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News Thursday 30th November...

Poster Dream Scenario 2023 Kristoffer Borgli
BBFC Daily
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
The Horrible Dr Hichcock Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
The Horrible Dr Hichcock
1962 Italy horror by Riccardo Freda just released on UK Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
2022 Hong Kong gay drama by Scud set for UK release on 22nd Janary 2024

News Thursday 23rd November...

Poster Fingernails 2023 Christos Nikou
BBFC Daily
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Poster Asian Persuasion 2023 Jhett Tolentino
MPAA Weekly
Weekly US Ratings from the MPA
Night Swim
Tombs Of The Blind Dead Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
Tombs Of The Blind Dead
1972 Spain/Portugal horror adventure thriller by Amando de Ossorio, once cut in the US and UK, just released on US Blu-ray


Censor Cuts Index

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The British Board of Film Classifications are the state designated censors of all video media sold in the UK.

The BBFC are also the cinema censors, but in this capacity, the ultimate decision rests with local councils. BBFC certificates though are generally accepted by the local authorities.

In recent years the BBFC has done a very good in making their decisions accessible to all.

Contact via email to Dave:

Comparing European Classifications:

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BBFC Podcast

Podcast 112 Youth Panel on Halloween scares, October
Podcast 111 Col Needham of IMDb, October
Podcast 110 Dark superhero films, May
Podcast 109 Discriminatory terms
Podcast 108 The movie: Censor
Podcast 107 Suggestions for families
Podcas106 Int. Women's Day
Podcast 105 2020 in Review
Podcast 104 Films for Diwali
Podcast 103 Horror at PG
Podcast 102 Classifying WWII Films
Podcast 101 Trolls 2, The Invisible Man
Podcast 100 Chat with Mark Kermode
Podcast 99 18
Podcast 98 15
Podcast 97 12/12A
Podcast 96 PG
Podcast 95 U
Podcast 94 Rom Coms
Podcast 93 Revision for Medias Studies
Podcast 92 International Women's Day
Podcast 91 New guidelines
Podcast 90 Awards Season
BBFC Podcast Previous Episodes
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List: Friday the 13th Films
List: Halloween Films
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List: Hardcore 18s
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Detailed Cuts: A Serbian Film
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Detailed Cuts: Tomorrow Never Dies

Cutting Edge logo

Cutting Edge on Fawlty Towers

Cutting Edge: Total Recall

Cutting Edge Season 6 2023
62: Fawlty Towers

Cutting Edge Season 5 2020
61: Total Recall
60: Mrs. Doubtfire
59: Wolf Creek 2
58: Monster's Ball
57: Willow
56: The  Equalizer 2

Cutting Edge Season 4 2018
55: The Jaws Films
54: Manhunt Special Edition
53: Scarface
52: Romy & Michele's High School Reunion
51: Lawless
50: Rambo III

Cutting Edge Season 3 2017
49: The Exorcist
48: Last House on the Left
47: Ace Ventura 2
46: Enter the Dragon
45: The Angels' Share
44: Spider-Man Films and 12A
43: 2 Fast 2 Furious
Cutting Edge Previous Episodes
Cutting Edge Quick Trims
40 Edward Scissorhands August 2018
39 A Bridge Too Far June 2018
38 The Saint March 2018
37 Moonwalker February 2018
Facebook page for the Cutting Edge Series

News Sunday 19th November...

Murder Obsession Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
Murder Obsession
1981 Italy France horror by Riccardo Freda, previously cut by the BBFC, set for UK Blu-ray release on 18th December 2023
The Night of the Devils Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
The Night of the Devils
1972 Italy/Spain horror mystery thriller by Giorgio Ferroni, once cut by the BBFC, just released on UK Blu-ray
Lorna the Exorcist Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
Lorna the Exorcist
1974 France horror by Jesús Franco just released on US Blu-ray

News Thursday 16th November...

Cuts and Bans
1973 Hong Kong/Taiwan action war by Yu Wang, once cut for an AA rating, just released on UK Blu-ray
Poster Monica 2022 Andrea Pallaoro
Ludicrous BBFC cuts required for a 15 rating for the cinema release of Monica

News Wednesday 15th November...

Lips of Blood Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
Lips of Blood
1975 France horror thriller by Jean Rollin just released on US 4K Blu-ray


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BBFC Classification for mobile internet (BBFC page)
The legalisation of R18 hardcore porn (1997-2000)
BBFC reviewed against This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)
Dare Devils at the BBFC by Rob Stone (2006)
Appeal against BBFC cuts to Last House on the Left (2002)
The Professionals: BBFC hassle re lock picking (2002)
Snuff Movies: The Making of an urban legend (1999)
Examiner Richard Falcon:  Censorship of horror in 1995
European Court: 1996 blasphemy ban of Visions of Ecstasy

David Cooke BBFC Director 2004 - 2016
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James Ferman BBFC Director 1974-1999
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Rating Games for a Living Interview with Sue Clark (2008)
Jan Chambers Retired BBFC examiner exposé (2002)
Jim Barratt BBFC examiner: post-Ferman changes (1999)
Confessions of a Censor by Ros Hodgkiss, film examiner
Sinful Days in Soho by Maggie Mills,  film examiner
Monster Love Carol Topolski tells of being a film examiner

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