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A: Aberdeen, Ayr

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Aberdare (Merthyr Tydfil)

Lush Adult Store
Station Road
Rhondda Cynon Taf
CF44 7DT

Licensed. Closed  in 2016.


Ann Summers

183 Union St
AB11 6BB

Mon-Fri: 10am - 6pm (7pm Thurs)
Sat: 9:30am - 6pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2019: Most northerly

The UK's most northerly sex shop.

Untidy and looking rather unloved.


John Winters
Urqhart Road

Unlicensed, closed in 2007


Patrice Adult Store
Diamond Street
AB10 1QU

Licence granted in November 2010. Closed by 2017. Now a salon.


George Street
AB25 3YB

Closed by 2019.

Whisper XXX Sex Shop

50 Bridge St
AB11 6JN

Mon-Sat: 10am - 7pm
Sun: 12 noon - 6pm


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2019: Mostly good

Close to the railway station.

There's a good range of R18s at £15 and £25 with multi buy offers at each price point.

Mostly a good shop.


Lavish Love

1 Brecon Road

Tues-Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun-Mon: closed

Unlicensed shop, opened 17th April 2021


News April 2021: New in Abergavenny

A new shop, Lavish Love has opened in Abergavenny to a great reception on 17th April 2021.

The shop is also open online, stocked with leading sex toys, sexy lingerie and wellbeing products, offering a fast, personal and discreet service with free UK delivery on orders over £30

News March 2021: Lingerie

See article from

Owner Shane Lewis told the local council that Lavish Love will predominantly be a women's underwear store, which would not require a licence. He added that he will sell a small selection of adult toys, operating a similar model to national retailer Ann Summers. The shop will stock a wide range of sexy and good quality lingerie.


Nice 'n' Naughty
Pier Street
SY23 2LN

Opened in February 2005 but closed in September 2013.


Book Parade
Edgar Street

Licensed. Closed in 2015


Personal Lines
Station Road
GU11 1HT

Closed and now a takeaway



The Private Shop

266B High Street
GU12 4LT

Mon-Sat: 10am - 6pm (Fri 8pm)

Licensed and established for 34 years.

Press review, July 2018: Our customers know what to expect

Hours and hours can go by without seeing a customer.

See review from

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2017: Engaging

DVDs were mostly £ 25 with no obvious deals.

A fairly average shop with an engaging manager.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2011: DVD Prices

DVDs were mostly £ 30 with no obvious deals

Thanks to John

The Private Shop is on the outskirts of the town centre and staffed when I went in there by a lady, the manager wasn't there at the time. There's a whole room for DVDs/videos and some more in the main room too and you're welcome to browse at your leisure, I was encouraged to check them out and mostly at £40, or £60 for 2.

A table was set out at one end of main room with leaflets and flyers for pole-dance-tutors, events and sex-related services. Quite a bit of bondage gear, fair selection of toys (I was taken with the good selection of anal love balls) and there were some leather (I presume) boots on display in various colours. A few of the outfits are on display on mannequin bodies and there was a TV on a normal channel ( so it was quite relaxing - don't know if that was ever used for showing any of their videos.



My Amazing Fantasy

2 The Broadway
Wayhill Rd
SP10 2JF

Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm
Sun: 10am-3pm

The licence was awarded in August 2012. The shop opened in September 2012 as Erotica Bella, but later became My Amazing Fantasy.

News May 2021: New name

By May 2021 Erotica Bella had become My Amazing Fantasy.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2015: Tick

R18 DVDs are £20, £25 and £30 with some on 3 for 2 or buy 1 get 1 free offers.

A very comprehensive and clean shop that ticks a lot of boxes.

News November 2013: Renewal

Erotica Belle Limited has applied to Test Valley Borough Council to keep trading in The Broadway. It also seeks permission for its front door to remain open in hot weather.

The licence renewal attracted no objections

Ashford (Kent)

Fantasy World
Osborne Road

Now closed

Ashford (Kent)


Xanadu Ashford

51 High Street
TN24 8SG

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm

Tel: 01233 646791

Unlicensed adult boutique selling clothing, adult toys and lingerie took over from Pillowtalk.

From Xanadu, February 2015: Moved

Xanadu Relocated in May 2014 to 51 High Street, Ashford, Kent.

Each shop in the Xanadu chain has a vast range of lingerie and a good selection of Toys.

None of the Xanadu Shops is licenced and therefore do not sell R18 films, this may change in the future,

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, June 2014: DVDs

18 rated DVDs were £20-25.

