Banned Films

A list of international films banned in the 21st century


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3.50 is a 2013 Cambodia/Singapore crime thriller by Chhay Bora.
With Doung Cheanick, Leang Honglee and Eunice Olsen. YouTube icon IMDb

Cambodia: Banned

See  article from :

Filmmaker Chhay Bora, who directed the yet-to-be released 3.50 , said that the censorship board has never explained to him their grounds for evaluating movies.

It's like walking in the jungle with no road map to follow, said Bora, whose film on sex trafficking was supposed to be released last October but never received final approval. Although his script was approved, Bora said that the censorship board has failed to reach a verdict on the final version. No specific cuts have been ordered by the ministry, he said, but feedback he received suggested that censorship board members were concerned about the movie's heavy social commentary.

The Ministry of Culture film department said they didn't ban the film, but they didn't grant the licence yet, said Bora, adding that although the film's dialogue did not seem to cause controversy, the censorship board expressed concern over not less than 10 shots. Some of the criticism, Bora said, was over shots that the board claimed represented Cambodia in a bad light, such as a taxi driver throwing a cigarette out the window and a scene within the impoverished White Building community on Sothearos Boulevard.

Bora also said that other scenes were too political for the censors' comfort, such as a shot of a character walking down a dusty road with Prime Minister Hun Sen's office visible in the background.

Bora also said that the board insisted that all plot conflicts be resolved before the credits roll. In particular one of his characters, after escaping a brothel, is last seen joining a group of other former sex workers instead of trying to return home. Her ultimate fate is never revealed, but the possibility of her returning to sex work is not ruled out.

The censors said: why don't you find a solution for her, to find an NGO or new job? And I said that's not my job. The filmmaker has no possibility to solve the social problem.

Summary Notes

When a young Cambodian village girl is sold off into prostitution, a brash American documentary filmmaker ventures deep into the underbelly of Phnom Penh to pursue her story and rescue the girl, crossing paths with various other lives affected by the unspeakable terrain of the country's virginity trade.

21 Months of Hell

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21 Months of Hell is a 2017 documentary by Yadu Vijayakrishnan.   IMDb

India: Banned in January 2018

A documentary about India's Emergency , titled 21 Months of Hell , has been banned by Kerala's regional office of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

The director Yadu Vijayakrishnan told PTI that the documentary mainly features interviews of victims of the Emergency along with the re-enactment of scenes of the alleged tortures methods recreated with actors

Vijayakrishnan said the CBFC asked for proof of the torture methods used by the police during the Emergency. Though there are testimonies of surviving victims and case reports, the Board wanted written government proof of the torture methods of that time. And of course the government is hardy likely to allow public access to records proving its own recourse to torture.

Summary Review

In June 25th 1975, Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi declared Emergency on the nation which bestowed her the authority to rule by decree, allowing elections to be suspended and civil liberties to be curbed. This resulted in the mass arrests of leaders and activists of opposition who she saw as a threat to her political life. With the introduction of the new law MISA(Maintenance of Internal Security Act), anyone could be arrested without fair trial or evidences. Making use of the political atmosphere and direct orders from the government, the police department exercised their aggression at free will. For the pro-democracy activists, India became a literal hell from the day of declaration of the Emergency until its withdrawal 21 months later. The documentary '21 Months of Hell' explores the ingenious torture method administered by the Police for intimidating political prisoners at that time. With the real life accounts of surviving victims of the torture.


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300 is a 2006 USA action fantasy by Zack Snyder.
Starring Gerard Butler, Lena Headey and David Wenham. IMDb

Iran: Banned

From IMDb. Shortly after its release, Iranian bloggers and journalists were outraged by the movie. With headlines like Hollywood Declares War on Iranians, they chastised the movie for its monstrous portrayal of the ancient Persians, ancestors of modern Iranians. A cultural adviser to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called it American psychological warfare against Iran. The film ended up duly being banned, seemingly as the Iranian authorities found it insulting that their forebears were outsmarted by Greeks.

Summary Notes

In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Persian army in the mountain pass of Thermopylae. Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks held back the enemy in one of the most famous last stands of history. Persian King Xerxes led a Army of well over 100,000 (Persian king Xerxes before war has about 170,000 army) men to Greece and was confronted by 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians, and 400 Thebans. Xerxes waited for 10 days for King Leonidas to surrender or withdraw but left with no options he pushed forward. After 3 days of battle all the Greeks were killed. The Spartan defeat was not the one expected, as a local shepherd, named Ephialtes, defected to the Persians and informed Xerxes that the separate path through Thermopylae, which the Persians could use to outflank the Greeks, was not as heavily guarded as they thought.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for:

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2012 is a 2009 USA action Sci-Fi adventure by Roland Emmerich.
Starring John Cusack, Thandie Newton and Chiwetel Ejiofor. IMDb

North Korea: Banned

The year 2012 coincided with Kim Il Sung's 100th birthday. Authorities in Pyongyang feared that the movie, in which the Earth is obliterated by a series of massive natural disasters, could jinx this auspicious year and so it was duly banned.

Summary Notes

Dr. Adrian Helmsley, part of a worldwide geophysical team investigating the effect on the earth of radiation from unprecedented solar storms, learns that the earth's core is heating up. He warns U.S. President Thomas Wilson that the crust of the earth is becoming unstable and that without proper preparations for saving a fraction of the world's population, the entire race is doomed. Meanwhile, writer Jackson Curtis stumbles on the same information. While the world's leaders race to build "arks" to escape the impending cataclysm, Curtis struggles to find a way to save his family. Meanwhile, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of unprecedented strength wreak havoc around the world.

A Ma Soeur!

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  • Fat Girl
  • A mia sorella
  • For my Sister

A Ma Soeur! is a 2001 French/Italian/Spanish drama by Catherine Breillat.
With Anaïs Reboux, Roxane Mesquida and Libero De Rienzo. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Passed 18 uncut by the BBFC for cinema but was cut for DVD. Uncut and MPAA Unrated in the US. Banned by the Canadian province of Ontario from 2001 until 2003.

Canada: Unbanned in Ontario in 2003

After the retirement of the veteran film censor Robert Warren, the board agreed to have Fat Girl resubmitted and approved for screening unedited. The board no longer wished to get into a constitutional fight over the powers of the board.

Canada: Banned in Ontario in 2001

The Ontario Film Review Board rejected the film for distribution under the provincial Theatres Act that prohibits the depiction of sex-related nudity involving someone who is underaged or appears to be underaged.

The film was shown uncensored in other Canadian provinces.

The distributors then initiated a legal action against Ontario contending that the ban was unconstitutional. The distributors contended that: the power to ban movies is an unjustifiable infringement of the fundamental right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


UK : Passed 18 uncut for:
  • 2001 cinema release

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

The Adventure of a Married Couple

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  • Zan va shohar Karegar

Zan va shohar Karegar is a 2013 Iran family drama short by Keywan Karimi.
Starring Bamdad Afshar, Mohammad Akhari and Anahita Iravani. IMDb

Iran: Banned in February 2016 with the filmmaker being jailed

Keywan Karimi was jailed for 1 year (reduced from 3 years on appeal) with 233 lashes.  The authorities felt that his movies depicting grim daily lives in Iran 'insulted sanctities".

Summary Notes

Couples who are living together both work to make their ends meet. The man works night shifts from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. and the woman works during the day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. they have to work all week even on weekends and whenever one of them comes home the other should get ready to leave home.

Among the Believers

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Among the Believers is a 2015 Pakistan / USA war biography by Mohammed Naqvi and Hemal Trivedi.
Starring Fedor Alexandrovich. IMDb

Pakistan: Banned from Face film festival in April 2016

The film censors claimed the film was unsuitable for public exhibition because:

It contains dialogues, which project a negative image of Pakistan in the context of fighting the ongoing war against extremism and terrorism.

Summary Notes

Controversial Pakistani cleric Maulana Aziz, linked to the Taliban, declares jihad against the government to impose sharia law. The government retaliates by destroying his seminary, killing his mother, brother, his only son and 150 students. The film follows charming yet menacing Maulana Aziz on his personal quest to create an Islamic utopia, which causes the country to implode. The Red Mosque has students allied with ISIL, and strong ties to the Taliban. We meet two Red Mosque students whose paths diverge: Talha, 12, leaves his moderate Muslim family to study to be a jihadi preacher. Zarina, also 12, escapes her madrassa and joins a normal school. Her education is threatened by frequent Taliban attacks on schools like her own. In December, 2014, the Taliban massacred 132 schoolchildren in Peshawar, outraging Pakistan's moderate majority. Aziz's longtime opponent, education reformer Pervez Hoodbhoy joins the re-energized anti-extremist movement. Throughout the film, he passionately ...

Annabelle 2

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  • Annabelle: Creation
Annabelle 2 is a 2017 USA horror mystery thriller by David F Sandberg.
Starring Miranda Otto, Philippa Coulthard and Stephanie Sigman. IMDb

Lebanon: Banned in August 2017

The movie was reportedly screened for the General Security's Censorship Bureau earlier in the month and then was passed on to the censorship committee. Annahar reported that Catholic Priests Fr. Abdu Abu Kasm and Fr. Athanasius Shahwan were both present at the censorship committee's screening. Father Shahwan had the final word and he demanded that the film be blocked over scenes that are considered offensive to Christian faith.

The specific scenes in question were not mentioned but many believe the objection comes from the fact that nuns are the ones being victimized in the movie's plot.

Summary Notes

Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker's possessed creation, Annabelle.


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  • Antychryst
Antichrist is a 2009 Denmark/Germany/France/Sweden/Italy/Poland drama by Lars Von Trier.
With Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Storm Acheche Sahlstrøm. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

France: Banned in February 2016

Promouvoir, an extremist Catholic pressure group initiated a court case some time ago claiming that the films local 16 rating was incorrect and that the film should be restricted to adults only. The moralists won the case and the court agreed that the film is unsuitable for under 18 and revoked the film's 16 certificate.

Until the film can be re-rated, it is banned from cinema and TV

The BBFC explained some of the censorship issues when issuing an uncut 18 rating:

At '18', the BBFC's Guidelines state that the more explicit images of sexual activity are unlikely to be permitted unless they can be exceptionally justified by context and the work is not a 'sex work'. A 'sex work' is defined as a work whose 'primary purpose is sexual arousal or stimulation'. It is clear that ANTICHRIST is not a 'sex work' but a serious drama exploring issues such as grief, loss, guilt and fear.

The brief images of explicit real sex (sight of a penis penetrating a vagina during a consensual sex scene and sight of the man's penis being masturbated to climax) are exceptionally justified, in this context, by the manner in which they illustrate the film's themes and the nature of the couple's relationship. Their relationship is depicted throughout in a graphic and unflinching fashion, both psychologically and physically.

The BBFC has permitted comparable explicit images in a number of previous features at the '18' level (eg L'EMPIRE DES SENS, 9 SONGS, SHORTBUS and Lars von Trier's earlier film, THE IDIOTS) where it has been clear that the purpose of the work - and the individual images in question - is not simply to arouse viewers but to illustrate characters, relationships and themes.

Note that the hardcore shots are inserted into the sex scenes and are attributed to body doubles Horst Stramka and Mandy Starship.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong real sex, bloody violence and self-mutilation for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


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  • Apatti
Arpat is a 2015 Thai horror film
The film featured an errant monk, a commonplace issue in Thailand, and so the censors decided that the depiction of errant monks somehow threaten buddhism. The film was initially banned because it might create unnecessary conflicts in society if the committee had let it pass.

The film censors later passed the film 18+ after scenes showing errant behaviour by the monk were cut.

  News, September 2016: Oscars

The Buddhist-themed horror film Arpat has been renamed to Apatti and has now been submitted as Thailand's entry for Best Foreign Language Film at next year's Oscars, the committee of the Federation of Thai Film Associations has announced.
The Attack

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The Attack is a 2012 Lebanon/France/Qatar/Belgium drama by Ziad Doueiri.
With Ali Suliman, Evgenia Dodena, Reymond Amsalem. YouTube icon IMDb

Lebanon: Banned in 2013

Banned because its Lebanese director shot part of the movie in Israel and used Israeli actors.

Summary Review: Aftermath of a Suicide Attack

An Arab surgeon living in Tel Aviv discovers a dark secret about his wife in the aftermath of a suicide bombing. Based on a novel by Yasmina Khadra.

The Attack won the Special Jury Award at the 2012 San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain and the Golden Star at Morocco's Marrakesh Film Festival.


US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:
The Attacks of 26/11

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The Attacks of 26/11 is a 2013 India drama by Ram Gopal Varma.
With Nana Patekar, Atul Kulkarni. IMDb

UAE: Banned



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Baby is a 2015 India action crime mystery by Neeraj Pandey.
Starring Kerem Sarikaya, Ali Balkan Avci and Zachary Coffin. Youtube link IMDb

Pakistan: Banned by film censors in January 2015

Baby is an Indian action movie about a spy mission to catch a dreaded terrorist. It has now been banned by Pakistan's film censors. The Dawn newspaper reported:

Censor boards in Islamabad and Karachi have decided to ban the film because it portrays a negative image of Muslims and the negative characters in the film also have Muslim names.

Summary Notes

An elite counter-intelligence unit learns of a plot, masterminded by a maniacal madman. With the clock ticking, it's up to them to track the terrorists' international tentacles and prevent them from striking at the heart of India.


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  • Fuck Me
  • Rape Me
Baise-moi is a 2000 France crime drama by Virginie Despentes and Coralie.
With Raffaëla Anderson, Karen Lancaume, Céline Beugnot. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Australia: Banned by the Film Censorship Board for:

  • 2013 Potential Films video
  • 2002 Requested ban by Australian Government upheld

The film was previously shown at cinemas with an R18+ (18) rating

See  article from . Note that the version banned by the censors in 2013 was a pre-cut version with the sight of penetration deleted from the rape scene. The Film Censorship Board explained its majority decision to ban the video:

In summary, as this film contains depictions of explicit sexual activity and sexual violence, sexualized violence and violence which are very high in impact and, as such, exceeds what can be accommodated within the R 18+ classification, and, as the film also contains violence, sexual violence and sexualized violence and, as such, cannot be accommodated within the X18+ classification, this material warrants Refused Classification.

Summary Review: Crude but exhilarating

Two young women, marginalised by society, go on a destructive tour of sex and violence. Breaking norms and killing men - and shattering the complacency of polite cinema audiences.

People comparing Baise-Moi to Thelma and Louise and finding it wanting by comparison are missing the point. Baise-Moi has much more in common with films like Natural Born Killers and Rafal Sielinski's Fun , and viewers who won't enjoy the nasty music, nasty violence and nasty sex should stick to safe, predictable Hollywood production-line films.  For those with stronger stomachs, this will be a cult film to watch repeatedly.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for sexual violence, real sex and very strong language with previous BBFC cuts waived for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


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Bangistan is a 2015 India comedy by Karan Anshuman.
Starring Jacqueline Fernandez, Rajesh Sharma and Riteish Deshmukh. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Pakistan: Banned

The film has been banned in Pakistan with the Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Censors, Mobashir Hasan, saying:

The film has not been certified and given a complete ban, primarily because it is offensive to Muslims and Hindus living in Pakistan.

The problem with the film is that it's a religious satire, which leaves very little room for any lenience.

The central board has also requested all the provincial boards to put a complete ban on the film, since there is no way in which the film can be edited to suit the audiences.

Singapore: Banned

Banned by the film censors but there is still the possibility of an appeal to the reviewing committee.

UAE: Banned

A day before its grand opening in Dubai, Karan Anshuman's directorial debut, Bangistan, has been banned in United Arab Emirates.

The reason for the ban may be to do with religious sensitivities. In Inida protestors cited an 'objectionable' scene in which a character is dressed up as the Hindu God, Hanuman, and later seen indulging in terrorist activities.

Summary Notes

Two blundering terrorists with lofty ideologies, but ordinary talent, on a mission to change the world.


UK: Passed 12A uncut for moderate innuendo, threat, violence for:
  • 2015 cinema release

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Banglasia is a 2015 Malaysia comedy by Namewee IMDb

Malaysia : Banned in 2015

See  article from

Banned from cinemas in 2015 after 31 scenes were deemed inappropriate by local censors. Government film censors explained the ban:

This film has a title, theme, storyline, scenes and double-meaning dialogue with implicit messages that were feared could raise controversy and public doubt, the response reads, adding that it mocked national security issues, specifically the Lahad Datu intrusion ... ridiculed the capacity and role of security troops in maintaining peace as well as national security ... includes allegations and negative perceptions towards government agencies related to citizenship ... and accentuates negative sociocultural lifestyles such as lesbian gay bisexual transgender (LGBT).

Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 USA family musical romance by Bill Condon.
Starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans. IMDb

Kuwait: Banned in March 2017

Beauty and the Beast opened in Kuwait last week with a PG-13 rating, but by this week, the nation's government-owned cinema company, which runs 11 out of the 13 theaters in the Persian Gulf country, announced that all screenings had been canceled and offered a full refund to anyone who had purchased a ticket.

One board member of the National Cinema Co. told the Associated Press:

We were requested to stop the screening and further censor the movie for things that were deemed offensive by the Ministry of Information's censorship department.

At issue, apparently, is a scene in which a supporting character, LeFou, is depicted as having a romantic fascination for Gaston and is shown dancing with another man in a ballroom scene said to be three seconds long.

Malaysia: Uncut and P13 rated on appeal

Disney's movie Beauty and the Beast has won an appeal against censorship and will now be released uncut with a PG 13 rating.

Malaysian authorities had initially demanded cuts but Disney refused to oblige the censors, choosing to instead to appeal the decision

Disney have now won that appeal, a decision perhaps linked to some members of parliament questioning the need to censor the film, arguing that the debacle was giving Malaysia bad publicity.

Malaysia: Withdrawn after the distributors refused cuts in March 2017

Malaysian censors ordered cuts to the cinema release of Beauty and the Beast, removing what its creators say is a gay moment. Even after the cuts, the censors imposed a P13 rating (a 13A in UK terms). But according to a media report, Walt Disney decided anyway to shelve the film's Thursday release in the country.

Malaysian Censorship Board (LPF) chairman Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid told The Star Online the film has been approved with a P13 parental guidance classification, with a minor cut.

Since 2010 Malaysia's film censorship rules allow the depiction of gay characters, but only if those characters show repentance or are portrayed in a negative light.

Russia: Children banned in March 2017

the Russian government has opted to give the film a rather unviable 16+ rating, a restrictive rating preventing children below that age from seeing the film.

Vyacheslav Telnov, director of the Culture Ministry's cinema department, told Russian entertainment site

We will issue the film distribution license without any problems. The minimum age is 16+.

A 2013 Russian law bans promotion of homosexuality among minors. The law describes homosexuality as non-traditional sexual relations.

Summary Notes

Disney's animated classic takes on a new form, with a widened mythology and an all-star cast. A young prince, imprisoned in the form of a beast, can be freed only by true love. What may be his only opportunity arrives when he meets Belle, the only human girl to ever visit the castle since it was enchanted.

Beirut Hotel

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  • Beyrouth hôtel
  • Beyrouth Hotel
Beirut Hotel is a 2011 France/Sweden/Lebanon drama by Danielle Arbid.
With Charles Berling, Darine Hamze and Fadi Abi Samra. IMDb

Lebanon: Banned

In Beirut Hotel , Zoha, a Lebanese nightclub singer, and Mathieu, a Frenchman on a business trip who may or may not be a spy, repeatedly get together in Mathieu's hotel room in Beirut and have raunchy sex. The film, the third feature by the Lebanese director Danielle Arbid, was banned in her home country.

The reason: not so much the erotic scenes as one the film's subplots, which concerns the 2005 assassination of the former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, which is an explosive topic in the country. The censors claimed that the film's depiction of the political situation would endanger Lebanon's security.

Black Swan

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Black Swan is a 2010 US drama thriller by Darren Aronofsky.
With Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel. YouTube icon IMDb

Barbados: Temporarily banned.

The Film Censorship Board instituted the ban deeming the film inappropriate for viewing because of offensive sexual behaviour. The movie features a scene depicting a lesbian encounter.

Public protest and a petition against the ban got it overturned and the film was eventually released with an R Rating.

UAE: Banned

Mohammad Naser, the UAE cinema censor said: When we find that the amount of editing required takes a big part of the movie, we conclude that there is no point in releasing it.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong sex, language and bloody images for

US: Uncut and MPAA R Rated for:

Blue is the Warmest Colour

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  • Blue Is the Warmest Color
Blue Is the Warmest Colour is a 2013 France/Belgium/Spain romance by Abdellatif Kechiche.
Starring La Seydoux, Adle Exarchopoulos and Salim Kechiouche. IMDb

Banned in France: December 2015

The French 12 rating for Blue is the Warmest Colour was withdrawn in December 2016 over its extended lesbian scenes. This was the result of court case issued by the religious campaign group Promouvoir (Promote). Abdellatif Kechiche's film was re-rated 12 about a year after the ban.

Summary Notes

Adele's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire, to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adele grows, seeks herself, loses herself, finds herself.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for:
Blue Jasmine

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Blue Jasmine is a 2013 USA comedy drama by Woody Allen.
With Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Peter Sarsgaard. YouTube icon IMDb

India: Withdrawn

See  article from

Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine will not be shown in India.

Allen is not one to compromise his artistic vision. He decided not to show the film in India rather than add legally required anti-smoking messages to two scenes.

PVR Pictures Ltd., the Indian distributor said the director considered the required additions, written warnings that appear on screen during scenes with smoking, and found them to be unacceptable.

Summary Notes

A New York socialite, deeply troubled and in denial, arrives in San Francisco to impose upon her sister. She looks a million, but isn't bringing money, peace, or love...


US: Uncut and MPAA PG-13 rated for:

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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is a 2006 USA / UK comedy by Larry Charles.
Starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Ken Davitian and Luenell. BBFC link IMDb

Kazakhstan: Banned for cinema

Unbanned for video and was a big hit.

Malaysia: Banned

Later unbanned and passed 18

Russia: Banned for cinema

Passed 18 for video

UAE: Banned

A censor at Dubai's ministry of information, labelling the comedy vile, gross and extremely ridiculous, added that if all the offensive scenes were cut out, only 30 minutes would remain.

Ukraine : Banned

Summary Notes

Borat Sagdiyev is a TV reporter of a popular show in Kazakhstan as Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man and a leading journalist. He is sent from his home to America by his government to make a documentary about American society and culture. Borat takes a course in New York City to understand American humor. While watching Baywatch on TV, Borat discovers how beautiful their women are in the form of C. J. Parker, who was played by actress Pamela Anderson who hails from Malibu, California. He decides to go on a cross-country road trip to California in a quest to make her his wife and take her back to his country. On his journey Borat and his producer encounter a country full of strange and wonderful Americans, real people in real chaotic situations with hysterical consequences.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong language and sex references for: US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:
The Bridge

Link Here

The Bridge is a 2006 UK/USA documentary by Eric Steel.
With Eric Geleynse, Chris Brown and Susan Ginwalla. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

New Zealand: Banned by the film censor in 2007

Summary Notes

People suffer largely unnoticed while the rest of the world goes about its business. This is a documentary exploration of the mythic beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, the most popular suicide destination in the world, and those drawn by its call. Steel and his crew filmed the bridge during daylight hours from two separate locations for all of 2004, recording most of the two dozen deaths in that year (and preventing several others). They also taped interviews with friends, families and witnesses, who recount in sorrowful detail stories of struggles with depression, substance abuse and mental illness. Raises questions about suicide, mental illness and civic responsibility as well as the filmmaker's relationship to his fraught and complicated material.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for suicide theme and footage of real suicides for: US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:

Bruce Almighty is a 2003 USA comedy fantasy drama by Tom Shadyac.
Starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman. IMDb

Egypt: Banned in November 2003

The Egyptian authorities banned Bruce Almighty for undermining Muslim and other religious values.  The director of artistic censorship, Madkour Thabet, said the American film Bruce Almighty was banned because

it harms the Almighty by daring to have him incarnated by an actor. The film harms all religions and not a particular religion when an actor plays the role of God.

Jordan: Cut in 2003

Several Jordanian MPs urged the government to take to task those responsible for allowing movie theaters to screen the comedy, though some scenes, such as the parting of the Red Sea, were cut.

Malaysia: 18 rated

The film was passed by the country's film censors but caused a bit of stink, resulting in calls for it to be banned. The government stepped in and decided that it need not be banned (as it did not mention Allah), but also upgraded the age certificate to an 18PL rating (18PL, The PL refers to the reason for the rating, PL means various which includes religion).

Summary Notes

Bruce Nolan, a television reporter in Buffalo, N.Y., is discontented with almost everything in life despite his popularity and the love of his girlfriend Grace . At the end of the worst day of his life, Bruce angrily ridicules and rages against God and God responds. God appears in human form and, endowing Bruce with divine powers, challenges Bruce to take on the big job to see if he can do it any better.


UK: Passed 12 uncut for:
Cat Sick Blues

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Cat Sick Blues is a 2015 Australia horror by Dave Jackson.
Starring Matthew C Vaughan, Shian Denovan and Noah Moon. IMDb

New Zealand: Banned in March 2017

This Australian censorship board classified the film MA 15+ for strong horror violence and coarse language. However the New Zealand film censors at the OFLC banned the film as objectionable , with the explanation:

The publication is a low-budget horror film from Australia about a demented serial killer who chooses a rape victim as his next target.

