelled to carry out atrocious experiments on the other prisoners, using them as guinea pigs in this shocking tale of mankind's barbarity. "Philosophy of a Knife" is truly one of the most violent, brutal and harrowing movies ever made.

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Porno Holocaust

Link Here
  • Holocausto Porno
1981 Italian hardcore horror film by Joe D'Amato

Just not practical to even think about releasing horror films with hardcore scenes


Link Here
  • Premutos - Der gefallene Engel
  • Premutos - Lord of the Living Dead

Premutos Lord Living Dead Region

1999 Germany comedy horror by Olaf Ittenback. IMDb

Premutos is the first of the fallen Angels, even before Lucifer. His Goal is to rule the world, the living and the dead

This is something along the lines of a Braindead gore fest. It is an early low budget work by Olaf Ittenback.

If not taken too seriously this seems to a popular entry in the gore and splatter genre.

The US release is uncut and MPAA UNrated for:
The Profit

Link Here

The Profit film poster

2001 US drama by Peter N Alexander

See full article from MND

The Profit , a 2001 film, was blocked from distribution in the United States due to a court injunction won by the Church of Scientology.

Directed by former film executive Peter N. Alexander, movie critics have characterized The Profit as a parody of Scientology and of its founder L. Ron Hubbard. Alexander was a Scientologist for twenty years, and left the organization in 1997. The film was funded by Bob Minton, a former critic of Scientology who later signed an agreement with the Church of Scientology and has attempted to stop distribution of the film.

The film was released in August 2001, and was shown at a movie theater in Clearwater, Florida and at a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France. A Scientology spokesman gave a statement at the time saying the movie is fiction and has nothing to do with Scientology. The Church of Scientology later took legal action in an attempt to stop further distribution of the film. The Church of Scientology claimed that the film was intended to influence the jury pool in the wrongful death case of Scientologist Lisa McPherson, who died under Scientology care in Clearwater, Florida.

In April 2002, a Pinellas County, Florida judge issued a court order enjoining The Profit from worldwide distribution for an indefinite period. According to the original court injunction received by Wikinews, the movie was originally banned because the court found that it could be seen as a parody of Scientology and so influence potential jurors.

Luke Lirot, the attorney for the film's production company, announced on the film's website on April 7, 2007 that We have absolutely no exposure for any repercussions from the court order, but that the film was still blocked from distribution due to an ongoing legal battle. Lirot wrote: all that's stopping the release of the movie is the legal battle with the partner who was compromised by Scientology (Robert Minton) and is currently using his power as partner to stop the release of the film.

Unauthorised release available via file sharing
Prostitute Killer

Link Here
  • San saam long ji foon cheung tiu foo

Prostitute Killer Yu Yeung Gabriel Harrison

San saam long ji foon cheung tiu foo is a 2000 Hong Kong crime film by Shu-Pui Hou.
With Ming Kwan Chan, Mark Cheng and Siu Wai Cheung. IMDb

Summary Review: Bad Morality

All the exploitative sex and gore expected from a Cat III flick (assorted rape, scalping, necrophilia, bone breaking and eye popping), but director Shu-Pui Hou takes the bad taste in his movie one step further than most: where bad guys in this genre tend to be pure evil incarnate, this one asks the audience to sympathise with and perhaps even try to understand the film's three murderous degenerates. By displaying this dubious sense of morality, director Shu-Pui Hou has created something that seems even more immoral than your standard Cat III deviancy.

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:

Ravage the Scream Queen

Link Here

Ravage Scream Queen Region NTSC

2009 Canada crime horror by Bill Zebub.

Banned by Canadian Customs

From promotional material:

Two men find a DVD and discover that it is a snuff film. As they debate whether or not the footage is authentic, one of them becomes inspired to make his own movie. They have an endless supply of victims - desperate actresses who will answer any ad, no matter how suspicious.

Current UK Status: No UK release
Red to Kill

Link Here
  • Yeuk saat

Red Kill Lily Chung

1994 Hong Kong horror by Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang

Review from US Amazon : Brutal

First of all, let me tell you, this is NOT a date movie. This is the most brutal graphic rape movie I have ever seen, and also one that lingers in your mind long after it is over. For me, that's exactly what I want when I see a movie, one that leaves a lasting impression no matter how difficult the impression might be.

I loved this movie, because it is very very well made, and the acting performances are incredible. Yes, the rapes are unforgiving in every respect, and the misery throughout the film is almost difficult to watch at times.

