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No News Sunday 23rd September...

News Friday 21st September...

UK Government Gov arms of the british governmentjpg logo
Silencing the British people
BuzzFeed News leaks UK government plans to set up an internet censor along the lines of Ofcom
UK News UK News world transformed 0299x0225 logo
The Word Transformed
Censoring the Sun isn't censorship claims a political event at the Labour Conference


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Groucho Marx got it right when playing dictator Rufus T Firefly in Duck Soup. He clearly had Britain in mind

If any form of pleasure is exhibited,
Report to me and it will be prohibited.
I'll put my foot down. So shall it be!
This is the land of the free!

Freedoms are eroding rapidly in the UK. This section covers UK censorship news, particularly  where it is attributed to UK government, censors and politicians.

News Wednesday 19th September...

Ofcom Watch Ofcom Watch Ofcom logo
Fake concerns, fake surveys about fake news
Ofcom joins in the government's propaganda campaign, calling for the internet censorship to be as strict as TV censorship
ASA Watch ASA Watch 6 Eggs) Surprise Chocolate JOY for BOY, Model: , Toys & Gaems
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Reams of paper and many man hours
ASA bans advertising for confectionary on all media where more than 25% of viewers are kids

News Tuesday 18th September...

UK News UK News lambeth council logo
The BBFC: censors without a soul
8 councils have now overruled the BBFC and awarded a local 12A rating to the documentary, A Northern Soul

News Monday 17th September...

BBC Trust BBC Watch tony hall
What is the point of TV censorship?
Well according to Tony Hall it's to impose onerous expenses to even up commercial imbalances

News Friday 14th September...

UK Government Gov European court buildings
UK mass surveillance ruled unlawful in landmark judgment
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the UK's mass interception programmes have breached the European Convention on Human Rights.

News Thursday 13th September...

UK Parliament Houses of Parl index logo
Fake news, terrorism content and closed forums
'Scattergun' approach to addressing online content risks damaging freedom of expression. A statement by Index on Censorship

News Tuesday 11th September...

UK Government Gov resist av video
Campaign: ResistAV
Pandora Blake and Myles Jack launch a new campaigning website to raise funds for a challenge to the government's upcoming internet porn censorship regime


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