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E: Edinbugh, Exeter

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East Grinstead

Railway Approach
East Grinstead
RH19 1BP

Sex shop opened in 2002. Closed in August 2009. Now a dentist.

East Harling
(See also Thetford)

Lush XXX
Lopham Road
East Harling
NR16 2LT

License granted in November 2007 but planning permission initially denied. Reported in 2010 as closed for sometime.

East Kilbride


Ann Summers

East Kilbride Shopping Centre
East Kilbride
G74 1LL

Mon-Sat: 9am - 6pm (Thu 8pm)
Sun: 11am-5pm

Unlicensed. Listing confirmed, January 2017.


Ann Summers
Arndale Centre
BN21 3NW

Unlicensed closed by 2018.


Terminus Road

Closed in August 2006.


Private Shop
Upperton Road
BN21 1BA

Licensed and opened in 2008. No longer listed by 2015.



Secret Desires

93 Cavendish Place
BN21 3TZ

Mon-Sat: 9am-8pm
Sun: 12am-6pm

Tel: 01323 749138


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, March 2018: Good atmpsphere

Lack of competition can bring out the worst in a shop but that is not the case here.

R18s are mostly £30 but there are deals 2 for £45, 4 for £75, 6 for £100...

From the shop, December 2005: Kinky uniforms

We now stock a large range of lingerie and kinky uniforms by Wild Designs as well as a large range of leather/bondage wear made exclusively for our stores. We also now stock Honour / Skin Too Rubber etc as well as designer Toys such as the Electrastim etc.

We actually stock about 2000 DVD's and 750 Video's in each store, we will endeavour however to get any R18 DVD for any customer and we do stock from every available distributor / wholesaler in the UK. We get approximately 50 New Release films every week. We also specialise in our range of magazines and 2000 or so toys, lubes, creams etc and likewise will endeavour to get any item a customer may want. We don't however stock a great amount of lingerie or novelties.

All our DVD's are £25-£30 and videos are £20-£25 with discounts available for multiple buys. We exchange DVDs for £10 within 7 days of purchase or £15 thereafter. We have weekly special offers and all out staff are trained and knowledgeable with regards to our products. We pride ourselves on being clean, brightly lit and "female" friendly and also carry a large range of gay DVDs.

We also have a film club whereby we give a free DVD to regular customers who have purchased 5 DVD's, this doesn't require any personal information, simply a password specific to that individual customer. This is a loyalty club. we do after all appreciate and reward our regular customers as many would testify.

From Mike: Huge range of toys

Secret Desires specialises in R18 films, hardcore mags and a huge range of toys. They stock over 1000 DVDs and the staff are ok, a very female friendly shop.

They also have another slightly larger branch at Hastings with the same name.



Adult Conceptions

8 Drummond Street

Licensed. Previously Leather & Lace Fantasies.

News from Adult Conceptions, January 2015: Closing

The store is set to close at the end of January 2015.

Review from ETO Mystery Shopper, May 2012: Friendly Manager

New R18 DVDs are mostly £ 30 with some at £ 20-25. Older titles are £ 15.

A three star shop with a friendly five star manager.



Ann Summers

89 Princes Street

Mon-Sat: 10am - 6pm (Thurs 8pm)
Sun: 11am - 5:30pm


Review from ETO Mystery Shopper, July 2019: Full marks

Despite some reservations, this branch still deserves full marks for general presentation, cool music, enthusiastic and well informed staff, and prime location.


Dalry Road
EH11 2AY

Unlicensed. Exotic, glamorous lingerie, footwear, dance / club wear and toys. Reported closed by January 2015


Fem 2 Dom
Easter Road

Licensed. Previously Leather and Lace Fantasies, Ownership connections with Adult Conceptions. Specialises in fetish and bondage gear. Reported closed by January 2015.


Organic Pleasures
Broughton Street

Previously a luxurious, eco-erotic boutique for women. Now a chocolate shop.



Private Shop

60 Elm Row
Leith Walk

Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: 10am-4pm


From ETO's Mystery Shopper, July 2019: Mostly great

Mostly great but a mixed bag.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2012: Perfectly decent

DVDs are £ 30 with many at 2 for £ 30 and others at 3 for £ 30.