This is not a gory movie, except for the last ten minutes, it is a very disturbing movie and it does have a fair amount of nudity, however it really needs to.

The Untold Story and Ebola Syndrome offset much of the carnage with humor, but Red to Kill has absolutely NOTHING to smile about. It is totally and brutally serious from the first frame to the extremely nasty ending.

The actor who plays the rapist is absolutely sensational, and I might add, the musical score is perfect. The music adds so much to the all ready existing tension from all the horrific acts. The actress who plays the retarded girl is also amazing, one of the best performances on film you will ever see.

Current UK Status: No UK release

The uncut region 0 DVD is available via UK Amazon
The uncut region 0 DVD is available via US Amazon

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

Link Here

Regoregitated Sacrifice DVD Region NTSC

2010 Canada/US horror video by Lucifer Valentine.

Part 2 of the Vomit Gore Trilogy

Review from US Amazon : Sick Stuff!

Morbid Director Lucifer Valentine ups the evil ante from his first twisted, mind-numbing cinematic display of unconscionable filth. This starts right where Slaughtered Vomit Dolls left off. Prepare to have your senses shredded.

Bulimic porn star Angela Aberdeen drowned herself in the tub, and now her soul goes spiraling through a demented dimension toward hell. She gets the nightmarish tour guide by two demonic twin sisters, who are conjoined at the head. They are separated in extremely grisly fashion, and we get the barf-inducing delight of seeing some gruesome bubbling brain and blood splatter. Sick stuff! Some impressive special effects, I must say.

This horrendous journey is very surreal, as we are subjected to more heinous acts of violence and depravity. It might actually be filmed on location in Hell, or somewhere close. There is plenty of full frontal nudity to go with the overload of bloody intestinal shock treatment. Not for the quasi-gorehound.

This might have received a 5 star rating from me, except this has too damn many vomitting shots. I know it's the Vomit Gore Trilogy, but c'mon! After the first dozen episodes of regurgitating grossness, it starts to lose its charm. Lucifer knows absolutely no mercy.

Current UK Status: No UK release
RockBitch: BitchCraft

Link Here
1997 music video that the distributors will not export to the UK

Perhaps the RockBitch website gives a few clues as to the reason for the ban. "This video is an insight into the life and stage performance of this unique band. It contains interviews, the monastery and the completely uncensored concert, including fist fucking, pissing, female sex acts and the Golden Condom Award".

See the Rock Bitch site for stills from the video

Readily available in Europe
S&M Hunter

Link Here
  • Kinbaku · SM · 18-sai

Hunter DVD Region Import NTSC

See trailer from

1986 Japan bondage erotica by Shûji Kataoka.
With Shirô Shimomoto, Hiromi Saotome and Yutaka Ikejima. IMDb

Summary Review: Not so violent...but

When the all-girl gang, The Bombers, kidnap a man to use as their personal sex slave, S&M Hunter accepts the mission to infiltrate The Bombers' hideout and show them the ropes. S&M Hunter has amazing abilities with rope said to make him master of all women.

Less violent than many a Pinku movie, but just as twisted and blessed with a deliciously wicked sense of humour, S&M Hunter is an absolute riot and highly recommended for anyone looking for sleazy Japanese cinema without the extreme nastiness.

That's not to say that S&M Hunter is going to appeal to all: with male and female rape, enemas, gratuitous Nazi imagery, topless arm-wrestling over knives, and excessive nun whipping, this film will still raise eyebrows amongst those not already de-sensitised to Asian excess.

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here

Schramm Florian Koemer von Gustorf

Schramm: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer is a 1993 Germany horror by Jörg Buttgereit.
Starring Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Monika M and Micha Brendel. Youtube link IMDb
Yet to be released in the UK, initially out of fear of UK censorship, but now just a matter of time.

Summary Notes

Schramm seems such a nice guy, he lives by himself where he is happy to open the door to strangers and kill them. Being a loner he has a problem with women so he drugs them, photographs their naked bodies for sexual kicks and murders them.

Is occasionally shown in UK cinema clubs.

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

S'en fout la mort

Link Here
  • No Fear, No Die
1990 French/West German film by Claire Denis

Animal cruelty precludes a release of this film in the UK.

Electric Pictures did have the UK distribution rights, but apparently were advised that it would require huge cuts, so they didn't release it.