Two excisions were required to remove part of a scene (and related content in a behind-the-scenes component) that causes the DVD to tend to promote and support the use of violence to compel a person to submit to sexual conduct, and the infliction of extreme violence and extreme cruelty under s3(2)(b) and s3(2)(f) of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993.

If the excisions had been made, the DVD would have been classified R18 due to the high extent and degree of gruesome horror, the infliction of serious physical harm and cruelty, and sexual violence.

The distributor declined to make the excisions, so the DVD is classified as objectionable.

Summary Notes

When Ted's beloved cat dies, the trauma triggers a terrible mental breakdown. His broken brain prompts him to bring his feline friend back - all he needs is nine human lives. Ted dons vicious deadly cat claw gloves and a creepy cat mask, and goes on a murderous rampage. As the butchery escalates, a twisted romance blossoms between Ted and Claire, a young woman who has also recently lost her cat in a horrifying incident.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Australia: Uncut and MA 15+ rated for:

The Cell 2

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The Cell 2 is a 2009 USA Sci-Fi horror thriller by Tim Iacofano.
Starring Tessie Santiago, Chris Bruno and Frank Whaley. IMDb Samoa: Banned in 2009

See article from . Listed as one of four films banned in 2009
UK: Passed 18 uncut for:

Promotional Material

Direct-to-video sci fi sequel starring Tessie Santiago as Maya, a young psychic investigator who gained her extrasensory abilities after an attack by a serial killer named 'The Cusp', which put Maya in a coma for one year. Now, The Cusp has returned and Maya must enter the psychopath's mind in order to save his latest victim.

Child 44 is a 2015 Czech Republic / UK / Romania / USA thriller by Daniel Espinosa.
Starring Tom Hardy, Joel Kinnaman and Noomi Rapace. Youtube link IMDb

Russia: Banned in April 2015

Culture Ministry bosses, who claim the movie distorts historical facts, banned the release after a preview raised concerns about Hardy's character and the plot, set in Stalin-era Russia. A statement suggests the film's release in the run-up to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two is unacceptable .

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky claims the movie depicts Russians as physically and morally base sub-humans .

Summary Notes

Based on the first of a trilogy by Tom Rob Smith and set in the Stalin era of the Soviet Union. The plot is about an idealistic pro-Stalin security officer who decides to investigate a series of child murders in a country where supposedly this sort of crime doesn't exist. The state would not hear of the existence of a child murderer let alone a serial killer. He gets demoted and exiled but decides, with just the help of his wife, to continue pursuing the case.

Christopher Robin

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Christopher Robin is a 2018 USA children's musical by Marc Forster.
Starring Hayley Atwell, Ewan McGregor and Chris O'Dowd. IMDb

China: Banned in August 2018

The Children's film Christopher Robin has been banned by Chinese film censors. No reason was given for the denial, but a source pinned the blame on China's crusade against images of the Winnie the Pooh character, which is widely used as a mocking representation of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Last summer, authorities began blocking pictures of Winnie the Pooh on social media when bloggers drew comparisons between the pudgy bear and Xi, which has put the country's censors in overdrive.

Summary Notes

An adult Christopher Robin, who is now focused on his new life, work, and family, suddenly meets his old friend Winnie the Pooh, who returns to his unforgotten childhood past to help him return to the Hundred Acre Wood and help find Pooh's lost friends.


UK: Passed PG uncut for mild threat, brief war violence for:
  • 2018 cinema release

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Climax is a 2018 France musical horror mystery by Gaspar No.
Starring Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic and Souheila Yacoub. BBFC link IMDb

Lebanon: Banned in November 2018

The film was was banned by Lebanese film censors from showing at the Maskoon Film Festival.

Promotional Material

Birth and death are extraordinary life experiences. Life is a fleeting pleasure. Following a successful and visually dazzling rehearsal, a dance troupe celebrates with a party. But when it becomes apparent that someone has spiked the Sangria, the dancers soon begin to turn on each other in an orgiastic frenzy.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong threat, violence, sex references, drug misuse, very strong language:

Link Here
  • Klip
Clip is a 2012 Serbia drama by Maja Milos.
With Isidora Simijonovic, Vukasin Jasnic and Dimitrije Arandjelovic. YouTube icon IMDb

Russia: Banned from cinema screenings

The film was banned over supposedly indecent language and scenes of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as pornographic depictions of sex between minors. The sex scenes are performed by adult body doubles.

Summary Review: Serbian Kids

Jasna is a teenage girl living in the poor suburbs in the south of Belgrade, Serbia. She likes to record everything around her using a mobile phone camera. She spends more and more time hanging out with her school friends, partying and drinking. Jasna starts to experiment with drugs and to skip school.

The main premise of the movie is to give a brutal insight into the everyday life of the Serbian youth through the eyes of a coming-of-age girl entering the adult (sex) life.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Germany : Passed 18 uncut for DVD and Blu-ray

The Club

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  • El Club
The Club (El Club) is a 2015 Chile drama by Pablo Larran.
Starring Roberto Faras, Antonia Zegers and Alfredo Castro. BBFC link IMDb

Italy: Banned across much of Italy in cinemas owned by the church.

The Catholic Church in Italy has effectively banned El Club across much of Italy by declaring it unfit to be shown in any of the theaters owned by the church.

Summary Notes

A crisis counselor is sent by the Catholic Church to a small Chilean beach town where disgraced priests and nuns, suspected of crimes ranging from child abuse to baby-snatching from unwed mothers, live secluded, after an incident occurs.


UK: Passed uncut for very strong verbal references to child sexual abuse for:
Confidential Report: an Australian Transgression

Link Here

Confidential Report: An Australian Transgression is a 2010 Australia documentary by Robert Cettl.
With Mel Kelly, Teri Louise Kelly and Desiree Laz. IMDb

Australia: Effectively banned as too violent for X18+ and too sexy for R18+ See  article from : Banned by the very censorship it sought to expose

A politically charged documentary film, deemed suitable for inclusion in Australia's national film archive, which examines the ethics of censorship has found itself unable to be shown publicly after seemingly falling foul of the very laws it explores. Unable to obtain a rating or certification, the film is now effectively banned by the very censorship it sought to expose.

Since the early 2000s limited scenes of actual sex are allowed in Australia under an R18+ rating. Films like Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs , John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus , Lars Von Trier's Anti-Christ , Gaspar Noe's Irreversible , Nagisa Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses can be shown.

However, while the X18+ rating prohibits any violence, sexual violence or assaultive language in a film with actual sex, the presence of limited actual sex within the R18+ rating allows for an aesthetic combination of hardcore sex, violence and sexual violence, subject to the impact test. [meaningless bollox where by the censors claim to have some objective scale of censorability. Anything they want to ban or cut they describe it as a high impact, and then say it is banned because it is high impact, as if this was some sort of justification].

The intent of Confidential Report: an Australian Transgression is an exploration of these aesthetics and the censorship agenda that supports them, in the context of the specific underground Adelaide, South Australian community that deploys them as artistic tropes and is not in any way offended by them.

The film thus deliberately includes examples of all prohibited content -- actual sex, assaultive language, violence, sexual violence, blasphemy -- but staged in such a matter as to be constantly self-referential and, in terms of the impact test, comparatively mild and as aesthetics, unpolished, raw, home movie and social media inspired.

In so doing, the film depicts (interpretively) exactly the offensive aesthetics that straddle the R18+, X18+ and RC classifications.

As Confidential Report film includes sexually explicit scenes as well as both violence and sexual violence (and sexually assaultive language in performance), it deliberately includes taboo aesthetics as delineated in the Australian Film Classification Board Guidelines as prohibited. It arguably falls between Australia's two adults-only ratings R and X (for non-violent erotica).


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
The Da Vinci Code

Link Here

The Da Vinci Code is a 2006 USA/Malta/France/UK mystery thriller by Ron Howard.
With Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou and Ian McKellen. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Cut by the BBFC for a 12 rating. The Extended Version is uncut at 15. Banned in India.

Egypt: Banned

Censors claimed the movie contained "blasphemous content".

India: Delayed

The release of the movie sparked so much controversy, that its initial release was delayed in India, due to the protest of devout Christians. They lobbied to have the movie banned, but ultimately they were unsuccessful.

Samoa: Banned

The primary objections to the film's content came from leaders of the Samoa Council of Churches, who attended a pre-screening. Alapati Lui Mataeliga, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Apia, said that The Da Vinci Code would affect the belief of young people whose faith was not strong.

Summary Notes

A murder inside the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity.


UK: The Extended Version was passed 15 uncut for moderate bloody violence for:

US: The Extended Version is MPAA unrated for:

The Danish Girl

Link Here

The Danish Girl is a 2015 UK / Germany / USA biography by Tom Hooper.
Starring Amber Heard, Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

United Arab Emirates: Banned in January 2016

A large propotion of ther Gulf Region followed Qatar in Banning the Danish Girl.

Qatar: Banned in January 2016

The Danish Girl has been pulled from cinemas in Qatar following online protests about the depravity of the film, which tells the story of an artist who underwent one of the world's first gender reassignment operations. Representatives from the country's culture ministry wrote on Twitter:

We would like to inform you that we have contacted the concerned administration and the screening of the Danish film is now banned from cinemas. We thank you for your unwavering vigilance.

The film had opened in cinemas in Doha on Thursday only to be banned four days later.

India: Temporarily banned on TV

The film was awarded an uncut adults-only 'A' rating for theatrical release in January 2017. Films have to be cut down for an 'A/O' rating before they can be shown in TV. The censors initially refused saying that cuts could not prevent it from being an adults only film. However an appeals body overturned the original ban, and allowed the broadcast of a version with 14 cuts.

Promotional Material

Based on the book by David Ebershoff, The Danish Girl is the remarkable love story inspired by the lives of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, portrayed by Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) and Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina), and directed by Academy Award winner Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech, Les Misérables). Lili and Gerda’s marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for sexualised scenes for: US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Link Here

Deadpool is a 2016 Canada / USA action Sci-Fi adventure by Tim Miller.
Starring Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano and Ryan Reynolds. Youtube link IMDb

China: Banned in January 2016:

An R rated film is not really suitable for the Chinese market where it was banned by film censors due to its violence, nudity and graphic language. The film was shown uncut at the Beijing Film Festival in April 2018 but the film is still barred from general release.

India: Cut in February 2016:

Deadpool suffered 7 cuts at the hands of the CBFC for an adults only A rating:
  • Mute the words: asshole, motherfucker, bitch, blowjob, touching myself, vagina, dick, cunt, ...
  • Delete visuals of bullet hitting people and splitting their heads open.
  • Delete visuals in love-making scene of all nudity, jerking of bodies and double entendre
  • Delete visuals of lady on a poster touching her private parts
  • Delete visuals of bare bodies is a strip tease club
  • Delete visuals of blood spurts in the climatic fight.

While India's Central Board Of Film Classification (CBFC) has removed strong language like arsehole , blowjob , motherfucker , dick , cock and bitch from Deadpool , the CBFC has allowed the word fuck a free rein in the film. Censor chief Pahlaj Nihalan explained:

We were aware of the 'F' word recurring in the soundtrack. There was no way we could remove them without affecting the dialogues. The word is used like an exclamation, how we use 'Arrey' or 'Oh Teri!' in Hindi and not as an abuse.

We can't be rigid about the use of cuss words. If the 'f..' word is used repeatedly as a term of exasperation or exclamation we can't remove it from the entire film.

Summary Notes

Based upon Marvel Comics most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong bloody violence, strong language, sex references for:
  • 2016 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 13th June 2016
  • 2016 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 13th June 2016
Deadpool 2

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Deadpool 2 is a 2018 USA action comedy adventure by David Leitch.
Starring Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin and Zazie Beetz. BBFC link IMDb

China: Banned in May 2018

The film failed to get past the country's film censors.

India: Cut in May 2018

Strong language was bleeped for an adults only 'A' rating. Sexual humour and violence was allowed to remain.

Summary Notes

After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry's hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the Yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor - finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World's Best Lover.


UK: The Super Duper $@%!#& Cut' was passed 15 uncut for strong bloody violence, sex references, very strong language for:
  • 2018 20th Century Fox [Super Duper Cut + 4k Theatrical Version] RB 4k Blu-ray at UK Amazon
  • 2018 20th Century Fox [Super Duper Cut + Theatrical Version] RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon

US: The Extended Cut/Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2018 20th Century Fox [Super Duper Cut + 4k Theatrical Version] RA 4k Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 21st August 2018
  • 2018 20th Century Fox [Super Duper Cut + Theatrical Version] RA Blu-ray at US Amazon released on 21st August 2018
The Death of Stalin

Link Here

The Death of Stalin is a 2017 France / UK historical comedy biography by Armando Iannucci.
Starring Olga Kurylenko, Jason Isaacs and Steve Buscemi. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Russia: Banned in January 2018

The Russian release of British comedy film The Death of Stalin has been shelved following a screening before senior figures. The Russian attendees complained that the satire contained ideological warfare and extremism. The film's distribution certificate was withdrawn, effectively cancelling its planned release.

The screening was attended by members of parliament as well as representatives from Russian cinema. Yelena Drapeko, deputy head of the lower house of parliament's culture committee, told RBK news she had never seen anything so disgusting in my life.

See also article from by the film's director, Armando Iannucci

Promotional Material

The internal political landscape of 1950's Soviet Russia takes on darkly comic form in a new film by Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated writer/director Armando Iannucci. In the days following Stalin's collapse, his core team of ministers tussle for control; some want positive change in the Soviet Union, others have more sinister motives. Their one common trait? They're all just desperately trying to remain alive. A film that combines comedy, drama, pathos and political manoeuvring, The Death of Stalin is a Quad and Main Journey production, directed by Armando Iannucci, and produced by Yann Zenou, Kevin Loader, Nicolas Duval Assakovsky, and Laurent Zeitoun. The script is written by Iannucci, David Schneider and Ian Martin, with additional material by Peter Fellows.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for very strong language, brief strong violence for:

Link Here
  • The Democrats
Democrats is a 2014 Denmark / Zimbabwe documentary by Camilla Nielsson.
Starring Paul Mangwana, Robert Mugabe and Douglas Mwonzora. IMDb

Zimbabwe: Unbanned in 2018

The ban was overturned by the Zimbabwe High Court in February 2018.

Zimbabwe: Banned in 2015

The reason for the ban was never published but it is believed though that supporters of Robert Mugabe felt it depicted him wrongly as a dictator.

Summary Notes

Two political opponents are appointed to write Zimbabwe's new constitution. It is the ultimate test that can bring an end to President Mugabe's 30 years of autocratic rule. It can go either way: towards the birth of a constitutional democracy - or renewed repression.

Detective Chinatown

Link Here
  • Tang ren jie tan an
Detective Chinatown is a 2015 China action comedy mystery by Sicheng Chen.
Starring Chengpeng Dong, Yedda Chen and Haoran Liu. IMDb

Thailand: Banned in July 2016

This film was banned from screening at the Thailand International Film Destination Festival by government film censors. The reasons were not explained

Summary Notes

After being rejected from the police college, a mannerly man travels to Bangkok where he and an energetic distant relative must solve a murder case.

The Dictator

Link Here

2012 US comedy by Larry Charles.
With Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley. YouTube icon IMDb

Belarus : Banned

Tajikistan: Banned

A Tajik film distributor told the Kyrgyz blog that the real reason that the film is being banned is because of its content, even though other former Soviet republics in the region will be showing the film. It's wrong to compare us with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and with other countries, Daler Davlatov told the site: It's incorrect because we have a different mentality. We're not going to give Dictator a premiere because of these considerations.

Turkmenistan : Banned

Uzbekistan : Cut by 12 minutes


UK: The Extended Cut/Banned & Unrated Version is released for

US: The Extended Cut/Banned & Unrated Version is MPAA Unrated for:

The Dinner Club

Link Here
  • De eetclub
The Dinner Club ( De eetclub) is a 2010 Netherlands thriller by Robert Jan Westdijk.
Starring Bracha van Doesburgh, Thom Hoffman and Halina Reijn. IMDb

Uganda: Banned in May 2017

The Embassy of The Netherlands in Kampala, Uganda announced that the Uganda's censorship board has banned a Dutch film, The Dinner Club, after accusing it of glorifying homosexuality .

The embassy published the full list of objections from the media council which also include using lurid language and smoking, especially by women. The Uganda Media Council described the film as women forming a:

Dinner Club which is, in reality, a sort of brothel, and said the film included scenes of gay men sauntering away drunk. While glorifying homosexuality two women say marriage (presumably to men) is hard work! This is against Ugandan values.

The council also objected to one man calling another a hot chick .

The film was released in 2010 and was due to be shown at a European film festival in Uganda. But the Embassy of the Netherlands said it will no longer taking part in the festival.

Summary Notes

Karen and Michel move with their daughter to an exclusive residential area. She soon finds a new close circle of friends: the women of the Dinner Club, and their husbands. But when two of the Club members commit suicide under suspicious circumstances, Karen starts to have second thoughts about her new friends. She has to choose: will she reveal the truth and dish the dirt, or will she protect the interests of the Dinner Club?


Netherlands: Passed 12cuncut for:
Dirty Grandpa

Link Here

Dirty Grandpa is a 2016 USA comedy by Dan Mazer.
Starring Robert De Niro, Julianne Hough and Zac Efron. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Exists as a Theatrical Version and an Unrated Version. Both were 15 rated by the BBFC. The film was banned in India

India: Banned in March 2016

Dirty Grandpa has been rejected by the CBFC and the appeals Tribunal for its bold content. A source from the CBFC added:

We've placed a ban on Dirty Grandpa because this grandpa is dirtier than any 70-year old man has the right to be. In fact de Niro in this film makes Rishi Kapoorin Kapoor & Sons look like a saint. We wonder why an actor of De Niros caliber did such a foul-mouthed cheap film.

Summary Notes

Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break.


UK: The Unrated Extended Version was passed 15 uncut for strong sex references, strong nudity, drug use, strong language for:
  • 2016 Lions Gate [Extended + Theatrical Versions] RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:


Link Here

Dishoom is a 2016 India action crime comedy by Rohit Dhawan.
Starring Nargis Fakhri, Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez. IMDb

Pakistan: Banned in July 2016

Rohit Dhawan's film Dishoom has been banned in Pakistan. According to reports, Pakistan's censor board contended that the film projected the country in a poor light. Pakistan has a bit of history of banning films where Pakistanis/muslims are the villains of the piece.

Summary Notes

When India's top batsman Viraj goes missing in Middle East, two cops Kabir Shergill and Junaid Ansari from either side of Arabian Sea team for a 36-hours man hunt before the final match between India and Pakistan.

District 9

Link Here

District 9 is a 2009 South Africa / USA / New Zealand / Canada Sci-Fi thriller by Neill Blomkamp.
Starring Sharlto Copley, David James and Jason Cope. IMDb

Nigeria: Banned

The Nigerians in the film welcome the aliens, offering them prostitutes, food and weapons. The Nigerian information minister, Dora Akunyili, wasn't impressed saying:

Why do they want to denigrate Nigerians as criminals, cannibals and prostitutes who sleep with extraterrestrial animals? We've had enough with the stereotypes they have branded us with.

And the film ended up being banned.

Summary Notes

In 1982, a massive star ship bearing a bedraggled alien population, nicknamed "The Prawns," appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty-eight years later, the initial welcome by the human population has faded. The refugee camp where the aliens were located has deteriorated into a militarized ghetto called District 9, where they are confined and exploited in squalor. In 2010, the munitions corporation, Multi-National United, is contracted to forcibly evict the population with operative Wikus van der Merwe in charge. In this operation, Wikus is exposed to a strange alien chemical and must rely on the help of his only two new 'Prawn' friends.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for one use of very strong language and strong bloody violence:
El Inca

Link Here

El Inca is a 2016 Venezuela romance by Ignacio Castillo Cottin.
Starring Alexander Leterni, Scarlett Jaimes and Miguel Ferrari. IMDb

Venezuela: Banned by the courts in December 2016

See  article from

Now, his violent and troubling story is making headlines again, in a politically charged scandal over a banned film about his life. The movie, El Inca, was a box office sensation when it premiered on Nov 25, rising to become the third-most lucrative film of the year in Venezuela in less than three weeks.

But its run came to an abrupt halt on Dec 13, when a judge ordered it removed from theaters and impounded all copies. The court case was brought by Valero's family, which accused director Ignacio Castillo Cottin of slander. But the director alleges politics had more to do with the ruling.

The film was banned by temporary injunction before the defamation trial even got under way. The judge then postponed the first hearing, scheduled for last Monday, because neither he nor the prosecution had seen the movie.

Summary Notes

A tragic love story based in the life of the great Latin American boxer Edwin "El Inca" Valero. The only fight he lost, was the one against himself.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Link Here

Exodus: Gods and Kings is a 2014 UK / USA / Spain drama by Ridley Scott.
Starring Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton and Ben Kingsley. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Banned in UAE, Egypt and Morocco.

Egypt: Banned December 2014

Egypt has banned the Hollywood biblical epic movie Exodus: Gods and Kings for reasons of religious intolerance whilst citing 'historical inaccuracy'

Culture Minister Gaber Asfour told AFP Ridley Scott's blockbuster was rife with mistakes, including an apparent claim that Moses and the Jews built the pyramids. Asfour claimed:

This totally contradicts proven historical facts. It is a Zionist film. It gives a Zionist view of history and contains historical inaccuracies and that's why we have decided to ban it.

Mohammed Afifi, the head of the censorship committee, said he took issue with the scene showing the parting of the Red Sea in which Moses is seen holding a sword like a warrior, instead of a stick. Furthermore, he claimed, the parting of the Red Sea is explained in the movie as a tidal phenomenon rather than a divine miracle.

Malaysia: Banned by the film censor

Banned by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF) as no Prophets are allowed to be depicted on film.

Morocco : Banned December 2014. Unbanned after cuts in January 2015.

Morocco has also banned the film, despite it already having been approved by the state-run Moroccan Cinema Center. Hassan Belkady, who runs Cinema Rif in Casablanca, told media24 news website that he had been threatened with the closure of his business if he ignored the ban.

Film censor Sarim Fassi Fihri said that the film approval Commission, the Ministry of Culture, the owners of cinemas and film distributors, and the Cinematographic Center, had all seen the film and had reservations about a scene which depicts God as a child during the period of revelation to Moses.

Later in January 2015,  Morocco's movie organization announced that the film will be shown in Morocco after Fox Studio agreed to cut sections deemed supposedly sacrilegious to Islam.

The center's statement said that Scott and Fox Studios agreed to remove two lines of dialogue that referred to the personnification of the Divine.

UAE: Banned December 2014

The United Arab Emirates became the latest country to ban the release of Exodus: Gods and Kings . A film censor from the National Media Council, Juma Obeid Al Leem, told Gulf News:

This movie is under our review and we found that there are many mistakes not only about Islam but other religions too. So, we will not release it in the UAE,

  Summary Review

Epic adventure Exodus: Gods and Kings is the story of one man's daring courage to take on the might of an empire. Using state of the art visual effects and 3D immersion, Scott brings new life to the story of the defiant leader Moses as he rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, setting 600,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues.


UK: 2D & 3D versions passed 12 uncut for moderate violence, threat, bloody moments for:

US: Uncut and MPAA PG-13 rated for:

Fahrenheit 9/11

Link Here

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a 2004 USA war documentary drama by Michael Moore.
Starring Michael Moore, George W Bush and Ben Affleck. BBFC link IMDb

Kuwait: Banned

There is a law in Kuwait that forbids criticism on friendly countries. Since the film criticized George W. Bush, the Kuwaiti censor board decided to ban it entirely.

Saudi Arabia: Banned

Banned for the film's criticisms of the Saudi Royal Family.

Summary Notes

Following up on 'Bowling for Columbine', film-maker Michael Moore provides deep and though-provoking insights on the American security system, the level of paranoia, fear, uncertainty, false values and patriotism, which all combined together to set a stage for George W. Bush to launch a war on Iraq instead of focusing on getting the real culprit(s) behind the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This documentary also focuses on how some Saudis were safely and secretly flown out of America while planes were ostensibly grounded after the attacks. Archived film footage, candid interviews with politicians, and an overall waste of public funds for a war that was initiated on false pretension to wit: a weapon of mass distraction - to take the focus away from the real enemy and get Americans glued to their TV sets to watch innocent Iraqis and Afghans getting killed. And a war that would eventually alienate the U.S.A. and it's citizens from almost every country on Earth.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong language and real images of war horror for: US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:
  • 2004 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment R1 DVD at US Amazon released on 5th October 2004
Father's Day

Link Here

Father's Day is a USA/Canada action comedy horror by Adam Brooks, Jeremy Gillespie ...
With Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy and Conor Sweeney. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Australia : Banned but later unbanned on its 3rd attempt after about 40s of cuts. 30s of cuts to the sight of penis and 10s of violence.

The Australian Film Censorship Board explained its original ban:

The film is classified RC in accordance with the National Classification Code:  films that depict, express or otherwise deal with matters of sex, drug misuse or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence or revolting or abhorrent phenomena in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that they should not be classified.

