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  Dangerous snooping...

Extreme porn court case reveals prosecution apparently initiated as a result of state snooping on website browsing

Link Here 9th March 2017
HM Courts ServiceA self-employed tutor who was found to have bestiality images on his computer equipment has fallen victim to state snooping.

Leeds Crown Court heard police raided a man's home because of suspicious activity on his use of the internet.

Duncan Ritchie, prosecuting, said the house was searched and a laptop and two external hard drives were seized. When they were examined 39 moving images involving adults and animals were found.

The unfortunate victim explained that he was not aware it was a criminal offence. His defence lawyer said:

He is mortified he has committed a criminal offence. Had he realised he would have steered clear of them.

He was given two months in prison suspended for two years and has to attend 10 rehabilitation activity days. He was also fined 340.


  One wonders if the police would be so forgiving of others caught by this nasty law...

Policemen cleared by other policemen from charges over a jokey extreme porn image

Link Here 14th December 2016
police devon logoA policeman arrested on suspicion of possessing extreme pornography has been cleared after an internal investigation. Four other officers placed on desk jobs as part of a criminal and internal misconduct investigation into the use of a social media account will also face no action, Devon and Cornwall police have said.

The Crown Prosecution Service did not consider the image constituted extreme porn nor did they find any criminality, the force claimed. A police spokesman said:

The investigation centred on one image which was produced as an inappropriate joke on a social media account .  The behaviour was misguided and as such management action was given in the form of words of advice to those involved.  This brings the matter to a conclusion. All five officers have now returned to front line duties.


  The Judge was 'shocked'...

Another victim of the Dangerous Pictures Act

Link Here 20th November 2016
HM Courts ServiceA London bus driver has fallen victim to the Dangerous Pictures Act after police raided his home on a separate matter and searched his lap top for evidence.

The police found 38 extreme images of women having penetrative sex with the animals.

Judge David Owen-Jones, sentencing him to eight months in prison suspended for two years, said:

These were shocking images and it occurred over a fairly lengthy period. There were a number of them including a clip that went on for some 24 minutes.

He was also ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and had to forfeit his laptop.