The cockfighting scenes in this film were faked (or example, the blades on legs were plastic rather than metal) and the final credits begin with a notice saying that no animals were harmed during the making of the film. However, this appears to have made no difference, as the Animals Act covers "distress" as well as actual injury.

Shown at the London Film Festival

Currently available on US video (via Amazon)

Sexy Battle Girls

Link Here
  • Nerawareta gakuen: seifuku o osou

Sexy Battle Girls Region Import

See trailer from

1986 Japan action film by Mototsugu Watanabe
With Saeko Fuji, Kyôko Hashimoto and Yukijirô Hotaru. IMDb

Summary Review: An extraordinary pink

Mirai, a high school girl, is transferred to an upscale private girls school. But the school supplies young bodies to rich politicians. Moreover, the school's headmaster ripped apart her family. She undergoes special training, and fights her way to sweet revenge!

An extraordinary pink . Made with lots of style and more than a little nerve. Lots of sexy and vigorous flesh scenes and whilst most of the earlier part of the film is fun and frolics it gets much darker later. By the end we have had lots of consensual sex, a fair bit that's not, bondage, whipping, a rather unusual and lively penis substitute that gets just about everywhere. And between our heroine's legs something that bites!

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Singapore Sling  

Link Here

Singapore Sling Region Import NTSC

See trailer from

1990 Greece comedy horror by Nikos Nikolaidis.
With Meredyth Herold, Panos Thanassoulis and Michele Valley.

Summary Review: Weird

The film is about the incestuous murderous relationship between a mother and her daughter. It has an interesting weird style; shot in black & white, with spoof elements of noir, all wrapped up in tons of black humour and Lacanian symbolism.

It's never been put before the BBFC, unsurprisingly given the content; murder, rape, serious bondage, sexual torture, golden showers plus the daughter masturbating with a kiwi fruit!

Has been shown at the NFT

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Slaughter Disc

Link Here


See trailer from

2005 US porn horror by David Quitmeyer. IMDb

Mike loves porn. Unfortunately he is blinded by his addiction to XXX entertainment as it slowly eats away at every aspect of his life...

The film features port hardcore porn and strong violence. A combination that has got no chance of a BBFC approved release in the UK.

Bearing in mind the Dangerous Pictures Act this may not be a wise purchase for people in Britain. Hopefully the violence is not really realistic enough to be a problem but you can never be quite sure.

Summary Review: Good and Bad

So, as it is porn, how do the sex scenes hold up? Good and bad all at the same time. The lone girl involved in most all the scenes is attractive and more than willing perform, the sex itself is fully explicit, and the scenes are given a low-rent kind of artistic flair than makes then more watchable than standard skin flicks.

But, where as most erotic flicks of this nature conclude with a sweaty embrace and a fade out, this instead treats viewers to some graphic/bloody violence of an explicitly sexual nature. It's hard to maintain a cheap arousal when some one is getting their head beat in with a hammer.

Current UK Status: No UK release
Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Link Here

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls Region NTSC

2006 Canada/US horror video by Lucifer Valentine. IMDb

Part 1 of the Vomit Gore Trilogy

From US Amazon : Promotional Material

What happens to a woman when she is abused by her parents, becomes a runaway at the tender age of 14, is molested by a local priest who takes her in and is then used and abused by nearly everyone she comes into contact with?

For Angela Aberdeen the answer is to turn away from the human race and all earthly reality by making a sacred pact with Satan. After enlisting his protection in return for her eternal soul, her first act is to burn down the priest s church as he lays passed out drunk on the floor. She then flees to the city where she develops a horrible addiction to alcohol and drugs. Angela quickly spirals downward in her journal to Hell. Stripping turns to pornography and prostitution and as her deadly addictions tear her body apart, she realizes that even Satan has seemingly forsaken her.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is the opening film of the infamous Vomit Gore Trilogy directed by Lucifer Valentine. We must warn you that the thoroughly evil and outrageous DVD that you hold in your hands contains the answer to a very elemental question. How deranged, demented and depraved can one person s existence be? Are you willing to push the boundaries in order to find out? Are you confident enough to test the true strength of your grip on reality? You won t believe your eyes... or STOMACH! Includes commentary with director and star plus Making of the Film and The History of Vomit Gore

Current UK Status: No UK release
Slow Torture Puke Chamber

Link Here

Slow Torture Puke Chamber Region

2010 Canada/US horror video by Lucifer Valentine.

Part 3 of the Vomit Gore Trilogy

Review from US Amazon : Heinous

Following the same suit as the previous, this film revolves around bulimic hookers who have devoted their lives to Satan. This film as expected will make the viewers uneasy in their own skin and a confession post viewing might also be in order! Prepare to witness acts so heinous and sacrilegious you might possibly not even make it through the entirety of this film.