Summary Review: Brilliant

Ahab, a man obsessed with exacting a brutal, violent revenge on the man who murdered his dad, joins John, an eager priest, and Twink, a hot-headed street hustler, on an epic quest to find and defeat this mythical monster known as the Father's Day Killer.

I give it 10 stars from the shear amount of pleasure I got from watching (something I think gets lost in the mix at times). Is this for everybody? Most assuredly not. But if Hobo with a Shotgun sits in a place of honor in your collection this is an absolute must see!


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong violence, gore & sex & scenes of sexual violence & torture for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Fifty Shades Darker

Link Here
  • Cincuenta sombras ms oscuras
Fifty Shades Darker is a 2017 USA romance by James Foley.
Starring Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and Bella Heathcote. BBFC link IMDb
The Theatrical Version is 18 rated in the UK and R rated in the US, but was banned in India. An Unrated Unmasked version will be released on home video.

India: Banned in March 2017

Banned by the CBFC. The film censors nominally noted that the film could be released with all the sex scenes removed but this option was not accepted by the distributors Universal, so the film remains banned.

Malaysia: Banned in 2017

Banned for its overtly-sexual themes and graphic depictions of sex .

Uzbekistan: Re-banned in October 2018

Presumably the film was banned at the time of its release, but the ban has been re-iterated in a list of movies banned from Video on Demand on domestic internet services.

For comparison

UK: The Theatrical Version was passed 18 uncut for strong sex.

US: The Theatrical Version was rated R for strong erotic sexual content, some graphic nudity, and language.

Summary Notes

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her.


UK: BBFC Details not yet published for The Unmasked Edition for: US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
Fifty Shades of Grey

Link Here

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2015 USA romance by Sam Taylor-Johnson.
Starring Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and Jennifer Ehle. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Cambodia: Banned in February 2015

Banned just a day before the movie's expected release on 12 February 2015

India: Banned in March 2015

The film distributor submitted a version with all the nudity pre-cut but it still wasn't enough for the Indian film censor. The sexy dialogue was also too much to bear particularly as the loony new censor is trying to ban strong language in all films.

Indonesia: Banned in February 2015

The distributor in Indonesia said the film would not be shown there as the film did not meet the country's censorship standards.

Kenya: Banned in February 2015

Banned by the state censors of the Kenya Film Classification Board with the announcement on facebook :

The Board wishes to inform the public, film operators and stakeholders that the film, 50 Shades of Grey has been RESTRICTED. It should not be screened or distributed to the public.

Malaysia: Banned in February 2015

The Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF) banned the movie with its chairman Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid saying that the board had found the film to be unfit for the Malaysian audience, calling the flick more like pornography than a movie . He said:

The board made a decision in view of the film containing scenes that are not of natural sexual content. The content is more sadistic, featuring scenes of a woman being tied to a bed and whipped.

Nigeria: Banned in February 2015

Nigeria's National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) has banned Fifty Shades of Grey, but only after the board had let it be shown for about a week. The board cites public interest as the reason for the ban.

Papua New Guinea : Banned in February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey has been refused classification by the Papua New Guinea Censorship Office, preventing it from being shown in cinemas.

Russia: Banned in Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechnya, February 2015

Russian news agency TASS reported that the erotic drama, which opened elsewhere in Russia on Feb. 12 with an 18+ age restriction, has been pulled out by cinemas in the republics of Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechnya .

The initiative to send an address to the region's authorities, requesting that the film be banned, came from young people who are concerned about noticeable interest in the movie from those who are in the early twenties, Ossetian mufti Khadzhimurat Gatsalov was quoted as saying in the report.

TASS also quoted Madina Ayubova , a spokesperson for Kinostar, a theater in Chechnya's capital Grozny, as saying that film won't be exhibited in Chechnya because a lot of what is shown in [the film] contradicts the mentality and religion of the majority of the republic's population.

According to Gatsalov, the film is not going to be exhibited in any of the four remaining North Caucasus republics either.

Singapore: Banned on home video

Singapore's film censors passed the film R21 uncut for mature theme and sexual scenes. However the 21 rating bans the film from sale on home video

UAE: Banned in February 2015

UAE's film censors of the National Media Council have required 35 minutes of cuts due to inappropriate scenes, forcing distributor Four Star Films to pull the film. The council's director of media content Juma Al Leem told the paper.

We reviewed the movie in the presence of the distributor and after he realized how many inappropriate scenes there were, he took the decision not to show the movie himself, before we were able to make a decision.

Uzbekistan: Re-banned in October 2018

Presumably the film was banned at the time of its release, but the ban has been re-iterated in a list of movies banned from Video on Demand on domestic internet services.

Vietnam: Cut by 20 minutes in March 2015

In the days leading up to the release in Vietnam, the movie was banned in Indonesia, neighbouring Cambodia and Malaysia -- whose censors declared it to be more pornography than a movie . This stoked even more anticipation in Vietnam. Newspapers breathlessly speculated about how many minutes of screen time would be devoted to sex scenes, while cinemas created elaborate Red Room displays in their lobbies for people to take risque selfies.

The film was promoted a lot, so it made us excited and curious, says Xuan Thao, who along with thousands of others queued patiently to get a ticket for the film when it opened on Valentine's Day. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about. She left feeling angry and short changed. In this version of Fifty Shades of Grey there is no sex at all.

In total, around 20 minutes of screen time has been cut by the country's censorship committee, excising any scene deemed potentially sensitive. Only a few kisses remain. The lack of passion has infuriated audiences, who hadn't gone for deft plotting or complex characterisation. It's totally ridiculous, Thao complains. This version is rated 16+, but it doesn't need an age restriction; a five-year-old could watch it. Even the trailer was sexier. They'd have been better banning it altogether.

Zimbabwe: Heavily cut in February 2015

Zimbabwe's film censors have demanded heavy editing of the film Fifty Shades of Grey, leading to some movie theatres not screening it.

Two cinema houses in the capital Harare are screening an edited version of the movie. Sam Levy's Village was not screening it with the explanation:

It was felt that heavy censorship would compromise the integrity of the film and thus, a decision has been made by Ster-Kinekor Sam Levy's Village not to screen the film within its complex.

World censors' ratings:

  • Argentina 16
  • Australia: rated MA15+ (15A in UK ratings terminology) for strong sex scenes, sexual themes and nudity
  • Brazil 16
  • Cambodia Banned
  • Canada (Quebec) 16+
  • Canada (Canada except Quebec) 18A
  • Chile 18
  • China Unavailable as distributors think Chinese film censors would ban it
  • Czech Republic: 15
  • Denmark 15
  • Finland 16
  • France 12
  • Germany 16
  • Iceland 16
  • India Banned
  • Indonesia Banned
  • Ireland 18
  • Italy 14
  • Japan R15+ after cuts
  • Japan R18+ uncut
  • Kenya Banned
  • Lebanon 21 uncut
  • Malaysia Banned
  • Netherlands 16
  • New Zealand R18 for sex scenes and offensive language
  • Nigeria Banned
  • Norway 15
  • Papua New Guinea Banned
  • Philippines R-18 after censorship cuts implemented by blurring
  • Portugal M16
  • Russia 18+ (banned in Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechnya)
  • Singapore R21 uncut for mature theme and sexual scenes. However the 21 rating bans the film from sale on home video
  • South Korea 18
  • Spain 16
  • Sweden 15
  • Switzerland 16
  • Thailand 20
  • UAE Banned
  • UK 18 uncut for strong sex
  • US: R rated (17A in UK ratings terminology) for strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behavior and graphic nudity, and for language.
  • Vietnam 16+ after 20 minutes of cuts which were required to make the film suitable for the masses
  • Zimbabwe Heavily cut. Some cinemas have decided that the cut version is not worth showing
Summary Notes

Literature student Anastasia Steele's life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.


UK: Both the Unseen Feature/Extended Version and Theatrical Version were passed 18 uncut for strong sex for:

Link Here

Found is a 2012 USA horror by Scott Schirmer.
Starring Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck and Phyllis Munro. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Australia : Banned but later passed R18+ after about 2 minutes of cuts

The full 103m version was banned in May 2014

The film censor summarised the reasons for the ban as follows:

The film contains prolonged and detailed depictions of sexualised violence, including sexualised torture, mutilation, sexual activity with body parts and cannibalism, which result in a very high degree of impact. As such, this film exceeds what can be accommodated within the R18+ classification.

The Board notes that the film also contains depictions of nonsexual violence. These depictions of violence, which also include viscera, generous blood detail and gore, are mitigated by context and relatively unsophisticated production values to a level which can be accommodated at an R18+ classification. The scenes of sexualised violence, noted below, are more realistic and impactful, and result in a very high impact.

 A cut version missing about 2m was re-banned in August 2014
A further cut version missing about 2m was passed R18+ in August 2014. It was originally noted that the censored version was 7 minutes shorter but it appears that 4minutes of this is attributed to a PAL speedup). In fact the distributor, Monster Pictures, said that a total of about 2m was cut.

UK: Cut in September 2014

Passed 18 for strong bloody violence, sexualised violence, gory images after 4s of BBFC compulsory cuts

The BBFC commented: A cut was required to remove sight of a murderer's erect penis, during a scene of sadistic sexualised violence and threat.

Promotional Material

FOUND is a unique and supremely disturbing coming-of-age story of a boy whose big brother is a serial-killer.

Growing up is tough for Marty. His parents don't understand him and he is bullied at school. He has only his big brother to look up to...that is until he discovers his brother's chilling secret and a severed head in a sports bag at home.

FOUND unravels a gripping and gruesome story that captures what it's like to grow up in the time of VHS tapes and video nasties, as the American dream and everyday suburbia descends into a home-grown hell that will leave even the most hardened horror fan shocked by its disturbing finale.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

UK: Passed 18 for strong bloody violence, sexualised violence, gory images after 4s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:


Link Here

Gandu is a 2010 India drama by .
With Anubrata Basu, Joyraj Bhattacharya and Rii. YouTube icon IMDb

India: Banned

Summary Review: Thrash-Metal Rap

Gandu (variously translated as Arsehole, Wanker and Loser ) is a thrash-metal rap musical about a young dopehead and his lust for fame and sex that, despite being banned in India, has become one of the country's most talked about films, with its explicit opium smoking, foul language and masturbation.

The confusion of a society in thrall to its own ancient morals while increasingly experiencing the wider world is acutely captured in Gandu, whose eponymous hero is an angst-ridden skinhead who yearns to rap with Asian Dub Foundation while loafing and getting high on the streets of Calcutta. Shot in black and white, it features a kung-fu-kicking rickshaw-wallah sidekick and an explicit blowjob scene performed by the director's girlfriend, followed by her squatting brazenly on the young man's face. The movie is a surreal Bengali mix of Jim Jarmusch kookiness and the raw sexuality of Nagisa Oshima, and is absolutely nothing like any Indian film I've ever seen. Gandu Gandu, a thrash-rap musical.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
Get Hard

Link Here

Get Hard is a 2015 USA comedy by Etan Cohen.
Starring Alison Brie, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Exists as a Theatrical Version and an Extended Version which contains a couple of extra lewd scenes.

India: Withdrawn by the film distributor

Days before its premiere, Warner Brothers decided to withdraw the film's Indian release, fearful of the unpredictable cuts the CBFC would invariable inflict on their film.

Promotional Material

When millionaire hedge fund manager James (Will Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, the judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Desperate, he turns to Darnell (Kevin Hart) to prep him for a life behind bars.


UK: The Extended Version was passed 15 uncut for strong language, sex references for:

US: The Extended Version is MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2015 Warner Home Video [Unrated + Theatrical Versions] RA Blu-ray at US Amazon


Ghostbusters is a 2016 USA action comedy by Paul Feig.

It was widely reported in the world's press that China banned the Ghostbusters remake, citing censorship rules prohibiting anything to do with religion or the supernatural. It seems that the distributors were well aware of the censor's rules and opted to not submit it to the government film censors.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Link Here

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a 2013 USA action thriller by Jon M. Chu.
With Dwayne Johnson, D.J. Cotrona, Channing Tatum. YouTube icon IMDb

Pakistan: Banned

The censors found that the film portrays Pakistan negatively, not just on the issue of the war on terror, but also in the context of the country's international standing. The following scenes were considered to be unfair representation of the country:
  • Initial scenes depicting Pakistan as a failed state
  • Fictionally portraying a foreign invasion of Pakistan's nuclear installations.
  • A scene showing the assassination of the Pakistani president and the imposition of martial law


UK: Passed 12 uncut for:
The Girl on the Train

Link Here

The Girl on the Train is a 2016 USA mystery thriller by Tate Taylor.
Starring Laura Prepon, Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson. BBFC link IMDb

Kuwait: Banned in October 2016

Banned by government film censors but the reason is not yet clear.

Qatar: Banned in October 2016

The authorities banned the film very near to the cinema release for reasons that are not yet clear.

For comparison:

  • UK BBFC: Passed 15 uncut for strong language, sex, violence.
  • US MPAA: Rated R for violence, sexual content, language and nudity

Promotional Material

Rachel, devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasising about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds. The Girl On The Train is a darkly addictive thriller based on the international publishing phenomenon.


UK: The cinema release was passed 15 uncut for strong language, sex, violence US: Uncut and MPAA Rated R for violence, sexual content, language and nudity for:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Link Here

2011 US/Sweden/UK/Germany crime drama by David Fincher.
With Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and Christopher Plummer. YouTube icon IMDb


India's Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) decided that the movie contained too much nudity - five scenes to be exact. Now, according to Variety, distribution has been cancelled entirely because David Fincher refuses to cut the film.

A spokesperson for Columbia Pictures in India said, The Censor Board has adjudged the film unsuitable for public viewing in its unaltered form and, while we are committed to maintaining and protecting the vision of the director, we will, as always, respect the guidelines set by the board.


The film was to be released on March 2, but its international distributor, Sony Pictures, decided not to release it in Vietnam since the National Film Board requires the studio cut sensitive scenes from the movie, Tuoitre news reported.


The new film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has been very well received by the critics, but will not be screened in the UAE because the film makers have refused to accept the eight cuts suggested by the censors.

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to make the cuts that were necessary for it to be screened. The filmmakers wouldn't allow it Piroska Szakacs from Empire International told The National.


Nudity is pixellated



US: Uncut and MPAA R Rated for:


Link Here
  • Gurotesuku
Grotesque is a 2009 Japan crime horror thriller by Kji Shiraishi.
With Tsugumi Nagasawa, Hiroaki Kawatsure and Shigeo sako. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Norway: Banned in 2009

This was probably banned when the Censorship Authority in Norway saw that it was banned in Britain, and thought it was a good idea to ban it in Norway as well.

UK:  Banned in 2009

The Unrated Version was banned by the BBFC for 2009 4Digital Media DVD

Summary Notes

An unnamed doctor has always had everything he's ever wanted, but that has only made him develop more extreme and depraved needs. He kidnaps a young couple in the prime of their life together and forces them into a game of torment that slowly extinguishes their hopes for survival.

Very tame! Yes the film has pointless torture, but it has very little nudity and any sexual humiliation is implied and is never in the view of the camera. Very hard to see why this was banned.

This movie is a prime example of pointless torture movies, While in context the aspect of torture in a horror film i.e. Saw, Hellraiser, Texas chainsaw (the original) etc... works great because it's bad people getting their come uppance or just a cautionary of the cruelty of man but this film is just a fictionalized snuff film with no story what so ever. Watching people getting brutally killed (particularly those who were just there) for the bulk of the movie then.... "the end" after some silly f/x does nothing for me except feeling a little dirty for watching this piece of trash.


France: Uncut for:

US: MPAA Unrated for:

Malaysia : Uncut for:


Link Here

Haider is a 2014 India crime romance by Vishal Bhardwaj.
Starring Shahid Kapoor, Tabu and Shraddha Kapoor. IMDb

Pakistan: Banned in October 2014

Citing the film's sensitive content , Pakistan's Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) decided against the release of the film in Pakistan. A CBFC employee told The Express Tribune that Haider's controversial topic and propagandist nature are the reasons for this.

A senior official at the CBFC maintained that the film's ban:

Has nothing to do with the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India. Any film that is on a controversial topic, such as the Kashmir issue, will most likely not be released in the country.

The film is against the ideology of Pakistan. We have a professional panel of reviewers that assesses films while keeping in mind factors that a layman can't understand. He stated that certain Hindi words used in a film may seem harmless to an average audience member, but can have adverse effects on our culture.

Summary Notes

Vishal Bhardwaj's adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Haider - a young man returns home to Kashmir on receiving news of his father's disappearance. Not only does he learn that security forces have detained his father for harboring militants, but that his mother is in a relationship with his very own uncle. Intense drama follows between mother and son as both struggle to come to terms with news of his father's death. Soon Haider learns that his uncle is responsible for the gruesome murder, what follows is his journey to avenge his father's death.

Half a Yellow Sun

Link Here

Half of a Yellow Sun is a 2013 Nigeria/UK drama by Biyi Bandele.
Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton and Anika Noni Rose. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Nigeria: Banned in April 2014. Cut and unbanned in July 2014.

The censorship board refused to grant a certificate in time for the premiere According to the director, Biyi Bandele, the movie was essentially banned as the country's film censorship board refused to issue the movie a certificate. Bandele said officials seemed to be

Jittery about its content. That it deals with the Biafran War (from 1967 to 1970). That it might incite people to violence.

Bandele denounced what he characterized as a blatant attempt to suppress discussion about a crucial if painful episode in Nigeria's coming-of-age:

It is seriously shocking that someone would presume to be this arbiter of what Nigerians want and don't want to see.

The film was unbanned in July 2014 with an 18 rating after censor cuts. The film will be released in August 2014.

Promotional Material

Based upon the acclaimed novel, Academy Award nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor stars in this beautiful sweeping story of two sisters caught up in the events of the Nigerian civil war, ending in chilling violence which shocked the entire world.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong violence, sex for:

US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:


Link Here

Hanger is a 2009 Canada horror video by Ryan Nicholson
With Debbie Rochon, Dan Ellis and Nathan Dashwood. YouTube icon IMDb

Australia: Banned by the Classification Board for:

  • 2012 Bounty DVD

See  article from . The Australian Film Censor explained the ban as follows:

The film contains depictions of explicit sexual violence and sexualised violence that are very high in impact, as well as prolonged depictions of violence which are offensive and/or have a very high degree of impact. Depictions of violence include detailed mutilation and disfigurement, viscera and shattered bone as well as blood gushes, splatter and spray.

A male character is tortured with a blow torch while two others are choked to death - one with excrement and the other with a used tampon. Sexual themes underpin the depictions of violence with pornographic footage and still images featuring full frontal nudity with genital detail and explicit sexual intercourse frequently viewed in the background.

Other scenes of violence are cut with depictions of sexual activity and/or sexualised nudity. The sexual content and sexualised context both serve to heighten the overall impact of the violence viewed throughout the film.

This content exceeds what can be accommodated within the R18+ classification and, as such, is Refused Classification.

UK: Never submitted for release

Germany: Hanger was released July 2009 in a severely cut and censored version for the German market. Unfortunately a torrent version of this was spread around the world and undermined the standing of the film.

Summary Review: New Depths

Hardcore gore from Ryan Nicholson who previously directed Gutterballs, another extreme gore video that hasn't made it to the UK.

The director describes his film as:

A horrifying tale of revenge that begins with a back-alley abortion, and ends with a bloodbath so vicious that it brings a new meaning to an eye for eye. From pimps to dealers and hookers to junkies, this film dives headfirst into the depths of human depravity.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
Happy Hour in Paradise

Link Here
  • Prsten i paradiset
Happy Hour in Paradise is a 2015 Sweden comedy by Kjell Sundvall.
Starring Agnes Kittelsen, Eva Rse and Atle Antonsen. IMDb

Thailand: Banned in July 2016

Banned from screening at the Thailand International Film Destination Festival by government film censors. Presumably they felt that the sexy goings on are not a good advertisement for Thailand.

Summary Notes

Kjell Bergqvist is a priest for the Swedish church in Thailand, and he is happy with his easy life in an exotic paradise. Maybe he drinks a little too much and maybe he flirts a little too much with the married women.


Sweden: Uncut and 15 rated for:
High School DxD

Link Here

High School DxD is a Japan action anime comedy
Starring Jamie Marchi, Terri Doty and Kyle Phillips. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

New Zealand: Banned

  • Banned as 'objectionable' in 2014
See  OFLC Annual Report 2014 [pdf] from :

The DVD is classified objectionable. The publication is the first set of episodes of a Japanese anime series set in high school about a sex-obsessed schoolboy who becomes part of the supernatural world. The DVD tends to promote and support the sexual exploitation of young persons. All of the young female characters are highly sexualised and fetishised. They are relentlessly depicted as nude or in limited sexualised clothing. Focus is made on their breasts and youthful bodies in such a way as to titillate and arouse the viewer. Their youthfulness is emphasised by the high school setting, their school uniforms and their engagement in high school activities. Episodes are separated by photo stills of the female characters sexually posing, reminiscent of adult pornographic material. The credits feature these characters performing strip tease. The scenes are constructed wholly for the sexual benefit of the viewer. The main purpose of this treatment is to reinforce the notion that young persons are sexually desirable and available. It encourages and legitimises the pursuit of young persons as viable adult sexual partners.

Summary Notes

The story follows Issei Hyodo, a dim-witted, lecherous second-year high school student who is killed by a girl on his first date ever. Issei is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day forward, he serves as an underling of Riasu, a high-level devil who is also the prettiest girl on Issei's campus.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong sex references, nudity, strong language, violence, sexual threat for:
House on the Edge of the Park

Link Here

House on the Edge of the Park is a 1980 Italian horror thriller by Ruggero Deodato
With David Hess and Annie Belle. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

New Zealand: Banned as 'objectionable' in 2014

See  OFLC Annual Report 2014 [pdf] from :

This film is deemed objectionable because it tends to promote and support violence and coercion to compel women to submit to sexual conduct.

The film is dominated by numerous scenes of sexual violence. It opens on a graphic scene of rape that is not supported by context. The narrative then follows two men as they terrorise a group of people, particularly the female members of the group, who they repeatedly subject to sexual violence. Gratuitous lingering shots of nudity and other cinematic effects such as romantic music and lighting during the scenes of assault and rape support this purpose. The sexual violence is not contextualized or explored beyond the superficial presentation of the conduct. The victims appear aroused by, unaffected by and thus collusive in the violence perpetrated against them; this feeds into the intrinsic rape myth dialogue of the publication. Viewers are relentlessly exposed to titillating images that eroticise sexual humiliation and violence.

All of these factors invite viewers to become complicit in events and to take vicarious pleasure in the men's misogyny and the victims' humiliation and dehumanisation. Further, due to the publication's proliferation of rape myths and relentless eroticized presentation of sexual violence, people who have been subjected to any form of sexual abuse will be re-traumatized by the film's depictions of violence and sexual violence. The legitimization of these rape myths also irredeemably serves to validate viewers' misconceptions of sexual violence and thus their real world response to sexual violence.

The Classification Office is aware that cut versions of the feature have been released in the United Kingdom and has considered whether a different classification might be possible if excisions were made. However the distributor has notified the Classification Office that any excisions will not be made, so in this instance they have not been recommended.

UK: Once banned, now cut

Banned by the BBFC for 1981 cinema release. Banned as a video nasty in 1983. Unbanned after 12 minutes of cuts in 2002. Cuts reduced to 43s in 2011.

The BBFC commented in 2011:

Company was required to make cuts to one sequence of sexualised violence in which a razor is traced over a woman's naked body, after which her body is cut with the razor.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

Link Here
  • Human Centipede 2
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) is a 2011 Netherlands/UK horror by Tom Six.
With Laurence R Harvey and Ashlynn Yennie. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
Famously banned in the UK for 2011 DVD but later passed 18 after heavy cuts. Also temporarily banned in Australia before later being passed R18+ with cuts. A cut version was released in the US Unrated by the MPAA. Later it was released uncut as the Director's Cut, still MPAA Unrated. Banned in New Zealand.

New Zealand: Banned

  • Banned as 'objectionable' in April 2012

UK: Temporarily banned

Australia: Temporarily banned
  • Originally passed R18+ uncut by the Classification Board
  • Banned on appeal by the Review Board in November 2011. The appeal was requested by NSW Attorney General, Greg Smith
  • Unbanned by the Classification Board after 30s of cuts in December 2011.
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) was banned by the Australian Classification Review Board (ACRB). The review was the result of an appeal against the previously uncut R18+ certificate awarded by the Classification Board. The appeal was requested by Australia's Justice Minister Brendan O'Connor, reportedly on the advice of the New South Wales Attorney General Greg Smith.

From the ACRB's official press statement:

A three member panel of the Classification Review Board has by unanimous decision determined that the film The Human Centipede II (full sequence) is classified RC (Refused Classification).

In the Review Board's opinion, The Human Centipede II (full sequence) could not be accommodated within the R 18+ classification as the level of depictions of violence in the film has an impact which is very high.

In addition, the film must be refused classification because it contains gratuitous, exploitative or offensive depictions of violence with a very high degree of impact and cruelty which has a high impact.

Films classified RC cannot be sold, hired, or advertised in Australia.