News December 2013: Changes

A new adult boutique has opened at the shop that was once Pillowtalk

Ashford (Kent)


Xanadu Boutique

County Square Shopping Centre

Lingerie store opened in June 2015 from the same owners as Xanadu on High Street

News June 2015: Opened

Owner Jacqui Singer said: Lingerie only

There will be something for everyone. Casmir is very elegant and alluring and Chilirose is sexy with attitude.

It won't offend anyone. There won't be any sex toys on show.

We need to make it clear, there will be a difference between the shops.

There won't be anything you don't see in Debenhams. Just beautiful lingerie,

Ashford (Kent)

Private Shop
High Street
TN24 8TE

Now closed

Ashford (Middlesex)

See London

Ashton Under Lyne


Wood St

News from Tom, Feb 2008: Reported as closed


Private Lines

Closed by 2007

Aylesford (Kent)

see also Maidstone

Aylesford (Kent)


Vibez Adult Boutique

Unit 3
2M Trade Park
Beddow Way
ME20 7BT

Mon-Sat: 10am - 7pm (Thu 9pm)
Sun: 10am - 4pm

Tel: 01622 710000


News September 2020: ETO Awards

The shop was nominated for Best Individual Store and Best Store Manager.

Review December 2020: BDSM lockdown

See article from : Inside a Kent sex shop in the age of COVID-19

News July 2018: ETO Awards 2018: Winner

Tracey Whitmore won Best Store Manager in the 2016 ETO Awards. These are trade awards voted on by UK adult shop businesses.
News, September 2017: Samantha

The shop made the local news for stocking the new intelligent sex doll Samantha from Synthea Amatus.

News, June 2017: ETO Awards 2017: Winner
The shop won the award for Best Individual Store.

The shop was also nominated for Best Specialist Retailer

News June 2016: ETO Awards 2015: Winner

Tracey Whitmore won Best Store Manager in the 2016 ETO Awards. These are trade awards voted on by UK adult shop businesses.

Review from Pat, Feb 2007: Behind Bars

I went to this shop purely because of the write up on this site, and I have to agree with the comments already submitted.

All the DVD's are upstairs and priced at £25, (though they are not in defined category area's and are scattered randomly).

The downstairs has an enormous amount of toys and clothing; there is even a dungeon area, that they have given appropriate lighting to, and set behind ‘bars', to give the right atmosphere to those who wish to buy that sort of gear.

The lady serving was none pushy, friendly, and had a very good sense of humour, really putting me at my ease. When I'm back in the area, I will definitely be revisiting this shop.

Reader review, September 2006: Good Advice

Can only echo what's already been written but have to comment on just how helpful, knowledgeable and approachable the owners are.

I went to the shop in Sep 06 with my girlfriend looking to buy some toys. The male owner gave the most comprehensive run down of lubes possible and got us to try each to see their effects and then showed us around the toys and let us try out what we wanted - no not like that!

When it was obvious that minds hadn't been made up he even called his wife to see what she advised and she came back to the shop to give her 'expert' opinion.

Purchases successfully bought we went home to enjoy and I can only say - very good advice!

I'd happily recommend this shop to anyone wanting a relaxed and non intimidating environment to explore the fun side of life. Excellent way to shop, well done and thanks.

Reader review: Industry View

As someone working in the industry I see a rather large selection of shops of varying quality both licensed and unlicensed across the UK and have to admit that this new store in a quiet industrial estate with ample parking is one of the best and is now fully licensed to sell R18 DVDs.

This sex superstore has vast and clearly marked sections for lingerie, toys, bdsm etc.

There are both male and female staff who are extremely friendly and helpful, the shop is bright and fresh with plenty of room to browse and where you don't feel at all under pressure. The prices are lower than average but you don't feel that quality has been sacrificed for price.

This is the way all adult stores should be!



Bodystyle International

5 Burns Statue Arcade

Tel: 01292 270066

Licensed shop

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2019: Busy

There's a playful window display, a friendly welcome and a busy shop.

Review June 2006

I was in bodystyle at the weekend it has been a while since I was in. Waaaaawooo what a difference its got vibro to sexy underwear. Good for them its a lovely friendly shop.

Reader Review

I have been in a few sex shops up and down the country which I have found most very dark and dinghy. How refreshing, Bodystyle is very bright and modern excellent range of lingerie and of all the toys in a very good location at the top of the town. The lady behind the counter is very helpful and pleasant to chat to, all ages where coming and going when I was in and would certainly recommend this shop highly.

John Thomas Toys ®


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