I am surprised a bolt of lightning did not strike me down from above, no joke. Caution to future viewers: The content of this film is extreme, Lucifer pulls no punches and goes straight for the throat with this one. This film is dark, nauseating, cruel, sickening, loaded with sex, nudity, body fluids, gore and very, very entertaining! If this sounds like your genre prepare to be astonished!

Current UK Status: No UK release
Star of David: Beauty Hunting

Link Here
  • Star of David: Beautiful Girl Hunter

Star David Hunting Beautiful Region

See trailer from

1979 Japan torture horror by Noribumi Suzuki
With Yuka Asagiri, Yûko Asuka and Shun Domon. IMDb

Summary review: The Citizen Kane of Asian sexploitation flicks.

The film begins with the sound of police sirens. The police are looking for an escaped rapist, robber and murderer who we now see as having taken refuge in a huge house. This fugitive has taken a professor and his pretty wife hostage with the intention of robbing them. While there, this monster of a human being decides to have a little fun by tying up the professor's wife and taking advantage of her sexually while her husband is forced to watch.

Norifumi Sukuzi's tale of a man spawned by rape is an exquisitely perverse and beautiful tale. Gorgeously shot, tightly scripted, and featuring deliciously audacious scenes of depravity, Star of David - Hunting For Beautiful Girls delivers in every way.

If you like these types of films, this is the Citizen Kane of Asian sexploitation flicks.

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Subconscious Cruelty

Link Here

Subconscious Cruelty Collectors Disc Region

See trailer from

2000 Canada underground horror by Karim Hussain.
With Brea Asher, Ivaylo Founev and Eric Pettigrew. IMDb

Summary Review: Twisted Gore

Subconscious Cruelty is divided in four segments:

  • Ovarian Eyeball - a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball is removed from her belly.

  • Human Larvae - a deranged man kills his sister and her newborn offspring.

  • Rebirth - a group of naked people rolls around in mud and blood.

  • Right Brain/Martyrdom - religious symbolism associated with gore and sex.

If you like arthouse/underground cinema and you like taboo subject matters drenched in twisted gore then this is the one to purchase. The acting is very strong for this type of flick and the camera techniques throughout are never short of impressive. It's been scored with an industrial sound which intensifies the stark images of depravity and enhances the tensions within any absorbed viewer.

If you don't like arthouse/underground cinema drenched in twisted gore then don't buy this.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Denmark: The Scandinavian release is uncut for:

Survive Girls

Link Here
  • Survive

Survive Girls DVD Region NTSC

Survive is a 2006 Japan erotic film by Takashi Motoki & Ryuichi Honda.
Starring Ayumi Nohars, Hiromi Nakata

Publicity Material

A new form of erotic entertainment! Women in sexually extreme situations waver between pleasure and displeasure.

Hunger: Ayumu wanders into the forest to find a place to kill herself as a way to get back at her ruthless boyfriend. She finds a hut and tries to hang herself with rope, but fails and only her hand is hanged. Ayumu struggles to free herself and as she does, her clothes gradually come off. Just then, someone comes near the hut...

Hidden: Saki takes a shower and waits for her boyfriend, Toshi, in a hotel room. Hearing a door knock, Saki flings on a bathrobe and opens the door. However, she only manages to see someone resembling Toshi go into another room before her contact lens fall off. She picks up the lens but the door to her room closes behind her. Unfortunately, the bathrobe is too small to cover her body. Feeling embarrassed, Saki notices the door that had just closed with her boyfriend-like figure opening slowly and she tries to get into the room...

Current UK Status: Never Released on DVD/Blu-ray

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

UK: Uncut on UK VoD
Survive Girls 2

Link Here
  • Survive

Survive Girls DVD Region NTSC

2006 Japan erotic film by Bon Ando & Yoshifumi Tsubota

From publicity material from

A new form of erotic entertainment! Women in sexually extreme situations waver between pleasure and displeasure.

