Sex Shops List



Chez L'Amour

Lower Warrengate

Closed and up for sale in 2014

Private Shop

71 Doncaster Road
Belle Vue

Mon-Sat 10am - 8pm


Review from Ian, July 2014: Lacking a discreet entrance


Situated on a very busy road that leads to and away from the city centre. Very busy with traffic and the store has no off road or car park so it was a matter of trying to park along the road. The Shop is surrounded by takeaways and other shops. Managed to park quite a way up the road and walked to the shop

The entrance is located at the front facing the road and I got numerous looks from car drivers who were stationary due to volume of traffic

Rather embarrassing to say the least.


The store is small with the usual range of clothing, sex toys, magazines and R18 Movies as available in most Private Shops

Maybe it was just the walk down passed the line of dirty looks from the car drivers but I just didn't feel comfortable in this store had an atmosphere I cant explain really.


The staff member passed the time of day and left me to have a look around.

Seemed to feel uncomfortable.

I was thinking about the leaving the store and walking out onto the busy main road carrying a DVD and could hear the blasting of horns and shouts coming from car drivers in my head

Felt even more uncomfortable leaving the store and walking back.

The location for this store really needs some sort of car park or rear entrance as Could not see this location making the start of the whole experience a good one.

Would advise if your anyway little shy about visiting sex shop visit another one.


Angels & Sinners

Angels & Sinners

Unit 5, Frederick Street
Town Wharf Business Park

Tel: 01922 635544

Licensed. Also known as Angels of Walsall
Review from Malcolm, September 2012:
Seeking High Definition

I visited a shop called Angels of Walsall requesting High Definition (HD) videos only. I was told most DVD'S are HD. The fella in there pointed to whole racks of them and said they are all HD DVD's. Of course they weren't....

There was in fact one rack with some HD videos priced at £ 30 each, £ 70 for 3. Quite ridiculous when you consider what the private shops charge. So for me, Angels of Walsall was deceptive about the nature of their products and overcharge by a mile and a half.

Review from Gerry, September 2011: 5500 Adult DVDs

Still an excellent shop which now claims to have 5500 adult DVDs in stock.

I can well believe it. The price of 8 for £ 100 is available, and there is also a value bucket of older DVDs.

The cinema was doing good business yesterday as well.

Some of their website clothing offers are extremely good value

News from Gerry, February 2011: R18 Cinema

I visited Angels and Sinners again yesterday . Still an excellent shop as per my past comments.

However they have now added an adult cinema at the back of the shop showing R18 films. The cinema is rather different to the Odeon (apart from the films it shows) in that the seating is all comfortable leather sofas, well spread out. Very nice indeed.

Shortly the shop will be changing its name to Angels of Walsall to avoid confusion with the wholesaler using the A&S name in Birmingham

Review from Gerry, Oct 2009: Superb shop
Superb shop on small trading estate, they have taken over two units.

As you enter shop, the left hand unit is full of undies, toys, lotions, etc whist right hand unit is crammed with great selection of DVDs. Bulk price of 8 for £100 is competitive.

From Angels, Dec 2006

We are a large friendly business, catering for the discerning customer requiring, top quality sex aids, toys, lingerie, lotions and potions, videos, DVD's and magazines. Visit or buy on line. Always competitive prices.

Private Shop

21-22 Stafford Street

Mon-Thu: 10am-6pm
Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm


News from Alan February 2013: Closing

The Walsall Private Shop has either closed or is about to do so. The shop is being taken over by Fletcher's cakes from just up the road. Seems like anyone looking for a mucky film will get an eclair instead.


Ann Summers

12 Sankey Street
Golden Square Shopping Centre

Mon-Wed,Fri: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Thurs: 9:30am - 8pm
Sat: 9am - 6pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm

Unlicensed shop

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, June 2018: Busy

A busy shop with a good atmosphere.

Nice n Naughty logo >

Nice 'n' Naughty
Unit 5 Crown Parade
Under the Arches - Central Station

Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm.
Sat: 9am-6pm

Tel 01925 638660

Nice n Naughty warrington

Take a Peek Inside

Licensed shop since 2003.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, June 2018: Wide range

Excellent display and a seemingly endless range with a friendly managaress.

A very wide range of DVDs at £ 25, with some sitckered at 3 for the price of 2.

Review from Andrew, May 2010: Most Pleasurable

Re the Warrington Nice 'n' Naughty store. I called in there last week to buy some lingerie.

