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No News Sunday 24th May...

News Friday 22nd May...

onlyfans logo
Internet Porn
The wrong sort of fans
OnlyFans website providing subscriptions services for creators backs off from adult content
Germany flag
World P4P
Socially distanced forever
Miserable German lawmakers have fallen in love with the lockdown rules and want sex workers to be permanently distanced 2 metres from their customers

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.


Sex and Shoppping

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News Thursday 21st May...

God's Own Country DVD
Gay News
God's Own Country
British gay drama cut for streaming by the US distributor but after the director's intervention the film is now uncut for rental on Amazon Prime
seoul sex dolls video
Sex Toys
Updated: Football dummies
FC Seoul replace banned crowds with sex dolls

News Wednesday 20th May...

US News
Poles apart
US strip clubs resume but have to consider social distancing ssues

News Tuesday 19th May...

deep nude 2
Internet Porn
Collective Shout recommends
An unclothing photo app DeepNude 2

News Monday 18th May...

DVD front cover
Fun in lockdown
Dutch pragmatism encourages 'fuck buddies', whereas the UK unrealistically expects boyfriends and girlfriend to stay social distant

News Saturday 16th May...

english collective of prostitutes logo
A crisis in intimate care services
Sex workers inevitably don't qualify for furloughing so continue to work on

News Thursday 14th May...

UK News
It seems that coronavirus news is more interesting than sex
Channel 4's Adult Material series has been postponed to avoid competing with coronavirus news

News Wednesday 13th May...

freedom united logo
Internet Porn
Comment Unfreedom United
Moralist campaign group go over the top in their criticism of Pornhub

News Tuesday 12th May...

us conferenceof bishops logo
Internet Porn
US Catholic Bishops Call For Pornography Crackdown
Do they think enough time has passed since revelations of widespread child abuse by clergy that they now have the gall to preach to others about sex?
uncensored in lockdown
Internet Porn
Open call: Uncensored in lockdown
A film festival for sexy videos filmed in lockdown

News Friday 8th May...

morality in media logo
Internet Porn
Warped neurological thinking
Morality in Media calls on payment companies to censor porn websites for them

News Wednesday 6th May...

gold caress
Sex Toys
Caress vibrator for a quid
From Poundland

News Monday 4th May...

sexy ppe
World P4P
Playing doctors and nurses
Greek brothels set to re-open after lockdown, but now with requirements for additional PPE

News Sunday 3rd May...

DVD front cover
Internet Porn
Obituary: Samantha Fox
US porn star from the Golden Age of Porn dies aged 69

News Thursday 30th April...

Rafiki DVD
Gay News
Rafiki remains banned
Kenyan high court upholds the film censor's violation of constitutional rights to freedom of expression

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