A perfectly decent but rather lacklustre shop.

From the Edinburgh Evening News

Sells videos and DVDs for between £30 and £40, and has a limited number of sex toys for sale. Most of the movies are male-female and lesbian films featuring group sex, and there are a few more explicit films. Some feature fetish sex and pregnant women having sex.



Q Store

5 Barony Street

Tel: 0131 4774756

Mon-Fri: 11am - 7pm
Sat: 11am -6pm
Sun: noon - 5pm

Licensed. Primarily for gay men.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, July 2019: Still impressed

A huge range of R18 DVDs, straight as well as gay. These are mostly priced at £36 and £26.

Still impressed.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2012: Very Relaxed

A huge range of R18 DVDs, straight as well as gay. These are mostly priced at £ 30 and £ 20.

A very relaxed shop.

From the Edinburgh Evening News:

Caters mainly for gay men and offers videos, DVDs and magazines featuring gay sex acts. The shop also offers films and magazines containing images of straight male-female sex.



Zone Eros

49 Bread Street

Tel: 0131 2290314

Licensed. Previously Erogenous Zone. Listing checked in 2014.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, June 2012: Ultimately unimpressive

DVDs were £ 15 to £ 30 (with a multibuy of 3 for £ 80).

Ultimately unimpressive.

Review from David, August 2008: Comfortable and Relaxed

Decent range of DVDs and mags, with some outfits and toys, too. DVDs appear to be priced at £35 each, with some special offers. Trade in and rental service, too.

Friendly staff when I last visited, and you feel comfortable and relaxed as you browse.

From the Edinburgh Evening News

The outlet sells a range of pornographic videos, DVDs and magazines from around the world for between £20 and £30. Most of the titles only feature explicit scenes of male-female sex or lesbian sex. Also offers videos featuring gay sex between men.

Ellesmere Port

Scandals Adult Shop
Whitby Road
Ellesmere Port
South Wirral
CH65 8AD

Licensed shop. Previously All Things Sexy. Closed by 2015


Adam and Eves
Port Street
WR11 1RF



The Taboo Shop
Port Street
WR11 1AW

Opened Dec 1st 2006, fully licensed. Closed in 2016


Private Shop
Fore Street

Licensed. Previously Fantasy World. Closed on 4th September 2018. Now set to become a craft shop.


Simply Pleasure

156 Sidwell Street

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

Tel: 01392 258 589

Licensed. Previously Love Shack.

News, October 2019: Window dressing

At its annual licence renewal Simply Pleasure has asked the council if it can restore window displays featuring mannequins and clothing. The council currently bans these.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2016: Lovely

A thoroughly lovely shop with two floors of interesting lines.

Lots of R18 DVDs typically £ 30 with a 3 for 2 multi-buy offer. There is a 3 for 1 offer on clearance DVDs

Thanks to Richard, December 2005: The biggest and brightest

Simply Pleasure is probably the biggest and brightest sex-shop in the south-west. The staff are courteous and helpful and never do that irritating - hovering behind you "are you looking for anything in particular, sir" - routine. It's a nice shop.

They don't stock many porn mags because at the other end of town is the excellent "Read&Return" bookshop which has a really big porn mag section at the back of the shop -buy new or used.

For hardcore dvd's though, Simply Pleasure is well stocked. Prices as I recall are £45 each or £60 for 2 ( not sure tho) which is a lot, but you can return a dvd (with receipt!) to get a 50% credit on another one. It's the sex-toys that are the main feature of the shop - prices are high (as is always the case if you don't buy mail-order), but they make a point of trying to stock good quality sex-toys that really work ( ask them about the new high tech multi- feature vibrators!). Top marks also for being female/couples friendly.

The shop is difficult to find if you don't know your way around Exeter so take a street map (don't say I didn't warn you!) but there is a small pay-parking zone just outside the shop which is very convenient. One last thing - you might want to take your own bag if you are a little self-concious. They may have changed plastic bag designs by now, but the old "love-shack" branded plastic bags were anything but discreet!

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