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Ann Summers

23 Old George Mall

Unlicensed shop

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, November 2015: Appealing

An appealing atmosphere and a successful store.



My Amazing Fantasy

105 Fisherton Street

Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm
Sun: 10am-3pm

Licensed shop, associated with Erotica Belle. Listing checked in February 2019.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, November 2015: A playful approach

A packed 3-level store is slightly cramped.

R18 DVDs are 20 and include a free 10 magazine.

A comprehensive rage, competitive prices and a playful approach.

News July 2013: Protest and a change of direction

Local neighbours have raised a petition against the shop's window display.

Manager Jonathan Spencer noted that the shop is trying to change its image a little and has reduced its R18 stocks, presumably to open up the appeal to women and couples.

The protestors managed just an 40 signature petition but the shop gathered an 80 signature protest supporting the shop.

Review from Gerry, February 2013: Friendly

Both Salisbury shops are still in business, but prices are a bit high.

It's a large well lit well stocked shop, lots of toys vids mags dvds etc, they also have hard-core viewing booths great fun as they allow couples to use them too. Male and female staff nice and friendly with it.


Private Shop

South Western Road

Delisted and presumably closed in 2015.


see West Bromwich

Sandy (Bedfordshire)


Sex Shop A1

43 Tempsford Road A1 Northbound
SG19 2AF

Daily : 10am-9pm

Tel: 01767 699907

Licensed with the full trading name Sex Shop A1 Happy Lovers Sandy . Listing confirmed in August 2016

News from Sex Shop A1, March 2015: Re-fitted

Sex Shop A1 has been re-fitted, and the opening hours are now 10am till 9pm 7 days a week.

The Sandy shop is also is the warehouse for J&G Trading, UK's Adult Magazine Distributor. It distributes over 20 Imported magazine lines every month.

News January 2014: Update

R18 DVDs are priced at £10.00 (no exchange), £12.00 (no exchange), £20.00 and £25.00 with £5.00 off for exchanges for the last two price ranges.

News October 2013: Council zoning excludes sex shops

Central Bedfordshire Council have adopted a morality zone ban on table dancing clubs and sex cinemas but sex shops have been excluded from zoning restrictions.

News from Adult Pit Stop, September 2013: Council policy and a continuing Adult Pit Stop

Central Bedfordshire Council has opened a public consultation, on what is reported by the press as a nil policy. However this is a policy proposal that would be applied to future licence issuing and does not affect existing businesses. So thankfully Adult Pit Stop's future is not in any doubt.

The name on the licence was recently changed, but the same team is still running the shop.

The shop continues to be a very popular shop with the customer base built up over the last eight years.

From Pat, March 2007: Industry Standard
Revisited just before Xmas, and they have increased their DVD prices to match the industry standard: £30 each.

From Pat, May 2006: Quality & Value

I was recently on my way North from London on the A1, and found this shop. It's just after the Bedford turn off on the Northbound A1, called the Tempsford road, and is situated behind a 'Shell' garage. I think it used to be a cafe, as inside.

It is really roomy, well laid out, and has a large selection of fetish clothing, a large magazine rack, half a dozen 'island' stands with DVD's, a reasonable space for gay porn, and the walls are covered in sex toys.

It does seem very women friendly, and when I was there, the shop was being run by a (very attractive) woman, who was very helpful when I asked a few questions about some of the items on sale. I didn't ask, but she may be the owner of the shop, as it was so well lit and laid out, it seemed to have the feminine touch to the design, and I'm sure any ladies that visit would find it very welcoming.

All new DVD's were priced at £25, but all the others were at £20, and outside of London, you would be hard pressed to find somewhere that matches the quality and value of this shop.



Pulse & Cocktails

Toll Bar Way
A1 Northbound
PE28 5XW

Hours: 9am-9pm

Received a licence in December 2010, but the shop opened on 2nd September 2011.

Review, May 2019: Take a peek inside

See article from

News, May 2014: Licence renewed

Huntingdonshire District Council's Licensing and Protection Applications Sub-Group approved the renewal of the licence after hearing there had been no objections during a consultation period.

