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Diary: Apocalyptic nightmares...

May 2020 on Horror Channel

Link Here27th April 2020
Apocalyptic nightmares, the return of the monstrous Victor Crowley, David Tennant in sadistic mood and an all-star classic vampire tale... Horror Channel marks May with eight prime-time Channel premieres, including armrest-clutching shocker Bad Samaritan , starring a serial-killing David Tennant, Victor Crowley , Adam Green's horrifying rebooted journey back to the haunted, blood-drenched bayou, Francis Ford Cappola's powerful Bram Stoker's Dracula , starring Gary Oldman as the immortal Count, and Cell, best-selling horror author Stephen King's acclaimed tech-inspired apocalyptic nightmare, starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

Further premium premieres include Russell Mulcahy's iconic sword-sweeping fantasy thriller Highlander, Renny Harlin's gripping psychological chiller Mindhunters, starring Val Kilmer and Christian Slater, Tom Nagel's supernatural road-trip horror The Toybox, starring Denise Richards and Mischa Barton and Doom, a twisty, alien mutating drama starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Rosamund Pike and Karl Urban.



Diary: Erotica...

Postponed until 8th - 9th August 2020 at Telford

Link Here20th February 2020
  Expo Erotica, the UK consumer show that was scheduled to take place in Telford in May, has been moved to August due to the current coronavirus situation.

In a letter to exhibitors, organiser Inger Stevenson said:

We have done this to ensure that we can deliver the event and necessary footfall that [exhibitors] deserve, which may currently prove difficult due to this highly unprecedented situation. I personally feel that the media has hyped the whole situation up beyond what is necessary, however, my job is to protect the show and those who have supported the show.



Diary: ETO Show...

Postponed until 13-14th September, Coventry. Trade show for sex shop related businesses

Link Here13th February 2020
The ETO Show centres around products and online/offline sex toys and pleasure products market.

it is trade only and will be held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 15-16th March 2020.

The show has just received a temporary sex shop licence from Coventry Council.

Update: Postponed

13th March 2020. See article from

The 2020 ETO Show which was due to take place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry this weekend has been postponed until September 13th and 14th. Organiser Jonathan Kirk said the escalating situation surrounding the coronavirus has made the decision inevitable:

I am heartbroken that we are announcing this at such short notice, but nothing is more important than the safety of our exhibitors and visitors. We have a moral obligation to them.


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