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News Friday 17th September...

only fans logo
Offsite Article: Shunned by OnlyFans, sex workers are building their own alternatives
The OnlyFans temporary porn ban left its creators feeling betrayed. Now they're taking matters into their own hands

News Thursday 9th September...

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US News
Offsite Article: Why Does The New York Times Hate Porn So Much?
The paper of record has published yet another fact-free op-ed dragging sex workers through the mud, branding OnlyFans an exploitative pimp. Enough is enough. By Cherie DeVille

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.


Sex and Shoppping

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News Sunday 5th September...

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Internet Porn
Offsite Article: The War on Porn: Cancel Culture on Steroids
How the recent threat to OnlyFans falls in with a history of censorship and control by banks and payment providers. By Jerry Barnett

News Saturday 4th September...

Internet Porn
Children's campaigners take legal action to force French ISPs to block major porn sites
Stephen Fry
Gay News
Open Letter: The current version of the Online Safety Bill is not the answer
Individuals and LGBT organisations speak out against the Governments Online Safety Bill
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UK News
Offsite Article: Back to the fun
Liverpool swingers enthusiastically embrace the new minus 6 inches rule for social contact

News Friday 27th August...

Bardot by François Bagnaud Hardcover -- 11 Sept. 2019
Offsite Article: Staying in vs hanging out
Topless sunbathing in France hits historic low'

News Tuesday 24th August...

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Internet Porn
Updated: Trashed livelihoods
Moral bankers use onerous new rules to put a stop to sex workers making a living via OnlyFans
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Offsite Article: Corporate vices and private virtues
Two thirds of employees in the anti-trafficking business support the decriminalisation of sex work, but their organisation prefer to remain silent on the subject

News Sunday 22nd August...

Internet Porn
Age old censorship
Australia's new internet censor launches a consultation on age verification technologies for online porn

News Tuesday 17th August...

thai arrest sex thais
Sex Toys
Amazingly miserable Thailand
Thousands of pounds worth of sex toys have been seized by Thai authorities


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