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Video Cuts Cert Run Time Details
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Link Here
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age 4 Continental Ray Romano

Ice Age: Continental Drift is a 2012 USA animation adventure comedy family by Steve Martino , Mike Thurmeier.
With Ray Romano, Denis Leary and John Leguizamo. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
Standard releases are uncut by film censors but an audio descriptive versions was cut for language
US Version
U cert


84:06s UK: Passed U uncut for mild threat and comic violence for:
  • 2012 20th Century Fox R2 Video
  • 2012 [2D + 3D] cinema release

US: Uncut and MPAA PG Rated for:

UK Version
U cert 84:06s


UK: The UK Version was passed U uncut for mild threat and comic violence for:
  • 2012 20th Century Fox R2 Video

Maybe there is some UK specific dialogue

BBFC cut
U cert 84:06s UK: The Audio Descriptive Version was passed U for mild threat and comic violence after 4s of BBFC category cuts for:
  • 20 12 20th Century Fox R2 Video

The BBFC commented:

  • Distributor chose to remove a use of the word spastic , as a term to describe a character, in order to achieve a U classification.

The word 'spastic' appeared in the audio description rather than the film itself.

The Iceman Cometh

Link Here
  • Ji dong ji xia
  • Time Warriors

Iceman Cometh DVD cover

uncut 15 cert 109:51s 1990 Hong Kong film by Clarence Ford

The cuts were waived and the video was down rated to 15 in 2005

The uncut region 2 DVD is available at UK Amazon

Review from imdb

I really like this beautifully shot and choreographed action-fantasy/time travel yarn from Clarence Fok, the director of the moody Gun and Rose and the highly regarded Naked Killer . It is an ambitious, rich production that boasts several stunning martial arts sequences and not a few jaw-dropping stunts. It is such an aesthetically rich and varied piece of entertainment that it never fails to please.

Biao is excellent as the naive palace guard who comes into contact with sweet-natured callgirl Maggie Cheung. He is totally believable as the fish out of water and stunning when asked to demonstrate his extraordinary physical skills. A fight atop a crane is masterful, as is a snow-bound sword fight, a duel inside a museum and a heart-stopping leap over a speeding car on a freeway. Yuen Wah, whose character warms immediately to 20th century firearms and criminality, is also amazing in his demanding, bone-punishing role.

Fok, who always brings a strong visual style to his movies, directs the sometimes brutal action with consummate professionalism and fills the cast list with memorable character actors and assorted beauties. A great score helps, too.

A gem.

13s 18 109:11s The cuts were applied to a rape scene when MIHK video version was submitted in 1997
Ichi the Killer

Link Here
  • Koroshiya 1
  • Koroshiya ichi

Ichi the Killer Blu-ray

Ichi the KillerDVD


Ichi the Killer is a 2001 Japan action crime comedy by Takashi Miike.
Starring Tadanobu Asano, Nao Ômori and Shin'ya Tsukamoto. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
The film was substantially cut by the BBFC for all UK releases. THE US MPAA Unrated version the uncut Director's Cut but there is also a cut MPAA R rated Version.

Summary Review

As sadomasochistic yakuza enforcer Kakihara searches for his missing boss he comes across Ichi, a repressed and psychotic killer who may be able to inflict levels of pain that Kakihara has only dreamed of.

I have come away with the impression that Miike is a brilliant filmmaker capable of forcing extreme reactions from his viewers. Hollywood should take note of this guy and bring him over here for a project or two.  Miike's warped visions would send American censors scrambling for a sedative, and most mainstream viewers would recoil from the graphic nature of this director's films.

A word of warning for those thinking of indulging in "Ichi the Killer": the movie is loaded with sadism, gore, black comedy, and all around unpleasantness. It's a tough watch, even for a gore fan.

Director's Cut
123:24s US: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:
A full digital restoration of the director's cut of ICHI THE KILLER was undertaken by Emperor MotionPictures in 2017. A new transfer was created in 4k resolution from a 35mm inter-negative at L'Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna, Italy. It was then digitally restored and colour graded in 4K resolution. With a running time of 128 minutes, this restored version of ICHI THE KILLER, as personally approved by Takashi Miike, is presented it its original aspect ratio of 1.85:1.
BBFC cut
18 120:00s UK: Passed 18 for strong scenes of violence and bloodshed after 3:15s of compulsory BBFC cuts for:
  • 2009 Showbox R2 DVD
  • 2007 Medusa/E1 R2 DVD
  • 2004 Medusa/E1 Special Collector's Box R2 DVD
  • 2003 Medusa/E1 R2 DVD
  • 2002 cinema release

The BBFC explained the cuts:

The BBFC has required 11 cuts (approximately three and a quarter minutes of screen time) to the Japanese cinema film Ichi the Killer . The cuts have been made to remove extreme sexualised violence. These are the most substantial cuts required by the BBFC to an 18 rated film since 1994.