Bind: A young mother who cannot gain satisfaction from ordinary sex goes to a bondage play mistress after leaving her child at the nursery. She is turned on when she is tied and hung in the air. However, the mistress passes out when she goes out to buy cigarettes, leaving the mother alone and helpless…

Hypnosis: A girl is hypnotized and confined by a hypnotist in a small room. She tries to escape, but her body will not do as her mind tells it. Finally, she hurts her own body to get away from this abnormal situation.

Current UK Status: Never Released

The US release is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Terror Firmer

Link Here

Terror Firmer Troma Region PAL

1999 US comedy horror by Lloyd Kaufman

Review from US Amazon : Funny

Terror Firma is an independent film made by Troma, one of the last (if not THE last) small time movie companies left in the United States. You should purchase this movie if for no other reason than to support independent film. But once you do buy it, what will you get? An incredibly funny, very violent, and fairly titillating movie.

I was talked into watching this movie by an acquaintance. Never having seen a Troma film, I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought it would be a low budget slasher flick with lots of fake blood. I was mostly wrong. It turned out to be a very funny and interesting satire on the movie industry, movie making, and society in general. (While also being a slasher flick with lots of fake blood.) I haven't laughed as much at a movie in years.

As for the acting, while most of the actors will never utter the words I'd like to thank the Academy, the female lead, Alyce LaTourelle, was simply excellent. I was surprised to see someone with as much talent in a low budget picture like this one. She is destined for bigger pictures, but not necessarily better ones.

If you've read this far, you are probably considering purchasing this movie. Go for it, I'm happy I did.

Current UK Status: Never Released

The uncut region 2 DVD is available at UK Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon

They All Must Die

Link Here

They All Must Die Various

1998 US rape revenge video by Sean Weathers.

Promotional Material: The Worstest Ever!

Based on actual events of a white woman who moved into a black ghetto to write a book about the men that lived there. She soon learns the hard way that they aren't as receptive to her exploiting them as she thinks.

The most relentlessly disturbing, depraved & disgusting film ever made. Due to the graphic nature of the film. It was investigated by the NYPD & FBI & thought to be a snuff-film. Although it was never proven the case against Sean Weathers and his film is still considered to be open.

Current UK Status: Never released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

They Call Us Misfits

Link Here
  • Dom Kallar Oss Mods

Collection anstandigt sociala Misfits Generation

Dom kallar oss mods is a 1968 Sweden documentary by Stefan Jarl and Jan Lindqvist.
With Kenneth 'Kenta' Gustafsson, Gustav 'Stoffe' Svensson and Stefan Jarl. IMDb

Summary Notes

The first in Stefan Jarl's Mods Trilogy, the film documents the life of two teenagers, Kenta and Stoffe. With interviews from the two boys and their friends about their hedonistic lifestyle, and what their future holds, the film explores the highs and lows of mod life in 1960s Stockholm, Sweden.

Thanks to Gary:

Swedish documentary notable as the first (non-porn) film to contain a scene of real sex.

The film was released in the UK by Politkino in 16mm without a BBFC certificate in 1971. It was reviewed in the April 1971 issue of Monthly Film Bulletin. It was also shown at the 1968 London Film Festival.

Current UK Status: Never submitted to the BBFC.

International: Uncut for:

Sweden: Uncut for:

They Don't Cut the Grass Anymore

Link Here

They Grass Anymore Cinema Collection

They Don't Cut the Grass Anymore is a 1985 USA horror by Nathan Schiff.
With John Smihula, Adam Berke and Mary Spadaro. IMDb

Promotional Material

It's country folk versus city slickers when homicidal Texas lawn trimmers Billy Buck and Jacob head to the wilds of the Long Island suburbs to ply their trade. But these resourceful good ol' boys don't just use lawnmowers for grass; they find that people make for good mowin', too! Soon those green, immaculate lawns are dripping red with the blood of unsuspecting yuppies, and you might be next! Complete with ghoulish special effects and a nasty twist ending, here's another outrageous mixture of over-the-top gore and sick laughs from underground Yankee filmmaker Nathan Schiff. You'll never look at your weed whacker the same way again!
Current UK Status: Never released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here

Thundercrack Marion Eaton

Thundercrack! is a 1975 USA adult comedy horror by Curt McDowell.
With Marion Eaton, Melinda McDowell and George Kuchar. IMDb

A notable cult film that has never made it to the UK. Thanks to Gary:

The film will languish on the banned list due to British censorship law. The market is art house yet the explicit sex limits the film to R18 sex shops, where too few film fans choose to frequent.

