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Kink Label...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here14th September 2021
Kink Label is a 2021 US adult film by Kayden Kross (Deeper)

Starring Coco Lovelock

Promotional material

Four women pull strings to see their kinks through in these biting new tales from Mila makes contact through a up rise window in her search for a man who will discipline her properly in Apt. 1698. Kenna is back with a new favorite sub and only needs the male counterpart to balance her in Fuckhole. Jill allows her sub to confess his transgressions before administering the rites to absolve them in Forgive Me. Blake is shown the game she's unwittingly a part of when her partner's ex girlfriend shows up unannounced in Skirt Scale. All wield their power with ease before succumbing completely to the feeling at hand.

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Jane 4 You...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here2nd September 2021
Jane 4 You is a 2021 France adult film by Ricky Greenwood (Marc Dorcel)

Starring Jane Wilde

Promotional material

Weddings are a great opportunity to celebrate but after a busy day, guests have only one desire, to collapse on their beds and sleep to recuperate. That's exactly what Jane was planning to do... until her ex came to crash in her room.

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Asian Gushers...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here24th August 2021
Asian Gushers is a 2021 US adult film by Mike Quasar (Zero Tolerance Entertainment)

Starring Madi Laine

Promotional material

G-spot eruptions of the Asian Persuasion! These hot Asian beauties have the power to erupt like geysers and we're here for it. Every delicious tight little pussy is squirting in ecstasy in this unforgettable "release!" you won't believe your eyes when girl after girl cums like a pro, drenching the camera in glorious 4K clarity.

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Massive Curves 2...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here14th August 2021
Massive Curves 2 is a 2021 US adult film by Mason (Hard X)

Starring Gia Derza

Promotional material

Featuring cover porn star Gia Dera. Watch this rimming teen Gia's gaping anal fun. You'll then watch thre more young anal graving hotties Emma, Mona and Adira take a cock deep inside their ass, just the way they like it! These curvy phat asses are the focus in all four hardcore scenes.

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The Art Of Anal Sex Vol. 13...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here3rd August 2021
The Art Of Anal Sex Vol. 13 is a 2021 US adult film by Julia Grandi (

Starring Little Caprice

Promotional material presents four fabulous lessons in THE ART OF ANAL SEX. This series shows you the most essential backdoor maneuvers ever conceived. Featured cover girl Little Caprice is the stuff of wet dreams, a seaside siren who lures a married man to the deepest depths of hedonistic pleasure. Kira Noir, Emily Willis, Kimber Woods, and May Thai are also showing off their beautiful bottoms. Catch all the fantastic anal action that serves up with saucy stories and lavish production values. Every connoisseur is sure to appreciate THE ART OF ANAL SEX.

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Hot Movies

Hot Movies

Hot Movies is a major US Video on Demand website.

Perhaps following the example of the more mainstream website, Amazon, scale matters when operating an internet resource. Customers are attracted to the websites that stock more or less everything and Hot Movies fits the bill. In fact it probably needs the caveat that Hot Movies stocks nearly everything available in the US. Hot Movies does stock European films, but only those distributed in the US.

Hot Movies plays everything totally straight and in 10 years, Melon Farmers has not received a single complaint about customers not getting what they have paid for. (or anything else for that matter).

The website offers all sorts of navigation options to get to a film of interest, but whenever I use the site I have a title or star in mind and opt immediately for the search facility. It works perfectly well, but I always wonder why so many websites offer such tiny little boxes to enter search terms.

I do enjoy using extensive sites such as Hot Movies. I may start off a session looking for a particular film but I am easily distracted by such options as being able to get a filmography of the stars in a film. I am often distracted from my basic quest by the option to see the bio of a particularly attractive performer. Sometimes I get carried away with following up alternative leads and spending all my time available navigating rather than actually viewing.

Hot Movies has an enormous range of movies available along with plenty of viewing options. It is not quite so strong on critical reviews of what is hot and what is not.

Links See for yourself at Hot Movies

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