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The BBFC sees its future with the youngsters...

BBFC launches new Youth Panel

Link Here11th January 2021
The BBFC is launching a Youth Panel, for 16-19 year olds, to build on the organisation's existing youth work, and give the next generation an opportunity to influence classification policy as well as a chance to build vital life skills.

The BBFC Youth Panel will capture the youth voice and ensure that the organisation continues to meet the needs of young people, and classification policy captures their views. The group will also provide feedback on classification issues and decisions, and be consulted on other educational and outreach work.

Sarah Peacock, Compliance and Education Manager at the BBFC, said:

Over the last year we've all spent more time in the digital world than ever before. Choosing content well, and staying safe online, are vital skills to develop as a teen or young person. That's one of the reasons why we're launching our brand new Youth Panel this year - to ensure that we continue to reflect the opinions of the younger generation in our everyday work.

We know that teens and young people have been particularly hit hard by the pandemic. The world has shrunk for so many, and there are now fewer educational and extracurricular opportunities available. We now find ourselves in another lockdown, with homeschooling the norm once again. We want our Youth Panel to give members - who have missed out on so much over the last year - a chance to develop skills, make connections, have their voice heard, and influence policy.

Successful applicants will be given the chance to: shadow a Compliance Officer and see behind the scenes of the BBFC; influence education resources and outreach work; input into research and help shape the future of classification policy; guide and shape social media campaigns, including creating content for the official BBFC channels; develop practical work experience skills, including communication, presentation, teamwork and self-management skills; and network with different teams across the BBFC and gain a deeper understanding of the role of regulation and content classification.

Sarah added:

You don't need to be a film or media studies student to apply. We're looking for young people - of all backgrounds and from anywhere in the UK - with opinions, who want to have their voices heard. If you have a passion for digital culture, and want to gain valuable skills for university or job applications, we want to hear from you.

The BBFC Youth Panel will meet termly, with initial sessions held online. Sessions will be structured, and successful applicants will also be expected to complete short tasks between sessions, which might include filming a short video or filling in a survey. Panelists will be asked to initially commit to a year, but have the option to take part for up to two years.



Offsite Article: Melanie Dawes is the new self appointed high priestess of PC...

Link Here 9th January 2021
The UK TV censor is trying to deny airtime to critics of politically correct dogma. By Neil Davenport

See article from



Economically censored by the BBFC...

As markets shrink for Blu-ray releases, so BBFC fees make releases unviable

Link Here7th January 2021
Full story: BBFC Fees...High censorship fees censor niche market releases
I was earwigging on a Twitter conversation about the possibility of a film being released by the distributors Third Window Films. It revealed that declining sales for physical disks coupled with pay per minute film censorship fees by the BBFC were leading to longer niche market films being unviable for release in the UK.

Third Window were asked about the possibility of the release of the two and a half hour film Red Post on Escher Street . Third Window responded:

To be honest, the only things putting us off is the fact that the BBFC charge by the minute (making it an expensive release) and are raising their prices again, plus the fact it's been bootlegged big time already

[it's] Not the cuts as much as the costs! It's why we try to release short films as much as possible!

And referring to a previous release of a long film, Third Window said:

BBFC was a little cheaper back then, but the market was much better so you could take chances on longer films. Yes, with dwindling sales, expensive costs of bluray production and BBFC, it's much harder nowadays.



Nabab LLB...

A film is banned in Bangladesh for making the police look bad

Link Here7th January 2021
Full story: Banned Films in Bangladesh...Rana Plaza banned for releasing dire factory conditions
Nabab LLB is a 2020 Bangladesh thriller by Ananyo Mamun
Starring Shakib Khan,Mahiya Mahi,Orchita Sporshia IMDb

On 25 December 2020, film director Anonno Mamun and actor Shaheen Mridha have been charged with making a film with pornographic content . Dhaka Metropolitan Police arrested the artists the day before due to a case filed against them under the Pornography Control Act for allegedly insulting the police in the film Nabab LLB .

The film Nabab LLB was released on 16 December 2020 and is set in a fictional courtroom, treating about rape and the treatment of victims.

According to Al Jazeera , the report released by Dhaka Metropolitan Police points to making and acting in a film containing such offensive and obscene dialogue as a reason for the artists' arrest. The report also highlights that the police was poorly represented in the film and that the representation of the police officer using offensive gestures and obscene language during the fictional interrogation in the film could cause negative perceptions about policing among public.

There is a petition calling on the Dhaka Metropolitan Police to drop all charges against Anonno Mamun and Shaheen Mridha has been circulated online. Sign the petition here .



Shopping: Muscle...