News, May 2013: Littered with morality

A licence renewal met with two trivial objections, one citing an item of litter from packaging of an adult product. The licence was approved with the condition that shops makes a litter patrol once a day.

Review from Tim, December 2011: Impressive Range of Stock

I have just been and made a few purchases at the new Sawtry branch of Pulse & Cocktails. I was impressed with their range of stock, and as with previous P&C establishments, they have everything there that you could think off and in good quantities.

Staff were friendly and attentive when required, but didn't get too over the top, and no pressure selling. Probably due to the fact they were two women, they were knowledgeable and helpful.

The only issue I had was the prices of DVD's some other local sex shops are selling them at £10 P&C were £25 to £30, but they do offer a trade in.

News September 2011: Opened

The shop opened on 2nd September 2011.

Bizarrely it has a condition on the licence stating that it is not to be called the Sawtry Sex Shop.



Pulse & Cocktails

21 Trafford Street
DN15 6TN

Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun & Bank hols: 11am-5pm

Closed only Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday

Licensed shop opened in 2001.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, April 2016: Considerably better than average

There was a 4 for the price of 3 promotion on everything and an exceptionally good manageress.

There were magazines at £7, £10 and £12.

Considerably better than average.

News November 2013: Licence Fees Reduction

Scunthorpe's only sex shop Pulse and Cocktail took its case to the Civic Centre and the council agreed the sex shop's fees should be cut by £ 1,220 a year. Councillors agreed that the processing work involved did not warrant the present £ 3,620 a year fee for renewing the licence. So now the fee is £ 2,400

Review from Pulse & Cocktails: Large Adult Superstore

This is a large adult superstore and is split into two departments.

This first department is Cocktails, which has an excellent range of sexy lingerie, costumes PVC, latex and hosiery in a variety of styles ranging from sizes 8-26. This department also has a huge selection of naughty novelties, games and hen and stag night products

Pulse is where the shopping adventure really begins! The sex toys department is huge with literally thousands of toys from every corner of the globe with many items available to touch in the 'switch on and try before you buy' display area. This store also has an exclusive range of erotic furniture.

This store has a fantastic adult film department with over 3,000 different titles covering every type and subject imaginable. This department also has a 42" plasma screen showing trailers of the latest films. The store also has an excellent, Gay DVD section with over 300 titles. The DVDs are very competitively priced and Pulse & Cocktails offers an excellent exchange system on all films. The store has a huge range of books and magazines, none of which are sealed and all at very competitive prices.

The store is located in the town centre on Trafford Street, Brigg Road opposite the bingo hall, 200 yards from Wickes.

Parking is available outside the store on Trafford Street or at Cross Street Car Park directly behind the store.

Reader review: Chain Store
It's part of a chain with branches in and around Yorkshire, so I expect it to be typical of the chain in style and stocks. Good for parking, part of a row of shops north of Church Square, close to the market.

The front has the lingerie and fetishware, from almost respectable to outright kinky., and you zig-zag through to the back area for the hardcore: videos, magazines, a bewildering array of sex toys. The staff are helpful. When I was there, both female and fairly ordinary in looks. Seemed to have some practical experience of some of the toys on offer, based on the advise they gave.

Clean, modern, shop design and layout, comparable to High Street shops in general. More PVC and latex than the usual High Street clothes shop; none of the branding feel you get from one of the big clothing chains, but the front is very much a clothes shop.

The back half doesn't hide what it is, but again its the goods rather than the decoration which defines the shop. And the further from the front you get, the more extreme things seem to be. Bondage, it seems, still has limits, but there's stuff on display right at the back, and it's enough to get an idea of what some things might be like.

Certainly a place I didn't feel dreadfully uncomfortable visiting. But I think I'd feel embarrassed anywhere.




37 High Street
ME12 1RN

Tel: 01795 580310

Mon-Sat: 10am to 6pm.

Licensed. Previously Playtime

See article from , March 2015: Refurbishment

The shop made the local news describing the up turn in sales inspire by the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film.