I had no idea what to buy, and was most grateful for the friendly and helpful advice of the staff in store. They were really friendly, impartial and non - judgemental. They were absolutely fabulous, and I will have no doubt I will be visiting the store again soon.

It was a most pleasurable shopping experience....

From Nice 'n' Naughty, July 2008: Nice to Compete

In July 2008, the Warrington Nice 'n' Naughty shop will be the first adult retail store short listed to win an “Award for Business” at a glittering gala in Warrington, Cheshire. Nice n Naughty have been short listed to the final 2 for the “Buisness of the Year” Award out of approximately 1000 businesses in the catchment area.

Nice n Naughty had to meet a stringent criteria, which included providing quality throughout the organisation's structure, strong communications, and good employee/employer relations; all of which were highlighted when Nice n Naughty successfully retained their ‘Investors In People' Status at their recent re-assessment earlier this year.

From Nice 'n' Naughty

We have opened a shop in Warrington, Cheshire which is one of the largest shops in Europe with a floor space of nearly 4000 square feet. It has to be the largest in the UK. We have a massive range of clothing and adult products. Well worth a visit. Now stocking over 1500 DVD/VHS. Friendly staff, browsers welcome.

It was granted a sex shop license on July 8th 2003.


Pillow Talk

56 O'Connell Street
Review, June 2018

See The grandmother who runs a sex shop_ ‘Prudish Ireland is dead and gone’.from



Unit 2,
Finway Court
Whippendell Road
WD18 7EN

Mon-Fri: 9.30am-6pm
Sat: 10:00am-3pm
Sun: Closed


Simply Pleasure

96 The Parade
WD17 1AW

Mon-Wed: 9am-6pm
Thu-Fri: 10am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Tel: 01923 213004

Simply Pleasure


From Kieran

On visiting Watford's only licensed sexshop (featured on Channel 5's Gender Swap with Rebbecca Loos) I was pleasantly surprised!

The shop is stocked from top to bottom with an amazing variety of toys.. Rampant Rabbits take pride of place with lots of different colours, sizes and designs! I would hazard a guess that there are at least 150 different types of vibrators for women alone, which pleased my wife!

Then for me they had a large variety of pumps and vaginas! That's not to mention the whole top shelf surrounding the shop being home for realistic dolls of all sizes! The Manageress behind the counter was very friendly and able to give us great advice about everything we asked her! she was very confident and not at all intimidated by my query of how a penis enlarger worked! As well as all this they have a wide selection of lingerie, bondage equipment and DVD's and VHS all well priced!

I was really pleased with my visit and between myself and the manageress we managed to persuade my wife to give the 'Love Swing' a whirl which she know tells all her friends about!!!
We cant wait to go again!

From Peter

Firstly, the shop seems to have metamorphosed from Harmony. It's now called 'Simply Pleasure'. I don't know whether or not this represents a change of ownership, though I suspect that it might.

It was a major disappointment. As a single man visiting the shop, I felt unwelcome. It seems to me that it caters almost solely to women - plently of clothing and toys for them, but nothing (apart from the videos/DVDs at the back) for men. There was one man staffing the shop when I visited. Whilst he was quite pleasant, he appeared not to have a clue what he was doing, and was a long way from being helpful to me. I won't bother to go there again.

From David

My wife & I visited the shop. It is brand new shop front with a very tasteful window display of erotic lingerie, Inside just about every toy & gadget you could wish for are on display. A collection of whips, floggers & bondage gear if that floats your boat!. A very good selection of lingerie, pvc silky gear, erotic games.

A huge range of R18 rated dvds & videos the videos were £30 each which I thought was good value. There was one girl on the counter who was very friendly and answered all our questions. The shop has a very good atmosphere for couples or singles. We give the shop ten out of ten, a breath of fresh air in the world of sex shops! There is a security camera which covers the whole shop. The range of Rabbit vibrators every shape & size to please any girl!! We look forward to our next visit

Wednesbury Nice 'n' Naughty
Lower High Street
West Midlands
WS10 7AQ
Fully licensed shop opened on May 8th 2007. Now closed


Silver Street

Lingerie shop opened in October 2011

News from article on , October 2011: Sensible Prices

Lace on Silver Street is the first high street shop in the UK to offer the baci range of lingerie which comes from Miami.

Shop owner Chantal Barnett said:

I think some people think we are a sex shop but that's not what it is at all, we offer a range of luxury lingerie at sensible prices.

Everything here is priced between £6 and £50 – I won't sell anything for more than that.