Summary Review: Sick Fantasy

Inspired by the fictional Dr. Heiter, disturbed loner Martin dreams of creating a 12-person centipede and sets out to realize his sick fantasy.

This is the type of movie you will either like or hate, I doubt there will be much in between. The film is quite shocking, but not the most outrageous of the genre.

Actor Laurence R Harvey is masterful as Martin yet doesn't utter a single word of dialogue.


US: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:
The Hunger Games

Link Here

2012 US Sci-Fi action film by Gary Ross.
With Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. IMDb

Vietnam: Banned

  • Banned as being 'too violent' with a theme of kids killing kids. Perhaps more to do with Vietnam not being happy with a film that shows youngsters fighting back against a totalitarian state.

UK:  Cut

  • Cut for a 12A Rating in the UK

Promotional Material: Survival vs humanity

Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the Capitol of the nation of Panem forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen volunteers in her younger sister's place and must rely upon her sharp instincts when she's pitted against highly trained Tributes who have prepared their entire lives. If she's ever to return home to District 12, Katniss must make impossible choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.


UK: The International Version was passed 15 uncut for strong violence and threat for:

US: Uncut and MPAA PG-13 rated for:

Hunter Killer

Link Here

Hunter Killer is a 2017 China / USA action thriller by Donovan Marsh.
Starring Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler and Michael Nyqvist. IMDb

Russia: Unbanned in November 2018

The film was granted a licence a week after it was pulled. Russia's culture minister Vladimir Medinsky confirmed the film would be granted a license, but criticized the movie: This is a banal, boring and ultimately stupid film

Russia: Banned in November 2018

Critics say the Kremlin banned it because it shows a Russian president being deposed and kidnapped in a coup before being rescued by American soldiers.

Moscow claimed the film's license was revoked because producers had not provided a good enough copy for its state archive.

Ukraine: Banned in October 2018

Though there is no official explanation of the ban in Ukraine, reports have cited a Ukrainian law which bans films popularising a military of the aggressor state or creating a positive image of its employees.

Summary Notes

An untested American submarine captain teams with U.S. Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general.

I am Chut Wutty

Link Here

I am Chut Wutty is a 2015 UK / Cambodia animation biography by Fran Lambrick and Vanessa de Smet.
Starring Helen Mirren, John Lynch and Donal McCann. IMDb

Cambodia: Banned in April 2016

Cambodia's Ministry of Censorship Culture has banned a screening of a documentary film about murdered environmentalist Chut Wutty and threatened strong action against the venue if films continue to be shown without first being cleared by the government. A letter sent from the Ministry to Meta House yesterday states:

The film has not been subject to a content check and was made without permission for shooting from the ministry and competent authorities.

Chhay Bora, president of the Motion Picture Association of Cambodia noted that often films have been shot and screened without permission and the blocking of I Am Chut Wutty may be because this is a sensitive topic .

Summary Notes

In one of the last remaining wildernesses in South East Asia, Cambodian community activists are struggling to defend their forest home. Their leader, Chut Wutty, defies threats and intimidation to investigate the corrupt logging syndicates. At an illegal, military controlled site in the Cardamom Mountains Wutty is stopped and shot dead. Featuring exclusive footage with Wutty in the months leading up to his death, I am Chut Wutty asks why did he die, and can his network fight for the forest without him?


UK: Uncut and BBFC unrated for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

I am Gay and Muslim

Link Here

I Am Gay and Muslim is a 2012 Netherlands/Morocco documentary biography by Chris Belloni.
With Rayan Rayan. YouTube icon   IMDb

Kyrgyzstan: Banned

Summary Review: Secretiveness

This intimate documentary follows a number of young Moroccan gay men in their exploration of their religious and sexual identity. The men portrayed in the film openly share their personal experiences and talk about the ambiguity and secretiveness of the life they feel condemned to live.

I Spit on Your Grave

Link Here

I Spit on Your Grave is a 2010 US revenge film by Steven R Monroe.
With Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson and Andrew Howard. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Summary Notes

A writer who is brutalized during her cabin retreat seeks revenge on her attackers, who left her for dead.

New Zealand: Banned by the New Zealand's OFLC with the following justification:

The [2010 remake] contains long and realistic scenes showing the brutal terrorisation and rape of a woman by a group of men. Later scenes show her implausible but sadistic vengeance against her tormentors.

It encouraged attitudes that contribute to sexual violence, torture by terror and other extremes of cruelty and violence, particularly against women.

The treatment of the woman before she is raped, is an all-too-plausible and realistic version of the kind of abuse meted out to many women. There is minimal effort to explain the sadistic behaviour of the male characters.

The length of the scenes and their gratuitous focus on [her] suffering offer maximum opportunity for misogynistic pleasure. Viewers are repeatedly invited to share the point of view of the rapists and are therefore placed in the position of prurient voyeurs.

Some viewers may well identify with male dominance and power, and echo the men's enjoyment of the woman's terror and humiliation.

UK: Passed 18 after 17 BBFC cuts totalling 43s


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
I Spit on Your Grave

Link Here
  • Day of the Woman
  • I Hate Your Guts
  • The Rape and Revenge of Jennifer Hill
I Spit on Your Grave is a 1981 US revenge film by Meir Zarchi.
With Camille Keaton, Eron Tabor and Richard Pace. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
The film was banned as one of the most notable video nasties in 1983. It was unbanned after massive BBFC cuts for 2001 and 2006 DVD. These cuts were reduced to about half in 2010. Cut in the US for an R rating but MPAA Unrated releases are uncut.

See also BBFC Case Study: I Spit on your Grave (1978) from

Ireland : The version with BBFC cuts from 2010 was banned on video by the Irish censor in 2010.

See article from . IFCO commented:

Prohibited in accordance with Section 7 of The Video Recordings Act 1989 on the grounds that in the opinion of the Acting Director of Film Classification it depicts acts of gross violence and cruelty (including torture) towards Humans

UK: Banned as a video nasty for 1982 Wizard/Astra VHS
The video was one of the prime targets of the moral press and it was listed as a Video Nasty in July 1983. It stayed on the list throughout so is therefore one the collectable DPP39s

Summary Review: Brutal

The film is evenly paced and unrelenting. One is forced to confront the brutality of rape and violence.

The actress is quite convincing and deserves recognition. The men are sickening and easily hated; they are just vicious animals without any redeeming qualities, yet they are believable.

Without question, the rape scenes are some of the most disturbing moments in cinematic history. The castration scene is unparalleled.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for: Germany: Uncut for:
I Want Your Love

Link Here

I Want Your Love is a 2012 USA gay drama by Travis Mathews.
With Jesse Metzger, Brontez Purnell, Ben Jasper. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Australia: Banned from film festival showings by the Australian Censorship Board in 2013

Promotional Material

The hotly anticipated debut feature film from director Travis Mathews (INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR) is a bold and unflinching look at gay relationships among a group of San Francisco friends, which includes scenes of real sex, striking controversy amongst global film censors, including Australia where the film was banned in 2013.

After a decade of living in San Francisco, Jesse is forced to move back to his Midwestern roots because he can no longer afford the city. On his final night in the city, friends and ex-lovers gather for a going away party that promises to heighten Jesse's already bittersweet feelings about leaving into sharper focus. Torn between his creative dreams and the reality of earning a living, he's forced to take responsibility by redefining what it means to be an artist, a gay man, and an adult.

Featuring music from The Chromatics, I WANT YOUR LOVE is a passionate and deeply intimate film, that dares to capture the uncensored zeitgeist of modern-day San Francisco unlike any film before it.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong real sex for:
Ichi the Killer

Link Here
  • Koroshiya 1
  • Koroshiya ichi
Ichi the Killer is a 2001 Japan action crime comedy by Takashi Miike.
Starring Tadanobu Asano, Nao mori and Shin'ya Tsukamoto. YouTube icon   BBFC link IMDb

Germany: Banned

The film has been banned and subsequently cut by 18 minutes

Malaysia: Banned

Norway: Banned in 2001:

Censorship Authority in Norway believes that Ichi The Killer contrary to the Penal Code section 382, relating to improper use of severe violence for entertainment purposes.

UK: Cut for an 18 rating

The BBFC has required 11 cuts (approximately three and a quarter minutes of screen time) to the Japanese cinema film Ichi the Killer . The cuts have been made to remove extreme sexualised violence. These are the most substantial cuts required by the BBFC to an 18 rated film since 1994.

New Zealand: The cut UK version was released in New Zealand

Hong King: Cut by 13 minutes

US: Cut for an MPAA R rating

Summary Review

As sadomasochistic yakuza enforcer Kakihara searches for his missing boss he comes across Ichi, a repressed and psychotic killer who may be able to inflict levels of pain that Kakihara has only dreamed of.

I have come away with the impression that Miike is a brilliant filmmaker capable of forcing extreme reactions from his viewers. Hollywood should take note of this guy and bring him over here for a project or two.  Miike's warped visions would send American censors scrambling for a sedative, and most mainstream viewers would recoil from the graphic nature of this director's films.

A word of warning for those thinking of indulging in "Ichi the Killer": the movie is loaded with sadism, gore, black comedy, and all around unpleasantness. It's a tough watch, even for a gore fan.

In a Glass Cage

Link Here
  • Tras el cristal
In a Glass Cage is a 1987 Spain drama by Agustí Villaronga.
With Günter Meisner, David Sust and Marisa Paredes. YouTube icon IMDb

Australia: Banned

  • The Mardi Gras Film Festival 1995 showing was banned by the Australian film. The ban was confirmed on appeal. See article from
  • The 2005 DVD release was banned by the film censor and this was confirmed on appeal.

UK: Never made it to the UK, perhaps in [probably misplaced] fear of BBFC censorship.

Summary  Review: A Black Heart

A former Nazi doctor-turned-pedophile, paralyzed from the neck down after a suicide attempt, is forced to accept a boy as his nurse under threat of blackmail. The boy possesses the man's diary, which details his wartime experiments and his subsequent descent into pedophilia and murder. Before long, the boy displays his ambition to follow in the older man's footsteps.

Although it is frequently mesmerizing and brilliantly filmed, its aesthetic beauty is unable to disguise its nihilism and black heart. The film nevertheless presents one of the only truly effective psychological portraits of human evil on film. It's a schizophrenic film to say the least. But it's an unforgettable one, as well.


Spain : released uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

India's Most Wanted

Link Here

India's Most Wanted is a 2019 India action thriller by Raj Kumar Gupta (as Rajkumar Gupta)
Starring Arjun Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma and Gaurav Mishra. BBFC link IMDb

Dubai: Banned in May 2019

Film censors in UAE banned the film when the producers declined to delete a line of dialogue saying that most terrorists are based either in Pakistan or Dubai,

The director, Raj Kumar Gupta, explained:

Yes the film will not release in Dubai. There were some issues which could not be sorted and hence this decision. Yes the said dialogue is there in the film and it is a factual one based on the research that has been conducted. So we did not want to do away with the dialogue and decided on retaining it in the film even if it entailed a non-release in Dubai.

Summary Notes

India's Most Wanted is an upcoming Bollywood action thriller film directed by Raj Kumar Gupta starring Arjun Kapoor and Amrita Puri. The film is about tracking a terrorist in a secret mission and arresting him without firing bullets. It pays tribute to unsung heroes of our society.

Insects in the Backyard

Link Here

Insects in the Backyard is a 2010 Thailand drama by Tanwarin Sukkhapisit.
Starring Nonpavit Dansriboon, Suchada Rojmanothum and Tanwarin Sukkhapisit. IMDb

Thailand: Banned in 2010

The film was banned in 2010 on the grounds that it infringed good public morals through its many scenes of sexual intercourse and prostitution.

The ban was challenged in court n 2015, the court ruled that the film's content did not contradict good morals but that a three-second scene containing pornographic content should be banned.

If the scene in question was cut, the film could be screened with a 20+ audience rating.

Summary Notes

In the absence of their parents, Johnny (15) and Jennifer (17) are being brought up by their "big sister" Tanya, an overdressed transvestite who eats and smokes too much and causes both kids endless embarrassment. It's a situation ripe for problems (actually, more complicated than I've made it sound), and Tanwarin's debut feature - as director, writer and star - explores those problems with unbridled determination. Both kids mess up their pursuit of romance, in the ways that teenagers do, and both look for ways to break away from the family home and become independent. For Johnny, this entails going into male prostitution, which is as much an attempt to erase his own self-esteem as a way of earning some fast bucks. Jenny makes other mistakes, but both of them wind up deeply dissatisfied. And Tanya? When Johnny catches her trying to seduce one of his buddies, things start to go downhill for her too.

The Interview

Link Here

The Interview is a 2014 USA action comedy by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.
Starring James Franco, Seth Rogen and Randall Park. IMDb

US: Initially banned by North Korea

Producers Sony were hacked by an organisation slightly unconvincingly attributed to North Korea. The hackers seemingly threatened violence against cinemas showing the film and unsurprisingly cinemas pulled out from showing the film. Sony responded by totally withdrawing the film from theatrical release.

Sony later allowed smaller independent cinemas to show the film but larger cinema chains chose not to screen the film

The 'ban' soon fizzled out.

Cambodia : Banned from cinema and TV

The Cambodian government responded to a request from North Korea to ban the movie. The government promised that the film would be banned from TV and cinema but seemed to lack the ability to control distribution via DVD. Not a formal ban as distributors dodn't then bother submit the film for approval for a thatrical release.

Malaysia: Banned or political content

North Korea: Banned

North Korean censors must have said something along the lines: Thou shalt not mock our much beloved dictator Kim Jong-un.

Summary Notes

Dave Skylark and his producer Aaron Rapoport run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show "Skylark Tonight." When they discover that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong sex references, bloody violence, very strong language for:

US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:

Inxeba The Wound

Link Here

Inxeba is a 2017 South Africa / Germany / Netherlands / France gay romance by John Trengove.
Starring Nakhane Tour, Bongile Mantsai and Niza Jay. BBFC link IMDb

South Africa: Censors censured

Award-winning movie Inxeba's reclassification as pornography has been overturned by the High Court in Pretoria' on the grounds that it was procedurally unfair and unlawful.

However, Judge Joseph Raulinga has stressed that Inxeba (The Wound)' which depicts a homosexual relationship between two men at an initiation school' violated the rights to dignity of Xhosa people. Furthermore' he said' if cultural beliefs and practices are to be considered' the film is harmful and disturbing and exposes 16-year-olds to the sexual conduct depicted in the film.

South Africa: Provisionally unbanned by the High Court in March 2018

Unbanned by a Pretoria High Court Order and will be back on mainstream cinema screens again from  March 9.

This is the result of a High Court order granted in the urgent application brought by Webber Wentzel on behalf of the film's producers and distributor to reverse the X18 rating and enables the film to return to the public domain and be relieved of its imprisonment in sex shops, branded as pornography.

While this outcome has provided momentary relief to the film as it can be screened in mainstream cinema with the rating of 18, the lifting of the ban is, however, only temporary, pending the outcome of review proceedings before the court, which will be heard on March 28.

South Africa: Banned from cinemas in February 2018

Inxeba (The Wound) is a film centred around an African custom of adulthood initiation via a circumcision ritual. It contains two simulated sex scenes and has a gay storyline.

South African film censors at Film and Publication Board (FPB} originally awarded a straightforward 16 LS rating for language and sex.

The gay theme wound up local conservatives of the Gauteng branch of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of SA (Contralesa) and cultural organisation the Man and Boy Foundation and an appeal against the rating was lodged.

The result of the appeal was that the rating was upgraded to an X18 rating which is generally reserved for explicit hardcore pornography. Similarly to the UK, the movie can then only be screened at licensed porn cinemas, and it is effectively banned from mainstream cinemas.

Summary Notes

Xolani, a lonely factory worker, travels to the rural mountains with the men of his community to initiate a group of teenage boys into manhood. When a defiant initiate from the city discovers his best-kept secret, Xolani's entire existence begins to unravel.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong sex, language, drug misuse for:
  • 2018 Peccadillo/Saffron Hill R2 DVD at UK Amazon
  • 2018 cinema release
The Irrefutable Truth About Demons

Link Here
  • The Truth About Demons
The Irrefutable Truth About Demons is a 2000 New Zealand horror thriller fantasy by Glenn Standring.
With Karl Urban, Katie Wolfe, Jonathon Hendry. YouTube icon IMDb


  • Banned by the CBFC in 2001

Summary Review: Horror Gem

Anthropologist Harry Ballard researches obscure demon cults and sects since his brother died, victim of one of those same demon-worshiping cults. One day he receives a threat from a so-called Black Convent, whose leader seeks to prey on Ballard. With the help of a strange, sexy woman he makes his way through the night in search of his salvation and the redemption of his lost brother.

Karl Urban has a hand in making this a horror gem. There are plenty of fast and violent action scenes with a lot of occult symbolism. Highly recommended


UK: Passed 18 uncut for:

Link Here

Jigsaw is a 2017 USA / Canada horror thriller by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig.
Starring Laura Vandervoort, Tobin Bell and Callum Keith Rennie. BBFC link   IMDb

Malaysia: Banned in 2017

The film was banned by the country's film censor for strong horror themes and gruesome violence

Summary Notes

Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for trong bloody violence, injury detail for:
Jolly LLB 2

Link Here

Jolly LLB 2 is a 2017 India comedy drama by Subhash Kapoor.
Starring Sudhanva Deshpande, Avijit Dutt and Nikhil Dwivedi. IMDb  

Pakistan: Banned in February 2017

The reason is put down to  the Pakistan film censors policy rule to ban all Indian films referencing Kashmir, a region with a long history of dispute between India and Pakistan.
UK: Cut in 2017
Passed 12A for moderate violence, occasional bloody images, suicide scene after 23s of BBFC category cuts for:
  • 2017 cinema release

Summary Notes

Jolly is a clumsy lawyer who is faced with representing the most critical court case of his career.


Justice League

Link Here

Justice League is a 2017 USA action Sci-Fi fantasy by Zack Snyder.
Starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa. IMDb

Lebanon : Banned in December 2017

The movie has been banned by state censors as star Gal Gadot had served in the Israeli forces under the country's national service. Gadot's two years of service coincided with the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon, one of many wars and conflicts the bitter rivals have been involved in over the decades.

Palestine: Withdrawn by distributors in December 2017

Palestine Cinema Tower, Palestinians' largest film distributor, banned the film Justice League in Ramallah for violating censorship rules.

The decisions was made after local protest was sparked by a viral campaign built all in Arabic focusing on Israeli actress Gal Gadot's nationality and role as Wonder Woman.

Promotional Material

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his new found ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of met humans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes; Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash, it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.
Ka Bodyscapes

Link Here

Ka Bodyscapes is a 2016 India / USA gay drama by Jayan Cherian.
Starring Adhithi, Tinto Arayani and Arundhathi. IMDb

India October 2018: Released

The film was released on 5th October in Thiruvananthapuram. The opening didn't lease everyone and posters of the film were found vandalised in various parts of Ernakulam.

India: September 2017, Unbanned

After pressure from the Kerala high court, the CBFC granted Ka Bodyscapes an adults only 'A' rating after demanding the following cuts:
  • Removal of all references to the right wing nationalist political party, RSS, and the saffron flag wherever they appear in the movie.
  • Additionally, the makers of the film have also been directed to delete all the visuals containing photos of the RSS founder KB Hedgewar and ideologue MS Golwalkar from the movie,
  • removal of a scene with a female character that is shown masturbating.
  • The supposedly objectionable and disrespectful visual of a painting depicting Lord Hanuman carrying books in his hand.

India: August 2017, Contemptible delays

Kerala high court moves closer to holding the CBFC in contempt as the film censor pussyfoots around reviewing its decision. The latest claim by the CBFC is that the film remains banned because there was no unanimous decision among the members of the Board. The court noted that a vote would be sufficient and that unanimity was not required.

India: July 2017, CBFC dragging its heals

Despite an order from the Kerala high court demanding that the CBFC unban the film (although cuts are allowed), the censors are dragging their heels. They ludicrously claim that they cannot afford a board wide meeting to decide on cuts required.

India: Ban upheld by 2nd revising committee in March 2017

A 2nd Revising Committee from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has refused to certify the Malayalam film Ka Bodyscapes, saying it glorified the subject of gay and homosexual relationship and portrayed the Hindu religion in a derogatory manner by showing Hanuman in poor light as gay . It also objected to the portrayal of a Muslim woman masturbating.

Meanwhile the CBFC has appealed against a court decision requiring the film censors to consider cuts and explain why a ban is necessary.

India: Ban challenged in court in September 2016

The CBFC ban is being challenged in court and it seems that the court is calling the CBFC's bluff.

The court has asked the CBFC to explain more precisely which censorship rules are being broken and how these transgressions require a ban rather than cuts.  The court added that if the objection concerned only the depiction of the Hindu God Hanuman and the reference to masturbation of women and homosexuality, there was no need to ban the exhibition of the film, as the scenes could be deleted or modified.

The CBFC failed to heed the court requests and further legal action will now commence. In the meantime the censors continue to ban the film from festival showings.

India : Banned by the CBFC in July 2016

In a rejection letter sent to the maker of the film, A. Prathibha, regional officer of the CBFC in Thiruvananthapuram, wrote:

The revising committee felt that the entire content of the Malayalam feature film Ka Bodyscapes is ridiculing, insulting and humiliating Hindu religion, in particular portraying Hindu Gods in poor light. Derogatory words are used against women. The Hindu God 'Hanuman' is shown as coming in the books titled 'I am Gay' and other homosexual books. The film has also references to lady masturbating, highlighting 'gay' by many 'gay' posters. The film offends human sensibilities by vulgarity, obscenity and depravity.

Summary Notes

Three young people, Haris, a gay painter; Vishnu, a rural kabaddi player and their friend Sia, an activist who refuse to conform to dominant norms of femininity, struggle to find space and happiness in a conservative Indian City.

Kaum De Heere

Link Here

Kaum De Heere is a 2014 India drama by Ravinder Ravi
Starring R
aj Kakra , Gurpreet Ghuggi , and Rahul Devi YouTube icon BBFC link

India : Banned in August 2014

See  article from

It tells the story of Ms Gandhi's Sikh bodyguards who shot her dead apparently to avenge her decision to send troops in a deadly raid on the Golden Temple. Sikhs say thousands were murdered when the army entered Sikhism's holiest shrine in Amritsar to flush out militants. Mrs Gandhi's assassination triggered an outburst of communal violence targeted at Sikhs and more than 3,000 Sikhs were killed in attacks across India.

Chief film censor Leela Samson said after a review of the movie:

We saw the film and decided that it must not be released.

The home ministry earlier voiced serious concern at the content of the Punjabi film, and asked the I&B ministry to take a relook at its clearance. It said the Punjabi-language film Kaum De Heere may affect communal harmony in Punjab and other northern states.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong bloody violence for:
  • 2014 cinema release
Ken Park

Link Here

Ken Park is a 2002 USA/Netherlands/France drama by Larry Clark and Edward Lachman.
With Adam Chubbuck, James Bullard, Seth Gray. YouTube icon IMDb

Australia: Banned in 2003

Ken Park was originally scheduled as part of the 2003 Sydney Film Festival, but the Office of Film and Literature Classification (now known as the Australian Classification Board) handed down a ban, citing the work's prolonged scenes of unsimulated sex.

A screening at the Balmain Town Hall was stopped by police as the opening credits rolled, prompting critic David Stratton to observe: "It is an explicit film, and it is a confronting film, but it's a film that certainly deserves to be seen by an adult audience. It's sad that we in this country today have got to a stage where adults can't choose whether or not to see a film like this."

Summary Review: Not About Much

It's about several Californian skateboarder's life and relationships with and without their parents.

Ken Park has not received widespread distribution due to the depiction of young teenagers in acts of urination, cunnilingus, auto erotic asphyxiation and group sex. It is all simulated bar for one act -- a young man was genuinely masturbating.

The reason I dislike this film, as I did both Kids and Bully (two movies that appear tame by comparison), is simply because once you take away the shocking aspects of it - the violence, the no-holds-barred sex scenes - it really isn't about anything much.


UK: Hasn't had a UK release yet. It is reported that Larry Clark punched the only potential distributor to date, putting an end to the release.

Netherlands : Uncut and 16 rated for:


Khairlanjichya Mathyawar

Link Here

Khairlanjichya Mathyawar is a 2014 India crime reconstruction drama by Raju Meshram

India : Banned by the courts in 2014

See article from :

Marathi film Khairlanjichya Mathyawar has now been officially banned by the courts and cannot be screened in any theatre or film festivals. The certification, U/A, which had previously been issued by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), has been withdrawn and the makers of the film have to apply and re-issue another certificate to screen it.

The movie based on the real life tragedy in which four members of Bhotmange family were lynched by a frenzied mob in Khairlanji village in Bhandara on September 29, 2006.

Director Raju Meshram said:

The court has banned the film and CBFC has asked us to have a meeting with Bhaiyalal Bhotmange, the lone survivor of the incident, before we proceed with the case. We are planning to have a discussion with him in Mumbai soon.

When contacted, Bhotmange said:

We had appealed to the court and I am glad that the film has been stopped from being screened. I am also not interested in having any discussion with the makers in Mumbai, as I feel that my deceased family's sentiments have been hurt. If they want, they can come to Nagpur, but I am not going to change my mind.