The range of BDSM equipment on sale at Playtime comes in varying shades of naughty , from a Wartenberg Wheel, with spikes which you can run up and down a partner's skin , to silk ropes, for tying up people nice and gently .

Playtime has been quietly going about its saucy business for almost 20 years. It's about to undergo a refurbishment, which Carl hopes will make it more couple friendly and reduce the seedy element some people associate with such stores.

And the shop is already looking forward to Mr Grey's red-hot return to the cinema in 2016.

From Stuart, June 2011: Traditional

Went into Playtime on Saturday and it is the best sex shop I've been in.

It has loads of DVD's from £ 9.99 a massive selection of toys, mags, lubes and tablets.

It is a traditional sex shop not a boutique so has a limited range of lingerie, but does stock rubber wear.

Well worth a visit ,and the fella behind the counter is really helpful, and not pushy at all.

From Tone, May 2008: Tardis

Went into Playtime upon recommendation from a friend, this shop is like a tardis. If you're looking for a great selection of DVDs and a huge choice in sex toys this is the shop for youf

The bloke behind the counter is really helpful and not pushy. You are left alone to browse, also trailers are shown on two TV screens.

Probably one of the best shops outside of London.

From Steve, Aug 2007: Compared to London

Went into a local shop for the first time outside of London. When I walked through the door at Playtime I was amazed by the size of the place it had a better selection of DVDs then some of the London shops.

Prices from £9.99 a great selection of toys at good prices and a very friendly tall fella behind the counter this shop is how sex shops should be!

From Kevin, Feb 2007: Tardis

Went into Playtime last week for the fiorst time,its like a tardis, one of the best DVD collections I have seen outside of London, Prices from £14.99 great selection of toys ,Lubes and dolls. Great help from the bloke behind the counter would recommend and give this shop 10 out of ten.
ps Loads of free parking

From Craig

Playtime is a privately owned, licensed sex shop discreetly positioned with ample free parking right outside. It's a fairly large shop with a separate section to the back where you can happily browse the DVDs and vids at your leisure.

They stock a great range of recent R18 releases - Straight, Gay, Bi and T.S, and get new stock in on a regular basis. I noticed Evil Angel, Private, Ben Dover, Load, Cazzo and more. They tend not to over stock on one title, therefore offering a better selection to suit individual tastes.

DVDs were selling at 30 and they offer a part exchange service - I even noticed a For Sale bin.

The guy behind the counter was genuinely friendly, approachable and, despite not being part of a large chain, was happy to negotiate a good deal on several DVDs I purchased.

They also sell lingerie, glamour/fetish wear, magazines, novelties and toys.

The discreet location, atmosphere and choice make the drive onto the island well worth it. Oh and they have an equally well equipped, though smaller sister shop on Rainham High Street.



Ann Summers

Meadowhall Shopping Centre
40 High St
S9 1EN

Mon-Fri: 10am -9pm
Sat: 9am - 7pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm

Unlicensed chain store

Comment from ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2014: Very Popular

It was a very busy shop. Perhaps I was a victim of its success.


Fantasy Locker
Attercliffe Rd
S9 3RA

Licensed. Trading since 2002. Closed in 2016



Hanky Panky

707 Attercliffe Rd
S9 3RE

News from Yorkshire Live, August 2021: Enhancements

Hanky Panky featured is a local press write up on Sheffield's 'Golden Mile'. There wasn't much shop information beyond noting that shop sold male enhancement products.



The Naughty

619 Attercliffe Rd
S9 3RD

Tel: 0114 244 2626

Mon-Fri: 9:30am -8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Licensed, previously Desire

Comment from ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2014: Enjoyable

A good sized shop with a friendly and welcoming manageress.

Banded prices on R18 DVDs at £25, £20, £15, and £10, with all included in a 3 for the price of 2 offer with the cheapest being free.

There's still a few VHS tapes left at £5 (with 3 for the price of 2 offer).

