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D: Doncaster, Dublin

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Adults Only
Grange Road


Established in 1969. Closed in August 2022.


Cherry Pie
King Street

Opened in May 2007. Licensed in July 2007. Reported closed and up for sale in 2011.


Private Shop
Victoria Rd

Reported closed and up for sale in 2011.


Simply Pleasure

71 Bondgate

Mon-Thu: 10am-6pm
Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Tel: 0132 5489325

Licensed. Previously Adult X. Listing checked in April 2015.

News May 2016: Roof protest

The shop made the news when a drug addict took to the roof and hurled tiles t the street below. The news was reprised when the man convicted appeared in court.

Review from Gerry, Nov 2011: A Good Shop

A good shop as per your reviews, and now with a new lady manager.

There's a good selection of DVDs, both at full price, and 3 for 30 pounds.

Review from Andy, Feb 2009: Friendly and Helpful

I have purchased a few items from this store and although it is a little small it is a pleasant shop to visit.

The goods are displayed in 2 different rooms, adult toys etc in the first room and DVD's mags etc in the second room.

All the staff I have encountered have been friendly and helpful.

Review from Gus, Sept 2008: Right at Ease

Just been to one simply pleasure store at Bondgate, Darlington, first time in a sex shop the young female assistant was brilliant.

She made me feel right at ease and was very helpful and attended all my needs will defo go back there.

From Richard: Great Shop

This shop is not sleazy at all. The Sales rep was very helpful and didn't make you feel uncomfortable. Great offers. All around great atmosphere, good bloke, great shop.



Ann Summers

21 St Peters St

Unlicensed sex shop

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, October 2020: Forgettable

Basically good, but a little forgettable.


Bargain Pleasure
Monk Street
DE22 3QB

Closed in 2011. Now a hairdresser.


Simply Pleasure

32 London Road

Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm

Tel: 01332 297469

Licensed, Previously Aphrodite.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2020: Better than average

Definitely towards the basic end of the chain, but it's still better than average.

News May 2016: Fire

Simply Pleasure made the news due to a fire in a flat next door.

News December 2015: Sunday opening

Simply Pleasure has been allowed to trade on the Sundays in the run up to Christmas, but now the store has asked the council to consider allowing Sunday opening throughout the year.

The request will be considered at a council meeting on 21st January 2016.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2013: Busy, bright and attractive

The inside was busy, bright and attractive. As was the great manageress.

DVDs were £30 with a 3 for the price of 2 offer available.

News July 2013: Repaid

Excessive license charges were refunded to the shop after the High Court ruled that councils should not charge more than administration fees for licences.

Review from Greg, December 2012: Very Friendly Staff

Very friendly staff.

The shop does discount DVDs and trade-ins.

However not much in the way of magazines. They have stopped doing them almost altogether now with just the odd one or two on sale.



Private Shop

61 Osmaston Road

Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2020: Enthusiastic

The branch has a talkative manager who was enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

DVDs were £25 each.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2013: Great

R18 DVDs are £25 or 3 for £50. There are some discounted lines at £10.

A great middle-market shop.

News July 2013: Repaid

Excessive license charges were refunded to the shop after the High Court ruled that councils should not charge more than administration fees for licences.



Cupid's Corner

20A Waterloo street
BT48 6HE

Tel: 028 71 269100

Adult boutique opened in August 2011. Checked in 2014.

News, May 2013: Burgled

The shop made the news in early May 2013 for the unfortunate reason that the shop fell victim to a burglary

From Cupids Corner, October 2012: Friendly and fun

Cupid's Corner is a new, exciting adult boutique, offering a wide range of adult toys, lingerie and costumes, in a bright, sophisticated, friendly and fun atmosphere;



Naughty Adult Shop

8 Waterloo street
BT48 6HE

Previously Bliss Adult Playthings.

From Naughty Adult Shop, November 2014: Very female friendly

In the Maiden city this very female friendly shop with its really good mix across the range of adult goods, you certainly could be naughty with what's on sale.


Easy Tiger
Sidmouth Street
SN10 1LD

Closed by 2009



Ann Summers

22 Baxter Gate,

Mon-Sat: 9am-5:30pm
Sun: 10:30am-4:30pm


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, August 2016: Middling

A middling Ann Summers branch



The Naughty

35-37 Copley Road

Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sun: 10am - 4pm

Tel: 01302 340133

Licensed, previously the shop was home to Hot Planet

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, August 2016: Thoroughly OK

A large independent store.