Summary Review: Totally fucked up

Take a cliched Horror-story beginning, a remote Gothic mansion, an insane hostess, a group of strangers (four men, three women and a gorilla) and you pretty much begin to see that this is not meant to be a serious film, but rather a parody of several other (older and better) ones. Social and sexual confusion & misunderstanding guarantees that this odd cast of characters will come together and entertain & amuse for 120 minutes.

Referring to Thundercrack! as simply being a weird cult flick would be a serious understatement and actually a direct insult, since certain people around this website already tend to call mainstream movies like Memento or Pulp Fiction weird and confusing. Weird? Not quite… A term to summarize Thundercrack in one simple word has yet to be invented. The closest we've got now is extravagant , demented and maybe also totally fucked up .

Imagine yourself a typical low-budget horror opening, in which random people gather around an old dark mansion during a nightly thunderstorm. They're all slightly eccentric characters with unusual backgrounds and/or odd personalities and, naturally, the female owner of the mansion is the queen of all madness.

Her guests soon begin to physically experiment with themselves and each other and these sexual outbursts become gradually odder. Masturbation and ordinary hetero-sex at first, but before you properly realize it; you're up to your neck in gay sex, voyeurism, sex with peculiar attributes and even bestiality.

This movie is available in two versions, but I can safely say already that even the cut Theatrical Version (120 minutes instead of 150) is more than weird enough for every avid fan of offbeat cinema on this planet.

Current UK Status: Played the cinema club circuit but not released on home video

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2015 Synapse Films 40th Anniversary Edition R0 Blu-ray at US Amazon 2015
  • 2015 Synapse Films 40th Anniversary Edition R0 DVD at US Amazon

Netherlands : Released uncut for:


Tiffany Jones

Link Here
  • Tales of Tiffany Jones
1973 UK comedy by Pete Walker

The leading lady, Anouska Hempel bought the UK rights in 2008 in order to have the film taken off the market

Torture Room

Link Here
  • Pledge of Allegiance

Torture Room DVD Region NTSC

See trailer from

Uncut version is available at:
R1 DVD at UK Amazon
R1 DVD at UK Amazon
2009 US thriller by Eric Forsberg. IMDb

A very highly regarded film involving mental and physical torture that somehow never made it to the UK.

Summary Review: The Good Guys

A young American woman is kidnapped by security forces because her boyfriend is from the middle east. We see this woman tortured, questioned, tortured and it's not very nice.

This is a pretty good film drama, well acted, very disturbing, unsettling, unpleasant, shocking and believable. The performance of Lena Bookall in particular stands out.

Seeing a film where the good guys are committing the torture is unusual. However, Torture Room is extreme and not for the faint hearted.

Current UK Status: Never Released

Link Here
  • Deranged
  • Escaped Convicts


2009 UK crime horror by Jason Impey.
With Alexander Bakshaev, Julie Gilmour and Justin Hayles. IMDb

Summary Review: Almost a Legend

Two notorious convicts, Quaid and Kurk, have escaped prison and are trying to flee the country. To ensure their safety they abduct an innocent attractive woman and use her as a hostage to protect themselves from the police.

This Jason Impey film is almost an Urban Legend. Many versions exist due to censorship. The film is a flashback, grind-house...Zombie subplot..

Current UK Status: Never Released
Traces of Death 2-5

Link Here


Traces Death  Anniversary Collectors Region


1994-2000 US documentary series

Traces of Death 1 was banned by the BBFC in 2005, and if anything, the next films in the series are even more extreme and stand no chance at the BBFC.

Summary Review: Gross

Archive footage of human and animal death has been assembled into a supposed documentary. However there is very little explanation of what is going and all that remains is a collage of nastiness. All this is accompanied by death metal music and a jokey narrator.

Traces of Death 1 was banned by the BBFC in 2005

Traces of Death 2-5 have never been submitted for an inevitable ban

True Story of a Woman in Jail: Sex Hell

Link Here
  • Jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho: sei-jigoku
  • Sex Hell

True Story Of Woman Jail

1975 Japanese film by Kôyû Ohara.
With Hitomi Kozue, Meika Seri and Maya Hiromi. IMDb

Promotional Material:

A group of young women is thrown into a horrible juvenile hall, due to their illegal acts. They soon wish they were back on the outside, as a gang of inmates subjects this fresh meat to the horrors of being locked up. Mayumi, a new inmate with a mysterious past, stands up for herself and fights back! NO ONE is going to push her around, and she hatches an escape plan to seek revenge on the person who had her incarcerated.