An 80% enjoyable retail experience

News August 2011:

The shop is now part of the small Naughty Company chain of shops, with a sister store in Doncaster.


Ecclesall Road
S11 8PX

Unlicensed shop opened in April 2009 stocking energetic and sexy lifestyle products for ladies. Seems to have closed by 2014.


Private Shop
Division St
S1 4GF

Licensed, previously Sven's Bookshop. Closed in 2017 and is now set to become a Mangobean Coffee Shop. The shop had a minor claim to fame as it is next door to house where Jarvis Cocker of the Sheffield band Pulp, fell out of a window at party when trying to impress a girl with his Spiderman impression.


Pulse & Cocktails
St Marys
London Road
S2 4LA

Closed by 2011



Pulse & Cocktails

168-180 Penistone Road
S6 2FJ

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun & Bank hols: 11am-5pm

Closed only Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday

Comment from ETO's Mystery Shopper, May 2014: Highly Recommended

DVDs at £25 with 3 for £50, 7 for £100, 11 for £150 and 16 for £200, that covered every BBFC approved genre

A huge open plan retail space . Highly Recommended

From Pulse & Cocktails: One of UK's Largest

This massive superstore is split into two departments.

This first department is Cocktails, which has an excellent range of sexy lingerie, costumes, PVC, latex and hosiery in a variety of styles ranging from sizes 8-26. This department also has a huge selection of naughty novelties, gifts, games and hen and stag night products

Pulse is where the shopping adventure really begins! The sex toys department is huge with literally thousands of toys from every corner of the globe with many items available to touch in the 'switch on and try before you buy' display area. This store also has an exclusive range of erotic furniture.

The store has a separate massive film department, which is DVD heaven with over 5,000 XXX DVDS. The DVDs are very competitively priced and Pulse & Cocktails offers an excellent exchange system on all films. There is also an excellent selection of XXX books and magazines that are unsealed and very competitively priced.

The store is located on Old Penistone Road, which runs parallel to Penistone Road, approximately one mile towards the city centre from Hillsborough football ground.

Large free private car park at this store


Simply Pleasure

Chesterfield Road
S8 0RL

Previously The Adult Shop. Closed by 2012




Dorrington Business Park

(5 miles south of Shrewsbury)

Tel: 01743 718123

From the Mystery Shopper , May 2008: Curious but Pleasant

I was met by a charming couple who showed me around. The main room was fairly large and held lingerie and PVC outfits and lots of sex-clubesque designs. I was also shown into the leather and bondage themed side room.

After that we toured the toy room. The grey carpet and white walls left it feeling rather clinical and the small range of vibrators did little to fill the walls.

With no films, magazines or atmosphere, this was a rather curious, but pleasant shop.

Free parking right outside.



Private Shop

40 Wyle Cop

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Fri. 8pm)


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, December 2020: Engaging

The branch has engaging and very chatty manageress.

DVD's were 25 each with a 3 for 2 offer.

From the Mystery Shopper , May 2008: Solid All-Rounder

I One of the nicest located Privates I've been in, close by the striking English Bridge over the Severn, sadly this wasn't one of the nicest presented, at least externally. The door was distinctly grubby-looking, but the inside was pleasant enough. Classic blue carpets didn't leave it feeling dingy thanks to plenty of lights and a funny, talkative lady manager.

£30 R18 DVDs (with offers on multiples) and £25 ones on shelves marked 'Bargains'.

The displays, particularly toys on gondolas, had been artfully done.

Big display of mags, including fetish and TV/TS titles.

Lots of stock in limited space can overwhelm, but in this shop didn't, and even with a lack of music,I enjoyed its character and ambience. A solid all-rounder.


SX Warehouse
Greenwood Industrial Estate,

Licensed in 2007. Now closed


Pulse & Cocktails
Lumley Road
PE25 3NG

Previously Licensed to Thrill. No longer listed on the Pulse & Cocktails website in 2014.




95 Connelly Street


Simply Pleasure

32 Windsor Road

Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm

Tel: 01753 694023

Licensed. Previously Cupid's Shop. Listing checked November 2022.