The Killing Of America

Link Here

The Killing Of America is a 1981 USA / Japan crime documentary by Sheldon Renan and Leonard Schrader (uncredited).
Starring Chuck Riley, Ed Dorris and Thomas Noguchi. BBFC link IMDb

Not formally banned in the US, but the film was never released, distributed, televised nor made available for sale in the USA, from when the documentary was produced in 1981, until released on home video by Severin in 2016.

The film was however released in Japan and the UK where it was passed 18 uncut by the BBFC in 2000.

US: Informally banned from 1981 to 2016

Promotional Material

In 1982, filmmakers Seldon Renan and Academy Award® nominee Leonard Schrader (KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN, MISHIMA, BLUE COLLAR) created a graphic and provocative examination of America's history with and penchant for senseless violence, mass shootings and cold-blooded murder. It was condemned as exploitive and obscene (The New York Times), acclaimed as among the most controversial documentaries in the history of cinema (Fantasia Festival), and never distributed, televised or made available for sale in the United States.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for:
  • 2016 Blue Undergorund/Severin Films [US + Japanese Versions] R0 Blu-ray at UK Amazon
  • 2016 Blue Undergorund/Severin Films [US Version only] R2 DVD at UK Amazon
  • 2000 Cine-Verite video

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Link Here

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a 2017 UK / USA action comedy adventure by Matthew Vaughn.
Starring Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong. IMDb

When the Kingsman headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents' strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that's becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy...

Cambodia: Banned in October 2017

Cambodia has banned the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle over its alleged negative portrayal of the country.  Bok Borak, from the Ministry of Censorship Culture told The Phnom Penh Post that the film's clear reference to Cambodia as a place where villains are based and make trouble for the world as a major point of concern.


UK: The UK Version was passed 15 uncut for strong violence, language, sex references, drugs misuse for:
  • 2018 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment RB Blu-ray/RB 4k Blu-ray at UK Amazon
  • 2018 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon
  • 2018 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment R2 DVD at UK Amazon
  • 2017 Twentieth Century Fox cinema release
Landmine Goes Click

Link Here

Landmine Goes Click is a 2015 Georgia action crime thriller by Levan Bakhia.
Starring Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke and Dean Geyer. IMDb

New Zealand: Banned in October 2016

See article from
See article from

New Zealand Chief Censor commented about the ban:

I have seen a film that was rated MA15+ in Australia (so yes, a 12 year old could watch it with a parent) but was actually banned here in NZ. If one of us is right, then the other must be wrong, and given the level of sexual violence in this particular film I wouldn't say it is us that are wrong!

For comparison the BBFC passed the film 18 uncut for very strong language, sexual violence

Summary Notes

Three American tourist are crossing a desolated landscape of European Georgia. One of them steps on an armed landmine. But that seems to be a minor threat compared to the nightmarish happenings that the afternoon will bring on. A psychopath takes advantage of tourist's immobility and brutally abuses and assaults the woman he loves.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for:
The Last Communist

Link Here

The Last Communist is a 2006 Malaysia/Netherlands music biography by Amir Muhammad.
With Toni Kassim, Janet Lee and Zalila Lee. IMDb

Malaysia: Banned

See  article from

Director Amir Muhammad s lyrical documentary, The Last Communist , premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2006. But it was banned by Malaysia's Home Ministry for cinema and DVD.

A travel documentary essay, interspersed with specially composed songs, about the early life and legacy of Chin Peng, exiled leader of the banned Communist Party of Malaya.

Amir's film was approved for screening by the censorship board, but weeks before it was due for local release, conservative daily, Berita Harian published a series of editorials deriding the film as an anti-Malaysian celebration of Communism, it was subsequently re-examined and banned.

At the time, home minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said his biggest issue with the film was that it didn't portray any violence, which could lead the viewer to think that Chin Peng was a peaceful figure, director Amir was quick to point out, in several interviews, that The Last Communist may be the only movie ever to have been banned for not being violent enough.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated rated for:

Link Here

Leatherface is a USA horror thriller by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury.
Starring Lili Taylor, Stephen Dorff and Nicole Andrews. BBFC link IMDb

Malaysia: Banned in 2017

Banned for strong horror themes and gruesome violence

Summary Notes

Prequel about teenage Leatherface who escapes from a mental hospital with three other inmates, kidnaps a young nurse and takes her on a road trip from hell. Along the way, they are pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong bloody violence, gore, strong sex for:
Lipstick Under my Burkha

Link Here

Lipstick Under My Burkha is a 2016 India drama by Alankrita Shrivastava.
Starring Shashank Arora, Plabita Borthakur and Sonal Jha. IMDb

India: Unbanned, May 2017

After the successful appeal, the film was duly awarded an adults only 'A' rating after the cuts agreed at the appeal. The film was finally released on 21st July 2017.

It was reported that controversy did well for the film's takings making it a 'super-hit' that recovered its production costs in just 4 days.

India: Successful appeal, April 2017

Upholding the appeal filed by the film's director Alankrita Srivastava and producer Prakash Jha, the Tribunal noted that there was no violation of guidelines. Neither the visuals nor the dialogues in the film were contemptuous of racial, religious or other groups, as claimed by the CBFC. the tribunal also refuted other CBFC claims by noting: There was no targeting of women of certain community or religion.

The Tribunal explained that the examining committee and revising committee of the CBFC misdirected themselves in denying certification on the ground that the story of the film was women oriented. Tribunal head Justice Manmohan Sarin said:

There cannot be any embargo on a film being women oriented or containing sexual fantasies and expression of the inner desires of women.

The entire matter has to be considered in the perspective of the theme of the film, the story, the characters and the overall impact of the film. As a matter of general approach if the aspect of sexual desires and their expression is sensitively handled without bringing coarseness, vulgarity or obscenity, pandering prurient tendencies, then it is not to be disallowed.

India: Banned by the CBFC in March 2017

Lipstick Under My Burkha has been deemed too lady oriented in content by the Indian film censors from the CBFC. The board banned the film complaining about continuous sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a sensitive touch about one particular section of society.

Amnesty International India have now criticised the censors asking them not to indulge in moral policing .  Commenting on the bans of Lipstick Under My Burkha and the gay film Ka Bodyscapes, Amnesty said:

The recent denial of theatrical release to two films because they deal with women's sexuality and same-sex relations amounts to open censorship of artistic expression.

Summary Notes

Set in the crowded by-lanes of small town India, Lipstick Under My Burkha chronicles the secret lives of four women in search of a little freedom. Though stifled and trapped in their worlds, these four women claim their desires through small acts of courage and stealthy rebellion.


The film has been wide screened on the film festival circuit and achieved a limited US theatrical release in September 2017.

Link Here

Love is a 2015 France / Belgium drama by Gaspar No.
Starring Gaspar No, Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Russia: Banned in September 2015

Love has now been banned in Russia by state censors from Russia's culture ministry. A statement from the department chiefs reads:

The decision is based on the fact that the film contains numerous pornographic scenes.

Reports suggest the censors asked for a thorough edit, but were not satisfied with the softer version of the movie, even though it had less sexual content than the one screened at Cannes.

France: Controversy

Originally 16 rated in France but moralist campaigners objected and a court raised the rating to 18, a classification previously reserved for pornography.

Japan: Censored

Not banned but all the explicit sex has been blurred by Japanese censors.

Promotional Material

From the controversial diretor of Irreversible and Enter the Void comes a sexual melodrama about a boy and his two girls. It's a love story, which celebrates sex in a joyous way.


UK: 2D and 3D versions passed 18 uncut for strong real sex, very strong language for:

US: Uncut and MPAA NC-17 rated for:

Love, Simon

Link Here

Love, Simon is a 2018 USA gay drama by Greg Berlanti.
Starring Katherine Langford, Nick Robinson and Jennifer Garner. BBFC link IMDb

India : Banned in June 2018

The film was pulled at the last minute before cinema release.

CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi has completely denied that the CBFC has banned on Love, Simon. He said that an adults-only CBFC 'A' certificate has been given to Love, Simon four months ago, on February 6, 2018 after 2 cuts described as minor.

Another source from the CBFC says, This is one more attempt to use the censor board to gain publicity for a film.

However it is has not been made clear an alternative reason for the film being pulled from cinema s at the last moment.

The film contains no explicit content although there is a kiss between the two lads.

Promotional Material

From the producers of The Fault in Our Stars comes the relatable and heartfelt coming-of-age film LOVE, SIMON. Everyone deserves a great love story, but for 17-year-old Simon, it's a bit complicated. The gay teenager hasn't come out yet, and doesn't know the identity of the anonymous classmate he's fallen for online. Resolving both issues will be a hilarious, scary, life-changing adventure.


UK: Passed 12 uncut for moderate sex references, infrequent strong language for:

Link Here

Maalik is a 2016 Pakistan action thriller by Ashir Azeem.
Starring Ashir Azeem, Farhan Ally Agha and Sajid Hassan. BBFC link IMDb

Pakistan: Unbanned in September 2016

The Sindh High Court has declared the federal government's controversial ban on film Maalik illegal and cleared it to be screened again.

Ashir Azeem, the film's director, had challenged the ban in court saying the ban on Maalik had been imposed by the government without having the authority to do. The authority to establish censor boards was a prerogative of provincial governments following the 18th amendment, he had argued.

And Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah duly cleared the film for screening across the country while ruling the ban illegal.

And in higher court, J ustice Qazi of the Supreme Court had particularly strong words for chief censor Mubashir Hassan. Qazi said:

You approved the screening of the film and the other day you banned it as your mood changed on a single phone call. Isn't this effectively corruption? What do you people want? Do you want to devastate the Pakistani film industry?

Pakistan: Banned in April 2016

The film was removed from cinema screens by government authorities a few weeks after its initial premiere on April 8, 2016. This is in spite of it being cleared by all three censor boards.

The film was flagged by the Sindh government after they accused one of the characters portraying a corrupt former Chief Minister as being too similar to the present Chief Minister of Sindh province. A ministry official told local newspapers:

The information ministry reserves the right to ban any film at any time. Maalik has been banned because it shows a former chief minister as a man of corruption and opulence.

Following numerous appeals from Sindh, the film was eventually banned by the Federal Government across the rest of Pakistan.

The Pakistani government later attempted to ban the export of the film on August 9, 2016, barring it from being shown overseas. However, despite these attempts, the film was set for release in the UK and internationally on August 26, 2016.

Director Ashir Azeem commented on the failed attempt to ban the export of the film:

Authorities in Pakistan are very concerned with how they are perceived, especially abroad. Whereas this might be considered an overreaction in some countries, it has become the go-to method for the authorities to ban content they deem offensive or controversial.

Summary Notes

An Afghan family that escapes from the ravages of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and settles in Karachi. A SSG officer who undergoes a personal tragedy and starts a private security company (Black Ops Pvt. Ltd) in Karachi. His SSG colleagues keep joining the company on their retirements. An idealist school master who suffers greatly under a cruel Feudal lord and settles in Karachi and finally the Feudal Lord who becomes the Chief Minister of Sindh and unleashes a reign of terror on all that cross his path. Maalik is a story of love, loyalty, honor, family value, idealism, courage and dignity against all odds, and across all sections of society from the poor and the struggling to the highest levels of wealth and power.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong violence, sexual threat for:
  • 2016 cinema release

Link Here
  • Rumah Dara
  • Darah
Macabre is a 2009 Indonesia horror by Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto (The Mo Brothers).
With Ario Bayu, Shareefa Daanish and Julie Estelle. YouTube icon IMDb

Malaysia: Banned

  • Said to be the first Indonesian film banned in Malaysia on grounds of violence

Indonesia: Cut by 30s

Singapore: Cut by 30s

Summary Review: Grim and Messy

Two newly weds Adjie and Astrid, along with 3 of their best friends decided to have an interstate road trip as a last attempt to reconcile Adjie with his estranged little sister Ladya.

The night turns into a bloody-hell for the 6 friends, who find themselves trapped and hunted down by Dara and her cult-like family of her three deadly proteges, born and raised to systematically eliminate unsuspecting passers-by for one nefarious reason...

One of the highlights of the Cannes 2010 festival, Macabre dishes up the deaths in very assured and bloodily violent form.

The film delivers the goods in messy style. Breaking with tradition, those whom you think would or deserve to survive, do not. There is also no humour to alleviate the situation. Just grim well crafted nastiness.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for very strong bloody violence and gore for:
Madras Cafe

Link Here

Madras Cafe is a 2013 Indian action drama by Shoojit Sircar.
With John Abraham, Nargis Fakhri and Rashi Khanna. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

India: Banned by cinemas in Tamil Nadu

The movie is proving controversial in India as it is based on the Sri Lankan civil war and speculates about the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Tamil activist groups are calling for the film to be banned. The film was passed by the Indian censors and escaped court bans but was banned by cinema exhibitors in the state of Tamil nadu.

UK: Banned by cinemas

Now the film has been banned by British cinemas in August 2013. UK cinema chains, Cineworld, Odeon and Vue, have banned the film saying in a statement:

Our policy is to show a wide range of films for different audiences ...HOWEVER... following customer feedback and working with the film distributors, we have decided to not show Madras Cafe. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Press reports suggested that some Tamils had complained that the film was anti-Tamil. The Facebook page of the Tamil Youth Organisation UK has been full of agitation against the film.

Magic Mike XXL

Link Here

Magic Mike XXL is a 2015 USA comedy music drama by Gregory Jacobs.
Starring Amber Heard, Channing Tatum and Elizabeth Banks. Youtube link IMDb

India: Banned in 2015

The Indian film censors of the CBFC banned the film saying that male-stripping was against Indian culture. After the Examining Committee rejected it, the studio took it to the Revising Committee, who okayed the film after six cuts. However, a later vote against went against the film and the ban stayed in place.

Summary Notes

The continuing story of male stripper, Magic Mike.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for:
Maken-Ki! Two

Link Here
  • Maken-Ki! Season 2
  • Maken-Ki! Battling Venus
Maken-Ki! Battling Venus is a Japan anime TV series
Starring Morgan Garrett, Jamie Marchi and Tia Lynn Ballard. IMDb

New Zealand: Banned in May 2016

New Zealand has previously taken a hard line on the mix youth and sexuality in this genre so presumably the same for this title.

Summary Notes

Takeru Ohyama is a typical perverted teenage boy. His new school doesn't require entrance exams, and it just turned co-ed! Unfortunately, his dreams of a happy high school life are dashed when he finds out the school is much more than it seems. All of the students wield a special item - a Maken - to unleash their magical abilities in duels! Can Takeru find a Maken that works for him? Even while trying to fit in at a new school and dealing with all kinds of girl problems?


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
Man of Steel

Link Here

Man of Steel is a 2013 USA/Canada/UK action Sci-Fi fantasy by Zack Snyder.
With Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon. YouTube icon IMDb

Pakistan: Banned

Banned by the film censor with no explanation offered beyond that the film violated the Motion Pictures Ordinance of 1979.

Summary Notes

A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.


Link Here

Maniac is a France/USA horror thriller by Franck Khalfoun.
With Elijah Wood, America Olivo, Nora Arnezeder. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

New Zealand: Banned from general release.

See database page from . The film contains:

Graphic violence, sex scenes and content that may disturb.

The censor added a note of explanation for the ban:

While the feature does not actively promote or support this material, the tacit invitation to enjoy cruel and violent behavior through its first-person portrayal and packaging as entertainment is likely to lead to an erosion of empathy for some viewers,

Promotional Material

Elijah Wood stars in this remake of director William Lustig's 1980 horror classic of the same name. To say that Frank (Wood) is a troubled young man would be an understatement - as the ever-growing number of young women he has murdered since the death of his mother (America Olivo), with whom he enjoyed an unhealthily close relationship, demonstrates only too well. Frank runs a mannequin store and likes to apply the scalps of his victims to the models in his spare time. However, when beautiful young artist Anna (Nora Arnezeder) wanders into the store and talks about making use of its resources for an exhibition she is planning, she presents Frank with a troubling quandary. Anna appears to offer the possibility of a human relationship that will fill the void created by his mother's death, but she also excites his desire to kill and possess. Will Frank be able to overcome his homicidal urges?


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong bloody violence for:
Manmarziyaan is a 2018 India romance by Anurag Kashyap.
Starring Abhishek Bachchan, Vicky Kaushal and Tapsee Pannu. BBFC link IMDb

Pakistan: Banned in September 2018

Manmarziyan, has not been cleared by the Central Board of Film Censors for release in Pakistan. According to CBFC Chairman Danyal Gilani, all board members found the content inappropriate and agreed that the film violated its censorship code. However, the film was given an adults only 'A' Certificate by the Censor Boards of Sindh and Punjab.

India: Cut in September 2018

A court in the city of Jammu ordered 4 cuts in the film on grounds of 'hurting religious sentiment'. However the producers had already decided to cut 3 scenes on the same grounds for national release.

The producers submitted the version to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The three deleted scenes are:

  • a 29-second smoking sequence of Abhishek,
  • a minute long scene featuring Taapsee Pannu and Abhishek entering a gurudwara with the brode having mind flashes about a boyfriend, and
  • an 11-second scene where Taapsee is shown smoking.

Presumably this is related to a Sikh prohibition of smoking. Film makers can't possibly depict a religious person not quite living up to the religion's rules.

India: Hurt religious sentiments in September 2018

The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DGMC) is staging a protest on Sunday against this week's movie release, Manmarziyaan (Husband Material) , demanding a nationwide ban on the film. The committee claims that the filml has a few anti-Sikh scenes which have the potential to hurt the sentiments of the community. DSGMC president Manjeet Singh GK said:

I believe that this movie should not be screened till makers remove the objectionable scenes from the movie. Since ages we have been demanding that the censor board should recruit a representative of the Sikh community in their team but they haven't. We will not tolerate this at any cost and will strongly protest against this movie.

Summary Notes

The film is a love story set in Punjab where Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, and Vicky Kaushal will be seen in prominent roles.


Link Here

Mastizaade is a 2015 India film by Milap Zaveri.
Starring Sunny Leone, Zachary Coffin and Tusshar Kapoor. Youtube link IMDb

India: Banned June 2015:

After being banned by the Examining Committee and the Revising Committee, the new Sunny Leone starrer Mastizaade directed by Milap Zaveri has now been refused certification by the appeals Tribunal. The Appeals Tribunal wrote:

There is no redeeming feature of any sort in the film. The film is only concerned with the exploration of the different parts of the human anatomy, both male and female, and is such as to deprave the minds of the audience. We are thus constrained to hold that. Freedom of expression cannot and should not be interpreted as a license for the cine-magnates to make huge sums of money by pandering to shoddy and vulgar tastes.

India: Unbanned January 2016

After the initial ban, the producer had volunteered 349 cuts and the CBFC suggested 32 more and it was then cleared with A certificate after a total of 381 cuts.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for frequent crude sex references, innuendo for:
  • 2016 cinema release

Link Here

Matilda is a 2017 Russia historical biography by Aleksey Uchitel.
Starring Michalina Olszanska, Lars Eidinger and Luise Wolfram. IMDb

Ukraine: Banned in January 2018

Ukrainian authorities have banned the release of the Russian film Matilda featuring the story of romance between Crown Prince Nicholas [would-be Czar Nicholas II] and the young etoile of the Imperial Ballet, Mathilde Kschessinska.

Dmitry Kapranov, a censor from the State Agency for Cinematography [Goskino], said on Wednesday the decision was taken because of participation in the film of a musician whom the Ukrainian authorities had put on the blacklist of unwanted foreigners. He said:

Now we've denied permission for a release of the film 'Matilda' on the basis of formal criteria.  Our spectators may say, of course, well he is just a musician and you ban the film but I can ask them in response, would you go to the marketplace and buy the watermelons with nitrates there?

Such watermelons do contain some vitamins but they also contain the nitrates, Kapranov said. And these people on the blacklist are the very same nitrates and their produce is therefore poisoned.

Russia: Calls for a ban denied

Religious campaigners were offended that the almost god like reputation of  Nicholas II was being sullied by the film. They initiated a sometimes violent campaign to get the film banned, but to no avail.

Summary Notes

In the twilight of Imperial Russia, prima ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya becomes the mistress of three Grand Dukes.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for brief strong sex for:
  • 2018 cinema release
Matrix Reloaded

Link Here

The Matrix Reloaded is a 2003 USA / Australia action Sci-Fi film by Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers).
Starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss. IMDb

Egypt: Banned in 2003

The film was banned in Egypt for threatening to offend traditional religious views on the creation of humankind.

Summary Notes

Six months after the events depicted in The Matrix, Neo has proved to be a good omen for the free humans, as more and more humans are being freed from the matrix and brought to Zion, the one and only stronghold of the Resistance. Neo himself has discovered his superpowers including super speed, ability to see the codes of the things inside the matrix, and a certain degree of precognition. But...


UK: Passed 15 uncut for:

Link Here
  • The Preacher
Mawlana is a 2016 Egypt mystery drama by Magdy Ahmed Aly.
Starring Amr Saad, Dorra Zarrouk and Ahmed Magdy. IMDb

Kuwait: Banned n March 2017

Banned for censorship reasons

UAE: Banned n March 2017

Banned for censorship reasons

Lebanon: Banned n March 2017

Upon its release in Egypt, the film sparked controversy but was given a release permit and went on to become a box office hit. In Lebanon, however, the general security censorship board banned the film after it caused a stir among religious authorities in the country. They refused to permit its screening at Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya.

For general release Beirut's censorship authority required that 12 minutes be removed from the film before it can be screened, arguing that the scenes in question could incite sectarian strife and provoke conflict between different religions. The distributors decided that the cuts made the film unviable and shelved the release.

Summary Notes

A seemingly traditional journey of a young sheikh in a governmental mosque who moves from leading prayers to becoming a TV celebrity issuing "fatwas" that are accepted by millions who have become fans of his as a result of his courage and his attempts to deviate from the usual religious rhetoric in a society heavily influenced by fundamentalism. The TV spotlight only shows his eloquent yet sarcastic answers he gives to the callers in a preset scenario, while in the dark and cloudy space around him, bloody struggles for power are raging, struggles he had always tried to avoid.

Meet the Feebles

Link Here

Meet the Feebles is a 1989 New Zealand musical comedy by Peter Jackson.
With Danny Mulheron, Donna Akersten and Stuart Devenie. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Ireland: Banned

Banned in Ireland. See article from

Summary Notes

Heidi, the star of the "Meet The Feebles Variety Hour" discovers her lover Bletch, The Walrus, is cheating on her, and with all the world waiting for the show the assorted co-stars must contend with their own problems. These include drug addiction, extortion, robbery, disease, Drug dealing, and even murder. While this is happening the love between two of the stars is threatened by the devious Trevor the Rat, who wishes to exploit the young starlet for use in his porno movie business.


Germany: Uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:

Megan is Missing

Link Here

2011 US drama by Michael Goi
With Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn and Dean Wait. YouTube icon IMDb

Banned in New Zealand:

  • The film censor found the film to be 'objectionable'.

Perhaps a few clues about the reason for the ban in the promotional material:

On January 14th, 2007, 14-year-old Megan Stewart disappeared. Three weeks later, her 13-year-old best friend Amy Herman also vanished. Assembled from video chats, webcam footage, home videos and news reports, this is what happened in the days immediately before -- and after -- Megan went missing.

From writer/director Michael Goi comes this unblinking depiction of internet predators and child abduction as seen through the eyes of two North Hollywood teens. Their language is blunt. Their behavior is shocking. And their fate is absolutely horrific. Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn and Dean Waite star in this disturbing and often explicit drama about a real-life world of risks and danger that every teen must know...and no parent can afford to miss.


The US release is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
Memories of My Body

Link Here
  • Kucumbu tubuh indahku
Memories of My Body is a 2018 Indonesia drama by Garin Nugroho.
Starring Muhammad Khan, Raditya Evandra and Rianto. IMDb

Indonesia: Regionally banned

The film encountered problems in Indonesia following its release on April 18. It had been given a 17+ rating by the country's censorship board (LSF). But in less than a week, the film was banned by local officials in regions including Depok and Palembang. Others called on the powerful assembly of Muslim elders known as the Indonesian Ulema Council to move against the film. Arovah Windiani, a spokeswoman for the council said that, from a moral perspective, the film should not be out there.

A backlash against the film was further fanned on social media. An online petition calling for Memories of My Body to be banned gained 160,000 signatures.

Summary Notes

In Center Java Juno, a pre-teen abandoned by his father, joins a Lengger dance centre where men assume feminine appearances but the political and social upheaval in Indonesia forces him on the road, meeting remarkable people on his journey.

The Mexican

Link Here

The Mexican is a 2001 USA crime adventure comedy romance by Gore Verbinski.
With Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini. YouTube icon IMDb


  • Banned by the CBFC in 2001

Summary Review: Cursed Gun

A man tries to transport an ancient gun called The Mexican, believed to carry a curse, back across the border, while his girlfriend pressures him to give up his criminal ways.

A crazy, fun, off-the-wall, slightly indulgent spaghetti western styled would be Tarantino farce. It's great and it's lame compared to what it could have been.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA R Rated for:


Link Here

Milk is a 2008 USA biography by Gus Van Sant.
Starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch. BBFC link IMDb

Samoa: Banned in March 2009

The Samoan film censors took umbrage at the gay rights activism as well as the sex scenes, saying that some of the scenes are very inappropriate in regard to some of the sex in the film itself, it's very contrary to the way of life here in Samoa. One censor called it:

Inappropriate and contradictory to Christian beliefs and Samoan culture.  This view on gender norms feels strange for Samoa.

