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John Thomas The Buxom Lady Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 27th June 2022

As the name suggests, the The Buxom Lady is modelled on a beautiful set of well rounded curves. Each compounding the pleasure as the dildo slips deeper inside.

Sculpted from vivid green Platinum Silicone, the dildo consists of a delicate head, an ample bosum, and truely voluminous hips.

Lovingly designed by John Thomas Toys this dong is produced from hand crafted moulds, and this time round, the designers tip their hats to the wonders of the female form.

This voluptuous lady is sure to please your every demand.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Umbungo's Finger Platinum Silicone Anal Probe...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here8th June 2022

Created to stimulate and tantalise the anus, Umbungo's Finger has been ergonomically designed to slip comfortably deep inside and arouse every anal erogenous pleasure point.

Umbungo's Finger is presented in a rich red colour and features a long slender digit. The tip of the finger is nice and narrow, as you travel down the shaft, the girth widens and you meet two prominent knuckles which feels wonderful as you slide it in deeper.

Recommended by John Thomas Toys to be used handheld - either alone or with a partner - this sex toy does still feature Vac-u-lock and O-Ring compatibility for your convenience.

Lashings of lubricant are required for all anal play as this curious finger does it's work.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Xtro Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 24th May 2022

Aliens feature heavily in the current John Thomas Toys collection, Xtro is possibly the best of the bunch. He's a mischievous and delinquent alien awaiting to impregnate his next victim.

A beautiful purple platinum silicone dong boasts a huge bulbous glans head. The shaft is riddled with glorious ridges and bumps down to its aggressive looking base.

Intensely curved he is particularly suited to slipping deep inside the anus and stimulating the male P-Spot.

Xtro took an eternity to perfect but he is one of the creations we are most proud of.

He is compatible with both vacuum dildo systems and O-Ring fastening. Body safe and allergy free, Xtro is also non-porous and stain resistant. Clean in the dishwasher.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Thingy Bob Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 14th May 2022

This totem pole of glans penis heads has created a unique and erotic personal experience for every user. Four helmets adorn the glorious shaft decreasing in size as they rise to the tip.

Cast from black medical grade platinum silicone, each one has been hand poured into copper molds to ensure a durable and high quality sex toy.

Thingy Bob was given a last gasp reprieve by the John Thomas director and nearly didn't make it into production. Ironically it has gone on to be one of our best sellers!

Both Vac-u-lock and O-ring compatible, Thingy Bob is made from non-porous body safe materials and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or placed in boiling water to sterilize between uses.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas The Extremity Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 4th May 2022

For those times when you need a little hand in the bedroom department! The Extremity is a cheeky two fingered platinum silicone dong which resides on a realistic clenched fist.

Looking and feeling like a real hand, the Extremity is great for some gentle anal probing or vaginal play.

Being made from only the finest medical grade platinum silicone ensures a body safe, allergy free experience.

Available in a choice of sizes ranging from 7 up to 16 and two levels of firmness, means a very personal level of indulgence can be achieved.

The Extremity is both Vac-u-lock and O-Ring compatible and makes for a fun and versatile sex toy which can be used alone or with a partner to great effect!

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Orinoco Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 24th April 2022

Orinoco is a beautifully handcrafted platinum silicone dong unlike any other.

Both innovative and stylish, Orinoco was inspired by a freshwater crocodile that lives in the Arafura Swamp located in the Northern Territory of Australia.

A wide base meanders up to a slim tip with this green Vac-u-lock compatible sex toy . Coarse skin and textured scales, coupled with a fierce looking - yet softly serrated shaft - ensure you a playtime like no other.

Orinoco is also O-Ring compatible and suitable for both anal or vaginal stimulation.

Taking many hours to create and utilising our copper mold technique has ensured ultra high definition has been captured in every toy, lovingly made for you.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas William Platinum Silicone Stretcher...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 9th April 2022

William is a perfectly tailored platinum silicone stretcher ideal for really opening up your sphincter and anal passage.

Its metallic gold finish makes for a really indulgent sex toy which looks and feels very sensual.

William is a stubby, chubby worm like dong with a wonderfully large head very eager to slip inside whenever you are ready. Beneath the head resides four smooth ripples creating a lovely ribbed effect guaranteed to blow your mind as you glide him in and out.

John Thomas offer William in four orgasmic sizes ranging from the 5.5 small up to the extra large 12.5 version. Get your anal nerve endings tingling in style manually or connect to a compatible sex machine for hands free fun.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Anal Probe Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 18th March 2022

Be prepared for the anal probing of a lifetime! Welcome to the Anal Probe platinum silicone dildo. Its mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before - or at least where they haven't been for a while!

With its lovely strong lines from base to tip, this jet black sex toy is guaranteed to have you squealing for more every time you use it.

Designed using state of the art 3D computer technology - in conjunction with 3D printers - Anal Probe is primarily for all anal play, but may be used for vaginal penetration too.

Medical grade platinum silicone ensures a body safe, hypoallergenic product of both excellent quality and durability. Choose from the four sizes but don't skimp on lube!

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Rude Boi Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 26th February 2022

Rude Boi is not someone you want to bring home to meet your parents, he's randy and rotten to the core and just wants to get down to it at every given opportunity.

This jet black, medical grade platinum silicone dildo is great for anal or vaginal penetration. Its unique curvature is sure to glide in effortlessly and find your sweet spot.

Firm prominent balls are found at the base of Rude Boi's wondrous shaft, which features over 200 highly erotic nodules, designed to excite and tip you into orgasm time after time.

Rude Boi comes with a free large suction cup plug and faux velvet storage bag. A choice of four sizes and two levels of firmness are also available for your personal preferences.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Barbarian Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 6th February 2022

Another alien offering; Barbarian is a gorgeous red, extra-terrestrial platinum silicone sex toy - perfect for both anal or vaginal play.

Barbarian lives over four light years away on his home planet Nezork. Abandoned at birth by his own mother, Barbarian exists encompassing a solitary and nomadic lifestyle. His only mission is looking for sexual encounters.

The base of this fantasy dildo's shaft is adorned with soft spiky protrusions. The shaft is a slender scaly hybrid where reptile meets alien. A large irregular glans with significant urethral opening tops the highly textured dildo .

Produced with the finest medical grade materials, Barbarian is body safe, odour free and hypoallergenic.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



Winter Sale...

60% off at John Thomas Toys

Link Here5th February 2022



John Thomas Ramsta Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 18th January 2022

Over one hundred erotic bubbly nodules adorn these platinum silicone dildos.

Your body is going to experience sexual-sensory overload. Ramsta is a jet black bubble-fest of a dong , wonderful for anal play. Particularly recommended when used with a compatible sex machine, either alone or with a partner.

Ramsta was handcrafted and designed in the UK using 3D software and printers, brought to life in the USA utilising copper molds and only the finest body safe materials.

Ramsta is durable, non-porous, odour free and hypoallergenic. This anal treat comes in four exciting sizes and a choice of two levels of firmness.

John Thomas Toys is a UK based company with 15 years experience in the industry.

See further details at John Thomas Toys

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