From ETO Mystery Shopper, July 2011: Comprehensive range

A busy shop with space to offer a comprehensive range.

R18 DVDs were priced at £ 25 with a multi-buy price of 3 for 2.

From Simply Pleasure, Sept 2008: Forces Discount

Yes we do try to make everyone welcome and comfortable when they visit.

Our opening hours have been revised Mon-Sat 10-7. We also give 10% to forces personnel with I.D.

Review from Keith, My 2007: Well Priced

The store is well-located with two multi-storey car parks bang opposite.

Store is nicely laid out and well-stocked.

I was a little disconcerted to see a middle-aged lady behind the counter, but she was very helpful and did not make me feel at all uncomfortable; that said I was buying "ben wa" balls for my wife - might have been a bit more embarrassed if buying a doll or pussy!!

My purchase was very well-priced, even better than the lowest-priced similar item on their website. (I noted that the prices were the same in store and on their site, which I think in excellent). However costumes & lingerie did seem a tad expensive - there was on outfit on the "sale" rack for 25quid which I've just bought (admittedly on eBay, but as a new item) for a tenner including postage - had the store gear been say 15 or 16 that would seem fair.

I'd certainly shop there again, and would feel quite comfortable taking my wife into the store. Out of interest I walked past an Ann Summers after I went into Simply Pleasure, and the item I bought for 4.50, and for which other versions we're available at Simply Pleasure for 6.99 were a tenner in Ann Summers.


Private Shop

Farnham Road

Licensed. Closed by May 2019.



Ann Summers

Mell Square Shopping Centre
8 Mill Lne
B91 3AX


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper February 2020: On course

On course for full marks but no friendly welcome

South Shields


Secret Fantasies Lingerie

94a Boldon Lane
South Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE34 0AT

Tel: 0191 4546969

South Shields

Pandora's Box
Westoe Road
South Shields

Now closed.



Adult Gift Shop

90 Howard Road
SO15 5BH

Licensed shop

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, February 2016: Disappointing

DVDs were 20 or 10 each but otherwise a disappointing store.

Review from Peter, November 2010: A good way with customers

On entering the shop l was greeted by a man watching Sky Sports News. We talked about football and he told me he has been licensed for about 3 weeks.

OK it's not a huge shop, But as l look around and the shop had some good bargains. Video all at 10 clearance each. All the new DVD titles at 30.00 each all 2 for 50.00 and a good selection on one display again at 10 clearance (he liked these sticker) I brought two off this display Euro Domination 5 by Evil Empire and Orgazm Addictz by harmony two good films for a tenner each.

It's got everything you could want, great selection of R18 DVD's from 10.00- 30.00.I also brought a jelly butt plug again with a 10 clearance sticker on.

Spent 20 minutes in this shop and was never rushed The guy who runs it was very helpful and had a good way with customers.

The shop had a back door which exited on to a large free car park. (ideal for any customers that are shy and nervous) Spent 30.00 in this shop and left happy with the items l had brought



Ann Summers

93 Above Bar Street
SO14 7FG


Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, February 2016: Excellent staff

Excellent staff who did all the right things in terms of greeting and offering help.


Forbidden Desires
Rumbridge Street

Book shop closed in 2010.


Private Shop

Hanover Buildings
City Centre
SO14 1JX

Licensed. Cloeed by May 2019.


A Taste of Amsterdam
Millbrook Road West
SO15 0HX

Licensed. Now closed



Ann Summers

88 High Street

Unlicensed store with listing checked in September 2015.




312 London Road

Licensed, listing checked in 2015.



Private Shop

9 Alexandra Street

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Fri. 8pm)

licensed. Listing checked May 2019.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2015: Appealing

Close to the seafront and a lovely shop.

DVDs are 25 and 15 with 2 for 1 offers available at both price brackets.

Clean, well stocked, and appealing with courteous staff.

Review from Gerry, September 2011: Usual Offers

The shop is near Southend Central Station.

There's the Usual Private DVD offers (ie 3 for £ 25 of a small selection). The rest of the stock is too expensive.


