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News Sunday 24th May...

privacy international logo
Offsite Article: When Local Authorities aren't your Friends
UK Local Authorities are looking at people's social media accounts as part of their intelligence gathering and investigation tactics.

News Saturday 23rd May...

EFF logo
Control Freaks
Offsite Article: EFF Petitions the Appeals Court:
Reverse Legal Gotchas on Ordinary Internet Activities Using RSS. By Mitch Stoltz
Protectafile - 6 Pack Face Masks, Anti Dust Mask with Breathing Valve, Skin-frie
Offsite Article: Disgraceful facial recognition firms are scrambling to see around face masks
Because of face coverings prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, companies are trying to ID people based on just their eyes and cheekbones.

Liberty Watch

Big Brother

A little off topic from censorship but nevertheless related


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News Friday 22nd May...

gdpr logo
An irresponsible judgement about GDPR or an accurate judgement based on an irresponsible law
Court tells grandma that she should have registered as a data controller and produced a risk assessment document before posting a picture of her grandchildren on social media
Ireland Data Protection Commission logo
Offsite Article: 2 years since GDPR and no action against data exploitation by Ireland registered US internet giants
Ireland's Data Protection Commission is under pressure to act, and act soon.

News Tuesday 19th May...

information commissioners office logo
Offsite Article: It looks like the UK's data regulator has given up, blaming coronavirus
Information Commissioner's Office has effectively downed tools as a result of the pandemic, raising concerns about outstanding cases and ongoing privacy issues

News Friday 15th May...

home affairs committee
Offsite Article: Evidence of reckless behaviour leading to infection and litigation is surely best deleted
Parliament's Human Rights Committee gives the Covid-19 app a hard time

News Thursday 14th May...

us congress
Snoop on
Senate bill to restrict snooping of people's browsing history fails by one vote

News Wednesday 13th May...

wired logo
Offsite Article: Tracking a hidden menace
Leaked documents reveal that the NHS covid 19 app had, or has, aspirations to be a full-on location tracking app

News Tuesday 12th May...

phuket smart checkpoint
You may want to avoid going to Phuket in Thailand
A coronavirus check will include, facial recognition, providing personal information, a check against criminal records, a check on the car, and an app with location tracking to keep tabs on your whereabouts in Phuket

News Sunday 10th May...

prospect logo
Offsite Article: How the state came to criminalise ordinary life
No medical or other crisis should be reason for the executive to be given absolute power. By David Allen Green

News Friday 8th May...

information commissioners office logo
In these recessionary times maybe it is not a good idea to deprive websites of their income
The Data censor ICO has suspended its action against adtech citing coronavirus effects
sidewalk labs logo
Smart move
Google's Side Walk Labs ends its plans for a surveillance based smart city development in Toronto

News Friday 8th May...

cellebrite logo
Offsite Article: Nasty buggers vs nasty bugs
Cyber-intel firms pitch governments on spy tools to trace coronavirus

News Thursday 7th May...

EU flag
Offsite Article: EU Drives EU internet companies into deeper recession
Rhe EU doubles down on its impossible to comply with and unreasonable cookie consent law

News Monday 4th May...

wired logo
Offsite Article: Coronavirus will turn your office into a surveillance state
From movement sensors to thermal testing, surveillance tech is booming as companies look to get people back to work. By Caren Chesler

News Sunday 3rd May...

Download the app or else we won't open the pubs!
Australia is struggling to get people to download its covid surveillance app

News Friday 1st May...

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Dual SIM 64GB 4GB RAM White@UK VERSION@
Offsite Article: Watching what you watch
Warning Over Chinese Mobile Giant Xiaomi Recording Millions Of People's Web And Phone Use






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