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Pulse & Cocktails

68 Upper Orwell Street

Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm
Sun: 11-5pm

Licensed. Previously known as Sixx

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, April 2018: Has it all

R18 DVDs were 25 each or 3 for 50 or 7 for 100.

Hardcore magazines are 10 each or 3 for 25.

This branch has it all.

From Louise, November 2009: Unimpressed

I went in here a couple of years ago and it was a great experience, I was served by the manager (who was male) and he couldn't have been more helpful. I ended up getting everything I wanted (and a few extra bits and pieces), and at the time there was an offer on toys so it actually didn't work out too expensive. It was so clean, friendly and welcoming I wish I could have stayed all day!!

However, I recently returned to the Ipswich shop and it couldn't have been a more different experience. For a start the display in the window is nothing like your photo, the lights weren't on, the display was bare and to be honest I wasn't sure whether to try go in as I thought it may be closed down.

My boyfriend went upstairs to look at DVD's whilst I looked downstairs (toys and clothes).

As I went through to the back part of the shop it was bare to say the least, the shop looked like it had been in a robbery, boxes were ripped and hanging off pegs. The carpets were filthy and there was a horrible damp smell.

My boyfriend later told me the managaress had been very pushy trying to sell DVD's and had made him feel very embarrassed about being there.

If you want a relaxed, pleasant experience do not go here. I will definitely be looking for recent reviews on other adult shops in my area.

From Pulse & Cocktails, April 2007: Relaxed Environment

This store in Ipswich is an excellent, one-stop shop and offers a very relaxed shopping environment with sound advice available from the shop manager.

The store has an excellent range of sex toys, games and novelties along with a good assortment of lingerie, stockings and uniforms.

The store has a large, separate film department on the first floor, which is DVD heaven with over 2,000 XXX DVDS. The DVDs are very competitively priced and Pulse & Cocktails offers an excellent exchange system on all films. There is also a good selection of XXX books and magazines that are unsealed and very competitively priced.

The store is located in the town centre on Upper Orwell, which is between Star Lane and St Margaret's Street. From the former Martin and Newby building head straight along Upper Orwell Street and the store is situated a further150 yards on the left.

There is ample town centre parking and Cocks Lane Car park is only 100 Yards past the store on the same side of the road.

Reader review: Much Better Shop

Sixx is now closed- but in its place is a MUCH better shop called Pulse and Cocktails. It is quite expensive, but it only uses female staff, so is great for women to go in as they are very friendly.

Downstairs (cocktails) they have a toy section, that you can try out (not in a rude way!) their rabbits. They also have other toys and clothes, condoms, lube, magazines, etc.

And upstairs (pulse) is all videos and dvds, with no sales assistant up there- so you do not feel silly looking at dvds with your boyfriend!

This is a great shop and I would certainly go back again.


Private Shop

Norwich Road

Delisted by May 2019

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