Some of it is sensible and some if it is more raunchy, and we do offer customers the chance to order from our catalogues if there is something that they want but can't see in the shop.

But it isn't Ann Summers, we aren't licensed and we don't sell toys or anything like that.

There is a real range of underwear here – from knickers to underwear sets, corsets as well as handmade jewellery.

Wellingborough Licensed Adult Centre

Cannon Street
closed in 2009

See Telford


See Pontefract

West Bromwich

Private Shop

19 Bull Street
Wes Bromwich
B70 6EU

Mon-Sat 9.30-6pm (Fri. 8pm)


Review from Malcolm, September 2012: Seeking High Definition

I visited the Private shop in West Bromwich and received accurate information and good deals.

I took one disc back because the content was poor and even though I had time to have watched it, they took it back and I was allowed to swap it for another with no trade in charge made.

On another occasion I tuned down one of their free magazines while buying 3 videos for £ 50 and was told I could choose another HD DVD at no extra charge.....(4 for £ 50 that day). Excellent service. I highly recommend the West Bromwich store.

I have also been offered, when they have them, Blu-ray's for the same price as 3 for £ 50 normal HD videos.

West Bromwich

Simply Pleasure

282 High Street Street
West Bromwich
B70 8AQ

Mon-Wed: 9:30am-6pm
Thu-Fri: 9:30am-7pm
Sat: 9:30am-6pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

Tel: 0121 5536193

Simply Pleasure


News Feb 2008: Undies and Frillies

The local Sandwell council granted permission to Simply Pleasure for a window display of undies and frillies.
West Bromwich Simply Pleasure

Birmingham Road
B69 4ED
Closed by 2012
West Bromwich Simply Pleasure

Dudley Rd
B18 4HE
Closed by 2012
West Thurrock


Unit 7 Breach Road
Thurrock Business Centre
West Thurrock
RM20 3NR

Mon to Fri 10am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 3pm

Tel: 01708 252993
Tel: 01708 252605

Licensed, previously Little Amsterdam at Truckworld

From ETO's Mystery Shopper: July 2013: Back to Basics

Basic shop decoration for back to basics pricing.

A good range of toys and DVDs at £20.

Unsophisticated, but not unpleasant

News from Bissy-B, August 2008: Been Bissy

The West Thurrock licensed sex shop previously known as Little Amsterdam has moved premises and is now known as Bissy-B

We stock a vast array of DVD and VHS titles:

DVDs start from £10
VHS Tapes from £5

We also sell a wide range of Lingerie & Outfits
as well as Magazines (Contact & Monthly).

Some fancy dress costumes are also available along with bespoke bondage equipment



312 London Road
Westcliff- on-Sea

Tel 01702 341486

Open Monday-Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm

From the shop:

Harmony is a clean bright, newly licensed shop with a large selection of stock in all areas, R18 videos, DVD's, sex toys & sex aids, clothing, lingerie and a selection of leather clothing etc..

We always have about 300 titles of R18 films in stock. All at great prices (as low as 20) and a part exchange facility. Although most titles are hetero, we do have a selection of Gay, Lesbian & T.S. films.

In excess of 100 different vibrators & dildos always in stock. Plus a full range of artificial vaginas and masturbating units and dolls. We also stock a range of vacuum pumps and other erection aids including various creams. Our staff are fully trained in the usefulness of all items we stock as well as being trained in how to make the customer feel at ease in what may be an embarrassing situation for them. Once again all prices are competitive.

We carry a large range of clothing and lingerie including nurse & maids outfits etc. Once again staff are trained in converting sizes, as many people know only one type of sizing. We always stock a range of top quality leather clothing: Bodies, Basques, Bikinis etc..Further to this a range of handcuffs and restraints made from top grade Hide. Plus harnesses, gags, masks, hoods and Kat o Nine Tails. As always prices are competitive.

One more thing, whilst looking at your site I saw some customers' comments relating to them being intimidated in certain shops. Sadly there are still a few companies entrenched in that old fashioned style. However I can assure you not so in Harmony, our staff are fully trained in all areas of our business, with a very large emphasis on customer satisfaction. To run a successful business you need regular and repeat trade, to achieve this you must
a) Give good value for money
b) Have a great selection of stock
c) Keep the customer satisfied
We try our very best to achieve all of these criteria.
Our staff are repeatedly told “ It's the customers who pay our wages”

I think we've got it pretty right.


