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No News Saturday 17th August...

News Friday 16th August...

Nutter Watch PC News victor arnautoff the life of washington
History denial
San Francisco Board of Education votes to hide artwork depicting slaves rather than destroying it

Nutter Watch

I always see nutters as those who feel that their moral ideas should be inflicted on others. They usually mean well, but unfortunately their morality is based on nonsense, and this is reflected in the validity of their ideas.

Most of the time their ranting isn't taken too seriously and it is ignored by everyone but themselves.

Just occasionally they strike a chord with the blame society and we end up with nutter inspired legislation

Religious Watch

A change of focus, 9th June 2015

A website was previously maintained tracking a wider remit of religious intolerance. Such debate now is being more widely discussed and is now longer being maintained on Melon Farmers. Religion news is now limited to matters of censorship .


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News Thursday 15th August...

Nutter Watch PC News philadelphia video
Stereotypically PC
Advert censor bans Philadelphia cheese advert for being politically incorrect

News Wednesday 14th August...

Nutter Watch PC News egolf video
Advert censor bans Volkswagen eGolf advert for gender stereotyping
How about the harm to society caused by divisive people that see political incorrectness everywhere they look?

News Saturday 10th August...

Nutter Watch PC News playboy 2019
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Gender Fluid Playmate of the Month
Are you ready for a woke Playboy?

News Tuesday 6th August...

Nutter Watch PC News nazi pug joke or hate
Glasgow Friends of Israel recommend
BBC 3 documentary The Nazi Pug: Joke or Hate?

News Saturday 3rd August...

Nutter Watch PC News Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Everything is offensive now
A US college is suggesting staff should avoid saying hip hip hooray.

News Wednesday 31st July...

Nutter Watch Religion Raasuk
God's thugs
Lebanese band with an openly gay singer is banned from a rock festival after christians threaten violence

News Monday 29th July...

Nutter Watch PC News your wife is hot poster
Commented: Your Wife is hot!
PC miserablist gets hot under the collar about an air con poster

News Saturday 27th July...

Nutter Watch PC News campaign july 2019
Media and internet companies demonstrate their left wing bias
Media and internet companies unite to bully Campaign magazine over an article about Nigel Farage's PR talent

News Monday 22nd July...

Nutter Watch Religion peace tv urdu logo
Peace sanctions
Ofcom report several serious code breaches on the religious Peace TV channel for hate speech, abusive treatment and offence

News Saturday 20th July...

Nutter Watch PC News billy connelly religion is over
It's Over!
Man sacked by Asda for sharing a comic Billy Connelly rant against religion has been reinstated

News Saturday 20th July...

Nutter Watch PC News tom watson banned
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Dangerous humour
The Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell reveals that his latest Tom Watson Antisemite Finder General cartoon has been turned down

News Friday 19th July...

Nutter Watch PC News Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Warning! Harmful Trigger Warnings
Trigger warnings do more harm than good. A growing body of evidence says they are damaging to education and mental health. By Matthew Lesh


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