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Offsite Article: The death of Soho...

Link Here9th June 2023
Full story: Sex Sells in Soho...But the authorities aren't so keen
London hotspot is becoming another Shoreditch as Trisha's joins bars facing closure as Yuppies moving in post Covid moan about noise

See article from



Obituary: Purveyor of heavenly lingerie...

Jacqueline Gold, head of the Ann Summers sex shop chain dies aged 62

Link Here18th March 2023
Jacqueline Gold famously brought the sales of vibrators and sex toys onto the main high streets of the UK.

Tributes have poured in after her death, at the age of 62, noting her contribution to overhauling attitudes to sexuality, inspiring a generation of women entrepreneurs and bringing sex onto the High Street.

Her insight was one shared by half of the population already - that women had sexual appetites too - and that that represented a huge untapped market. She arrived at Ann Summers, the family business, crashing through social taboos, and refashioned it after her own purpose.

Lucy Litwack, chief executive of Coco de Mer, another British sex toy and lingerie retailer, that followed in Ann Summers' wake said:

She absolutely paved the way for women to feel empowered in the bedroom and the boardroom and really brought female sexuality into the mainstream,

Jacqueline Gold often spoke about the initial scepticism she faced at Ann Summers, then a small chain oriented towards male customers. She suggested they reach out to women, inviting them to host Tupperware-style parties to sell lingerie and sex toys in their homes. The board took some convincing. But she had other stories to tell too, that illustrated the hurdles she faced, as she took charge at the family firm.

For example, when the government said Ann Summers couldn't advertise for staff in Jobcentres, she took them to court and won.



Naughty vicars...

The Bishop of Birkenhead supports a school pupil's petition to ban school uniform costumes from porn videos and sex shops

Link Here21st October 2022
The Bishop of Birkenhead, Julie Conalty, is supporting pupils from Sandbach High School who are campaigning to prevent the sexualisation of school uniforms by the porn industry and well-known retailers.

Bishop Conalty became aware of their petition to ban school uniforms in sex shops and pornography through social media. More than 15,000 people have signed, prompting a government response.

A teacher at the school, Sarah Maile, said:

Our older students mentioned that once they'd moved into the sixth form, when they weren't wearing their school uniforms anymore . . . they were experiencing sexual harassment less.

The petition reads:

Ban school uniforms in sex shops and pornography

We urge the Government to make it illegal for school uniforms to be displayed and sold within sex shops to stop the sexualisation of children. We also think it is vital for pornography to ban displaying videos where school uniforms are worn as a costume.

It is disgusting that the sexualisation and fetishisation of children is apparently condoned by these establishments and companies. In the UK school uniforms are worn by most students until the age of 16.

We believe their sale in sex shops and use as costumers in pornography is glamorising and normalising sexual acts with children. This is capitalising off of the sexual exploitation of children and prioritising profit over the safety of millions of children. By allowing this to be legal it perpetuates a society in which people feel it is acceptable to sexualise children.

The government response notes:

The Government does not intend to take this specific action at this time but remains firmly committed to preventing the sexualisation of children through the robust measures that are already in place.

The Government is committed to keeping children safe from all forms of abuse and already has a range of robust offences to protect children from sexual exploitation and exposure to harmful material.

Although currently the sale of school uniform-like clothing does not fall within this bracket, there are a number of offences which can be considered to prosecute individuals involved in the advertisement for sale, distribution and/or importation of items such as child-like sex dolls. The offences include: the Customs Consolidation Act 1876, which prohibits the importation of indecent and obscene material; the Obscene Publications Act 1959, which prohibits the publishing of an obscene article; the Indecent Displays (Control) Act 1981, which prohibits the public display of indecent matter; and the Postal Services Act 2000, which prohibits the sending by post of indecent or obscene articles.

The Government encourages corporate responsibility from both manufacturers and retailers with regard to sexualised merchandise. Local Authorities ultimately have responsibility to ensure that the advertisement and sale of items and products do not contravene any establishments trading legislation.

Parents and consumers share concerns about the commercialisation and sexualisation of children, including the sale of novelty clothing products aimed at the adult market. We recognise that this is a highly subjective issue, intimately bound up with notions such as good and bad taste, personal preferences, and the ability to exercise choice. However, it is not for the UK Government to dictate the types of novelty clothing retailers can sell nor to comment on day-to-day commercial decisions by companies.




Darlington's Adults Only shop closes after 50 years of trade

Link Here31st August 2022
Adults Only, a Darlington sex shop, has closed after 53 years of pleasing customers with its quirky offerings.

Established in 1969, the Adults Only store on Grange Road has been serving customers with erotic offerings but is now up for let.

At one point, Darlington had four sex shops, but now only has one, Simply Pleasure, on Bondgate.

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