Nice 'n' Naughty
London Street

Closed by June 2018.

St Helens

Pulse & Cocktails

East Lancs Rd
St Helens

News, March 2016: Application

Pulse and Cocktails have submitted plans for a new branch of the sex shop chain at an old roadside restaurant, Little Chef. It is located on the the East Lancs Rd at Windle, St Helens.

St Helier


Ann Summers

18 Bath Street
St Helier

From ETO's Mystery Shopper, September 2014: Attractive setting

Attractively located in a street containing a public sculpture of giant outdoor chess set.

There are some excellent prices (maybe to do with the Channel Islands VAT status).


Angels of Stafford
Greyfriars Business Park,
Greyfriars Way
ST16 2RF

Now closed


Romeo and Juliets
Gaol Road, Stafford
ST16 3AN

Now closed



Private Shop

22 Queensway

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Fri. 8pm)

Licensed. Listing Checked May 2019.

Review from Anon, June 2008: Limited Range

Was greeted by a very friendly bubbly woman who asked if I needed any help shortly after I started looking about. (I declined so can't comment on how knowledge of the stock.)

Fairly standard sex shop bearing this name, one wall dedicated to DVDs, the opposite dedicated to vibrators and the like.

Not much in the way of clothing, and a limited range of magazines (all of which were sealed in plastic bags).

A little of the common boxed rubber skirts, opera gloves, masks etc, but nothing to interest the experienced fetishist.


SWALK Adult Store
Queensway South

Opened in November 2007 as SA Lingerie. Later re-branded to SWALK. Now closed



Ann Summers

Merseyway Shopping Centre
64 Mersey Way

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am - 4pm


From ETO's Mystery Shopper, October 2019: Middling

A pretty middling example of the chain.



Cheeky Blue Adult Shop

42-44 Lower Hillgate

Tel: 0161 476 4548


From ETO's Mystery Shopper, October 2019: Rudimentary

DVDs were mostly 20 with a 3 for 40 multi-buy option.

Rudimentary but certainly not unpleasant

From Mystery Shopper, August 2011: Decent Selection of Toys

DVDs were mostly 25 but new releases were 30. A decent selection of toys but the shop was not at its best at the time of the visit.

From Dave

Small and dingy. What few R18 videos they had were in a box on the counter ("I've more out back if you you want something else") I assume they are unlicenced and the small stock is "insurance" against a Visit? What they had were all 40 - when I said I was used to paying much less they magically came down to 25. I passed, thank you.




26 Lower Hillgate

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Fri. 8pm)

A Private Shop


From ETO's Mystery Shopper, October 2019: Impressive

Sports a banner proclaiming new lower prices.

DVDs were mostly 30 with several multi-buy options.

Mighty impressive.

From Dave

I was very impressed by Harmony. The guy behind the counter was unobtrusive - there was a bloke in browsing as I entered, he left after a bit without buying and the shop guy was quite OK with that, no 'sales patter', very good. I always like to buy something when I visit a sex shop - but I like it to be MY CHOICE to buy.

An average selection of vidoes and slightly fewer dvds - 24.95 being the going rate which you can't really argue with these days?

A light and airy shop - you can actually see outside!! - with a good atmosphere. As good a porn shop as I've visited in the UK. (oh, and they sell toys etc.)


Personal Lives
Great Portwood St

Previously Personal Lines. Seems likely to be the closed shop burnt down by arsonists in August 2015.



Adult World

89 Broad Street

Mon-Fri: 10am-8:30pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Previously Ultimate Book & Video.

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, August 2019: Utilitarian simplicity

R18s were 20 or 3 for 40. There were cheaper titles at 10 or 3 for 25.

There's a good manager but limited stock.

News April 2015: Licence fees

The owner of Adult World was interviewed by the local press to respond in a welcome reduction of council licence fees from about 7000 to about 400.

