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Willie Wanka Pro Fantasy Machine...

Sex machine reviews

Link Here 10th October 2020

With great excitement the new Fantasy Machine has arrived. Exclusively, available from the Willie Wanka Pro is sure to hit the market with a huge punch. This fucking machine offers maximum stability combined with high end performance but cleverly priced to undercut all other machines in this upper level category of fucking machines by a mile.

The machine is available in two types -- the pro and the non pro version each sporting its own colour scheme. Firstly the Willie Wanka Pro Fantasy Machine in traditional all black, this fucking machine will attract the serious machine user who is only interested in the mechanics of the machine. Secondly, the less expensive non pro version which is painted in three bright colours of green, yellow and pink and will satisfy the fun loving sex machine enthusiasts or newcomer to the world of fucking machines.

We think this fucking machine is a first class choice for both the new user and the experienced user wanting to buy a replacement for their old machine. When you combine low price with exceptional build quality and functionality there simply is nowhere else to go.

Let's now look at the specifications of the Willie Wanka Pro Fantasy Machine: Firstly, out of the box you get the Willie Wanka Pro Fantasy Machine with power pack and lead, followed by a speed controller, two T-legs made from solid steel, a spanner and Allen key, a deluxe Vac-U-lock® adaptor, a bottle of lubricating machine oil and instruction booklet. The total gross weight of the Willie Wanka Pro Fantasy Machine is 15.6kg and has full dimensions of 188cm length; 75cm width; 122cm height. It is made from high grade MIG welded tensile steel. The machine is painted in gloss black.

The product is shipped with the correct power for your country with a range of 110v to 240v and 50hz to 60hz. UK customers receive a UK power pack and other countries are suitably supplied the correct power pack. The product is CE certified and ROHS compliant. Designed in the UK and manufactured in China.

The motor is a well manufactured industrial standard motor with specification of 24Volts, 4 Amps and 72 Watts. The power pack ensures the correct voltage will power the fucking machine without overloading the device. No batteries are required for this machine.

The Willie Wanka Pro Fantasy Machine has an adjustable stroke length of 2cm to 20cm and a stroke speed from zero to 240rpm. It has a 40cm shaft rod which can be extended with the purchase of additional rods. There is a 45 degree angle of adjustability. The horse power is a very high ¼ and a torque of 46in -- lbs.

The non pro version differs from the above as follows: livery is in neon colours of pink, yellow and green; the motor power is one twelfth of a horse power; torque is 20" -- lbs; speed has a maximum of 200 rpm; and the gross weight is about 500gm lower. The price is about 20% lower.

There are some great optional add-ons which should be investigated they include, 17cm and 34cm extension shaft rods, Universal dildo holder, dildo double adaptor, Vac-U-Lock dildos and a deluxe suction cp dildo holder, Gripit wand massager holder, Fleshlight® holder and Fleshlight male masturbator. All optional extras are keenly priced at but a CNC bit is required for all dildo and masturbator add-ons.

You can telephone the helpful staff at  on 0800 707 6063 for any advice, calls answered Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

See further details about the Willie Wanka PRO from



uFUC Sex Machine...

Sex Machine Reviews

Link Here4th October 2020

Brand new to the market the UFUC is a premium, high quality masturbation and penetration machine but it is priced at an exceptionally competitive level allowing anyone to enjoy the experience a sex machine can bring to their sex life. The UFUC's design is based around the best selling sex machine Blue Balls XL which is under license from Diva ®.

The UFUC fucking machine is amazingly adaptable with up to 180 degree movement for any position you can possibly dream up!  The UFUC's stability is superb and due to the design and weight distribution it will not tip or flip even at full speed.

Measuring a height of 24 inches, length of 27 inches and a width of 16inches the UFUC can be easily and more importantly discretely stored away in the cupboard. The UFUC comes fully assembled so there is no need for tools and instructions before the fun can begin!

Stroke length can vary from 1 inch to 6 inches, 16 inch shaft rod for all sorts of positions, stroke speed from 0-200rpm and a torque of 36-in-lb all give this sex machine  the perfect combination of speed, size, and power.

The UFUC is C.E certified, ROHS compliant and comes with a 1yr worldwide warranty, the electrical plug is suitable for the country of delivery and the UFUC is made from High grade MIG welded tensile steel. The UFUC is also completely compatible with the Vac-U-Lock system meaning you have endless possibilities for dildos, male masturbators and anal toys.

See further details from



Updated: John Thomas Oglin Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 27th September 2020

And before you ask, an oglin is a mythical beast that is a cross between an ogre and a goblin. Hopefully this dildo is an anatomically correct depiction of the giant, as the oglin is a legendary performer in the lust department.

This magnificent beast is moulded in beige, and features a ribbed shaft with each ring contributing to the pleasure as it delves deep inside.

The dildo features a vacuum suction pad that is suitable for attachment to standard locking systems such as Vac-U-Lock.

John Thomas Toys recommends that customers take car over dimensions, as premium quality platinum silicone is a heavyweight material that more than does justice to ogre-like cocks

See further details at John Thomas Toys  

Update: Fusion

27th September 2020. See Oglin in fusion black from

The Oglin is now available in a fusion of black, white and grey. John Thomas Toys explains that the dildo is coloured by a hand pouring technique called fusion, as such each dildo is individual, the colouring of each sex toy using this method are aesthetically different & bespoke.



John Thomas Original Tentacle Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here25th September 2020

This four tone, medical grade platinum silicone dildo , is truly a thing of beauty.

A realistic Octopus tentacle, designed to slide inside your orifice of choice and tantalise and stimulate your every nerve ending. Stacked, handpoured colours, feature purple, lilac, hot pink, and baby pink, in this aesthetic masterpiece.

Every coarse ribbed ridge, is complimented by the erotic abundance of suckers, which adorn this innovative design. A maritime orgasmic treat for the senses - available in 4 different sizes and a choice of two levels of firmness.

The Original Tentacle is both Vac-u-lock & O-Ring compatible and is presented with a plush faux velvet retail pouch for storage.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Spock's Cock Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 15th September 2020

Perhaps you've wondered why Spock doesn't seem to quite comprehend why human folk need to pep up their sex lives with the strange concept of love. Well perhaps John Thomas Toys has revealed why. Vulcans are blessed with such magnificent cocks that they simply don't need anything extra to help out.

Spock's Cock is indeed a magnificent weapon. The well pronounced ribs down the shaft are sure to create a wave of pleasure as each ridge penetrates deep inside. And to top it off, the penis head has a few more tricks down it's sleeve.

This fine dong is presented in beige and is suitable for attachment to sex machines and toys, such as those with Vac-U-Lock fittings.

Choose your size carefully, Vulcan achievements are somewhat in advance of what you may have ever seen before.

See further details at John Thomas Toys  



John Thomas Twisted Hogg Platinum Silicone Butt Plug...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 20th August 2020

Maybe one could say that this is a design from a twisted mind, but when it makes you squeal in delight then you've got to hand it to the creator.

The Twisted Hog is a unique butt plug fashioned as a pig's head, and is surely designed to make your tail curl in appreciation.

This sex toy is produced in premium quality Platinum Silicone which can be cleaned in the dishwater, and is suitable for heating up or cooling for heightened pleasures.

Note that this gammon pink butt plug does not have a suction cup and so isn't suitable for attaching to a sex machine.

See further details at John Thomas Toys  

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