TRUE STORY OF A WOMAN IN JAIL: SEX HELL is a sleazy, sexually graphic and surprisingly violent entry in the women in prison genre. The opening uniform changing, nude medical examination sessions, communal scrubbings in the bathhouse, nimble-fingered lesbians and vicious catfights are all here... and more!

Current UK Status: Never Released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Twilight Dinner

Link Here
  • Chô-inran: Shimai donburi

Twilight Dinner

See trailer from

1998 Japan sex and horror by Yutaka Ikejima
Yumi Yoshiyuki, Kanae Mizuhara and Reina Azuma. IMDb

Summary Review: Hot and violent

A pale-looking man, Kazuhiko, is being questioned by the police following the extremely bloody murder of a young woman. His story revolves round two sisters, Akiko and Mayuko, who moved into the house across from his.

The film features really intense incestuous lesbian strap-on fucking, bloody naked corpses, brutally hot and violent fuck scenes.

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Un Deux Trois Soleil

Link Here
  • 1,2,3, Sun

Un Deux Trois Soleil

1993 French film by Bertrand Blier

The only recent Blier film not to get distribution in the UK. Apparently a distributor was interested but was informally advised by the BBFC not to bother. (Unconfirmed)

The contentious material is in the final scene, which features several shots of a topless Anouk Grinberg in bed with several children, two of whom have their hands resting on her breasts. Since these shots go on for some time and include a fair amount of dialogue, they couldn't be cut. It isn't a sexual scene, but nevertheless the BBFC suggested it may fall foul of the Child Protection Act (unconfirmed)

Shown at the 1993 London Film Festival

The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon

The Untold Story

Link Here
  • Bat sin fan dim ji yan yuk cha siu bau
  • Ba Xian fan dian zhi ren rou cha shao
  • Bunman: The Untold Story
  • Human Meat pies: The Untold Story
  • The Untold Story: Human Mean Roast Pork Buns
  • The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story
  • Human Pork Chop

Untold Story Emily Kwan

1992 Hong Kong horror by Danny Lee & Herman Yau

Described as a gruesome but gripping depiction of an amoral killer. The star, Anthony Wong, won the Chinese equivalent of an Oscar for best actor.

Review from US Amazon : Unpredictable, daring, extreme

This story concerns a serial killer posing as a restaurant proprietor who goes into violent rages and indulges in sadistic acts.

For those of you looking for something to disturb you, seek this out. It's not an atypical story by any means, but the murder scenes are pretty grisly. It's not quite all out gore, but it's pretty disturbing in that you're just not used to this kind of stuff.

One guy gets chopped up into dim sum. In another sequence, a family gets hacked to ever notice in Hollywood where murdered children get killed offscreen? Not here. There's also a graphic rape scene involving chopsticks that ain't exactly feminist-friendly.

It's rare you see a horror film provoking anything more than laughter nowadays. This one is all out, gung-ho savagery. What's even weirder is the moments of slapstick that pop-up whenever the cops are in a scene. A strange way to lighten the darker scenes, but, that's Asian cinema for you...unpredictable, daring, extreme and the polar opposite of Western filmmaking.

Current UK Status: Never released

The uncut region 1 DVD is available via UK Amazon
The uncut region 1 DVD is available via US Amazon

The Untold Story 2

Link Here
  • Bunman: The Untold Story 2

DVD cover of Untold Story 2

1998 Hong Kong horror film Shown on FilmFour apparently uncut.

Subtitled VHS, VCD, LD and DVD from Hong Kong, Cat. III, letterboxed, subtitled.

The uncut region 0 DVD is available at US Amazon

The Untold Story 3

Link Here
None too clever sequel Was released in Hong Kong on letterboxed and subtitled DVD and VCD
Vase de Noces

Link Here
  • One Man and His Pig
  • The Pig Fucking Movie
  • Wedding Trough
  • Svinet

One Vase noces Wedding Trough

1974 Belgian film by Thierry Zeno
With Dominique Garny.

An art-house black and white film without dialogue which was very controversial in its day. It was programmed for the London Film Festival until Customs seized it.

Was screened at the NFT in 1976 as part of their New Belgium Cinema season.

