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Offsite Article: How The New UK Porn Block Could Put Independent Sex Workers At Risk...

Link Here 15th May 2019
Full story: BBFC Internet Porn Censors...BBFC: Age Verification We Don't Trust
Age verification measures pose a tangible threat to sex workers' income and safety.

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Offsite Article: The UK Government Risks Facilitating a Porn Monopoly...

Link Here 14th April 2019
Full story: BBFC Internet Porn Censors...BBFC: Age Verification We Don't Trust
Spare a thought for how age verification censorship affects British small adult businesses and sex workers. By Freya Pratty

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And the sex workers have been thrown out on to the streets...

Owners of Sandy's Superstars brothels in Manchester convicted

Link Here 4th February 2019

The Sandys Superstars brothels in Manchester were operated by Sandy Hankin and her husband, Christopher. The couple has now been convicted of brothel keeping.

The couple were running two brothels with an agreement with the authorities. Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court heard Greater Manchester Police (GMP) did not take any action in shutting down the brothels due to limited resources. Instead, GMP agreed that as long as there was no underage services, no trafficking of women, that the business wasn't used as a front for other crime and that it did not affect the local community, then they could continue. Local authorities also knew, and tax was paid on the business, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The two premises, advertised by a website, were selling sex at 50 to customers for half an hour. Both branches were registered limited companies, and the women, who were all British, were provided with security, health care, fresh towels and clean premises, the court heard.

Sandy Hankin was described as kind and generous by her defence barrister, who added: (The couple) provided exemplary working conditions.... the working women flourished. Many bought homes, had saving bank accounts, and were real providers for their families for the first time. All aspects of the women's health and well being was provided for.

However the business was targeted  by a local investigative journalist and both premises were shut down after police finally raided them in November 2016.

Following days of legal argument, Sandra Hankin, Christopher Hankin, and 2 others pleaded guilty to keeping brothels to use for prostitution. The Hankins were sentenced to six months custody suspended for two years. They have also been hit with Proceeds of Crime Act orders demanding that they hand over 350,000.

Comment: Tarts turned out on the streets

Thanks to Alan

Re report in Sunday Mirror. Christopher and Sandy Hankin - suspended porridge and ordered to hand over 350K proceeds of crime in Manchester.

They'd been running their knocking shops quite openly for ten years, paying taxes and with the police turning a blind eye. Then in 2016 they got raided, allegedly after complaints. In other words, when Mr Plod was allowed to take a cut of proceeds of crime, the pound signs appeared in his piggy little eyes, the safe, well-run brothels are closed, the owners nicked, and the tarts turned out on the streets.

It's years since it was recommended that sex workers - and, ideally, sex work - be decriminalised, but this idiocy continues. The problem may in part lie on the Labour benches. While Jeremy Corbyn and, especially, John McDonnell have made friendly noises in the past, they risk the wrath of authoritarian feminist zombie Blairites like Jess Phillips and Harridan Hatemen - before her sad metamorphosis the rather good civil liberties lawyer Harriet Harman. Across the floor, there's the usual hypocritical mix of authoritarianism and quiet visits to a discreet lady.


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