There are magazines for £10 with a 3 for 2 multi-buy offer.

DVDs are £25, £20 & £15, also with a 3 for 2 offer.

Thoroughly OK.

Review from Ian, July 2014: Surprisingly big


Very Easy to find right at the top end of Copley Road. There is no car park for this shop but there is plenty of parking spaces on the street. There are actually two Sex Shops on this road. The private shop is located at bottom of street. So one could say they are in direct competition


Was surprised just how big the shop was. Loads of products for sale

  • Sex Toys (Male & Female)

  • Clothing

  • Magazines

  • Lubricants

Very large amount of R18 DVD's for sale. Shop is well presented with DVD's. You're £ gonna have to be incredibly picky not to find a movie that suits you

DVD's start a discount price of £5 for older DVD's and good offers on multiple buys


Male member of staff greeted me as I walked in and passed the time of day.

Also asked if I needed any help and if any questions just ask him

Not pushy in anyway and just let customers browse. Felt like there was no pressure to buy

I Would recommend this store for anyone local to the area or worth a drive

Review from Ian, August 2011: Looking Great

I found myself in Doncaster the other day in Copley road and found that the old Hot Planet sex shop located at number 35/37 was now called The Naughty

I went inside and found a great stocked licensed sex shop. It had loads of R18 DVDs from £5 upwards and loads of offers on all films. Admittedly, the cheaper films were older titles but they also stocked all the latest titles at £25 each, 3 for £50 or 7 for £100 all with half price exchange.

They also had loads of clothing and shoes at the lowest prices I have encountered. The adult toy selection was huge and all priced the same as on their website.

Overall, I found the staff knowledgeable and non-pushy. The shop looks great and I will be going back again soon, only this time I'm taking the wife with me!



Private Shop

15 Coply Road

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm (Fri 8pm)

Licensed shop. Listing checked in May 2019.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, August 2016: Busy

A compact shop with DVDs at £25 and £20 with a 3 for 2 offer. There are also 3 for £30 DVDs.

The shop has a great. chatty, well informed manageress. It is busy too, a good sign.

Review from Ian, July 2014: Small and friendly


This shop is easy to find. Its on left hand side at bottom of Copley Road. Never been to Doncaster before but sat nav took me straight there.


Compared to Naughty Company, further up the road, this shop is on the small side.

It offers sex toys, clothing, magazines and R18 DVD's. The movies are in genre order but it's not really an extensive range. There's a mix of new and old movies.

They have offers for bulk buying movies and do a good returns policy with money off your next purchase.


A female member of staff greeted me with a hello and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I looked around the store without feeling pressured in anyway. She answered any questions I had. Overall very friendly, her porn knowledge wasn't the best, but she was polite

I would have to say, if you're planning on visiting a Sex Shop in Doncaster, I would suggest you visit the Naughty Company, just for the more choice element.


Direct Pleasures
Warmsworth Rd
Near Doncaster

Closed by 2013





From LoveBox, December 2014: DVDs and magazines.

Donegal's only adult shop is set in a discreet area of town with great car parking. It offers all you need from an adult shop, including a great selection of DVDs and magazines.



Private Shop

64 London Road
CT17 0SP

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm (Fri 8pm)

Licensed. Review required. Previously a sex shop called Forbidden?


Bliss Adult Play Things
Stockwell Close
Stockwell Street
Co. Louth

Closed by 2013



Adult DVD Video Zone
William Street South
Dublin 2

Previously Secret Desires. Now a pool club



Ann Summers

30-31 O'Connell St
Dublin 1

Mon-Wed: 10am - 6:30pm
Thu: 10am - 9pm
Fri: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 09.30am - 6:30pm
Sun: noon - 6pm

Established in Dublin for 15 years



Ann Summers

3 Henry Street
Dublin 1

Mon-Wed: 9:30am -6pm
Thu: 9:30am -9pm
Fri: 9:30am -8pm
Sat: 09.30am - 6pm
Sun: noon - 6pm

New store for March 2016.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, April 2017: Fun

The store amused with slogans such as 'Go rampant' and the dressing rooms being labelled 'Undressing Rooms'.



Basic Instincts

8 Eustace Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Mon-Wed: 10am -7pm
Thu-Sat: 10am - 10pm
Sun: noon - 7pm

Tel/Fax: +353 (0)1 633 4400

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2017: Upmarket

Primarily gay focused with buzzer access.

There was a small selection of half price DVD going at 20 euros each with some stright titles too.

Most DVDs are priced 40-45 euros and there is a multi-buy offer of 4 for 3.