The Board's main concern is with content which is likely to promote harmful activity. The Board's Guidelines constrain, in particular, depictions which eroticise or appear to endorse sexual violence. Of specific concern are sexual images in a violent context which are designed to titillate. The Guidelines take account of academic research which indicates that violence when mixed with explicit sexual images (women forcibly stripped, shots which linger on naked breasts or genitalia during rape or assault) may produce a harmful response in some viewers.

The scenes cut from Ichi the Killer include naked women being sexually mutilated or beaten or killed. They contain images of erotically explicit violence which have never been passed by the BBFC at any classification level.

Ichi the Killer is a live action film based on a popular Japanese manga comic. Ichi, who has unusual powers, is caught in a conflict between two rival yakuza gangs. The film taken as a whole belongs to a genre of vivid fantasy violence which has been part of Japanese cinema for many years. The Board does not consider that the cartoon-like damage perpetrated by male gangsters on one another in the rest of the film is likely, at the adult classification level, to inspire emulation. However, this contrasts sharply with the eroticized scenes of violence against female characters which the Board has cut. These scenes appear to the Board to have no function other than the pleasure of the onlooker.

See pictorial cuts details from



international   Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Universe DVD has been cut by approximately 13 minutes.

New Zealand : The Siren DVD is the cut UK version.

US: There's also a cut R rated US version from Media Blasters.

Germany: The film has been banned and subsequently cut by 18 minutes

Norway: Banned

Malaysia: Banned

Other world releases are uncut.


Link Here

Identity John Cusack

BBFC uncut 15 cert 86:17s 2003 US thriller by James Mangold

The Theatrical Version was passed 15 without cuts for the 2003 cinema release and 2003 Columbia/TriStar DVD/Blu-ray.

There is also an Extended Version.

From version details on IMDb :

  • There is an additional scene at the courthouse showing Detective Varole getting upset that the prisoner transport is out of contact.
  • It also has a re-cut ending featuring a little ore violence

The uncut region 1 DVD is available at US Amazon
The uncut US Blu-ray is available at US Amazon

Identity Thief

Link Here
Identity Thief is a 2013 USA crime comedy by Seth Gordon.
With Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
Inevitably 2 versions, Unrated and R Rated Theatrical. Both are 15 uncut in the UK. The additional material for the Unrated version is uncontroversial.
Unrated Version
15 cert


115:31s UK: The Extended Version/Unrated Version was passed 15 uncut for strong sex, sex references and strong language for:

US: The Unrated Version is released for:

  • 2013 Universal [Theatrical + Unrated] RA Blu-ray/R1 DVD Combo at US Amazon
  • 2013 Universal [Theatrical + Unrated] R1 DVD at US Amazon

See pictorial version details from . The Unrated Version is 8:49s longer. Typical unrated material that could've been too risque for the R -rated theatrical version is nowhere in sight.

Theatrical Version
15 cert


106:44s UK: The Theatrical Version was passed 15 uncut for strong sex, sex references and strong language for:
  • 2013 Universal R2 DVD
  • 2013 cinema release
An Idiot Abroad: Season 3 Episode 3

Link Here
15 cert 44:41s


An Idiot Abroad is a 2010 UK TV documentary comedy.
With Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. IMDb

UK: AN edited Version was passed 15 for strong language for without BBFC cuts:

  • 2012 2Entertain RB Blu-ray
  • 2012 2Entertain R2 DVD

It was passed 15 uncut a few weeks earlier but seems to be one of batch of DVDs resubmitted by 2Entertain when jokes about children were being deleted. This is as a result of sensitivity arising from the Jimmy Savile scandal.

15 cert 44:41s UK: Passed uncut for strong language for:
  • 2012 2Entertain Video Replaced with a cut version
The Idiots

Link Here
  • Idioterne
  • Dogma 2: The Idiots

The Idiots DVD

The Idiots is a 1998 Danish comedy by Lars Von Trier.
With Bodil Jørgensen, Jens Albinus and Anne Louise Hassing. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Uncut in the UK. Real sex was censored in the US R rated version with black bars

Summary Review : Actual Intercourse

The group of people gather at the house in Copenhagen suburb to break all the limitations and to bring out the inner idiot in themselves.

