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Melon Farmers: Watching censors watch what we watch
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 Offsite Article: Policing criticism of Islam: the new Star Chamber...

Link Here 20th January 2017
Spiked logo Newspapers are being forced to recant their questioning of Islam. By Tom Slater

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 Offsite Article: All the stories you'd have missed if Section 40 had applied...

Link Here 7th January 2017  full story: UK News Censor...UK proposes state controlled news censor
coventry telegraph logo The local press does its bit in the campaign against the shameful Section 40 newspaper censorship

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 Offsite Petition: Say No to section 40 and Leveson Part 2...

Link Here 5th January 2017  full story: UK News Censor...UK proposes state controlled news censor
freethepress logo The British government has opened up a public consultation about implementing Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013. Let the government know what you think about this disgraceful press censorship law

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 Offsite Article: Disgracing Britain...

Link Here 4th January 2017  full story: UK News Censor...UK proposes state controlled news censor
Telegraph logo If another country had a press law like Section 40, Britain would condemn it for persecuting journalists. By Rachael Jolley

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 Offsite Article: Hopefully the UK's free press will be maintained...

Link Here 23rd December 2016  full story: UK News Censor...UK proposes state controlled news censor
karen bradley Karen Bradley appears to play down likelihood of invoking disgraceful new law designed to force news papers to accept press censorship or else face deliberately unjust court decisions in libel cases

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 Offsite Article: How our laws inspired Trump's attack on free speech. By Nick Cohen...

Link Here 4th December 2016
impress 2016 logo Labour and Liberal authoritarian 'progressives' revisit UK press censorship perhaps in the hope that it can be used to silence popular opponents such as Trump and Farage

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 Update: Unjust law rejected for the 2nd time...

Government rejects Lords attempt to enact a nasty press censorship law forcing newspapers to submit to censorship or else lose the right to justice and a fair trial

Link Here 16th November 2016  full story: Leveson Report...Proposal to appoint Ofcom as the UK's newspaper censor
House of Commons logoThe Government has rejected for a second time amendments from peers seeking press cenorship.

Solicitor General Robert Buckland insisted it would be simply not appropriate to include within the Investigatory Powers Bill changes designed to ensure costs are awarded against newspaper and media organisations in press censorship cases.

Pro-censorship peers have repeatedly sought to amend the Bill so it implements a key part of the Leveson Inquiry report forcing newspapers and the media to submit to censorship.

MPs voted to reject the latest Lords amendments by 295 votes to 245, a majority of 50.

Ministers are currently conducting a ten-week consultation which includes examining whether to implement legislation which would force newspapers to pay all of the costs of libel or privacy actions brought against them -- even if they win their case. This injustice would not apply to publications which sign up to a new state-backed press censor.

Labour is inevitably supporting this censorship attempt with Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott saying:

Labour fully supports this set of amendments to the Investigatory Powers Bill and on this side of the House we have consistently and genuinely called for the Leveson recommendations to be implemented in full.

SNP justice spokeswoman Joanna Cherry also supported the injustice and censorship saying:

Those who have not hacked, do not hack phones and do not intend to hack telephones or indeed emails have nothing to fear from these provisions.

But Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said:

This is an absolutely dreadful amendment. It should be thrown out, rejected, sent back to the House of Lords. It is fundamentally wrong. It seeks to punish those who may be innocent, to fine them for telling the truth, for saying things that people in power do not like. It goes to the heart of our free press and it should be thrown in the bin.