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see West Bromwich


Simply Pleasure
Union Street

Previously Adult X. Closed by 2012



Private Shop

95 Huddersfield Rd

Mon-Sat 9.30-6pm (Fri. 8pm)

Reader review:

This was the 2nd sex shop I've been to. Licensed with a good range of toys, videos / dvd's and magazines -catering for all tastes.

Prices were good. Very clean and bright shop with friendly staff. Willing to help, give advice and generally creates a relaxed atmosphere.

I recommend this shop.


Simply Pleasure

Unit 1: 36 Park Road

Mon,Thu,Fri: 10am-8pm
Tue,Wed,Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Tel: 0161 7858505

Licensed.  Listing checked November 2022.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2020: Enjoyable

There's parking behind the store.

DVDs are £25 each with several multi-buy options.

A comprehensive and enjoyable adult store.

From Gavin: Friendly & Helpful

This shop is a very clean, friendly and helpful place. It has a joint car parking area. When I went in I was surprised at how bright and colourful the place was. Their was also a friendly atmosphere. Their was also women who were shopping in there as well as couples (they outnumbered the single men).

The number of sex related things to buy ranged from video's/dvd's, books, magazines, clothes (stocks sizes for the larger ladies) to toys and novelty items (i.e. games and party toys).

The shop itself as two floors with the videos and magazines upstairs whilst the clothes, toys and novelty items on the ground floor. At the time of opening it was the UK's biggest. Its been open for about 5 or 6 months now.

Video's and dvd's are generally priced at £24.95, which is a good price. I noticed they have all the latest video's and dvd's catering for most tastes (i.e. hetro, gay, transsexual etc).

As I mentioned earlier the range of clothes is amazing. From casual lingerie to fetish clothes covering all sizes and shapes. The sex toys available was huge, covering a wall display, and also priced reasonably.

They also had a bondage room (which I didn't go in but could see from the main upstairs room). I assume you can buy bondage gear there.

The staff were friendly and helpful. The whole atmosphere was very relaxing and I didn't have a feeling that I was being watched (which does happen in some sex shops, usually if your the only customer).

I recommend it.

Readers comments: Fabulous

This was my second visit to a store of this type the first being a disaster (Private shop) this visit could not have been more different, lovely people , male and female staff and lots of them, they had so much knowledge it was almost overwhelming my partner was completely at ease in many ways more than I, and the stock selection was huge it was like HMV when I asked I was told there were over 2700 titles in dvd and vhs totalling some 22000 items .......a fabulous place.

From the Independent: Ann Summers of the North

The town's newest shop is the creation of Suzanne Winfield, 42, who is quietly laying claim to the title of the Ann Summers of the North.

Her store, Simply Pleasure is second only to the Hustler store on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, in an industry where size definitely matters.

The 3,000sq ft Oldham store raked in more than £40,000 in its first week – with customers spending an average of £50 a time.

Winfield wanted to offer clothes and videos in a store with windows and shopping baskets. Her Bury establishment turned over more than £1m to 31 January. we wanted it orientated towards the women, she said, armed with customer analysis. A 71% majority of her sex shop customers are couples – most of whose purchase decisions are led by women; 22% are women shopping on their own and just 7%are men.

There's already evidence of the same trend in Oldham, where a "soft" Ann Summers-style ground floor leads to the first floor with videos and an S&M parlour. Last week, 70% of videos were sold to women or couples.

Her insistence on providing free drinks and leather couchettes to recline in on the "hard core" floor delivers the uninitiated into the realms of the bizarre, as they sip coffee to the sights and sounds of a pornographic video. The multitude of books for sale in the coffee area – including The Function of the Orgasm or Mars & Venus in the Bedroom – gives the shop something of a Waterstones atmosphere. But there are no hard-core magazines. They're a kick-back to mucky bookshops , said Winfield.



Laugh Out Loud

Unit 3
Old Market Place
BT78 1BT

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm

Previously known as Bliss Adult Playthings

From Laugh Out Loud, December 2014: Fun

the focus is on putting fun into the adult shop experience and in the products with a huge range of naughty novelties.

From Bliss Adult Playthings, Oct 2007: Relaxed & Friendly

Bliss Adult Playthings is a chain of market leading shops, with professionally merchandised stores stocking an extensive range of quality products.

Bliss shops provide a relaxed and friendly shopping atmosphere, with trained and knowledgeable male and female staff in all of our branches.

With the modern day approach we have taken, no one should feel embarrassed about using our adult shops. Call and see for yourself!



Good Vibrations

Leg Street

Unlicensed and opened in August 2008

News August 2008: Fancy Dress

Good Vibrations will be selling adult fancy dress costumes to cater to the ever growing stag and hen party industry.

The shop also sells novelty items, but it is not licensed to sell adult films or magazines.

Much of the shop's products are typical fancy dress costumes, with the more adult items towards the back of the shop and not in view of the front window.


Adult World
Cowley Road

Previously The Adult Bookstore



Private Shop

54 Cowley Road

The shop is nearest to the city end of the road which is also the B480.

Mon-Sat 10am - 8pm
Sun: 10am - 4pm

Licensed since 1981. Listing checked in May 2019.

News December 2017: Licensed renewed

The shop has been open since 1981 without troubles so it is not surprising the local council dismissed just 2 objections and duly renewed the shop's licence.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, October 2015: Helpful

DVDs at £ 25 or 3 for £ 50.

There's a friendly and helpful manager.

News August 2013: Licence renewed

Normally a routine licence renewal but this year objectors seized on the opportunity to cite the conviction of a gang of child abusers with connections to the area. However the licence was renewed anyway.

Feb 2005: Clean & Tidy

Brightly lit interiors contrasts with the extremely unpromising exteriors. Well displayed products, everything clean and tidy, light wooden floor and a busy, business like atmosphere.

R18 videos at £30 and DVDs at £35. Three for two offers on both formats. Rabbits from £25. There was a fine display of bondage gear in the corner.

From Tim: Light & Airy

Parking is a problem, the nearest car park is behind Tesco's which is about 300 yards east from the shop. It is a small car park and I had to wait some time to get a space, although there is some street side parking on the Cowley road itself this is limited to 30 mins.

The shop has two doors, one facing onto the busy Cowley Road and directly opposite a bus stop, or for the more self conscious there is a back door which is more discrete.

The shop itself is quite light and airy and reasonably spacious and the manager quite friendly. Magazines are the best deal here, reasonably priced and with quite a good selection - I got 4 hardcore mags three of them the 300 page “Pleasure” series for £30. Videos and DVDs are rather more disappointing, I saw no R18 videos/DVDs at all in the shop, they were all the censored 18's and were offered at £40 each although if you buy more than one, the price comes down (The normal Private shop routine).

The shop stocks the usual sex toys at the usual Private shop prices - Dildos for £40 etc, (Although I'm sure one can haggle) as well as poppers, and a limited selection of lingerie.

Overall – worth a visit if all you want are magazines and know what you're looking for, but somewhat disappointing in the video dept.

Score (Out of 5 for each heading)
Parking 2
Access 4
Staff attitude 4
Shop Environment 3
Mags/Publications 3
Videos/DVD's 1
Toys/Lingerie 2


Simply Pleasure

Cowley Road

sed by November 2022. Previously licensed

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