Shot with handheld digital cameras and using natural lighting and natural locations, THE IDIOTS possesses an urgency that makes it feel like a documentary. Von Trier sparked a heated controversy with his decision to film the sex scenes with actual intercourse, adhering to the Dogme tenets. (He hired porn actors for the close-ups.) This controversy aside, the film nonetheless raises questions about cultism, modern ethics, and the idea of individuality within the absurdity of the characters' world.

Stoffer is the leader of the group and he orders a gang bang to take place for his birthday -- here is where we have our unsimulated sex. There are shots of sexual penetration and group sex. There is an erect willy in a shower scene.

18 109:31s   UK: Passed 18 uncut for for coarse language and strong sexual detail:
  • 2000 Palisades Tartan R2 DVD at UK Amazon
  • 1999 Tartan VHS
  • 1999 cinema release
R Rated
  US: The US R Rated version is to be avoided as the hardcore is censored by black bars.
Idhu Namma Aalu Idhu Namma Aalu is a 2016 romance by Pandiraj.
Starring TR Silambarasan, Nayanthara and Andrea Jeremiah. BBFC link
BBFC category cuts were required for a 2016 12A rated cinema release
BBFC cut
category cuts
12A 136:35s UK: Passed 12A for suicide references, infrequent gory images after 2s of BBFC category cuts for:
  • 2016 cinema release
The BBFC commented:
  • The distributor chose to remove a scene of attempted suicide (a woman cutting her wrist) in order to achieve a 12A classification. A 15 rating, without cuts, was available.

Link Here

Masters Cinema Blu ray Malcolm McDowell

If.... is a 1968 UK drama by Lindsay Anderson.
With Malcolm McDowell, David Wood and Richard Warwick. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Cut by the BBFC for 1968 cinema release. Additional cuts for an AA rated cinema release in 1971. The Original Cinema Version was released to home video and this is now the best available version. Also cut in the US for an R rating

Summary Notes

In an indictment of the British public school system, we follow Mick and his mostly younger friends through a series of indignities and occasionally abuse as any fond feelings toward these schools are destroyed. When Mick and his friends rebel, violently, the catch phrase, "which side would you be on" becomes quite stark.

BBFC cut

best available

15 cert

X cert

106:48s UK: The original cinema version was passed 15 for strong violence without further BBFC cuts for: UK: Passed X (16) after BBFC suggested cuts were implemented prior to submission for:
  • 1968 cinema release

The original cinema version with pre-submission cuts to male nudity in the shower scene has now become the definitive version.

See on article from :

The film had problems with the censor. The main problem was the sequence where Mrs Kemp (Mary MacLeod) appears nude, including one shot in a corridor where her pubic hair can be seen. The only precedent for this on British screens was the Swedish film Hugs and Kisses, where a scene of female full-frontal nudity had provoked controversy a year or so earlier. Secretary of the BBFC, John Trevelyan, struck a bargain with Anderson: if he removed shots of male genitalia from the shower scene, Trevelyan would not cut Mrs Kemp's nude scene. Anderson went along with this, the film received an X certificate uncut, and the shower scene remains as-edited to this day.
mpaa cut
R Rated
  US: Cut for an R rating

There are doubts about whether the US Criterion edition is the original cinema version. Possibly it has retained old US censor cuts.

BBFC cut
AA certificate submitted
111:09s =106:42s
UK: The original cinema version was passed AA (14) after an additional BBFC cut for:
  • 1971 cinema release

See on article from :

The brief cut may have been a glimpse of Christine Noonan's pubic hair in her naked romp with McDowell in the coffee shop.

If Looks Could Kill

Link Here
1:22s 18 84:06s 1986 US thriller by Chuck Vincent

The BBFC cut 1:22s for:

  • 1987 Adrian Munsey VHS
If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have To Invent Them

Link Here
BBFC uncut 12 cert 55:23s 1974 UK TV drama by Bill Hays

The BBFC passed 2 versions 12 uncut for the 2010 Sound & Media DVD

Both versions region 2 DVD is available at UK Amazon

BBFC uncut 12 cert 54:51s
If These Walls Could Talk

Link Here

These Walls Could Talk Region

If These Walls Could Talk is a 1996 USA TV movie by Cher and Nancy Savoca.
Starring Demi Moore, Shirley Knight and Catherine Keener. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb
BBFC cuts were required for 1997 15 rated VHS.  Uncut and MPAA R rated in the US.

