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  Virtually 18 rated...

Virtual reality headset producers require developers to obtain an IARC rating for games

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Link Here 21st January 2017
oculous logoVirtual reality headset manufacturer Oculus have announced that all games made available on its Oculus Store must have an age classification determined using tools from the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). The company writes in a blog post:

We're committed to helping everyone on the Oculus platform make well-informed purchasing decisions. That's why we are now utilizing the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) to give people trusted and familiar ratings for all Oculus experiences.

Moving forward, all titles in the Oculus Store will need to show age and content ratings assigned through the IARC rating process. This change will make it easier for developers to get age and content ratings for your app from multiple territories simultaneously. It also provides consumers a consistent set of familiar and trusted ratings that reflect their own cultural norms regarding content and age-appropriateness.

In order to give people consistent ratings no matter where they live, all titles in the Oculus Store must have IARC assigned ratings. New titles submitted to the store will receive an automatic prompt to obtain their rating through IARC by answering a simple set of questions. IARC will provide a rating for each applicable region and rating authority at the conclusion of the questionnaire. The ratings will then be automatically applied to the title. Existing titles will need to complete the IARC rating process no later than March 1, 2017 to avoid removal from the Oculus Store. 


 Offsite Article: AdultFriendFinder had a date with hackers...

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Link Here 15th November 2016
adult friend finder com logo Which exposed 412 million accounts

See article from zdnet.com


 Offsite Article: The Internet of Insecure Things...

Link Here 28th October 2016
internet of things The Register reports on the absence of security in specification proposals eg allowing a malicious hacker or neighbour to turn off your pacemaker or lock your sauna door and turn up the temperature to 200 degrees

See article from theregister.co.uk