Summary Notes

Using flashbacks from a statement recorded late in life and archival footage for atmosphere, this film traces Harvey Milk's career from his 40th birthday to his death. He leaves the closet and New York, opens a camera shop that becomes the salon for San Francisco's growing gay community, and organizes gays' purchasing power to build political alliances. He runs for office with lover Scott Smith as his campaign manager. Victory finally comes on the same day Dan White wins in the city's conservative district. The rest of the film sketches Milk's relationship with White and the 1978 fight against a statewide initiative to bar gays and their supporters from public school jobs.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong language and sex references:

Link Here

Mizo is a 2014 South Korea revenge drama by Nam Ki-woong

South Korea : Banned

Mizo was banned by the Korea Media Rating Board's (KMRB) claiming:

The premise of the film damages and distorts our sense of human dignity and value, and has the potential danger of disrupting social order and public sentiment.

Nominally the censors gave it a restricted rating, which means that such films can only be shown in specialty theaters, of which none actually exist in the country.

However the film may finally hit local theaters next week, as filmmakers have censored parts deemed problematic. Filmmakers hope blur effects will help overturn the Korea Media Rating Board's (KMRB) de facto ban. The KMRB is now in the process of reviewing the censored version of the film.

The incenstuous drama is about a young woman who, after having long been sexually abused by her adoptive parents, sets out to find her biological father. She seeks to make him fall in love with her only to eventually kill herself, thereby breaking his heart and avenging her pain.

Morgue Street

Link Here

Morgue Street is a 2012 Italy short horror thriller by Alberto Viavattene.
With Mario Cellini, Désirée Giorgetti, Roberto Nali. YouTube icon IMDb

Australia: Banned

  • Banned from a film festival showing in April 2013
Morgue Street was slated for screening at the A Night Of Horror Film Festival in Sidney, but the Australian Classification Board banned it with a 'Refused Classification' rating, two days before the screening, claiming

its material that is considered to offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults.

Summary Notes

Further clues about the reason for the ban from review from
Morgue Street takes the cake when it comes to being one of the most violent and disturbing movies I have seen in years. Morgue Street is an edgy, polished and extremely disturbing horror short that crosses just about every line you can imagine in its 11 minute running time.

Morgue Street is based upon the story The Murders in The Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe. It tells the story of two prostitutes, mother and daughter, struggling against a mysterious creature that breaks into their home.

Brian Yuzna called it An original artistic horror while cult author Jack Ketchum blessed it as impressive and perverse .


Link Here

Morituris is a 2011 Italy horror by Raffaele Picchio.
With Valentina D'Andrea, Andrea De Bruyn and Désirée Giorgetti. YouTube icon IMDb

Italy: Banned

  • The film makers said in a press release that the Italian Culture Ministery (il Ministero dei Beni Culturali), had decided to ban Morituris from Italian cinemas. The film censorship commission claimed that the film was a gratuitous essay of perversion and sadism. The commission unanimously reached the decision to ban the film on grounds of:

    offence to good morals, intending acts of violence and perversion against women, motivated by enjoying of overcoming and thrill of self strength, empowered by consume of alcohol and drugs. The avengers find revenge against both boys, guilty of violence, and girls, victims of violence.

Promotional Material

Two lovely Romanian girls take a trip with three Italian men to a rumored midnight rave in the middle of a dark forest. As the gang proceeds on foot to their final destination, a mysterious graveyard is discovered, a shockingly vile plot twist is revealed and bloodthirsty undead Roman gladiators rise from the dead to torture and mutilate their victims! For the two women, an already terrifying night is about to get much, much worse, as the zombified warriors hunt down the group to tear their heads off! Will anyone survive the night?

An interesting mix of old school 1980s Italian horror, with a touch of the brutality of Wes Craven's THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, MORITURIS is an unflinching, strong, cruel and extremely violent film featuring gruesome effects from Italian SPFX maestro, Sergio Stivaletti (DEMONS, DEMONS 2, DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE, Dario Argento's OPERA).


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
  • 2015 Synapse Films (RA) Blu-ray
  • 2015 Synapse Films R1 DVD
Movie 43

Link Here

Movie 43 is a 2013 USA comedy by Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill...
With Emma Stone, Stephen Merchant and Richard Gere. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Kenya : Banned

  • Banned by the film censor citing 'extreme elements of sex and nudity

The Kenya Film Classification Board corporate communication officer Eva Mbuni explained:

We are applying the law to protect children and youth. They have young, gullible minds that need to make informed choices. Content which promotes sex, nudity, use of alcohol and drugs needs to be discouraged.

Summary Notes: The most banned movie in the world

A series of interconnected short films follows three kids as they search the depths of the Internet to find the most banned movie in the world.


UK: The UK Version is 15 rated without BBFC cuts for frequent strong sex references and very strong language for:
Much Loved

Link Here

Much Loved is a 2015 Morocco drama by Nabil Ayouch.
Starring Loubna Abidar, Danny Boushebel and Abdellah Didane. IMDb

A group of women in Morocco make a living as prostitutes in a culture that is very unforgiving toward women in that profession.

Morocco: Banned in May 2015

The government announced that it would not be screened, claiming it to be a grave outrage against moral values and Moroccan womanhood , and a flagrant attack on the kingdom's image .

The director and the lead actress have now been summonsed to court on charges of supposed pornography, indecency and inciting minors to debauchery.


France: Released in cinemas in summer 2015
The Nice Guys

Link Here

The Nice Guys is a 2016 UK / USA action crime comedy by Shane Black.
Starring Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling and Angourie Rice. IMDb

India: Banned in May 2016

The film was rejected by the CBFC's Examining Committee for containing too much nudity, profanity, and bloody violence.

The committee was particularly miffed with the film's opening sequence, which depicts nudity in the aftermath of a car-crash.

The film distributors will appeal the ban.

Summary Notes

A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong violence, sex references, strong language.

US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for Rated R for violence, sexuality, nudity, language and brief drug use.

The Nile Hilton Incident

Link Here

The Nile Hilton Incident is a 2017 Sweden / Denmark / Germany / France crime thriller by Tarik Saleh.
Starring Fares Fares, Mari Malek and Yasser Ali Maher. IMDb

Egypt: Banned by the authorities in 2017

Egyptian police raided a tiny alternative film venue in Cairo last week to prevent the screening of a thriller critical of law enforcement that has been banned.

The officers prevented The Nile Hilton Incident from being played in a makeshift, 25-seat theatre because it was a downloaded copy that didn't have government permission to be shown.

It has not been allowed to screen at either the current festival or November's smaller, Panorama of the European Film festival, also in Cairo.

Summary Notes

Set against the backdrop of the Egyptian Revolution, the thriller features a police officer who investigates the murder of a woman. What initially seems to be a killing of a prostitute turns into a more complicated case involving the very elite of Egypt.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

Link Here

No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka is a 2013 UK Channel 4 TV documentary by Callum Macrae.
With Rufus Sewell. YouTube icon IMDb

India: Banned

See  article from

The controversial documentary No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka ; has been refused a censor certificate for release in theaters by the Indian Central Board of Film Certification.

The censors banned the films on the supposedgrounds it may strain friendly relations with Sri Lanka. Claiming that most of the visuals are of a disturbing nature .

The revelation of the Indian ban follows what appears to be a concerted campaign by the Sri Lankan government to pressurize foreign governments to stop the film being seen

Malaysia: Banned

See  article from

Lena Hendry, Programme Coordinator of the Malaysian human rights NGO Pusat KOMAS, has been charged under the Film Censorship Act for organising a private screening of the documentary film called No Fire Zone, the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka .

Pressure originally came from the Sri Lankan Embassy in Malaysia. They faxed a letter to the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Civil Right Committee (KLSCAH) asking them not to screen the documentary. On July 1, 2013, Lena Hendry had received a call from the Censorship Board of the Ministry of Home Affairs, who asked the organisers to stop the screening because the film had not gone under censorship. She had replied that the screening was private and upon invitation only.

The private showing was raided by about 30 officials of the KDN, immigration officials and the police entered the Chinese Assembly hall and requested to check the film.

Kuala Lumpur Magistrate's Court sentenced Ms. Lena Hendry to a fine of MYR 10,000 (about EUR 2,130) or one year in prison for the private screening of the documentary.

Nepal: Banned

Banned from  Film Southasia 2013 film festival in Kathmandu following a directive from the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Sri Lanka : Banned

A ban that Sri Lanka has tried to inflict on other countries too.

Summary Notes

No Fire Zone is a feature length film about the final awful months of the 26 year long Sri Lankan civil war told by the people who lived through it...


See full film on YouTube

Link Here

Noah is a 2014 USA adventure drama by Darren Aronofsky.
With Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Banned in Bahrain, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE

Bahrain: Banned by the film censor

China : Banned in May 2014

Getting Noah past China's cinematic censors was stymied due to Beijing's sensitivities on religious issues, according to the Hollywood Reporter trade journal. A source said: This was for religious reasons, though it seems the whole issue was quite complicated.

Indonesia: Banned by the film censor

Indonesia's film-censorship board has banned Darren Aronofsky's upcoming movie Noah on the grounds that it showed an image of Noah who is considered to be a prophet in the religion of islam.

The chairman of the censorship board said the story presented in Noah ran counter to the relevant verses in the religious book, the Koran. Mukhlis Paeni said:

There are many considerations. The first thing is the content of Noah is against our beliefs or not according to the story in the holy book.

Malaysia: Banned by the government film censor

A home ministry official has confirmed that Noah will not be screened in Malaysia. Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, chairman of the home ministry's Film Censorship Board, said the decision to ban the film was made about two weeks ago. He said:

Yes, I can confirm that it has been banned by the board, the movie can cause quite a lot of anger and distress if it is shown in Malaysia.

Abdul Halim said the main reason for the ban was the portrayal of Noah by Crowe, since Islam forbids visual depictions of any prophet.

Qatar : Banned by the film censor

UAE: Banned

The National Media Council (NMC), the UAE film censor, confirmed that the film had been banned for reasons of religious intolerance. Juma Obaid Al Leem, director of the Media Content Tracking Department at the NMC said:

The film conflicts with all religions. Out of respect for these religious sentiments, we are banning the film.

Summary Notes

Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood.

The film was not without censorship concerns in the US. The studio was said to be concerned that the director's version may not go down well with the religious. However screenings with test audiences did not convince the studio that was a need for change. So the original director's version got the go ahead. However a disclaimer was added to posters to distance the film from religious criticism:

The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the Book of Genesis.


US: Uncut and MPAA PG-13 rated for:
The Nun

Link Here

The Nun is a 2018 USA horror mystery thriller by Corin Hardy.
Starring Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons and Charlotte Hope. BBFC link IMDb

Lebanon: Banned in September 2018

Lebanon's film censors have banned the film from a cinema release claiming that the film was offensive to the Christian faith. It is unclear which scenes caused 'the offence', but some believe the ban may stem from the victimisation of nuns in the film.

The Warner Bros production was awaiting a screening licence from the General Security's censorship committee ahead of an expected release on 6 September. However the Catholic committee watched the movie and asked the General Security to ban it in Lebanon for religious reasons.

Summary Notes

When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together they uncover the order's unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of the same demonic nun that first terrorized audiences in 'The Conjuring 2,' as the abbey becomes a horrific battleground between the living and the damned.


Link Here

Nymphomaniac: Volume I  & II is a 2013 Denmark/Belgium/France/Germany/UK mystery drama by Lars von Trier.
With Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård and Stacy Martin. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb


  • Withdrawn from one cinema after pressure from campaigners
An Armenian film director has denounced today a private cinema theater in Yerevan for cancelling the premier of a scandalous Danish director Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac due to numerous complaints by some citizens and social groups," without naming any of them. Cinema Star said its operation was "family-oriented" and to avoid conflicting opinions" about the film it decided to cancel its premier in Yerevan.

Japan: Censored

Not banned but all the explicit sex has been blurred by Japanese censors.


  • Volume II was banned from public exhibition in January 2014
  • Unbanned a couple of days later
The news of the ban swept through the European press. The government felt the shame and within a couple of days the film censor was sacked, and the film was unbanned.

Georgica Severin, chairman of the Romanian senate's culture committee criticised the decision, pointing out the fact that Nymphomaniac: Volume I was already running in the country's cinemas.

Then the Hollywood Reporter said the president of the ratings commission, Cristina Corciovescu, had been dismissed and that the film's rating had been changed to Romania's version of an 18 certificate. The paper quoted an email from Antoine Bagnaninchi, managing director of Independenta film, which said it was great publicity for the film but very bad for the image of Romania .


  • Banned by the film censor in February 2014
Turkey's film board banned the film outright on a vote of six to two that Nymphomaniac be classified as pornography.

The board includes members of Turkey's cultural, interior and education ministries as well as a psychologist and a sociologist.

This film is in the porn category...because of its explicit sexual scenes, Turkey's cinema general director Cem Erkul told AFP: It also depicts extreme violence against women.

Uzbekistan: Re-banned in October 2018

Presumably the film was banned at the time of its release, but the ban has been re-iterated in a list of movies banned from Video on Demand on domestic internet services.

Summary Notes

The continuation of Joe's sexually dictated life delves into the darker aspects of her adult life and what led to her being in Seligman's care.


UK: The Theatrical Version was passed 18 uncut for strong violence, strong real sex and strong sex references for:

US: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:

US: The Theatrical Version is uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Of Good Report

Link Here

Of Good Report is a 2013 South Africa thriller by Jahmil XT Qubeka.
With Stevel Marc, Petronella Tshuma and Mothusi Magano. YouTube icon IMDb

South Africa :

  • Banned in 2013 by the film censorship board
  • Unbanned in 2013. The film was unbanned a few days later by the appeal board

See  article from : Banned for under age sex featuring a 23 year old

Censorship marred the opening of the 34th Durban International Film Festival (Diff) when the Film and Publication Board banned the opening film, Of Good Report.

According to the censor board's classification committee they stopped watching the film at 28 minutes and 16 seconds because the film contained child pornography. At this point in the film 16-year-old Nolitha (played by 23-year-old Petronella Tshuma) is depicted in her Grade 9 school uniform. Since she had engaged in a sexual act with an adult in a preceding scene, this is depiction of child pornography, according to the board.

In an e-mailed letter to the Diff manager, Peter Machen, the board refused to classify the film and ordered the festival to either destroy or surrender copies of the film to the police.

The film makers will now appeal the ban.

Of Good Report producer Mike Auret, of Spier Films, said the film had been picked up for screening at the next Berlin, Rotterdam, Toronto and Dubai film festivals.

See  article from :

The film censors stopped viewing the film as soon as they suspected the depiction of child porn, and so missed the following contextualising scenes that would have put their minds at rest.


Played at the London Film Festival 2013
OMG Oh My God!

Link Here

OMG Oh My God! is a 2012 India comedy by Umesh Shukla.
With Mithun Chakraborty, Prabhu Deva and Poonam Jhawer. YouTube icon IMDb

UAE: Banned

  • Banned for religious content

Malaysia : Banned

  • Officially banned by the Malaysian Censorship Board citing sensitive religious elements as the cause.

Summary Review: Suing God

It is a film about a shopkeeper who takes the religious character God to court after his store is destroyed by a tornado.

It was passed PG by the BBFC for infrequent mild language and slapstick violence.

Pad Man

Link Here

Pad Man is a 2018 India comedy biography by R Balki.
Starring Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor. BBFC link IMDb

Pakistan: Banned in February 2018

Members of the Punjab Film Censor Board have refused even to watch the film and have claimed that taboo subject films will not be allowed screening in cinemas. National film censors of the CBFC concurred and so the film's cinema release has been cancelled.

Summary Notes

Biography on Tamil Nadu activist Arunachalam Muruganantham, whose mission was to provide sanitary napkin's to poor women of rural areas. Who would use rag cloths or leaves during periods where use of sanitary napkins was rare. After he did not get fruitful results from his family and a medical college he approached, he decided to try it himself by making a uterus out of football bladder and filling goat's blood in it. He would roam around the whole day with the bladder, the aim was to check the absorption rate of the sanitary napkins made by him.


Link Here
  • Padmavati
Padmavat is a 2017 India historical romance by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
Starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. BBFC link IMDb

Malaysia: Banned in January 2018

Malaysia's Film Censorship Board (LPF) placed the movie in its not approved list, with a not relevant remark placed on its age rating section. The not relevant remark is usually given to banned movies deemed to likely incite hatred and uneasiness among the community.

India: Partially re-banned by violent religious mobs in January 2018

See  article from

Protesters in India's Gujarat have blocked roads and caused local bus services to be suspended, after the Supreme Court cleared the release of controversial Bollywood film Padmavat.

Extremist Hindu groups torched buses and vandalised a theatre in the western state of Gujarat on Sunday.

Despite the court ruling and tightened security, theatre owners in the state have decided against screening the film as they fear further violence.

About a quarter of cinemas across India decided not to show the film for fear of religious violence.

India: Unbanned by India's Supreme Court in January 2018

India's Supreme Court has found that individual states should not be able to overrode the national film censor and so bans in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana have been overturned.

The film's producers had approached the Supreme Court to challenge the states' ban, and Chief Justice Dipak Misra concurred with the producers. He stated:

Cinemas are an inseparable part of right to free speech and expression. States... cannot issue notifications prohibiting the screening of a film.

India: Banned in 4 states in January 2018

The controversial historical movie Padmaavat looks all set to arrive in cinemas on January 25 but members of the Bharatiya Janata Party continue to make threats about its release?

The film has now been passed by the Central Board of Film Certification with a U/A certificate and five cuts adding up to 5s:

  • The title was changed from Padmavati, an historical character, to the fictional name Padmavat.
  • Disclaimers were added with one regarding not glorifying the practice of Sati, and another noting that the film is fictional.
  • There were cuts to the Ghoomar song to 'befit' the character portrayed.

Viacom Pictures put out a press release on Saturday confirming a worldwide release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

However, despite the censor board's green signal, the movie has been banned in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana, all of which are BJP-ruled states. This is entirely legal. State governments have the power to block a film's release even after censor clearance.

There has been no end to protests by the Rajput Karni Sena, the community organisation that has been leading attacks on the movie since early 2017 on the grounds that it distorts history. On Friday, over 130 Rajput Karni Sena members were arrested in Mumbai for staging a protest outside the CBFC headquarters in Mumbai. The organisation has demanded that the certification be revoked until its leaders have watched the movie, and have threatened to burn down cinemas that screen the film.

Summary Notes

Rani Padmavati (aka Padmini) is said to be one of the most beautiful women to ever exist. This real life story is epitome of Love and sacrifice between Rajput Queen Padmavati and Rana Rawal Ratan Singh, the Rajput ruler of Mewar. Their perfect life took unfortunate turn when Allauddin Khilji's lustful eyes gazed upon Queen Padmavati. Alauddin Khilji is known as one of the most brutal rulers of the Khilji dynasty, who ascended the throne by killing his father-in-law, his brother-in-laws and their uncles. He was known for attacking states, only for their land and women. And, the motive behind the attack on Mewar was none other than royal Rani Padmavati. Chittorgarh fort, today, stands as an epitome of the true Rajputana spirit, loyalty, fidelity and bravery and a symbol of women power.


Link Here

Pari is a 2018 India horror mystery by Prosit Roy.
Starring Parambrata Chatterjee, Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Ritabhari Chakraborty. IMDb

Pakistan: Banned in March 2018

Pakistan's Central Board of Film Censors banned Pari from cinema release as the content of the film was deemed unfit. A CBFC censor said:

The use of black magic shown in the movie violates the tenets of Islam. Pari's script, dialogues and storyline go against our Islamic values. This film stimulates the viewers in favour of black magic and promotes thoughts that are contradictory to our religion.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong horror, injury detail, violence for:
  • 2018 Rising Star Entertainment VoD

Link Here

Pattaya is a 2016 France comedy by Franck Gastambide.
Starring Franck Gastambide, Malik Bentalha and Anouar Toubali. IMDb

Thailand: Banned in July 2016

This hit French film was banned from screening at the Thailand International Film Destination Festival by government film censors. Presumably they felt that the sexy goings on in Pattaya are not a good advertisement for Thailand.

Summary Notes

Franky and Krimo dream of leaving the dullness of their neighborhood on a trip in the famously sultry Thai resort of Pattaya


UK: French import release for:
Personal Affairs

Link Here
  • Omor Shakhsiya
Personal Affairs  is a 2016 Israel drama by Maha Haj.
Starring Maisa Abd Elhadi, Ziad Bakri and Jihan Dermelkonian. IMDb

Lebanon: Banned in 2016

Personal Affairs by Palestinian director Maha Haj was banned in 2016 from screening at the Beirut Film Festival because it was produced by an Israeli company and shot there.

Summary Notes

In Nazareth, an old couple lives wearily to the rhythm of the daily routine. On the other side of the border, in Ramallah, their son Tarek wishes to remain an eternal bachelor, their daughter is about to give birth while her husband lands a movie role and the grandmother loses her head ... Between check-points and dreams, frivolity and politics, some want to leave, others want to stay but all have personal affairs to resolve.


Link Here

Phantom is a 2015 India action thriller by Kabir Khan.
Starring Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif and Rajesh Tailang. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Pakistan: Banned in August 2015

The Indian movie, Phantom was set to be released on August 28 both in Pakistan and India, but its screening is now banned in Pakistani cinemas as the result of a case in the Lahore High Court. It follows the pattern of Pakistanis not being impressed by being depicted as the bad guys.

In this case, a lawyer representing a suspected bad guy wanted by the U.S., brought the case over being depicted as a terrorist who is the target of an assassination in the film. The internationally designated terrorist who was the brains behind the 26/11 attacks felt that this movie would somehow mislead the residents of Pakistan.

Summary Notes

Phantom is a political thriller that unfolds across various countries around the world. The plot revolves around protagonist Daniyal, whose journey to seek justice takes him from India to Europe, America and the volatile Middle East. However, he finds out that in a mission like this, there is always a price to pay, in this case, a very personal price.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong violence for:
  • 2015 cinema release
The Post

Link Here

The Post is a 2017 USA historical biography by Steven Spielberg.
Starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Sarah Paulson. IMDb

Lebanon: Unbanned in January 2018

Interior Minister Nohad Mashnouk decided to overturn the ban on The Post. Mashnouk saw no obstacle preventing the film from being shown because it has nothing to do with Lebanon or the conflict with the Israeli enemy.

Lebanon: Banned in January 2018

Lebanon = banned Steven Spielberg's newspaper drama The Post a few days before the film was set to premiere in Beirut.

A source involved with The Post's international distribution says the movie was presented to the Lebanese censorship board, which banned it, citing Israel connections that includes Spielberg filming some scenes for Schindler's List in Jerusalem.

Summary Notes

A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government. Inspired by true events.


UK: Passed 12 uncut for strong language, brief battle violence for:
  • 2018 Entertainment One RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 21st May 2018
  • 2018 Entertainment One R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 21st May 2018
US: Uncut and MPAA PG-13 rated for:
The President

Link Here

The President is a Cameroon film by Jean-Piere Bekalo
With Gerard Essomba, Valery Indongo and Valsero

Cameroon : Banned

See  article from :

The film is a story about a fictional president who disappears days before the general election, and refers to Cameroon's strongman President Paul Biya, who has been in power for more than three decades.

The film premiered at the Durban International Film Festival in July and touches on a number of taboo subjects including the ailing health of President Biya, who spends most of his time outside the country for treatment, and a reflection of other presidents in similar circumstances including Eduardo de Santos, of Angola, and Zambia's Michael Sata said to be in India or London.

This film, although set in Cameroon, is said to be a reflection of a number of African countries including Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi and Nigeria whose presidents have died in power after undergoing treatment for years amid denial from aides and parties.

Raaz 3

Link Here

Raaz 3: The Third Dimension is a 2012 India thriller by Vikram Bhatt.
With Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta. YouTube icon IMDb

UAE: Banned

  • Banned for sexually explicit scenes and the portrayal of the spiritual world

Summary Notes:

The film director must save his love from the black magic of a wicked woman who has become blind in love, lust and passion.


UK: Imported for:
Radiance of Resistance

Link Here

Radiance of Resistance is a 2016 Palestine/US documentary by Jesse Roberts
Starring Ahed al-Tamimi and Janna Ayyad

Singapore: Banned with NAR rating (Not allowed at all ratings) in January 2018

Film censors of the IMDA cancelled a film festival screening, saying that the documentary explores the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the eyes of the two young protagonists, without a counterbalance. The censors said in a statement:

The skewed narrative of the film is inflammatory and has the potential to cause disharmony amongst the different races and religions in Singapore.


Link Here

Raees is a 2017 India action crime thriller by Rahul Dholakia.
Starring Sunny Leone, Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. BBFC link IMDb

BBFC category cuts were required for a 12A rated 2017 cinema release. The film was banned in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Banned in February 2017

The film was banned in Pakistan due to its objectionable content. A source from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) said:

Owing to subtle portrayal of Muslims as violent criminals and terrorists, the recommendations forwarded by the CBFC panel deemed the film is unsuitable for public screening.