Butterfly Kisses

9 Pearse Street


Edraco Adult Shop

20 O'Connell Street

Weston super Mare Joy Adult Shop

Whitecross Road
Weston super Mare
BS23 1EJ

Closed by 2014.

Erotica Belle

1 Ranelagh Road

Previously named Discretion. Licensed since 2005. Listing checked in July 2018.

News, September 2014: A Sign of the times

The shop successfully applied to get the annual licence on his Erotica Belle premises in Ranelagh Road renewed and for permission to open on all Bank Holidays except Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

However the council sprung an objection to arge advertising boards on the shop exterior and told the shop remove them because it was against licence conditions, albeit those never mentioned prior to the licence application meeting. The shop's has asked the council to think again about the advertising ban.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2012: Highly Recommended

A good selection of DVD mostly at £25 with a Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price offer. There are also titles available in a Buy 1 Get 2 Free offer. There's a £5-10 bargain selection too.

A very friendly manageress made for a high recommendation from the Mystery Shopper.

News September 2011: Under New Management

New owners of the Weymouth's licensed sex shop in Ranelagh Road are making several fundamental changes.

The shop was renamed in July 2011 from Discretion to Erotica Belle. And in a change of direction the new owner, Jonathan Spencer, has been given council permission to display lingerie in the shop window.

Spencer said that it an effort to move his business on from what he described as the dirty mac brigade reputation of sex shops.

Weymouth Council's Licensing Committee one letter of objection, 18 letters of support and a petition signed by around 120 people in favour of the move to change the building's appearance.

Spencer said: I've changed the products in the shop so they are less adult. I want to go more down the lingerie route and the gift route.

Private Shop

Kings Street
Reported as closed in 2009
Whitley Bay

Tickled Pink

18 Station Road
Whitley Bay
NE26 2QZ

Opened August 2011.

See article from , April 2012: On the Move

Due to the hassle and expense of parking in the vicinity of the shop, Tickled Pink is set to move to Bowes Street in Blythe.

Utopia Adult Party Shop

Unit 2 Everest Centre


Albert Road

Licence application rejected

Nice n Naughty logo >

Nice 'n' Naughty
Unit 7, Under the Arches
Queen Street

Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm.
Sat: 9am-6pm

Tel - 01942 244982

Take a peek into the shop


From Nice n Naughty, December 2011: 5 Stars

Opened on the 10th March 2003 with a full stock of every R18 VHS/DVD title available (Over 1500 titles and new releases arriving weekly) catering for all tastes. This store was awarded 5 Stars by the ETO mystery shopper in August 2011, praising the knowledgeable staff and comfortable surroundings.

A full range of magazines, fetish, TV, scans, European, UK/USA monthly, gay, contacts and the latest Private and Pirate titles.

A huge range of adult toys and novelties and bondage, also stocking Lingerie, Latex, PVC and hosiery.

With Male and Female staff available in a brand new shop fit with air conditioning, well lit and layout that offers a comfortable experience.

Wisbech Kiss Kiss

Thorney Road
Near Wisbech
PE13 4AA

Licence approved in September 2008. Closed in 2012
Wisbech New Toll Service Station

Thorney Toll
A47 near Wisbech
Licensed and l ocated in a petrol station on the A47. Closed in 2007
Wisbech XXX Zone

Falcon Road
Previously l icensed but reported as closed in May 2008

Pulse and Cocktails

A12 northbound
Rivenhall End
Near Witham

Unlicensed sex shop opened 23rd April 2018. Licensed from 18th July 2018.

News, July 2018: Licence granted

The shop applied for a sex shop licence which will then allow the store to sell R18 DVDs and Blu-rays. The licence was duly granted in July 2018.

See review from , May 2018: A simple tickler to something more fetish

One of the biggest sex shops in Essex has opened its doors on the A12 near Chelmsford and Witham .

Store manager Hannah beamed:

A lot of thought has gone into the design and the products we offer. It's spacious and modern and welcoming. Our lingerie is classy and we have a real mixture of products and toys to suit all tastes. You can go from a simple tickler to something more fetish.

New employees at Pulse & Cocktails have a whole month's training before they can start work in the stores. They learn about every single product in detail and about how to deliver the best customer service in an adult store.

Woking Private Shop

High Street

Licensed but closed by 2013

Adult Pleasure Zone

16 Broad Street

Licensed. Previously Soho Books

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2014: Rough Charm

R18s are mostly £25 with some at £15.

A shop with rough charm.