From Adult World, May 2007: Vibrant

Located just on the outskirts of Hanley City Centre, in an up and coming part of the city, AdultWorld in Stoke opened in April 2004. We spent over £75K on an extensive and complete shop re-fit. This shop covers the whole of Staffordshire

Uniquely for AdultWorld this shop is split into two floors. The ground floor covers magazines, novelties, clothing and Sex Toys. The 1st floor sells DVD's and VHS.

We at AdultWorld base ourselves on being the very best in leading Adult Entertainment. Our customer ratio is 50-50 split between men and women.

Our vibrant young staff here at AdultWorld in Stoke On Trent are always on hand to lend a hand.

We have thousands of DVDs at very competitive prices. We get deliveries daily from our head office, of DVD's as well as magazines and books. This gives us a leading edge by having the very latest content available that is always new, fresh and up to date.

We offer a unique range of lingerie and sexy costumes. We have in store catalogues that offer you everything you need under one roof here at AdultWorld in Stoke on Trent.

We're just off the A500, with a very large customer car park at the back of our premises. 10 mins from junction 15 of the M6.



Ann Summers

Potteries shopping centre
10 Parliament Row

Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm
Sun: 10am - 4:30pm

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, August 2019: Mixed

A mixed bag.

News November 2013: New in Stoke

A new branch of Ann Summers has opened up in Stoke.




30/32 Hope Street
Stoke on Trent

Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm

Licensed shop

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, August 2019: Massive

A massive selection of fetish/stripper/playwear clothes and lingerie, fetish footwear, toys and DVDs.

DVDs were 7, 10, 13 and 20.

Wonderland meets bedlam.

News April 2015: Licence fees

The owner of Discretion was interviewed by the local press to respond in a welcome reduction of council licence fees from about 7000 to about 400.

News June 2014: Mentioned

Mentioned in the news being next door to a derelict bar considered a fire risk.

From Discretion, May 2008: Innovative Designs

We have been a licensed sex shop for 4 years, and before that, a fetish and fantasy shop for 16 years.

We have male and female staff on hand to help with the huge range of products that we sell.

We pride ourselves on stocking a lot of new innovative designs that very few other shops carry, at a very realistic price.



Pulse & Cocktails

530 King Street

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
Sun & Bank hols: 11am-5pm

Previously Pleasure Palace

Review from ETO's Mystery Shopper, August 2019: Superstore

R18s were generally 25 or 3 for 50.

From Pulse & Cocktails, March 2007: One of the UK's largest

This is massive new superstore and is split into two departments.

This first department on the ground floor is Cocktails, which has an excellent range of sexy lingerie, costumes, PVC, latex and hosiery in a variety of styles ranging from sizes 8-26. This department also has a huge selection of naughty novelties, greeting cards gifts, games and hen and stag night products

Pulse is where the shopping adventure really begins and is located on the first floor! The sex toys department is huge with literally thousands of toys from every corner of the globe with many items available to touch in the 'switch on and try before you buy' display area.

The store has a separate massive film department, which is DVD heaven with over 4,000 XXX DVDS. The DVDs are very competitively priced and Pulse & Cocktails offers an excellent exchange system on all films. There is also an excellent selection of XXX books and magazines that are unsealed and very competitively priced.

If you are after the ultimate sex shop adventure then this exciting new store in Stoke is the one for you. This is an absolutely amazing store and can only be described as an erotic theme park; many customers browse for over an hour and still only see a small amount of the thrilling products on offer.

The store is located on King Street almost directly behind the railway station.

Large free private car park at this store


Private Shop

Marsh Street

Licensed, Closed by May 2019.



Ultimate Book & Video

89 Broad Street

Stoke Rochford

See also Grantham

Stoke Rochford


Pulse & Cocktails

A1 Southbound
Near Stoke Rochford
Near Grantham
NG33 5EW

Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm
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A new licensed shop in the old McDonalds on the A1 southbound from Grantham near Stoke Rochford.

News, April 2022: Licence renewed

South Kesteven District Council agreed unanimously to allow the shop, just north of Colsterworth, to continue trading, The committee was told that no complaints had been received about the business during a 28-day consultation period beforehand.