2019 UK thriller by Gerard Johnson set for UK Blu-ray and DVD release on 1st February 2021 with a real sex orgy

Link Here4th January 2021

Muscle is a 2019 UK thriller by Gerard Johnson
Starring Craig Fairbrass,Polly Maberly,Sinead Matthews BBFC link 2020 IMDb

There are no censorship issues with this release which contains 18 rated strong real sex.
UK: The cinema release was passed 18 uncut for strong real sex, nudity, very strong language:

Review: Throbbing orgy

See article from

Muscle's centrepiece sequence is a dingy, throbbing orgy scene set in a grubby suburban home in north-east England. It is so hypnotically grim that it takes a few moments to realise that the majority of performers don't appear to be faking it. Sudden, unsimulated sex comes as a shock to the viewer; what was it like to shoot?

I had heard a story that the film's director, Gerard Johnson, simply filled a house with swingers, left them to it and filmed whatever stragglers they found when they returned three days later. Yeah, it's basically that, says Fairbrass. Gerard was inundated with people who wanted to be in this scene. Literally inundated. It was so intense. So intense. You had the people who were willing to go further and the people who weren't willing to go too far, so it was all orchestrated in a very professional way. Everybody had to consent.

Promotional Material

Sick of his life and lifestyle Simon (Cavan Clerkin) hits the gym. His inexperience, timid nature, and soft body stick out in this run-down gym full of Schwarzeneggers. Immediately, he draws the attention of an intimidating personal trainer named Terry who offers to coach him. Terrys criminal past, impulse to humiliate, and aggressive style all concern Simon but he swiftly sees results and finally feels alive.

All too quickly though, Simons life spins out of control after his girlfriend leaves him and Terry becomes his boss, friend, and roommate. Simon suddenly finds himself trapped, stuck in a self-destructive spiral, as every aspect of his life now dangerously rests in Terrys big, tough hands...



Suffer Little Children...

Gav Crimson details the overblown press coverage of the seizure and legal actions against a horror film featuring child actors at the time of the Video Nasties moral panic

Link Here4th January 2021
Suffer Little Children is a 1983 UK video horror by Alan Briggs.
Starring Colin Chamberlain, Ginny Rose and Jon Hollanz. Melon Farmers linkYouTube icon BBFC link 2020 IMDb
The film was cut for an unofficial BBFC 18 rating issued prior to the implementation of the VRA. The film was seized by the police anyway and the film got caught up in the tabloid hysteria around the video nasty era. The film was passed 18 uncut for UK DVD release in 2017.

The DVD version has a significant number of variations from the VHS. version.

See Gav Crimson's detailed history of the censorship of Suffer Little Children and the timeline of newspaper coverage .

Summary Notes

This amateur video production, (not particularly well regarded), is claimed to be a reconstruction of events involving child demonic possession which took place at 45 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey, England in August 1984. None of these events were reported to the press though, not the to mention the fact that the film was conceived and shot in 1983, well before the supposed baseline event.

The video was submitted to the BBFC for a pre-VRA unofficial rating in December 1984. The BBFC asked for about 2 minutes of cuts. However the distributors suffered a police raid on the day after the submission and the police seized the film. The police seemed to think that the uncut version was illegal and would not give the distributors the opportunity to implement the cuts that would make it legal. The DPP considered the film for 3 months before deciding that no further action would be taken as long as the film was only distributed in the BBFC approved version. The film was caught up in press frenzy at this time, with the inevitable calls for a ban and worse.



Doddery old fools...

The BBC offends viewers with silly trigger warnings about Dad's Army

Link Here4th January 2021
The BBC has added a trigger warning to the 1971 Dad's Army movie warning about offensive language.

An announcement was made before the comedy classic aired on BBC Two on Saturday night, while viewers watching on iPlayer are told the film contains discriminatory language which some may find offensive.

In the film, Clive Dunn's character L-Cpl Jones's uses the term fuzzy-wuzzies, to describe the enemies he fought in the Sudan under General Kitchener.

Arthur Lowe's Captain Mainwaring also refers to Red Indians not attacking at night.

A BBC spokesman said:

Attitudes have changed significantly and guidance was given due to a specific discriminatory remark.



Offsite Article: The BBC is failing the public...

Link Here4th January 2021
Nearly half of Brits feel it does not represent their values, according to new research.

See article from



Onsite Article: 2020...

Link Here31st December 2020
The year in BBFC cuts

See article from



Dancing Queen...

200 people complain to Ofcom about Channel 4's disrespectful deep fake Queen's Christmas speech

Link Here31st December 2020
Ofcom has received 214 complaints about Channel 4's deepfake Christmas broadcast. It depicted the British Queen dancing and joking about Megxit.

Computer trickery meant that 48-year-old actress Debra Stephenson, who delivered it, looked just like the 94-year-old monarch.

One viewer tweeted Ofcom asking: Can you please do something to stop this horrifically disrespectful, treasonous assault on the senses? Another fumed: I would rather go to the kitchen and hold my hands down on the hot plate for 10 minutes than watch this 'woke' rubbish.












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