Adult Shop

2 Walsall Street
WV14 0AT

Licensed. Listing checked in August 2014.

Ann Summers

49 Dudley Street
City Centre

Mon-Fri: 9:30 - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 6pm
Sun: 10:30am - 4:30pm


News June 2015: Shop Lifter

The shop made the news after the prosecution of a shop lifter came to court

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2014: Limited

Mostly a lingerie shop with a limited adult offering at the rear.

A disappointing range at an unexciting store.

The Foxy Lady

146 Oxford Street
WV14 7DP

Daily: 11am - 11pm

Cinema Entrance: £5 - £8

Licensed adult cinema and sex shop. Open since 1995. Listing confirmed in November 2016.

News December 2016: Foxy Lady Dance Bar

A lap dancing club is set to open next to an adult cinema in Bilston in the new year -- if they can get the girls.The opening of Foxy Lady's Dance Bar has been delayed because they cannot recruit the staff.

The new bar, which features three poles, a stage, several booths and a bar set in the backdrop of darkness, is due to open in mid to late January.

It will be open from 12pm to 4am.

News April 2014: Licence renewal

The Foxy is a licensed adult cinema and sex shop. The owner hopes to open a dance bar at the end of June. The owner said:

We take strict control of the property. The licensing people have been down and double checked and there has been no problem.

The business was awarded a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence in 2012, which is when the licences were introduced by the Government. Until then it met the legal requirement for the time.

The sex shop sells toys and DVDs. Opening hours are 11am to 11pm, seven days a week. The owner said the busiest times were in the evenings and on weekends. To go in it will set you back between £5 and £8, depending on the time of day.

The licence is now up for annual renewal by planning bosses at Wolverhampton City Council and the renewal will be subject to a public consultation.

From Guy:

My main object was to visit the cinema but whilst waiting for the woman behind the counter to serve me I browsed around the shop. I found a vast selection of video's and dvd's which were priced individually or grouped at three for 100.00 pounds, which seemed a little expensive compared to internet prices, but it does avoid the embarrassment of having delivered to your home, the range would cater for most peoples tastes.

The shop had a range of toys which was not huge, I found the stock to be mostly video's and dvds. Where this establishment excels itself is the staff, the woman behind the counter was pleasant and helpful, she pointed out where the entrances to each of the two cinema screens were and where the toilets were situated and that refreshments were available. Upon leaving a gentleman was behind the counter and he said goodbye and have a safe journey.

All in all a very friendly establishment.
Private Shop

Broad Street

Closed by 2013

Pulse & Cocktails

40 Church Lane
Near St. John's Retail Park

Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun & Bank hols: 11am-5pm

Open every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2014: Huge and handy!

R18s are £25 with multi-buy offers of 3 for £50, 7 for £100, 17 for £200

Huge and handy!

From Pulse & Cocktails, March 2007: The Midland's largest

This is massive new superstore and is split into two departments.

The first department in the store is Cocktails, which has an amazing range of sexy lingerie and clothing in both conventional and raunchy styles, including leather, latex PVC and also a fantastic range of dressing-up uniforms. Due to the size of the store the product range and diversity is vast and the sizes range from 8-26. Also at this store is an excellent selection of hosiery, realistic wigs and shoes.

This department also has a large range of naughty novelties, greeting cards, gifts, games and hen and stag night products

The second department is Pulse and is where the ultimate sex shop adventure really begins!

The toy department is huge with literally thousands of toys from every corner of the globe with many items available to touch in the 'switch on and try before you buy' display area. There is also an excellent bondage section and an exclusive collection of erotic furniture.

This store has a fantastic adult film department with over 5,000 different DVDs covering every type and subject imaginable. This department also has a 42" plasma screen showing trailers of the latest films. The store also has an excellent, Gay DVD section with over 600 titles

The store has a huge range of books and magazines, none of which are sealed and all at very competitive prices.

This store in Wolverhampton must be visited for the ultimate sex shop experience. It is an absolutely amazing store and can only be described as an erotic theme park.

The store is located on Church Lane, which runs parallel to St Johns Ring Road (dual carriageway)

By Car:

From the top of Snow Hill, turn off left as if heading towards St Johns Retail Park. Do not turn into the car park, continue down Church Lane for approximately 300 yards. The store is the last building on the left.

There is a large free private car park at this store with an additional, discreet entrance direct into the toy and film department from the car park.

By Foot:

Head towards St Johns Ring Road from the city centre, down Worcester Street, cross over the dual carriageway by Penn Road Island and follow the footpath around the car park and onto Church Lane.

