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 Obituary: Bill Margold...

Golden Age porn actor dies aged 73

Link Here 19th January
Nice n Naughty
bill margold 2011William Margold was an American pornographic film actor and porn film director.

Known as Bill Margold, he was a former director of the Free Speech Coalition and was a co-founder of X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and Fans of X-Rated Entertainment (FOXE). He was the founder of PAW Foundation, the charity for the welfare of pornography industry performers. He was also a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

He was at one time married to the 1970s porn film actress Drea. He died aged 73 suddenly and without suffering.

He worked as a performer in some of the most celebrated movies of triple-X cinema--including 1978's Lust at First Bite (aka Dracula Sucks ), 1979's Olympic Fever and 1982's Pleasure Dome

AVN Founder Paul Fishbein reflected on Margold's unparalleled impact on adult film:

Bill Margold was a bit of a renaissance man who spanned almost the entire history of the adult industry. He was an actor, writer, director and an industry spokesman and historian. I respect him most for his PAW foundation, as he worked tirelessly on behalf of industry performers, in particular young girls who were in need of help or mentoring.

I also served with him on the board of the Free Speech Coalition for almost 10 years. He was a contrarian and a pain in the ass, but it was all for the common good for First Amendment protection, which he cared about very deeply.


 Diary: Adult Video News Show...

18 -21 January 2017. Adult entertainment show in Las Vegas

Link Here 5th January 2017
Nice n Naughty

avn show 2017 advertAdult Video News Show
18 -21 January 2017.
Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas

  • Adult Entertainment Expo: January 18-21, 2017
  • AVN Awards: January 21, 2017
  • Adult Novelty Expo: January 18-20

One of the largest adult trade shows in the world, the 2017 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) will bring together an exciting and unique experience for everyone within the adult entertainment industry, and for those who desire to learn more and meet the biggest names in adult entertainment.

In January, The AVN Expo boasted more than 500 adult stars in attendance, more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their products and services, 15 unique parties, numerous networking events for industry to have quality face time together and a plethora of educational programs and seminars designed to teach people getting into the industry what it takes to grow and succeed.


  Could we have a bill allowing us to sue lawmakers for crap legislation...

Utah anti-porn senator working on a bill to let people sue pornographers for supposed harm

Link Here 2nd January
todd weilerUtah's most prominent anti-porn lawmaker wants to give people the ability to sue pornographers in the hope that someone, somewhere will be able to prove that watching their product causes emotional and psychological damage.

State Senator Todd Weiler received national attention for penning a 2016 resolution declaring a public health crisis caused by pornography. He not only wants to limit access to sexually explicit material to children and teens, but he believes pornographers should be held liable for the impacts their products have on adults. He said:

Right now porn is available without any warnings and labeling, without any protections online. This would just open the valve for a cause of action. Let these attorneys go after these cases.

If the Legislature passes his proposal, he said, he expects courts to initially reject claims that pornography causes real harm: But I think, eventually, the tide will turn.

Weiler is pinning his hopes on some sort of ludicrous analogy with tobacco use, where court challenges broke through big business defence of their deadly trade. But of course there simply aren't millions of porn users dropping dead, and even anti porn campaigners haven't really come up with many harms beyond instilling bad attitudes to women.


  Deviant sexual arousal...

Virginia suffers a hazardous infestation of moralist lawmakers

Link Here 31st December
Virginia State SealA Virginia lawmaker is asking the state legislature to declare pornography a public health hazard 204 a move he hopes will pave the way for limits of some sort.

Delegate Robert G. Marshall has proposed a resolution claiming that pornography leads to many social problems and that the General Assembly, which convenes its annual session on Jan. 11, needs to do something about it. Just what lawmakers should do is unspecified.

The measure does not call for any sort of ban, only a broad recognition of the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level in order to address the pornography epidemic that is harming the people of the Commonwealth and the nation.

The legislation frames pornography not just as a moral scourge that leads to infidelity, the hypersexualization of teenagers and deviant sexual arousal, but as a weapon against women. The measure blames pornography for low self-esteem and body image disorders and devotes a lot of attention to the objectification of women and girls.

The resolution piqued the interest of state Senator Barbara A. Favola, a women's rights campaigner. She said:

We will talk about it in the women's health caucus, I'm sure of that. He's right; pornography does have a negative impact on public health, and it does lead to lots of other issues. I'm going to look at it.

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