Offsite Review, October 2019: How horny are the drivers on the A1?

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About 500 people visit the store on the A1 southbound at Grantham every week, estimates manager Michaela Snell. She said most will buy something and roughly 25% of people walking through the doors are regulars. It's intriguing to a lot of people - they might drive by several times before they eventually come in, but they will come in to see what it is about. Image caption Some customers find visiting a shop helpful when choosing merchandise

The uninitiated will often turn right into the less intimidating lingerie department, while more seasoned shoppers head straight for the sex toys or bondage area.

We say hello to everyone that comes in, said Ms Snell. Some will come straight up and ask questions, others will look as if to say 'oh God, don't talk to me', which is fine - we can gauge what people want and leave them to it. We get a real mix of people in here... we do get a lot of people just asking for directions as well.

Offsite Review, April 2016: A1 sex shop reveals all... including 5 best-sellers

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From Pulse & Cocktails, Sept 2009: New Store

A new sexy adult superstore is now open on the A1 southbound, near Stoke Rochford, Grantham.

Formerly a McDonald's restaurant, the premises near Grantham are now a brand new and exciting adult store.

It is a bright and spacious store that offers a very relaxed shopping environment with excellent advice available from the friendly staff.

Thousands of people will drive past the Sexy Superstore every day on their travels and now many people will plan their journey so that they have plenty of time to visit the UK's most thrilling, new Sexy Superstore.

The store has 3 departments; the first has a fantastic range of sexy lingerie and dressing-up wear from sexy nurse to PVC and rubber, sexy hosiery and sexy shoes and boots.

The store also has an excellent choice of naughty novelties and games including hen and stag night products.

The second department is the most exciting one with thousands of adult sex toys, catering for all needs and tastes. A selection of the best toys are on show in display areas so that customers can see and touch before making their choices. This department also has an excellent bondage selection with restraints, whips, paddles and also handmade, life size stocks.

The third department is the separate adult film department, with over 3,000 XXX DVDs.

The store also has a huge, private car park, with plenty of room for lorries and coach parties. A visit to the new, A1 sexy adult superstore is an absolute must!

Stratford upon Avon

Romeo and Juliet's Adult Boutique
20 Rother Street
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6NE

News June 2009.

An unlicensed sex shop has been granted to planning permission to open soon.


Ann Summers

259 High Street West

Mon-Sat: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm

Unlicensed sex shop. Listing checked March 2015.

Sutton Coldfield

Six 30
In Shops (indoor market)
South Parade
Sutton Coldfield

Unlicensed shop opened in September 2009 but was closed by 2024

News March 2024: Closed

Thanks to Gary who confirmed that the shop is no longer to be found in the indoor market.

Sutton in Ashfield

Market Sq
Sutton in Ashfield

Now closed



Ann Summers

20 Whitewalls

Mon-Fri: 9:30a-6pm
Sun: 11am-5pm

Unlicensed high street store. Listing verified in February 2017.


Little Amsterdam
King Edward Road

Now closed


Private Shop

Dillwyn Street

Licensed shop closed in 2019. The shop looks set to be converted into flats.


Simply Pleasure

18 Park Street

Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm

Tel: 01792 455248

Licensed. Listing checked in November 2022.

From ETO's Mystery Shopper , November 2013: Exceptional Store

An exceptional store for all the right reasons. Well organised and well presented.

There's a large selection of £25 R18s, with a 3 for the price of 2 deal.

All set off by Low pressure, High-help manageress, for whom nothing is too much trouble.

From the Mystery Shopper , June 2006: Presentable

Just a minute from Swansea's retail heart and a fairly standard sex shop.

DVDs were £40 each, £60 for 2, £100 for 4)

Well-arranged displays of fetish clothing.

Far from great, but a generally presentable store.


Exchange Book Shop
Crickdale Road
Gorse Hill

Unlicensed shop prosecuted by the human rights abusing council who refuse to grant licences. Closed in 2015.


Private Shop
Devizes Road

Closed and sold in autumn 2007, now a pub.


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