Simply Pleasure

18 Broad Street

Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm
Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm

Tel: 01902 420581

Simply Pleasure

Licensed, previously Adult Play Things

Review from the Mystery Shopper December 2014: Staff were excellent

The male and female staff were excellent.

There were DVDs for £25 with multibuys of 3 for the price of 2.

An unusual lack of music but nice nevertheless.

Review from Gerry, February 2013: Helpful

Simply had a good choice of reduced price DVDs and a helpful lady manager.

Review from the Mystery Shopper Sept 2010: Premiere League

A cheery welcome from the shop manager.

Mainline DVDs at 25.00 with 3 for 2 offer. A decent cheaper range at 15.00.

A decent range of toys

Comment, Oct 2009:

Gone downhill - few special offer DVDs


Ann Summers

34 High St

Mon-Fri: 9:30am- 5:30pm (8pm Thu)
Sat: 9am-5:30pm
Sun: 10:30am-4:30pm


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, March 2016: Good service

Nice atmosphere and very good service.

Private Shop

18 Lowesmoor

Mon-Sat 9.30-6pm (Fri. 8pm)


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, March 2016: Much improved

Another much improved branch of UK's largest sex shop chain.

An extensive range of DVDs were mostly £25 with some at £20. Multi-buy options are available.

Good presentation, variety and atmosphere.


Pulse & Cocktails

Claylands Ave
Dukeries Ind Estate
S81 7DJ

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sundays: closed
Bank hols: closed

From Pulse & Cocktails, March 2007: Large Adult Superstore

This is a large adult superstore and is split into two departments.

This first department is Cocktails, which has an excellent range of sexy lingerie, costumes PVC, latex and hosiery in a variety of styles ranging from sizes 8-26. This department also has a huge selection of naughty novelties, games and hen and stag night products

Pulse is where the shopping adventure really begins! The sex toys department is huge with literally thousands of toys from every corner of the globe with many items available to touch in the 'switch on and try before you buy' display area. This store also has an exclusive range of erotic furniture.

This store has a fantastic adult film department with over 3,000 different titles covering every type and subject imaginable. This department also has a 42" plasma screen showing trailers of the latest films. The store also has an excellent, Gay DVD section with over 300 titles. The DVDs are very competitively priced and Pulse & Cocktails offers an excellent exchange system on all films. The store has a huge range of books and magazines , none of which are sealed and all at very competitive prices.

Visit this store in Worksop for the ultimate sex shop experience

From the A57 turn off at Claylands Avenue, signposted Dukeries industrial Estate the store is 400 yards further down on the left hand side opposite the old Nestle factory.

Large Free Private Car Park


Cherry Bliss

6 Royal Arcade
BN11 3AY

Tel: 01903 209020

Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 12pm - 4pm Last checked September 2013: Update

Contact details updated

From connections of Cherry Bliss, Jan 2008: Sexy Erotic Boutique

Cherry Bliss is a first for the seaside town of Worthing, it has a sexy erotic boutique feel about rather than a typical sex shop.

Cherry Bliss has every area covered, sexy playwear, lubes & lotions, bondage gear to the very latest adult toys on the market.

The staff are friendly and are very well trained on all the products. They also stock a wide range of adult DVD tiles with prices starting from £4.99.

Cherry Bliss is an Aladdin's cave of all things sensual and sexy and would be ideal for those who get slightly nervous about visiting a sex shop.


Rowlands Road
BN11 3JX

Licensed, previously Secret Desires and Pillow Talk. Became Taboo in March 2011 but closed in December 2011.

The Fantasy House

2 Mount Street
LL13 8DN

Mon-Sat: 9:30-6:30pm (Fri 7pm)

Tel: 01978 262784

Licence granted in July 2009. Locals tried to kick up a fuss about the historic plaque on the building commemorating the birthplace of a Crimean war hero by the name of Balaclava Ned.

Listing checked in December 2014.

From Fantasy House, October 2009: Well received

The shop was opened officially about 2 months ago and it is receiving a very favourable response from all whom have ventured in it.

We are aiming to encourage females and couples along with the steady male DVD buyers offering a large range of up market lingerie, footwear and toys as well as a vast selection of R18 DVD's and imported magazines in bright pleasant surroundings.

So far everything we are doing is being well received.

Private Shop

Yorke Street
LL13 8LW

Licensed. Closed by 2018 and is now set to become housing


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