Summary Notes

A trilogy of stories set in the same house, but with different occupants and spanning over 40 years, deals with various women and moral crisis over unexpected pregnancies and their choice of abortion. In 1952, when abortion was illegal, a nurse deals with her unexpected pregnancy and takes drastic measures to get one. In 1974 a family housewife with four children discovers that she's pregnant and decides she can't handle another child to raise. In 1996, a pregnant college student decides on an abortion, but doesn't realize the means to go through to get one.

~97:00s US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:
BBFC cut
15 cert 97:12s UK: Passed 15 after 3s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:
  • 1997 Medusa VHS

The BBFC cuts were:

  • In hospital ward, after man's first gunshot into Cher in surgical gown, remove further shots and blood spurts, resuming as he fires and nurse crouches, his hand on her head.
Iguana with the Tongue of Fire

Link Here
  • L'iguana dalla lingua di fuoco
  • Die Bestie mit dem feurigen Atem

Iguana tongue limited Bookbox handnumbered

Iguana with the Tongue of Fire is a Italy/France/West Germany giallo by Riccardo Freda.
With Luigi Pistilli, Dagmar Lassander and Anton Diffring. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
Banned by the BBFC for 1972 cinema release. Uncut in the US

Summary Review: Brutal Gaillo

In Dublin, a young woman is brutally murdered in her home by a maniac that throws acid in her face and then slits her throat with a razor. The Swiss Ambassador, who was the dead woman's lover, refuses to cooperate with the police due to his diplomatic immunity. John Norton, an ex-cop famed for his brutal working methods, is brought in to help and gets too deeply involved when he starts an affair with the Ambassador's beautiful step-daughter, Helen. Meanwhile, the brutal killings continue.

Germany flag ~92:00s Germany: Uncut for:

US: Uncut for:

rejected   UK: Banned by the BBFC for:
  • 1972 cinema release
Il Grido

Link Here
  • The Cry
BBFC uncut 12 cert 110:32s 1957 Italy drama by Michelangelo Antonioni

No BBFC cuts noted to the 2009 Eureka R2 DVD

cut BBFC 'A' Certificate   The BBFC cut the 1962 cinema release.

The submitted running time was noted as 116:15s = 111:36s

Il mercenario Il mercenario is a 1968 Italy / Spain / USA comedy western by Sergio Corbucci.

See The Mercenary

I'll Never Forget What's'isname

Link Here
  • I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name
  • Den tha xehaso pote t' onoma tou

Ill Never Forget Whatsisname DVD

I'll Never Forget What's'isname is a 1967 UK comedy drama by Michael Winner.
Starring Oliver Reed, Orson Welles and Carol White. BBFC link IMDb
Cut by the BBFC for 1967 X rated cinema release. Uncut and 15 rated for 2016 DVD. A notable censorship history in the US as the refused MPAA Seal of Approval is reported to have contributed to the end of the production code in favour of a rating system.

Summary Notes

Advertising golden boy Andrew Quint is fed up with his fabulously successful life. In very dramatic fashion, he quits his job to return to writing for a small literary magazine. He wants to leave his former life behind, going as far as saying good-bye to his wife and mistresses. He finds, however, that it's not so easy to escape the past.

BBFC uncut



UK: Passed 15 uncut for strong sex references, bloody images with previous BBFC cuts waived for: US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

From IMDb. The film was denied a MPAA seal of approval due to a scene between Oliver Reed and Carol White that implied oral sex. Universal distributed the film through a subsidiary that was not a signatory to the MPAA.

Along with a similar scene in Charlie Bubbles (1967), this helped to bring about the end of the Production Code and its replacement with a ratings system.

BBFC cut
compulsory cuts
X pre 1970 submitted
UK: Passed X (18) after compulsory cuts for:
  • 1967 cinema release titled I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name

From IMDb. The BBFC originally requested the complete removal of Josie's single use of the word 'fucking' for the film's cinema release. A compromise was reached between the censors and Michael Winner, and instead the word was partly obscured by the sound of a car horn.

