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 v          Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - 1974 US/W Germany film by Don Edmonds.

 X   Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

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Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS is a 1974 US/W Germany film by Don Edmonds.
With Dyanne Thorne, Gregory Knoph and Tony Mumolo. YouTube icon IMDb

Banned by the BBFC for 1975 and 1976 cinema release. Not submitted since. Uncut and Unrated in the US
Summary Review : Brutal
This film takes place in a Nazi concentration camp dedicated to pseudo medical experimentation on its prisoners. Ilsa, the commandant is portrayed in ruthless fashion by the stunning Dyanne Thorne. Thorne designs and carries out the most excruciatingly painful and torturous experiments on her helpless victims.

Thorne is the essence of cruelty for cruelty's sake. Thorne is the screen's incarnation of pure evil. I can think of no other film that is as disturbing as this one. The explicit sadism portrayed in this film may or may not have actually occurred as depicted. But unthinkable sadism, torture, cruelty and debauchery did actually occur in Nazi camps.

This is an unbelievably difficult film to watch because the brutality depicted is extremely graphic. After viewing this film I was shocked and I had a feeling of just how brutal the Nazis actually were.


MPAA X ~96:00s
Netherlands: Released uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

rejected UK: Banned by the BBFC for:
  • 1976 cinema release
  • 1975 cinema release
 v          Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks - 1976 Canada/US women in prison film by Don Edmonds.

 X   Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

Link Here

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks is a 1976 Canada/US women in prison film by Don Edmonds.
With Dyanne Thorne, Max Thayer and Jerry Delony. YouTube icon IMDb

Banned by the BBFC from 1973 cinema release. Unbanned and uncut in 2013. The US R rated version is heavily cut for violence
Summary Review : Resplendent in khaki shorts
Dyanne Thorn returns in the storming sequel to She Wolf , and it seems to have been given a budget boost, as the setting moves to an Arabian oils sheik's kingdom in the middle of the desert, where Ilsa presides over his palace as right hand security guard and keeper of his harem of kidnapped beauties.

The film doesn't quite match the excesses of the first film in bad taste, and the camp comedy elements have all been increased, but there are still many gruesome scenes as the harem women are abused and tortured for various reasons, including a pretty revolting sub-plot to assassinate the sheik by deploying a bomb placed inside a woman's body that will detonate during sex!

Uniform fans will be pleased to see Ilsa resplendent in her khaki shorts and boots, but she does not have the same presence as in the previous film because she is herself punished at one point by despotic sheik, and its a shame to see that the film recycles her weakness of falling in love with a hunky American, which once again leads to her downfall.



MPAA Unrated

93:03s UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong sex, nudity and scenes of sexualised violence for:
  • 2013 Lions Gate video

The BBFC commented in the Annual Report covering 2013:

  • Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks was refused a certificate when it was originally submitted to the BBFC in 1977. In 2013 it was submitted on video for DVD release and passed 18 without cuts. While there are scenes in which women are abused and experimented upon with a love machine , these now appear dated and unrealistic and do not raise credible harm concerns.

Netherlands: uncut for:

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

mpaa cut
extensive cuts
MPAA R ~91:00s
US: The R Rated version is significantly cut for violence for:
  • 2012 Cheezy Flicks R0 DVD


  • When Satin and Velvet deliver a death blow to their victim, the camera lingering over the victims' bloodied face and screams has been removed. A few minutes later a few frames have been removed when a bag of body parts are emptied out the harem floor.
  • In the teeth removal scene , shots of blood dripping onto feet as the little white tootsies hit the floor have been purged.
  • A full sequence of 1:11s is completely cut, ie the sadistic torture sequence in which a hapless whore's breasts are clamped in a medieval style vice.
  • Missing shots of ants eating into flesh
  • Omitted shots of a gouged eye socket
  • The most infamous scene of the movie (and arguably the whole ILSA series) the exploding dildo sequence suffered numerous snips. Most notably Ilsa inciting the inevitable carnage with her demands of faster and deeper have been removed along with various shots of the victim's moans of pleasure. Obviously the brief but potent shot of penetrated detonation itself simply skips to blood hitting for El Sharif's face.
rejected UK: Banned by the BBFC for:
  • 1973 cinema release

Presumably there is a date error in the BBFC database as the ban is 3 years before the worldwide release

 v          Ilsa the Wicked Warden - 1977 US/Germany/Switzerland women in prison film by Jesus Franco.

 X   Ilsa the Wicked Warden

Link Here
  • Greta - Haus ohne Männer
  • Greta the Torturer
  • Greta
  • the Mad Butcher
  • Greta
  • the Sadist
  • Ilsa: Absolute Power
  • Wanda
  • the Wicked Warden
Ilsa the Wicked Warden is a 1977 US/Germany/Switzerland women in prison film by Jesus Franco.
With Dyanne Thorne & Tania Busselier. YouTube icon IMDb
Cut by the BBFC for DVD. In the US there is an uncut Unrated Version and a cut R rated versions
Summary Review: Sleaze Maintained

Ilsa, now a vicious warden, runs a mental-hospital for young women. A girl deliberately checks in to the hospital to find out what has happened to her sister who stayed there.

It's not like the plot is all that important; it serves merely as the most tenuous of threads with which Franco can tie together his usual penchant for nudity, depraved violence, and ham fisted dialogue. One thing is for certain: Ilsa, the Wicked Warden easily maintains the sleaze factor established in the first two films.


MPAA X ~94:15s US: Uncut and MPAA X Rated for:
mpaa cut
extensive cuts
MPAA R 84:17s US: Extensively cut and MPAA R Rated for:
  • 2012 Cheezy Flicks R0 DVD

See article from . All scenes including frontal nudity have been roughly excised, even where essential dialogue has fallen victim too. Non-nude sexual violence has been retained though.

BBFC cut
1887:52s UK: Passed 18 for very strong language, sex and violence after 2:31s of BBFC cuts for:
  • 2004 Anchor Bay R2 DVD

The BBFC commented:

  • Cuts required to remove scenes of sadistic and sexualised violence

From IMDb:

  • Heavy edits to an extensive scene where male guards rape some of the prisoners in the clinic supposedly in the name of prisoner therapy.
  • Cuts to Ilsa whipping a chained naked woman
  • Cut scene of a naked woman being suffocated by Ilsa with a plastic bag.
 v          Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia - 1977 Canada horror by Jean LaFleur.

 X   Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia

Link Here

Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia is a 1977 Canada horror by Jean LaFleur.
With Dyanne Thorne, Michel-René Labelle and Gilbert Beaumont. YouTube icon IMDb

Never submitted to the BBFC until 2013 when it was passed 18 uncut
Summary Review: Cold Hearted

Siberia 1953: Ilsa is now working in a Gulag prison camp. Her mission is to retrain the minds of those who don't agree with the communists. When Stalin dies, the camp closes down, Ilsa and the guards kill the prisoners and leave. Ilsa moves on to brothel keeping in Toronto. Her Russian past soon catches up with her.

Not as nasty as previous instalments. There's some gore, plenty of soft core sex and silly dialogue to keep the viewer entertained.


BBFC uncut
1891:49s UK: Passed 18 uncut for strong sex, nudity and gory images for:
  • 2013 Lions Gate video

The 4th film in the Ilsa series wasn't previously submitted to the BBFC. Distributors had probably given up trying after so much censorship hassle with the other Ilsa films

Netherlands : Uncut for:

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