An upmarket store on an upmarket street.

From Basic Instincts July 2007: Adult Service

We have moved into the old part of Dublin called Temple Bar right in the City centre. In a superbly restored early Georgian building we are located at 8, Eustace Street, Temple Bar.

Our shop is twice as large as our previous one and carry a superb range of ‘Fetish' gear from around the world.

We are 50/50 straight/gay clientele . We have a superb cinema and dvd cabins for personal entertainment in the basement. We can offer luxury apartment rental overhead with 4 suite apartments on offer along with private parking.

We at Basic Instincts provide a complete ‘Adult' service to everybody.

From the Mystery Shopper, February 2006: Quite impressed

It's a store with a big gay following but I found broad appeal product too. In the back room were gay titles on one wall and straight DVDs on the other, mostly around 60 Euro.

I felt relaxed as I admired lots of strap-ons in leather with bright chrome. Bondage equipment made up one wall and there was a bargain bin of discontinued lines.

Quite impressed.



Capital Video

21 North Frederick Street
Dublin 1

Listing checked in 2014


Condom Power

Dame Street
Dublin 2

Became Good Vibrations in 2018.


South William Street
Dublin 2

Now a head shop, Nirvana




59 Mary Street
Dublin 1

Sex shop particularly emphasising sexy costumes and glamour wear. Noted as having a sex cinema as part of swingers club with plenty of fun for participants and voyeurs alike.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, April 2017: Kink destination

DVDs were pricey at 49 euro

There's a sex cinema upstairs making this a bit of a kink destination.

News February 2016: Swinging Fun

There are wild gay orgies and glory holes aplenty at Dublin's new sex cinema and swingers club, all for the price of a 12 euro admission ticket.

The club, in the GlamWorld sex shop on Dublin's Mary Street, shows porn films daily on a big screen while cinema goers are provided with glory holes and private booths to enhance their movie experience. A one-stop shop for swingers and voyeurs alike.



Good Vibrations

141 Capel Street
Dublin 1

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, April 2017: Interesting

DVDs at 20 & 30 euros with multi buy offers of 3 for 2.

Clean, tidy, interesting



Good Vibrations

57 Dame Street
Dublin 2

Took over from Condom Power in 2018.



Good Vibrations

33 Wexford Street
Dublin 2

Daily: 9am - midnight

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2017: Pleasant

There are some DVDs at 10 euro, most at 30 euro and a few at 60 euro.

Pleasant enough to visit.

From the Mystery Shopper, February 2006: Pink

I was very impressed with this retailers pink exterior. Great use of frosted glass and neon made it look very classy.

As well as a good spread of novelty lines and bondage bits, there was a display of books on the floor.

Beyond dolls I found the DVDs, including titles you couldn't buy in the UK for €60, and more mainstream product for €50, all with a 50% exchange option.

On the third wall was a big range of lingerie. Everything seemed well arranged and clean, and I enjoyed the relaxed shopping atmosphere.


Laura Jane Adult Boutique
Upper Clanbrassil Street,
Dublin 8

Closed by the summer of 2015


Midnight Blue
Capel Street
Dublin 1

Previously known as Spanish Private. Closed by 2011



Miss Euro 2

324 North Circular Road
Dublin 7

A huge collection to choose from. Toys DVDs and magazines

News November 2014: Sale agreed

The shop unit is now noted as having a 'sale agreed'

News October 2014: Fined

The shop made the news when the owner was fined €5,750 for selling a viagra like drug.

News February 2014: For sale

Noted as up for sale, as a going concern, in February 2014.



Miss Fantasia Adult Boutique

25 South William St
Dublin 2

11-7 Mon-Fri
11-8 Thur-Fri
11-7 Sat
1-6 Sun

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2017: Recommended

DVDs at multiple price points: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 euros.

Highly recommended.

News November 2010: Unclassified DVDs

The shop assistant in charge of the shop at the time of a police raid was convicted for selling unclassified videos.

From the Mystery Shopper, February 2006: First Class Window

This was my favourite find in Dublin, not least thanks to a first class window display.

It's an exotic adult boutique style store which got bigger as I discovered room after room. The first was a fashion and fetishwear space. The next had bronze bunny-girls with toys and erotic books. The next room with more clothes, medical goodies and glass dildos led to a piercing studio out back and a DVD room. The range of DVDs stretched from €35 to €80.

I'd like to give this shop 5 stars, but I just can't shake the memory of the rather weighty pricing.