Illicit Dreams

Link Here
49s 18 90:51s 1996 release by Andrew Stevens
Illusions of Sin

Link Here
56s 18 88:24s 1996 release

A scene in which an unidentified man molests a drugged woman has suffered lest it gives us ideas.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

Link Here

Ilsa She Wolf SS DVD

Ilsa , She Wolf of the SS is a 1974 US/W Germany film by Don Edmonds.
With Dyanne Thorne, Gregory Knoph and Tony Mumolo.
YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Banned by the BBFC for 1975 and 1976 cinema release. Not submitted since. Uncut and Unrated in the US

Summary Review : Brutal

This film takes place in a Nazi concentration camp dedicated to pseudo medical experimentation on its prisoners. Ilsa, the commandant is portrayed in ruthless fashion by the stunning Dyanne Thorne. Thorne designs and carries out the most excruciatingly painful and torturous experiments on her helpless victims.

Thorne is the essence of cruelty for cruelty's sake. Thorne is the screen's incarnation of pure evil. I can think of no other film that is as disturbing as this one. The explicit sadism portrayed in this film may or may not have actually occurred as depicted. But unthinkable sadism, torture, cruelty and debauchery did actually occur in Nazi camps.

This is an unbelievably difficult film to watch because the brutality depicted is extremely graphic. After viewing this film I was shocked and I had a feeling of just how brutal the Nazis actually were.

X Rated
Netherlands: Released uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

rejected   UK: Banned by the BBFC for:
  • 1976 cinema release
  • 1975 cinema release
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

Link Here

Ilsa Harem Keeper Sheiks Region

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks is a 1976 Canada/US women in prison film by Don Edmonds.
With Dyanne Thorne, Max Thayer and Jerry Delony.
YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
Banned by the BBFC from 1973 cinema release. Unbanned and uncut in 2013. The US R rated version is heavily cut for violence

Summary Review : Resplendent in khaki shorts

Dyanne Thorn returns in the storming sequel to She Wolf , and it seems to have been given a budget boost, as the setting moves to an Arabian oils sheik's kingdom in the middle of the desert, where Ilsa presides over his palace as right hand security guard and keeper of his harem of kidnapped beauties.

The film doesn't quite match the excesses of the first film in bad taste, and the camp comedy elements have all been increased, but there are still many gruesome scenes as the harem women are abused and tortured for various reasons, including a pretty revolting sub-plot to assassinate the sheik by deploying a bomb placed inside a woman's body that will detonate during sex!

Uniform fans will be pleased to see Ilsa resplendent in her khaki shorts and boots, but she does not have the same presence as in the previous film because she is herself punished at one point by despotic sheik, and its a shame to see that the film recycles her weakness of falling in love with a hunky American, which once again leads to her downfall.



93:03s UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong sex, nudity and scenes of sexualised violence for:
  • 2013 Lions Gate video

The BBFC commented in the Annual Report covering 2013:

  • Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks was refused a certificate when it was originally submitted to the BBFC in 1977. In 2013 it was submitted on video for DVD release and passed 18 without cuts. While there are scenes in which women are abused and experimented upon with a love machine , these now appear dated and unrealistic and do not raise credible harm concerns.

Netherlands: uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

mpaa cut
extensive cuts
MPAA R ~91:00s
US: The R Rated version is significantly cut for violence for:
  • 2012 Cheezy Flicks R0 DVD

From :

  • When Satin and Velvet deliver a death blow to their victim, the camera lingering over the victims' bloodied face and screams has been removed. A few minutes later a few frames have been removed when a bag of body parts are emptied out the harem floor.
  • In the teeth removal scene , shots of blood dripping onto feet as the little white tootsies hit the floor have been purged.
  • A full sequence of 1:11s is completely cut, ie the sadistic torture sequence in which a hapless whore's breasts are clamped in a medieval style vice.
  • Missing shots of ants eating into flesh
  • Omitted shots of a gouged eye socket
  • The most infamous scene of the movie (and arguably the whole ILSA series) the exploding dildo sequence suffered numerous snips. Most notably Ilsa inciting the inevitable carnage with her demands of faster and deeper have been removed along with various shots of the victim's moans of pleasure. Obviously the brief but potent shot of penetrated detonation itself simply skips to blood hitting for El Sharif's face.
rejected   UK: Banned by the BBFC for:
  • 1973 cinema release

Presumably there is a date error in the BBFC database as the ban is 3 years before the worldwide release