Summary Review: Demented Farmer

A mad farmer falls in love with his pig and has mutant piglets with it. When the piglets prefer their mother over him, he hangs them all and the sow kills herself.

Can you think of anything more interesting than seeing a demented farmer walk around his farm for 80 minutes, occasionally playing dress-up with his birds, beheading his chickens, and having steamy sex with his wife, who happens to be a pig? I know I can.

Unfortunately, everything negative that has been said about this movie is true: it moves at a snail's pace, it's uninteresting, very disgusting, and ultimately not worth seeing.

Current UK Status: Never released


Violent Shit 1 Violent Shit 2 Violent Shit 3: Infantry of Doom Violent Shit 4: Karl the Butcher vs Axe

Link Here

The Violent Shit Collection DVD

Violent Shit is a 1989 West Germany horror by Andreas Schnaas.
Starring Andreas Schnaas, Gabi Bäzner and Wolfgang Hinz. IMDb

Violent Shit II is a 1992 Germany horror by Andreas Schnaas.
Starring Anke Prothmann, Andreas Schnaas and Claudia von Bihl. IMDb

Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom is a 1999 Germany action horror by Andreas Schnaas.
Starring Andreas Schnaas, Marc Trinkhaus and Steve Aquilina. IMDb

Karl the Butcher vs Axe is a 2010 Germany action comedy horror by Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas.
Starring Andreas Schnaas, Timo Rose and Magdalèna Kalley. IMDb

Promotional Material

In 1980s Germany, horror film censorship was a huge problem. The government rarely let classic horror films pass without severe cuts when they were released on home video. To combat this unfortunate situation many German horror fans scraped together a few bucks, rented video cameras & created their own ultra-violent, gory, splatter films. Arguably the most famous of these micro-budget German gorefests are the VIOLENT SHIT films from director Andreas Schnaas. Shot on standard definition video cameras, these films are a sight to behold. Although they are amateurishly made, choppily edited & loaded with ridiculous low-budget gore, these films have an undeniably offensive charm that has kept horror fans entertained for over 25 years!

And none of them were released in Britain.

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
  • 2017 Synapse Films The Violent Shit Collection R0 DVD at US Amazon
Whore Angels

Link Here
  • Pin-saro byôin 3: Nô-pan shinsatsushitsu

Whore Angels Shiori Kuroda

See trailer from

2000 Japan erotic fantasy by Mototsugu Watanabe.
With Shôko Kudô, Shiori Kuroda and Rira Mizuno. IMDb

Summary Review: Blow Job Messiah

The mysterious and beautiful Komasa enters a sex club in full swing and gets herself a job by giving the owner the fastest handjob in the history of time.

She stumbles on gorgeous pink-haired beauty Monroe getting attacked by a crathe zed demon. Somehow, Komasa fights the demon off, but ends up badly injured. That's no problem, though, because, as it turns out Monroe's mouth is like a one-stop magical healing machine.

oon enough, Monroe's taken her magic healing mouth to the club where she uses it to suck off and heal the sick and infirm.

Current UK Status: No UK release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Wild Beasts

Link Here
  • Belve feroci
1984 Italy ecology horror by Franco Prosperi.
With Lorraine De Selle, John Aldrich and Ugo Bologna. IMDb

Summary Review: Animal Cruelty

The water supply for a large city zoo becomes contaminated with PCP, and the animals go crazy and get loose.

While the violence committed against the cast members is obviously staged, the animals are spared no such reprieve, many of them slaughtered in shameless exploitation, a grossly damning indictment on the trend in Italian horror movies of that era.

The film itself isn't without interest and should appeal to anyone with a penchant for the eco-horror genre.

Current UK Status: Never released

Link Here
  • Zombie Christ

Zombiechrist Jessica Alexandra Green

Zombiechrist is a 2010 USA horror by Bill Zebub.
With Jessica Alexandra Green, Jordana Leigh and Taylor Trash. YouTube icon IMDb

Summary Review: Mummified Cruelty

Druids resurrect the partially mummified remains of Jesus. They force the zombified Christ to commit unspeakable acts as their sect prepares to rule a new age of mankind.

The film proclaims the tag line: The Most Blasphemous Story Ever Told. However, it is nowhere near good enough to justify any serious controversy. It is unlikely that distributors will bother pick it up in the UK.

There are a few reviewers that have enjoyed the film but only on the basis that it is enjoyably bad.

Current UK Status: Never released

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


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