From Jad:

It has a large selection of bondage, fetish wear, toys, mags vids and dvds. It is a fun friendly shop with a less sterile and more open approach to sex shopping, no bell for entry no white walls! Stocks many things most other Dublin sex shops lack and has a brilliant staff. It also has a piercing and tattoo parlour. I love this shop and definitely think it one of the best in Dublin.


South William Street
Dublin 2

Now Nirvana head shop


Richmond Road
PlayBlue decided not to proceed with opening a new shop in 2015 after protests from local moralists.



Online retailer RideMeSideWays, (taking its name from an expression used in Father Ted) proposed to open a bricks and mortar shop in 2017. Locals were suitably 'outraged'.



Secret Paradise

38 Wellington Quay
Dublin 2

(by HalfPenny Bridge, near Merchant's Arch, Temple Bar)

Shop opened in 2011 and moved from Marys Abbey Street to Wellington Quay in June 2014

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2017: Buzzing

There is buzzer entry into a rather dark shop at a good location.

Most DVDs are priced 40-45 euros and there is a multi-buy offer of 4 for 3.

From Secret Paradise, December 2011: Discreet Entrance

Check our large range of Domination gears, Poppers, DVD, Sexual Enhancement Products, Best Brand Toys, Uniforms, Stripper Shoes, Condoms, Magazines and Lubricants.

Private Booth with more than 500 movies to watch and the most important...

We have the cheapest prices in Dublin in a discreet entrance!

Come and Visit Us!


Seventh Heaven
North Circular Road
Dublin 7



Aungier Street
Dublin 2

The shop seems to have moved from Aungier Street to Capel Street but no sign of the shop by 2014.


Soho Adult Store
Wynnefield Road
Dublin 6

Closed by 2013




Capel Street
Dublin 1

Opened in January 2014.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, April 2017: Caesar

Stockist of Caesar 2 sex machines at 900 euros.

DVDs were 30 euro with 3 for 2 multi buy offers.

Good general arrangement and presentation.



Spice of Life

146 Capel Street
Dublin 1

Adult boutique, noted in 2015. Linked with Soho at the other end of the street.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, April 2017: Fifty Shades

Heavily into 50 Shades of Grey.

Variable price DVDs and Blu-rays with most at 30 euros with a 3 for 2 offer. There were plenty of other multi-buy combinations too.

Another welcoming Dublin store


Sweet Sensations

24 James Street

Sex shop and cinema

News December 2018:

Made the news over a fire, possibly an arson attack over a controversial sign.


Utopia 2
Capel Street
Dublin News February 2010: Fire

Utopia was caught up in a fire which broke out in the adjoining Nirvana, a store on Capel Street that sells so-called “legal highs,” It was later reported that the building has had to be demolished


Good Vibrations
Little Cottage Street
Brierley Hill

Licensed. Closed in 2012.


Private Shop

Flood Street

Licensed. De-listed by 2019.




51-53 Albert Street

Mon-Sat: 10am -6pm

Unlicensed. A licence was rejected in November 2005 and again in June 2006.

The shop currently sells sexy clothing from Leg Avenue, Dreamgirl, Hustler & Shirley Of Hollywood. Also the shop carries a large range of sex toys.

News April 2015: Burgled

The store made the news after being burgled.



Secrets Lingerie

16 Albion Street

Mon-Fri: 9am - 7pm
Sat: 9am - 6pm
Sun: noon - 3pm

Licensed. Listing checked in 2014.

News October 2013: Council zoning excludes sex shops

There were worries for the shop as Central Bedfordshire Council opened a public consultation on a nil policy on adult businesses. In the end the council adopted a morality zone ban on table dancing clubs and sex cinemas but sex shops were excluded from zoning restrictions.

From Philip:

I don't know whether they're licensed or not.

They have a massive range of toys and all sorts of lingerie and fetish wear. The proprietor is a very obliging lady, very unlike some of the 'dodgy geezer' types in other shops. The atmosphere of the shop is more like a boutique, is quite compact and on two floors. The ground floor has a back room displaying magazines, though I saw no hardcore on display.

The DVDs and Videos are literally from 'under the counter'. They have both first and second-hand DVDs at either 50 or 45 each - expensive to say the least. But they do have a half-price exchange policy which I've used without quibble. The selection was rather limited and it was difficult to browse properly when faced with a pile of titles unsorted in any way. So, the good point was the service and the range of clothes and toys, the bad points are the prices and the display of the DVDs. I also found their web-site rather poor.

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