Ilsa the Wicked Warden

Link Here
  • Greta - Haus ohne Männer
  • Greta the Torturer
  • Greta, the Mad Butcher
  • Greta, the Sadist
  • Ilsa: Absolute Power
  • Wanda, the Wicked Warden

Ilsa Wicked Warden DVD US

Ilsa the Wicked Warden is a 1977 US/Germany/Switzerland women in prison film by Jesus Franco.
With Dyanne Thorne & Tania Busselier. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
Cut by the BBFC for DVD. In the US there is an uncut Unrated Version and a cut R rated versions

Summary Review: Sleaze Maintained

Ilsa, now a vicious warden, runs a mental-hospital for young women. A girl deliberately checks in to the hospital to find out what has happened to her sister who stayed there.

It's not like the plot is all that important; it serves merely as the most tenuous of threads with which Franco can tie together his usual penchant for nudity, depraved violence, and ham fisted dialogue. One thing is for certain: Ilsa, the Wicked Warden easily maintains the sleaze factor established in the first two films.

X Rated
~94:15s US: Uncut and MPAA X Rated for:
extensive cuts
R Rated
84:17s US: Extensively cut and MPAA R Rated for:
  • 2012 Cheezy Flicks R0 DVD

See article from . All scenes including frontal nudity have been roughly excised, even where essential dialogue has fallen victim too. Non-nude sexual violence has been retained though.

BBFC cut
18 87:52s UK: Passed 18 for very strong language, sex and violence after 2:31s of BBFC cuts for:
  • 2004 Anchor Bay R2 DVD

The BBFC commented:

  • Cuts required to remove scenes of sadistic and sexualised violence

From IMDb:

  • Heavy edits to an extensive scene where male guards rape some of the prisoners in the clinic supposedly in the name of prisoner therapy.
  • Cuts to Ilsa whipping a chained naked woman
  • Cut scene of a naked woman being suffocated by Ilsa with a plastic bag.
Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia

Link Here


Ilsa Tigress Siberia Dyanne Thorne

Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia is a 1977 Canada horror by Jean LaFleur.
With Dyanne Thorne, Michel-René Labelle and Gilbert Beaumont. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb
Never submitted to the BBFC until 2013 when it was passed 18 uncut

Summary Review: Cold Hearted

Siberia 1953: Ilsa is now working in a Gulag prison camp. Her mission is to retrain the minds of those who don't agree with the communists. When Stalin dies, the camp closes down, Ilsa and the guards kill the prisoners and leave. Ilsa moves on to brothel keeping in Toronto. Her Russian past soon catches up with her.

Not as nasty as previous instalments. There's some gore, plenty of soft core sex and silly dialogue to keep the viewer entertained.

BBFC uncut
18 91:49s UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong sex, nudity and gory images for:
  • 2013 Lions Gate video

The 4th film in the Ilsa series wasn't previously submitted to the BBFC. Distributors had probably given up trying after so much censorship hassle with the other Ilsa films

Netherlands : Uncut for:

I'm a Porn Star

Link Here


I'm a Porn Star is a 2013 Canada / USA gay comedy biography by Charlie David.
Starring Rafael Alencar, Mark Bessenger and Laurie Betito. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Summary Notes

I'm a Porn Star follows the lives of guys in the neighborhood who are likely a lot more famous than you - at least on the Internet. There are an estimated 370 million pornographic websites on-line. Porn is now a thirteen BILLION dollar business. So who's doing all this moonlighting? Turns out -- probably some people you know.

18 80:13s UK: Passed 18 for strong sex, nudity, sex references after 2:21s of BBFC category cuts for:
  • 2014 Tla Releasing R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 29th September 2014
The BBFC commented:
  • Company chose to remove a number of shots showing explicit pornography in order to achieve an 18 classification. An uncut R18 classification was available.
I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight

Link Here
  • Sex Ray
  • The Love Ray

Not Feeling Myself Tonight DVD

BBFC uncut 18 79:46s 1976 UK sex comedy by Joseph McGrath

No BBFC cuts listed for the 2009 Sound & Media DVD.

The running time suggests that this version is probably uncut

The region 2 DVD is available at UK Amazon

BBFC uncut


18 60:37s There were no BBFC cuts to the 1986 Stablecane video but it was clearly pre-cut
X cert 81:13s
The BBFC cut the 1975 cinema release by 2:18s

The submitted running time was noted as 83:31s = 80:11s

Image of Bruce Lee

Link Here
  • Meng nan da zei yan zhi hu
2s 18 88:47s 1978 Hong Kong martial arts film by Yeung Kuen

Cut when submitted in 1990

Immoral Tales Immoral Tales is a 1974 France romance by Walerian Borowczyk.