We could not issue a certificate because the film portrays Islam and a particular Muslim sect in negative light.

A little more about the background for the ban

See  article from

The problem, as FirstPost explains, is that Raees tells the true story of a Muslim in the 1980s who indulges in the trade of liquor. The movie was deemed insulting to Islam because it subtly portrays Muslims as criminals, violent terrorists, wanted men, and gangsters.

In other words, it is an action film about a bootlegger who was a Muslim. The real-life individual who inspired the film became a Robin Hood-style folk hero and grew influential in politics.

Summary Notes

The film is set in the early 80's and 90's in Gujarat. The fictitious story of a man who builds an empire in the state of Gujarat, the only state that still follows prohibition. It's a story about his rise and his relationships, which help him become the single most powerful man in the state.


Link Here

Rafiki is a 2018 Kenya / South Africa drama by Wanuri Kahiu.
Starring Patricia Amira, Muthoni Gathecha and Jimmy Gathu. IMDb

Kenya: Still banned in Kenya but proved to be a hit around the world

Kenya Banned Her Film for Its Corrupt Lesbian Romance. So She Showed It Off to the World

See article from

Kenya: Unbanned for 1 week in September 2018

See article from

A Kenyan judge has lifted a ban on a film about a lesbian relationship - for a week. Judge Wilfrida Okwany decided to allow the screening of the film for seven days so that it could be submitted for the Oscars.

In order to be submitted to the Academy Awards, the film must have been publicly exhibited for at least seven consecutive days at a commercial motion picture venue.

In her ruling on Friday, Ms Okwany gave permission for the film to be shown to willing adults. She said she was not convinced that Kenya is such a weak society that its moral foundation will be shaken by seeing such a film.

But the head of the Kenya Film Classification Board, Ezekiel Mutua, was unhappy about the decision, claiming homosexuality is not our way of life.

Kenya: Film censors sued in September 2018

See  article from

Wanuri Kahiu, the director of the banned film Rafiki is Suing Kenya's film censors to unblock the way for the film to qualify as contender for the Oscars. The suit demands that the local ban be lifted in time for her to submit the film to be considered for an Oscar. It's also pushing to change the law that has been used to ban popular films like The Wolf of Wall Street.

For Rafiki to be eligible for a Best Foreign Language award, it needs to be shown in Kenya before September 30, The Hollywood Reporter adds . If the selection committee is given permission to screen the film to submit it to the Academy, Rafiki could be the first Kenyan film to be nominated in that category

Kenya: Banned by the Kenya Film Classification Board in April 2018

The KFCB claimed the film seeks to legitimize lesbian romance.

Summary notes

Rafiki, which means friend in Swahili,  is adapted from the 2007 Caine Prize-winning short story, Jambula Tree, by Ugandan writer Monica Arac Nyeko. It follows two close friends, Kena and Ziki, who eventually fall in love despite their families being on opposing sides of the political divide.


UK: Passed 12A uncut for moderate violence, infrequent strong language, discriminatory behaviour:
  • 2019 cinema release
The Raid 2

Link Here
  • The Raid 2: Berandal
The Raid 2 is a 2014 Indonesia action crime thriller by Gareth Evans.
With Iko Uwais, Julie Estelle and Yayan Ruhian. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Cut for a US R rated release. Uncut in Europe. Banned in Malaysia

Malaysia: Banned

Banned by the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia in March 2014 due to the violent content.

Summary Notes

Only a short time after the first raid, Rama goes undercover with the thugs of Jakarta and plans to bring down the syndicate and uncover the corruption within his police force


UK: BBFC details not yet published for:

Link Here

Rambo is a 2008 USA/Germany action war thriller by Sylvester Stallone.
With Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz and Matthew Marsden. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Burma: Banned

Banned for depicting Burmese soldiers as violent and sadistic. Vendors were threatened with seven years in prison for selling pirate copies. It didn't stop them though.

Summary Notes

In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit.


US: The Extended Version is uncut and R Rated for:


Rana Plaza

Link Here

Rana Plaza is a 2015 Bangladesh docu-drama by Nazrul Islam Khan
With Pori Moni and Symon Sadik.

Banned by the Bangladesh film censor, a decision upheld after an appeal.

Summary Review

The film is based on the tragic Rana Plaza collapse. The movie centers on garment factory worker Reshma Begum's 17-day fight to survive under the debris of Rana Plaza, a building that collapsed on April 24, 2013.

Bangladesh: Banned by the film censor in 2015

See  article from

The movie revealed a little too much about dire safety and working conditions in Bangladeshi factories and was subject to a series of censorship hurdles.

The movie centers on garment factory worker Reshma Begum's 17-day fight to survive under the debris of Rana Plaza, a building that collapsed on April 24, 2013.

On July 17 2015, the High Court got involved in the censorship process and directed the authorities concerned to delete some scenes from the film saying they were too graphic and may have detrimental effects on public sentiment.

Presumably with the cuts made, the film was cleared by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board for a premiere on September 4. But the High Court again stepped in on August 24, slapped a six-month ban on its release following a plea by the Bangladesh National Garment Workers League chief Sirajul Islam. It also stayed the censor board's clearance of the movie. The petitioner had claimed that the movie has frightening scenes and the names of security forces were used in it, which is a violation of the law.

Further legal hearings followed in September, unbanning and re-banning the film, until the government stepped in November 3 and blocked the screening of the movie pending an appeal filed with the censor board.

And in the latest step in January 2016, the Appellate Committee of the board refused to grant the film a certificate saying that the committee had found the movie not suitable for public viewing.


Link Here

Razzia is a 2017 France / Morocco / Belgium drama by Nabil Ayouch.
Starring Maryam Touzani, Arieh Worthalter and Amine Ennaji. IMDb

Egypt: Banned in May 2018

Egypt's film censors have banned Nabil Ayouch's film Razzia for supposedly encouraging revolution, especially that the film tells the story of the marginalized poor in search of justice in Morocco.

The film censor specifically referred to events in the movie that recall the 2011 Egyptian revolution. The censor also reported concerns with the impact of religion, as it strongly believe that projecting Razzia will inspire the sympathy and compassion of the audience, as the movie follows the daily life of a Jewish restaurateur.

Summary Notes

The streets of Casablanca provide the centerpiece for five separate narratives that all collide into one.

The Rocket

Link Here

The Rocket is a 2013 Australia drama by Kim Mordaunt.
With Sitthiphon Disamoe, Loungnam Kaosainam and Thep Phongam. YouTube icon IMDb

Laos : Banned from film festival showing in 2013

Laos censors have stopped the Lao-language film from screening because it deals with the touchy issue of relocating villagers for the construction of hydro-electric dams in the country. The Lao government wants to transform the country into the battery of South-east Asia by exporting power to Thailand and Vietnam.

Summary Notes

A boy who is believed to bring bad luck to everyone around him leads his family and two new friends through Laos to find a new home. After a calamity-filled journey through a land scarred by the legacy of war, to prove he's not bad luck he builds a giant rocket to enter the most exciting and dangerous competition of the year: the Rocket Festival.

While a record 76 films are competing for the foreign-language Oscar, many Hollywood pundits consider The Rocket a solid chance, given the acclaim it has received in the US, including three awards at the New York's Tribeca Film Festival, selection for Sundance's touring program and a warm reception at AFI Fest in Los Angeles.


Link Here

Rocketman is a 2019 UK / USA musical music biography by Dexter Fletcher.
Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Taron Egerton and Richard Madden. BBFC link IMDb

There was a debate in the US about cuts for a PG-13 rating but the film ended up as MPAA R rated. It was then 15 rated in the UK. The debate was reprised in Australia where the distributors appealed an MA15+ and won their case for a lesser M rating. Cut in Russia

Samoa: Banned by the film censor in June 2019

The Elton John biopic Rocketman was banned by Samoa's film censor last week due to its depiction of homosexuality onscreen. Film censor Leiataua Niuapu Faaui said:

We're concerned with the cultural values and also the Christian beliefs here in Samoa -- it's not appropriate for public viewing,

Summary Notes

A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.

Rouh's Beauty

Link Here
  • Halawet Rouh
  • Halawet Rooh
Rouh's Beauty is a 2014 Egypt drama by Sameh Abdelaziz.
Starring Salah Abdallah, Nagwa Fouad and Mohamed Lotfy. YouTube icon IMDb

Egypt: Banned in April 2014

Egypt's interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahleb has banned a recently released Egyptian film, Halawet Rooh (Rouh's Beauty) . It will now be withdrawn from movie theatres and resubmitted to the country's censorship board.

The decision comes after the for-adults-only film, released on 3 April, was hit with a wave of moral indignation accusing it of containing heavy sexual connotations that violate the Egyptian moral code .

The film, which revolves around Rooh, played by Egyptian/Lebanese diva Haifa Wahbe, who becomes the object of desire of all the men in her working class neighbourhood while her husband is away.

A review published last week in the Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm took aim at Halawet Rooh under the title of How to Make an Egyptian Porno , which accused the film of unsuccessfully posing as drama while it was only concerned with sexually arousing the audience .

Egypt: Unbanned in November 2014

Egypt's administrative court has revoked a Cabinet decree banning the screening of a sexually provocative film starring Lebanese pop diva Haifa Wehbe.

Qatar: Under duress but not banned

Meanwhile the easily offended in Qatar have also been campaigning against the film.

Supposedly, the indecent nature of the film has caused social media outrage due to the x-rated content, which was deemed inappropriate to the norms of the conservative Arab culture. The hashtag #banbeautyofthesouldmovie was trending on Twitter in support of banning the film from screening in Qatari cinemas.

In the end the campaigners did not manage to get the film banned.

Russia 88

Link Here
  • Rossiya 88
2009 Russia drama by Pavel Bardin
With Pyotr Fyodorov, Kazbek Kibizov and Aleksandr Makarov. YouTube icon IMDb

Banned in Russia:

  • Banned in Russian cinemas. See UK Amazon
  • However it is available for sale on home DVD

Summary Review: Romper Stomper meets This is England

This film was always meant to be controversial and is proving to be just that. Director Pavel Bardin has made a mockumentary film supposedly about working class Russian skinheads.

It has been sold as Romper Stomper meets This is England quoting from Variety. However, it is not as good as either; it owes more in terms of style and presentation to the excellent Man Bites Dog Man Bites Dog but fails to achieve the humour or poignancy that the Belgian classic managed.


The UK release was passed 18 uncut for:
Saw VI

Link Here
  • Saw 6
Saw VI is a 2009 Canada / USA / UK / Australia horror mystery by Kevin Greutert.
Starring Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor and Mark Rolston. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb
The Theatrical version was cut for a US R rating. The uncut version was released on UK DVD and is Unrated in the US. The film was banned in spain, Malaysia, Thailand and Ukraine.

Spain: Banned

The film was originally X rated which is a restricted rating more typically given to porn films. Such films are banned from mainstream cinemas. The film was later cut for DVD release.

The film was also banned in Malaysia, Thailand and Ukraine.

Malaysia: Banned

Thailand: Banned

Ukraine: Banned

Summary Notes

Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to Hoffman, he is forced to set a game into motion, and Jigsaw's grand scheme is finally understood.


UK: Director's Cut/Extreme Edition/Unrated Version was passed 18 uncut for strong bloody violence for:

US: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:

A Serbian Film

Link Here
  • Srpski film
A Serbian Film is a 2010 Serbia adult horror by Srdjan Spasojevic.
With Srdjan Todorovic and Sergej Trifunovic. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
The BBFC cut 4:12s from the UK release. Uncut in the US but there is also a US version with a minute missing. Banned in several countries around the world.

See also article from . The film was also banned from a festival screening in Spain, and was banned temporarily in Brazil.

Australia: Banned

  • December 2010 - April 2010: Rejected by the Classification Board, cut, rejected, cut some more and then passed R18 after similar cuts to the UK release
  • September 2010 - The R18 certificate was challenged by the government and the film was banned by the Review Board
  • Current Status: Banned in Australia B

Germany: Banned but later unbanned after 13 minutes of cuts

Upon initial release, the film censors of FSK ordered that the film be refused classification due to concerns that the content may violate German federal law.

On 30 June 2011, a version was allowed with 13 minutes cut, and was rated 18, "No release to youths".

Malaysia: Banned

Banned in August 2012

New Zealand: Banned for DVD in May 2012

The film censor explained the ban. See article [pdf] from

There is a high likelihood that viewers would be greatly shocked and disturbed by the extreme sexual violence and violence in association with sexual conduct, along with sexual conduct with children and young persons, regardless of age. The publication's sexual violence and violence in association with sexual conduct is concerning in a different way. Research has repeatedly shown that such depictions are likely to reinforce negative attitudes towards women in a number of ways. They have been shown to desensitise viewers to real-life violence, to reduce empathy with victims of sexual violence amongst both men and women, to increase rape myth acceptance, and to increase women's fear of sexual assault. In the current publication this material is so extensive and extreme that these injuries to the public good are likely to occur regardless of the age of the viewer.

Norway: Banned

See  article from

Norwegian Media Authority (Mediatilsynet) banned A Serbian Film because it contains violence with the sexualisation of children. Ove Wathne of Mediatilsynet told daily Dagens Naeringsliv that it is usually an ingredient that provides a basis for an assessment of the Authority.

In Norway films are self rated by the distributors. The Norwegian media censors step in on demand, presumably in response to complaints or controversy.

Singapore: Banned

Banned in August 2012 due to its content being likely to cause controversy in Singapore.

South Korea: Banned

The film was given a Restricted rating twice by the KMRB. The first edit was submitted on 9 August 2011 with a duration of 94 minutes but was rejected for having extreme violence.  The second edit was trimmed to 88 minutes and labelled as the director's edition, was submitted on 6 October 2011, but was also given the same restricted rating, this time for extreme themes.

A restricted rating limits means that it can only be shown in adults-only (19+) theatres, of which there are none in Korea (although there were some when the law was written).


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Denmark: The Scandinavian release on the Cinematic Vision is uncut but has no English subtitles for the Serbian soundtrack

US: Pre-cut by about 1:00s and MPAA Unrated for:

UK: Passed 18 after 49 BBFC cuts totalling 4:12s for:

Sex and the City 2

Link Here
  • Sex and the City: The Movie 2

Sex and the City 2 is a 2010 USA comedy romance by Michael Patrick King.
Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis. IMDb

UAE: Banned

Abu Dhabi were unimpressed by being depicted in the movie. The government banned the producers from filming in the country, and also banned the film from cinemas.

Censors were unhappy at scenes referencing homosexuality and highly displeased by a sequence in which one of the main characters is shown kissing in public. The most galling scene, however, appears to have been one in which the four ladies are rescued by Muslim women -- who take off their burqas to reveal stylish western clothes underneath.

Singapore: The film was cut for a local rating

Vietnam : Banned

Banned as a conflict of cultural values.

Summary Notes

Two years have passed since Carrie Bradshaw finally bagged John "Mr. Big" Preston, the man she was always meant to be with. Just as her friend Charlotte must deal with her young daughter's "terrible two's", Carrie must deal with her relationship taking a turn for the worse - Big likes to watch old black-and-white movies on TV and eat take-out food, which prevents Carrie from feeling like the free-wheeling party girl she used to be. Meanwhile, Miranda copes with a new boss that can't handle an intelligent, powerful woman, and Samantha works a public relations angle that gets the fashionable foursome an all-expense-paid trip to Abu Dhabi.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for:

Sex Tape

Link Here

Sex Tape is a 2014 USA comedy by Jake Kasdan.
Starring Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz and Rob Corddry. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

India: Banned by the CBFC in July 2014

A source from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) says, Owing to excess vulgarity in the film, we have decided to not certify the film

India: Unbanned by the CBFC after 10 minutes of cuts in August 2014

The revising committee of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) later cleared  Sex Tape, giving it an A certificate. The committee asked the film's distributors to cut around 10 minutes' footage from the film.

Explaining the edits, senior member of the Revising Committee, Nandini Sardesai said:

The two sex scenes-one before the titles roll and the other before the end credits-were uncalled for. Moreover, they were over the top. Frankly even I was embarrassed when I was watching it. Despite the cuts, the film is still very explicit.

Malaysia: Banned in 2014

Wikipedia lists Sex Tape as banned by Malaysia's film censors. It was banned due to strong sexual content

Summary Notes

A married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts.

UK: rated 15 uncut for strong sex references, sex, very strong language, drug use

US: Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong sex references, sex, very strong language, drug use for:

Link Here

Sex.Violence.FamilyValues. is a 2012 Singapore short comedy drama family by Ken Kwek.
With Adrian Pang, Vadi Pvss and Pamela Oei. YouTube icon IMDb


  • Banned with the comment:

    "Contains strong and obscene language as well as scenes that show obscene actions that is insulting to local cultures".


  • Banned in 2012
  • Passed R21 after cuts in 2013
The censors deemed one segment in which a Chinese porn director played by Adrian Pang rants against an Indian actor racially offensive. After the scenes in question were deleted the film was allowed to open.

Summary Review: Un.PC

A kindergarten principal finds a series of morbid cartoons drawn by a child. A porn actor struggles to rise to the occasion while filming a romantic cumedy . A middle-aged nightclub bouncer faces off with a rebellious teenage stripper.

A short film that throws political correctness out the window of Singapore mainstream cinema.

Shadows of Fiendish Ancestress and Occasionally Parajanov on Durian Cialis

Link Here

Shadows of Fiendish Ancestress and Occasionally Parajanov on Durian Cialis is a 2017 Singapore / Japan / Philippines romance by Tze Chuan Chew.
Starring Raissa Ai, Karla MC Bautista and Paolo Dumlao. IMDb

Singapore: Banned in 2017

The picture had been scheduled to have its world premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival, part of the Singapore Media Festival , this week. But it was this week denied a public release certificate by Films Appeal Committee, on the grounds that it could hurt Muslim religious feelings.

UK: Banned by Thurrock Council in September 2018

Banned fromThe Thurrock International Celebration of Film because an initial assessment claimed that the film would be rated R18 (denoting hardcore pornography) and therefore can only be shown in licensed sex premises.

Summary Notes

With reference to native historical texts and the mythological and religious depiction of the Holy Whore, Chew constructs a mythology of a hermaphrodite who comes to town to impart a wisdom that proves to be too carnal and untimely. Years in the making and strung together with documentary-like footage of orgiastic happenings, punctuated with moments of refrain into randomness, the film soon escalates into a schizophrenic psychedelia of multicultural and polymorphous sexuality.

Shakespeare Must Die

Link Here

Shakespeare Must Die is a 2012 Thailand horror drama by Ing Kanjanavanit.
Starring Pirun Anusuriya, Sudhisak Bamrungtrakun and Minta Bhanaparin. YouTube icon IMDb

Thailand: Banned in 2012

A new Thai film based on William Shakespeare's, Macbeth , has been banned by censors on the grounds that its content may cause disunity among the people.

The film is the first Thai rendition of Macbeth, a bloodstained tragedy in which a Scottish general, with the help of his insidious wife, assassinates a king to pave his way to the throne.

One of the film's main characters is a dictator named Dear Leader, who resembles former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, whose ouster in a 2006 coup sparked years of political turmoil between his supporters and critics.

Ing K., the film's director, said the censorship committee objected to anti-monarchy overtones in the film as well as politically charged content, including a scene based on an iconic photo from Bangkok's 1976 student uprising showing a demonstrator being lynched.

A legal challenge to the ban was turned down by Thailand's Administrative Court in 2017.

Update : 11th June 2014. See  Thailand's toil and trouble over 'divisive' Shakespeare film from


Link Here

2011 UK drama by Steve McQueen.
With Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan and James Badge Dale. YouTube icon IMDb

Singapore: Banned

Steve McQueen withdrew his film after the film censors of the Media Development Authority demanded cuts to a sex scene involving a threesome, and even after the cuts, the MDA imposed a 21 rating.

Controversial in the US:

The film hit the censorship headlines, not because it was cut or banned, but because it was released in the US with an adults only NC-17 rating. This is rare in the US as many cinemas and advertisers refuse adults only films lest they lose their 'family friendly' status.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for;

US: Uncut and MPAA NC-17 rated for:

Shonibar Bikel

Link Here
  • Shonibaar Bikel
  • Saturday Afternoon
Shonibar Bikel is a 2019 Bangladesh / India / Germany thriller by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki.
Starring Parambrata Chatterjee, Ellie Poussot and Selina Black. IMDb

Bangladesh: Banned by the film censor in January 2019

The film censor banned the film claiming that it would damage the country's reputation, adding that it could also incite religious fervour. The movie has also been banned from being marketed abroad.

Members of the censor board watched the film twice. Even though they praised the film upon the first viewing, certain concerns were brought to light when they watched it for the second time. Censor board member Nassiruddin Dilu said:

We think that the running time of the film, which is an hour and twenty minutes, is more suitable for film festivals than a theatrical release

He added that the film will damage the country's reputation. Iftekhar Uddin Naushad, another member of the censor board, claimed that this decision was made because the film will be unfavourable to the global image of Bangladesh.

Director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki criticised the decision to ban his film saying:

Filmmakers should feel free to take inspiration from any incident that happens around them. They don't tarnish an image. They only interpret events. It's real world actions that can damage an image.

He said they would appeal against the decision in the hope of gaining a theatrical release.

Summary Notes

A thriller based on a terrorist attack in 2016 claimed by Islamic State in which 22 people were murdered in at the Holey Artisan Cafe.

Shrek 2 Widescreen Mike Myers
Shrek 2

Link Here

Shrek 2 is a 2004 USA children's animation comedy by Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury...
Starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz. BBFC link IMDb

BBFC category cuts were required for a U rated release for cinema and home video. Uncut in the US with an MPAA PG rating.

Israel: Briefly banned in 2004

The film was banned briefly in 2004. The Hebrew dub featured a joke about Israeli singer David D'Or's high voice. in which one character threatens to castrate another by saying Let's do a David D'or on him. This remark prompted the artist to take legal action, saying: This film intends to present me, in perpetuity, as a eunuch, a man with no testicles. It turns me into a laughing stock. The Tel Aviv District Court ordered Shrek 2 to be withdrawn until the remark could be edited out.

Summary Notes

Shrek has rescued Princess Fiona, got married, and now is time to meet the parents. Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey set off to Far, Far Away to meet Fiona's mother and father. But not everyone is happy. Shrek and the King find it hard to get along, and there's tension in the marriage. It's not just the family who are unhappy. Prince Charming returns from a failed attempt at rescuing Fiona, and works alongside his mother, the Fairy Godmother, to try and find a way to get Shrek away from Fiona.


US: Uncut and MPAA PG rated for:
The Simpsons Movie

Link Here

The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 USA animation comedy adventure by David Silverman.
Starring Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner and Nancy Cartwright. IMDb

Burma: Banned

See article from :

The film was banned in Burma, not for the infamous scene of nudity, but for excessive use of the colours yellow and red, which is prohibited in the country. The colours are symbolic of rebels groups.

Japan: Cut

From IMDb. Bart's full frontal shot had to be pixellated.

Singapore: Cut

From IMDb. The film was edited for a PG rating for release in Singapore (uncut version is rated NC-16). Bart's full-frontal shot is censored.

Summary Notes

After Homer accidentally pollutes the town's water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpson family are declared fugitives.


UK: Passed PG uncut for mild language, innuendo and comic violence for: US: Uncut and MPAA PG-13 rated for:
The Snowman

Link Here

The Snowman is a 2017 UK / Sweden / USA crime horror mystery by Tomas Alfredson.
Starring Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson and Chlo Sevigny. IMDb

Malaysia: Banned in 2017

The film was banned by the country's film censor for excessive violence.

Summary Notes

When an elite crime squad's lead detective investigates the disappearance of a victim on the first snow of winter, he fears an elusive serial killer may be active again. With the help of a brilliant recruit, the cop must connect decades-old cold cases to the brutal new one if he hopes to outwit this unthinkable evil before the next snowfall.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for:
Stories of Our Lives

Link Here

Stories of Our Lives is a 2014 Kenya by Jim Chuchu.
Starring Louis Brooke, Allan Bryan Weku and Judy Gichohi. IMDb

Kenya: Banned in 2014

The Kenya Film Classification banned the film with the comment:

The decision to decline approval to the said film was because the film has obscenity, explicit scenes of sexual activities and it promotes homosexuality which, is contrary to our national norms and values.

Summary Notes

A collection of five vignettes about Kenya's LGBT community.

Stranger by the Lake

Link Here
  • L'inconnu du lac

Stranger by the Lake is a 2013 France gay drama by Alain Guiraudie.
With Pierre Deladonchamps, Christophe Paou and Patrick d'Assumçao. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Lebanon : Banned for:

  • 2013 film festival showing
It was banned by the film censor when submitted for the Beirut International Film Festival

Summary Notes

Summertime. A cruising spot for men, tucked away on the shores of a lake. Franck falls in love with Michel. An attractive, potent and lethally dangerous man. Franck knows this, but wants to live out his passion anyway.

A very explicit French gay-themed film. Sometimes it felt a bit overly so - including graphic unsimulated scenes of oral sex and even a shot of a man, erm, climaxing. But I kind of admire the movie at the same time for not shying away from showing anything.