Uncut in the UK

Immoral Women Immoral Women is a 1979 France erotic drama by Walerian Borowczyk

See Three Immoral Women


Link Here

Immortals Henry Cavill


Uncut at:
R1 DVD at UK Amazon RA Blu-ray at UK Amazon
R1 DVD at UK Amazon RA Blu-ray at US Amazon
R Rated
Immortals is a 2011 US fantasy by Tarsem Singh
With Luke Evans and Henry Cavill. YouTube icon IMDb

US: Uncut and MPAA R Rated for:

15 cert 105:57s UK: Passed 15 for strong bloody violence after BBFC cuts for category for:
  • 2012 Universal R0 Blu-ray/DVD
  • 2012 Universal Steelbook 2D/3D R0 Blu-ray
  • 2012 Universal R2 DVD
  • 2011 cinema release

The BBFC commented:

Company chose to make cuts to reduce violence in order to achieve a 15 classification. Cuts included:

  • removal of the bloody focus on a throat being cut

  • reducing the focus on young women dying, having been burnt

  • reducing the focus on eye gouging

  • removing the shot of a beheading, and

  • reducing some focus on large splashes of blood resulting from characters being killed.

An uncut 18 classification was available.

See pictorial cuts details from

The Imp

Link Here
  • Sorority Babes in the Slime Bowl-a-Rama

Sorority Babes in the Slime Bowl-a-Rama

1:09s 18 74:54s 1988 US film by David Decocteau

The video was cut when submitted in 1988

Thanks to Bleach on the Melon Farmers Forum :

  • At 8.5 mins-Close up of two different women`s buttocks hit with bat and rear views of spanking which follows were removed.
  • at 63 mins-all sight of woman with raised whip advancing on naked cowering woman and impending blow with studded bat which follows were removed.

The uncut region 0 DVD is available at US Amazon

Review from Amazon US :

I watched this film because I enjoy camp movies for what they are. The problem that this movie has is, that while it tries to be a campy, cult film (a bit too hard, judging from the title), it commits the unforgivable sin of being boring. This movie had me begging for the end to arrive. Avoid this film at all costs. It has no redeeming features of any sort. (OK, the girls are fairly attractive; but you will quickly forget that as the pain of the film begins.)

The Importance of Being Sexy

Link Here
  • Loving and Laughing
  • The Hippie Girls
The Importance of Being Sexy is a 1971 Canada sex comedy by John Sole (as J Johnson).
Starring André Lawrence, Mignon Elkins and Michèle Mercure. BBFC link IMDb

Cut by the BBFC for 1972 cinema release

Summary Notes

Quebec sex farce about a straitlaced young man who spends time in a commune, while a hippie takes his place as a French tutor for a rich family's daughter.

BBFC cut
X cert   UK: Passed X after compulsory BBFC cuts for:
  • 1972 cinema release titled The Importance of Being Sexy
  • 1972 cinema release titled Loving and Laughing
  • 1972 cinema release titled The Hippie Girls

Link Here

Impostor DVD Gary Sinise

Impostor is a 2001 USA action Sci-Fi thriller by Gary Fleder.
With Gary Sinise, Madeleine Stowe and Vincent D'Onofrio. YouTube icon   BBFC link IMDb

The Theatrical Version was cut for a US PG-13 versions. The uncut Director's Cut is R rated

Summary Notes

Originally a 30 minute portion for an anthology film, Impostor was retooled into a full length feature film. Based on the Philip K. Dick short story of the same name, it follows the lead character Spencer Olham's quest to regain his identity after being suspected as an alien android, in an future Earth at war with aliens that use the androids as bombs to destroy their enemies homeworlds.

Director's Cut
15 cert

R Rated

98:09s UK: The Director's Cut was p assed 15 uncut for: US: The Director's Cut is MPAA R rated for:
BBFC uncut


15 cert


91:43s UK: The Cut Theatrical Versions was passed 15 uncut for:
  • 2002 Metrodome R2 DVD
  • 2002 cinema release

The film was extensively cut for a US PG-13 rating. See pictorial cuts details from

Imraa Hazet Arch Misr 16s 12 cert 143:49s 1996 release


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