The film stirred controversy in France, two Paris suburbs removed posters for the film that displayed an illustration of two men kissing. Residents complained the image was inappropriate.

Director Alain Guiraudie won the Best Director prize in the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong real sex for:
  • 2013 cinema release
Ten Years

Link Here
  • 10 Years

Ten Years is a 2015 Hong Kong drama by Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-Wai...
Starring Peter Chan, Lau Ho-Chi and Kin-Ping Leung. IMDb

Hong Kong: Banned apparently by Beijing

See  article from

The film, an anthology of five short stories, each by a different director, has provoked widespread discussion and raised the ire of Beijing, with China's Communist Party newspaper Global Times denouncing the film as absurd.

It was a hit at the box office, earning more than 6 million Hong Kong dollars ($770,000), or more than 10 times its budget. But it abruptly disappeared from cinemas in January after an eight-week run, leading many to wonder whether pressure from Beijing was responsible. Now the only way to see it is at private screenings at universities and community centers, where it's often followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers.

Summary Notes

Five thought-provoking shorts imagine what Hong Kong will be like ten years from now. In Extras, two genial low-level gangsters are hired to stage an attack, but they're mere sacrificial lambs in a political conspiracy. Rebels strive to preserve destroyed homes and objects as specimens in the mesmerizing Season of the End. In Dialect, a taxi driver struggles to adjust after Putonghua displaces Cantonese as Hong Kong's only official language. Following the death of a leading independence activist, an act of self-immolation outside the British consulate triggers questions and protests in the searing yet moving Self-Immolator. In Local Egg, a grocery shop owner worries about his son's youth guard activities and where to buy eggs after Hong Kong's last chicken farm closes down.

Thi Baan 2.2

Link Here

Thi Baan (The House) Series 2 Episode 2 is a 2018 Thai comedy drama by Surasak Pongson

Thailand: Banned in November 2018

A monk grieving at his ex-girlfriend's funeral is the alleged scene that caused a Thai film to be censored just days before its Thursday release.

A group of Thai directors revealed that what the film censors called a sensitive scene in Thi Baan The Series 2.2 depicted a monk character bursting into tears in front of his ex-girlfriend's coffin.

Thailand's film censor board has demanded that the pivotal scene be cut and the film resubmitted to the board before it can be screened at cinemas.

In the meantime the release of Thi Baan The Series 2.2 has been indefinitely postponed.


Those Long-Haired Nights

Link Here

Those Long-Haired Nights (Mga gabing kasinghaba ng hair ko) is a 2017 Philippines drama by Gerardo Calagui.
Starring Rocky Salumbides, Anthony Falcon and Matt Daclan. IMDb

Malaysia: Banned in January 2018

Summary Notes

A journey to the end of the night, through a gloomy and chaotic district of the Philippino capital, where the only things glowing in the dark are some red lights and the dreams of three ladyboys. The three of them are the best of friends and are working as masseuses offering sexual services for their clientele. The youngest keeps falling in love with the wrong people; the wise one returns home to her province to attend the christening of her ex-girlfriend's son; the bravest looks to make more money through drug deals for a Korean client. Where will their survival instinct lead them on the streets of Manila?
To Singapore with Love

Link Here

To Singapore, with Love is a 2013 Singapore documentary by Pin Pin Tan. IMDb

In the 1960s and 1970s, Singaporeans, who were activists, student leaders or Communists were exiled from their country. Fifty years later, despite resettling in countries such as the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Thailand, it is clear that the diaspora still holds Singapore and the idea of returning home in their hearts and minds. TO SINGAPORE, WITH LOVE follows the exiled protagonists in the film, as they undertake a trip to Singapore's closest neighbor, Malaysia, where they attend reunions, memorials and stay in a hotel that overlooks their homeland.

Singapore: Banned in September 2014

Announcing its decision to ban the 70-minute film To Singapore, With Love , Singapore's films censors of the Media Development Authority (MDA) claim that its contents:

Undermine national security because legitimate actions of security agencies to protect national security and stability of Singapore are presented in a distorted way as acts that victimised innocent individuals.

The individuals in the film have given distorted and untruthful accounts of how they came to leave Singapore and remain outside Singapore

Toofan Singh

Link Here

Toofan Singh is a 2017 India action film by Baghal Singh and Gurcharan Virk.
Starring Ranjit Bawa, Avtar Gill and Raza Murad. BBFC link IMDb

India: Banned in August 2017

Notable as this was the first film banned by the recently installed new chief film censor, Prasoon Joshi.

A source from the CBFC reportedly said:

The film is brutal and anarchic. We couldn't empathise with its message of brute power, let alone grant it a censor certificate

Summary Notes

The journey of a Punjabi Sikh boy who grew up during the chaotic, violent 1980s revolving around his chase for survival, equality and justice in order to protect and shield society and fight against brutality, crime and corruption.

A Touch of Sin

Link Here

A Touch of Sin is a 2013 China drama by Zhangke Jia.
Starring Wu Jiang, Lanshan Luo and Li Meng. YouTube icon IMDb

China: Banned

See article from .

In May 2013 it was announced that the film had been cleared for release in mainland China, a surprise to observers within and outside the country who feared such subject matter was taboo. By December 2013 the film still had not been cleared by censors, and a leaked directive from the Central Propaganda Department instructed media not to conduct interviews, report or comment on the film.

Promotional Material

A brilliant exploration of violence and corruption in contemporary China; (Jon Frosch, The Atlantic), A TOUCH OF SIN was inspired by four shocking (and true) events that forced the world's fastest growing economy into a period of self-examination.

Written and directed by master filmmaker Jia Zhangke (The World, Still Life);one of the best and most important directors in the world; (Richard Brody, The New Yorker), this daring, poetic and grand-scale film focuses on four characters, each living in different provinces, who are driven to violent ends.

An angry miner, enraged by widespread corruption in his village, decides to take justice into his own hands. A rootless migrant discovers the infinite possibilities of owning a firearm. A young receptionist, who dates a married man and works at a local sauna, is pushed beyond her limits by an abusive client. And a young factory worker goes from one discouraging job to the next, only to face increasingly degrading circumstances.


US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

UK: Passed 15 uncut for:

Twilight Over Burma

Link Here

Twilight Over Burma is a 2015 Austria TV drama by Sabine Derflinger.
Starring Zoe Addams, Sahajak Boonthanakit and Daweerit Chullasapya. IMDb

Burma: Banned from June 2016 film festival

An Austrian TV movie, Twilight Over Burma, has been banned from a Burmese human rights film festival by the local film censor.

Burma's Film Classification Board's deputy director general Daw Thida Tin told the BBC that the film had been banned for the sake of national unity and also the stability of the country and of our people .

the film festival organisers say they were also told that the censors saw the film as damaging to the image of the army.

Thailand: Banned from July 2016 film festival

The film was banned by the Thai film censor from a film festival of films made in Thailand. The reason was attributed to solidarity amongst dictatorships, or in more PC terms it was related to bilateral ties between Thailand and Burma.

Summary Notes

The U.S. scholarships Austrian student Inge and young mining student from Burma Sao Kya Seng fall in love. But it's only at the lavish wedding ceremony that Inge discovers her husband is the ruling prince of the Shan state of Burma. After a coup staged by the Burmese military, Sao is imprisoned. Inge does everything she can to free him. Base on the true story of Inge Sargent.


Link Here

Unfreedom is a 2015 USA / India crime romance by Raj Amit Kumar.
Starring Victor Banerjee, Adil Hussain and Bhanu Uday. Youtube link IMDb

India: Available on Netflix, April 2018

See  article from

Almost three years after Unfreedom was banned in India by the Pahlaj Nihalani-led Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), on the grounds that it would ignite unnatural passions, the film has been acquired by Netflix and can be watched by the streaming service's subscribers.

Talking about the film's release by Netflix, director Raj Amit Kumar said in a press statement:

I am glad that Unfreedom finds such a popular platform like Netflix after the ban in India and the efforts of censorship guardians in India to stop the film. It also exposes the hypocrisy and divide between reality and fantasy of censorship system in India. There is no way they can control and censor content in digital age, yet, they try their best to choke filmmakers like me who have something relevant to say that makes them feel threatened.

It is illegal that they banned my film. I plan to fight a legal battle, even after the Netflix release. I will fight against the ban. Neither the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) nor FCAT have the right to ban a film. My fight will be in terms of how the censorship works.

India: Banned by the CBFC, March 2015

See article from

The film was banned by the CBFC on the grounds that it would ignite unnatural passions,

The film is the story of a young girl who resists a forced arranged marriage to unite with her lesbian partner. The nudity and lovemaking scenes of the female protagonists, 'outraged' the Indian Board of film censors.

Add to it a parallel story line which revolves around a liberal Muslim kidnapped by a terrorist and the CBFC was up in arms.

Speaking from the US, the director told Mirror, The two stories are juxtaposed and the film challenges the idea of religious fundamentalism and questions its connection with homosexuality which is a biting reality of India.

He added that the film was refused by both the Examining Committee and the Revising Committee. They plainly told me that after watching the film, Hindu and Muslims will start fighting and will ignite unnatural passions. I was aghast as my film is not provocative.

The filmmaker then appealed to the Film Certification Apellate Tribunal (FCAT) but this time too, he was denied a certificate. I'm making an appeal in the High Court now as the Censor Board cannot tell a filmmaker what to make and what not to, said the filmmaker

Summary Notes

In New York arrives a violent and angry man imprisoned by his brutal past, Mohammed Husain. His mission - to kidnap and kill a peaceful Muslim scholar, Fareed Rahmani. On the other side of the world, Leela Singh, a homosexual girl in New Delhi, kidnaps her bisexual lover, Sakhi Taylor. Her mission - to marry her lover and live happily ever after. In a brutal struggle of identities against unfreedom, four characters, in two of the world's largest cities, come face to face with most gruesome acts of torture and violence. The choices they make when they are most cornered in life, expose the blemished reality of contemporary world.


US: Uncut and MPAA Not rated for:
Van Wilder: Freshman Year

Link Here

Van Wilder: Freshman Year is a 2009 USA comedy romance by Harvey Glazer (as Harv Glazer).
Starring Jonathan Bennett, Kristin Cavallari and Kurt Fuller. IMDb

Samoa: Banned in 2009

See article from . Listed as one of four films banned in 2009
UK: Passed 18 uncut for:

Promotional Material

In this prequel to the original, Van Wilder embarks on an epic crusade to land the campus hottie and liberate his school from sexual oppression and party dysfunction.
Veera Di Wedding

Link Here

Veere Di Wedding is a 2018 India comedy by Shashanka Ghosh.
Starring Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar. IMDb

Pakistan: Banned in June 2018

A Bollywood chick flick titled Veere Di Wedding has been banned from airing in Pakistan, according to sources at the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC).

Images reports that CBFC Chairman Danyal Gilani said: Members of the board have unanimously decided to not allow the film for public exhibition in the cinemas as per Censorship of Film Code 1980.

According to the Economic Times , the film has been banned due to its vulgar language. An official of the Censor Board added that the film also contained objectionable sexual dialogue.

Summary Notes

Four girls on their way to find true love. However friendship this strong does have its consequences.


UK: The cinema release was passed 15 uncut for strong language, sex references, sex.

Link Here

Vishwaroopam is a 2013 India crime action thriller by Kamal Hassan.
With Kamal Hassan, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah. YouTube icon IMDb


  • Banned.
  • Later unbanned after the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and the National Censorship Board reviewed the movie. 16 dialogue cuts were required for approval.


  • Temporary court ban in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • The film was unbanned after cuts were made to appease muslim protests

Sri Lanka:

  • Temporary court ban pending censor review

In the UK the film has been passed 12A for cinema release after 11s of category cuts. The BBFC commented:

Company chose to remove two moments of bloody violence in order to obtain a 12A rating. An uncut 15 rating was available.

VISHWAROOPAM is a thriller in the Hindi and Tamil languages about a woman unsuspectingly married to one of India's top secret agents. It is rated 12A for moderate violence.

There are a number of fast-paced fights and shoot-outs. Although there are some heavy blows and bullet impacts, little is shown in terms of injury detail, with the focus instead placed on the spectacular and generally unrealistic fight choreography. For example, in one scene the hero uses a Japanese sword to defeat his attackers, cutting off one of their hands. There is no detail of this but the hand is briefly seen flying through the air.

VISHWAROOPAM also contains infrequent mild bad language and mild sex references. There is also some sight of hard drugs, but this occurs within a clear anti drug context.

Presumably the baddies are muslim terrorists and hence the complaints about negative depictions from the muslim community.


Link Here

Wasp is a 2015 UK / France / Switzerland / Lebanon drama by Philippe Audi-Dor.
Starring Hugo Bolton, Elly Condron and Simon Haycock. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Lebanon: Banned from film festival in October 2015

Director Philippe Audi-Dor commented:

I am very disappointed that Wasp won't be screening at the renowned Beirut International Film Festival because of its LGBT content. That said, I do understand that the film touches upon a delicate subject, and do respect the censorship bureau's decision.

BBFC Insight about the sex content

A couple are seen having rear entry sex, with close up shots of flesh and facial expressions. There are also strong sex references, with dialogue relating to role-play sex and several frank conversations about sexuality and infidelity.

There is brief natural breast nudity as a woman changes her clothes in the company of another character.

Promotional Material

Having left England for a romantic escapade in the south of France, Olivier and James invite Caroline along at the very last minute. She was just left by her long-time boyfriend and is in need of a change of scenery. The trio arrives in a little Provencal village, somewhat cut off from the world. Though everything seems calm between the pool, sunshine and a village visit, Olivier finds himself more and more intrigued by Caroline. A tension of sexual jealousy and possessiveness will escalade between the three.


UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong language, sex, sex references for:

Link Here

Weekend is a 2011 UK gay romance by Andrew Haigh.
Starring Tom Cullen, Chris New and Jonathan Race. BBFC link IMDb

Italy: Banned across much of Italy in cinemas owned by the church. March 2016.

The Catholic Church in Italy has effectively banned Weekend , a movie by British filmmaker Andrew Haigh, by declaring it unfit to be shown in any of the theaters owned by the church.

In an unusual move that prompted accusations of homophobic censorship, the Italian Conference of Bishops' Film Evaluation Commission classified the film as not advised, unusable and scabrous (indecent or salacious). The Commission listed the film's principal themes as drugs and homosexuality.

The result, according to its distributor Teodora Film, was that the film was shunned by the more than 1,100 cinemas which are owned by the Church and make up the bulk of Italy's network of independent/arthouse theatres.

The large number of Italian cinemas owned by the Church are a legacy of the days when every parish had its own cinema and local priests controlled projections, regularly cutting sections of films they deemed unsuitable for parishioners. Most of these cinemas are now rented out to operators who do not have to be religious but do have to sign a contract which includes a clause agreeing to go along with the guidance issued by the bishops.

Summary Notes

On a Friday night after a drunken house party with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a gay club, alone and on the pull. Just before closing time he picks up Glen but what's expected to be just a one-night stand becomes something else, something special. That weekend, in bars and in bedrooms, getting drunk and taking drugs, telling stories and having sex, the two men get to know each other. It is a brief encounter that will resonate throughout their lives. Weekend is both an honest and unapologetic love story between two guys and a film about the universal struggle for an authentic life in all its forms. It is about the search for identity and the importance of making a passionate commitment to your life.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong sex, sex references and hard drug use for:
The Wolf of Wall Street

Link Here

The Wolf of Wall Street is a 2013 USA crime comedy biography by Martin Scorsese.
With Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie. YouTube icon IMDb

Cambodia: Banned

Banned by the Cambodian government citing the film's liberal use of expletives

India : Cut by 6 Minutes

India's films censors have cut 6 minutes from Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. A source from one of the multiplex chains showing the movie said Indian audiences will be denied visuals of frontal female nudity, intercourse and masturbation as well as the dialogue, All nuns are lesbian . These cuts, amounting to a little over 6 minutes, bring down the movie's running time from 180 minutes to 174 minutes.

Three scenes were cut: a gay orgy, co-star Jonah Hill's public masturbation sequence and the opening scene of the film that features DiCaprio blowing cocaine into a woman's derriere using a straw.

Also, the expression "all nuns are lesbians" was blacked out because of a guideline stating that all religions should be respected.

The Indian release will also include an anti-smoking disclaimer, which is now mandatory for any film that features cigarettes.

Kenya : Banned

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned the sale, exhibition and distribution of a Hollywood film The Wolf of Wall Street for extreme scenes of nudity.

When contacted, the board's communications office said the film has been restricted due to elements that include nudity, sex, alcohol, drugs and profanity.

Lebanon : One cut

Lebanon was set to take the cut Indian Version. However, the Lebanese distributor relented because of pressure from moviegoers and is only cutting the gay orgy scene.

Malaysia: Self censored:

Cinemas give up without even submitting it to the censor. Exhibitors saw the film, they realised there was no way they could get away with screening it in the country, due to the drugs, nudity, profanity.

Nepal: Banned

The Nepal Censor Board has decided to ban the film completely, forcing local distributors to apologize to their customers who had been waiting to see the movie. The censor chairman Umakanta Parajuli said that the film was banned:

Due to Vulgarity. Nepal is orthodox regarding vulgarity.

Singapore: Cut by 4 minutes and still R21 rated.

Singapore authorities had said they were cutting several scenes, including one featuring DiCaprio having sex with a flight attendant.

Fans are calling for a total boycott of the version of the film cut by 4 minutes by the local censors. Movie goers want to be able to watch the original uncensored version.

The R21 rating restrictions the film to down town cinemas and bans showing it at suburban complexes

UAE: Cut by 45 minutes

Newspapers have reported that movie goers have been walking out of UAE showings after 45 minutes of cuts rendered the movie incomprehensible. UAE film censors say a massively pre-cut version prepared for the whole region may have been slightly less cut if edited for UAE alone.

US: Cut to avoid an NC-17 rating

According to what could just be press hype, it is reported that Scorsese had to trim sex and nudity to prevent the film being slapped with an NC-17.

The film ended up rated R for sequences of strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and language throughout, and for some violence.

It has been reported that the Theatrical version will become the definitive and that the cuts are unlikely ever to be restored to an Unrated Version or Director's Cut.

Summary Notes

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. DiCaprio plays Belfort, a Long Island penny stockbroker who served 36 months in prison for defrauding investors in a massive 1990s securities scam that involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including shoe designer Steve Madden.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for very strong language, strong sex, hard drug use for:
Wonder Woman

Link Here

Wonder Woman is a 2017 USA action Sci-Fi fantasy by Patty Jenkins.
Starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Robin Wright. BBFC link IMDb

Banned in Lebanon and Malaysia because of the Israeli lead actress.

Lebanon: Banned in May 2017

Lebanon, which is officially still at war with Israel, has banned Wonder Woman from showing in the country's cinemas because the film's lead actress, Gal Gadot, is Israeli.

Lebanon's Ministry of Economy issued the ban just before the film was scheduled to premiere in Lebanon. The film had been promoted around Lebanon and had been awarded a film certificate from the country's film censor. But a protest movement called Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon pressured the government into banning the film, describing it as the Israeli Soldier film.

Malaysia: Banned in 2017

Banned by Warner Malaysia prior to its premiere and the official release on the account of the film's leading star Gal Gadot's service in the Israeli Army. Passed uncut for  home video.

Qatar: Banned

IMDb notes the film was banned in Qatar citing similar concern to that of Lebanon.

Tunisia: Temporarily banned

IMDb notes the film was temporarily banned in Tunisia citing similar concern to that of Lebanon/

Summary Notes

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.


UK: Passed 12 uncut for moderate violence for:
Yes and Yes

Link Here
  • Da i Da
Yes and Yes (Da i Da) is a 2014 Russia drama by Valeriya Gay Germanika.
Starring Vladimir Dubosarsky, Aleksandr Gorchilin and Agniya Kuznetsova. IMDb

Actress Agniya Kuznetsova plays an inquisitive girl from the outskirts of Moscow, embarking on a coming-of-age adventure in the city's bohemian art community.

Russia : Banned in July 2014

Russia's new anti-obscenity law, that came into force on 1st July, has forced Vologda's VOICES Film Festival  to pull its screening of Valeria Gai Germanika's Yes and Yes (Da i Da) .

However, the extensive use of strong language means that the film's producers have not been able to obtain a distribution certificate to release the film in Russian cinemas. Under the new legislation, films containing foul language will be banned from general release.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Link Here
  • Zack and Miri
Zack and Miri Make a Porno is a 2008 USA comedy romance by Kevin Smith.
Starring Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks and Craig Robinson. BBFC link IMDb

Malaysia: Banned
Thailand: Banned
Trinidad and Tobago: Banned

US: Cut

The film was submitted to the MPAA and received an NC-17 rating. The producers made cuts hoping for an R rating but again received an NC-17 rating. The film makers won an appeal and this second submission was downrated to R.

The movie's original poster was deemed too explicit by the MPAA, and was banned in the U.S., because it suggested the characters on the posters are engaging in oral sex. It featured two separate images of Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, who are fully clothed, and the back of the actors' heads close to each other's crotch.

A few cinemas in Utah also took it on themselves to refuse to play the movie

Summary Notes

Zack and Miri are two lifelong platonic friends who make an adult film to pay the rent of their apartment. With their friend Delaney, the couple set out for auditionees for their porn film, but in the process of filming, they realize they feel more for each other than they had before.


UK: Passed 18 uncut for very strong language and sex references and strong sex: US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Link Here
  • Derek Zoolander
Zoolander is a 2001 Germany / USA comedy by Ben Stiller.
Starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Christine Taylor. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb
Originally R rated by the MPAA but the film was cut, and after an appeal achieved a PG-13 rating. This version has been distributed worldwide since.  There is an alternative version of the titles though. 12/12A  rated by the BBFC for all UK releases. The film was banned in Malaysia, Iran, and also banned for a while in Singapore.

Iran: Banned

The film censor banned the film claiming the colourful setting was a little but too camp and so banned the film for being gay.

Malaysia: Banned in 2001

The film was banned by the film censors who took offense at a joke about killing the country's prime minister

A version was prepared for Asian release that replaced references to Malaysia were replaced with Micronesa. However this was not enough to placate the Malaysian film censors who banned the film.

Singapore: Unbanned in 2006

Unbanned in 2006 but still given a high age restriction, NC-16

Singapore : Banned in 2001

The film was banned in 2001 in sympathy with its neighbour Malaysia being the butt of jokes. Singapore censors also cited the films emphasis on drugs when justifying the ban.

US: Cut for a PG-13 rating

Originally R rated by the MPAA, but the film was subsequently cut, and after an appeal achieved a PG-13 rating. This version has been distributed worldwide since.

Summary Notes

Derek Zoolander is VH1's three time male model of the year, but when Hansel wins the award instead, Zoolander's world becomes upside down. His friends disappear, his father is disappointed in him, and he feels that he's not good as a model anymore. But when evil fashion guru Mugatu hires Zoolander, he thinks his life has turned back round again, that is until he finds out that Mugatu has actually brainwashed him to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Can Zoolander and his new friends find out how to prevent the incident before it's too late?


UK: The cut US PG-13 version was passed 12A/12 for moderate bad language, drug and sex references without further BBFC cuts for:

US: Rated PG-13 on appeal for sexual content and drug references for:



Link Here

Banned Movies

Girov is a 2006 Azerbaijan drama by Eldar Kuliyev. IMDb
A long running rivalry between Azerbaijan  and Armenian led to a ban for this film merely for portaying Armenians in a positive light.



Link Here

Banned Movies

Rahman 1400 is a 2018 Iran drama by Manouchehr Hadi.
Starring Bahram Afshari, Saeed Aghakhani and Sareh Bayat. IMDb
Iran's Culture Ministry says it has banned Iran's best-selling movie of the month, Rahman 1400.  This seems to be in response to a controversy with a few viewers complaining of sexually explicit dialogue.



Link Here

Banned Movies

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a 2013 India sport biography by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.
Starring Farhan Akhtar, Sonam Kapoor and Pavan Malhotra. IMDb

The true story of the "Flying Sikh" - world champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh -- who overcame the massacre of his family, civil war during the India-Pakistan partition, and homelessness to become one of India's most iconic athletes.

Singh's comments in the about Pakistan didn't go well with the Pakistani censors so the film ended up banned.

Dangal is a 2016 India action sport biography by Nitesh Tiwari.
Starring Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar and Fatima Sana Shaikh. IMDb

Banned for its inclusion of the Indian national anthem and the Indian flag.

Mulk is a 2018 India drama by Anubhav Sinha.
Starring Tapsee Pannu, Rishi Kapoor and Prateik. IMDb

One family member tries to help her own family which are trapped in a dark controversy. Banned by Pakistan's film censors from the CBFC in August 2018.

Neerja is a 2016 India biography by Ram Madhvani.
Starring Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi and Yogendra Tiku. IMDb

Neerja is the story of the courageous Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life while protecting the lives of 359 passengers on the Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. The flight was hijacked by a terrorist organization.

The problem: the plane was hijacked in Karachi, Pakistan. Hence, it was banned in Pakistan,



Link Here

Banned Movies

A list of banned films was published in October 2018 that were presumably banned for cinema which been republished for the country's internet companies to make sure they are also banned from Video on Demand. Examples from the list include:
  • Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy
  • Nymphomaniac (2013)
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)
  • Scary Movie series


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