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47 Broad Street
OX16 5BT

Thursday: 10pm - 3:30am
Friday - Saturday: 10pm - 4:30am

Listing checked in January 2019.


Gentleman Jacks

Theatre Royal
Wellington Street

News September 2020: Replacement

Wildcats club is set to be superceded by the nearby Gentleman Jacks located at the old Theatre Royal. The local council has now approved a sexual entertainment licence for the new venue.



32 Wellington Street
S70 1SW


Wildcats Barnsley logo

News September 2020: Replaced

The club is set to be superceded by the nearby Gentleman Jacks located at the old Theatre Royal.

News April 2015: Mentioned in Dispatches

The club marginally made the news due to nearby assault.


Katz Gentlemen's Club

Time Square
SS14 1QT

Wed-Thu: 8pm - 3am
Fri-Sat: 8pm - 6am

Entry 5-10

Ownership connections with Diamonds and Strings in Watford and Entice in Southend. Listing verified in September 2016.



Brunel Road
Manor Trading Estate

News April 2015: Licence approved

The first club within the Castle Point local authority area has been approved. Peter Burch, chairman of the council licensing sub-committee said:

We consider the arguments made by the objectors don't contain sufficient reasons to reject the application, but we do understand the concerns raised...We believe the police and other relevant authorities have agreed stringent conditions with the applicant to properly regulate the premises.

News November 2014: Moral crusade

Campaigners are trying to prevent a new table dancing club proposed for the Manor Trading Estate. All the usual bollox is being trotted out proximity to schools and religious buildings. The council received 35 objections.



36 Conway Street
CH41 6JD

Fri-Sat: 11pm - 5am


News September 2018: Retrospective planning permission granted

See article from

Now Peachez was operating legally with a SEV Lecense issued from the Council back in October 2017 as there were no indications of any illegality and as followers of the blog know you cannot apply moral judgements on venues. Now the councillors Phil Davies and Jean Stapleton decided to use planning laws to close the venue by declaring it as unsuitable for the location. So Peachez appealed and the national planning inspectorate had to make a decision on if the club was suitable. And this is where it gets exciting and has much wider impact. Well the directorate has ruled in favour of the club and it said it creates a positive impact on the night time economy. The directorate also order the council to pay the club's costs.

News April 2018: Retrospective planning permission refused

Peachez opened in November 2017 and now seems to be playing catch-up with some of the council permissions required.

The bar has asked for opening hours of 9am to 5pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The council refused planning permission for a change from nightclub to lap dancing club and the venue will now be asked to revert to being a nightclub.

However the club is appealing the council decision and can remain open until the appeal is heard.


Birmingham City Council


Birmingham Council

News October 2014: Capped

Licensing moralists have imposed a cap of eight lap dancing clubs in Birmingham city centre -- saying they will allow no more to open.

The council's licensing committee claimed there are fears that any more strip clubs, particularly in the Broad Street and pub and club areas, would lead to the city getting a sleazy reputation.


The Barrel Public House

Soho Road
B21 9SX

News April 2013: Planning Appeal Rejected

Applicants were refused planning permission to convert a pub into a table dancing venue. Moral reasons and religious sensitivities were cited and seemed to be the only real difference to other similar applications that are accepted.


Adult World

1 Hinckley Street
B5 4EB

Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

News July 2018: Lap dancing licence garnted

See article from

Adult World, on Hinckley Street has applied to Birmingham City Council for a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence. It already accommodates a sex shop and sex cinema but bosses want to introduce lap dancing and stage strip shows every two hours.

The council's licensing enforcement team has not objected but ordered the shop to take down a giant illuminated sign of a semi-naked woman which sits above the main entrance.

As part of the application Adult World has provided a list of its house rules which includes requiring photographic identification from anyone before they are employed to dance, no touching between dancers and customers other than to place money in their hands, not encouraging customers to throw money at performers or offer gratuity, no simulated sex acts and a zero tolerance drugs policy. Dancers will also be prohibited from giving out or receiving personal details.

The council's Licensing and Public Protection committee approved the licence application on July 23.

West Midlands Police have been informed but have not commented on the application.


Cyclone Club

192 Broad Street
City Centre
B15 1AY

Listing confirmed in November 2016.


Jonny Diamond's Gentlemen's Club

89 Holloway Head,
B1 1QP

Entry 10

Mon-Sun 8pm - 2am


La Belle's

Newhall Street

News October 2022: Re-opening

La Belle's closed during the coronavirus epidemic but has now secure a licence to re-open. The bar has ownership connections with Cyclone.

News July 2019: Granted

Plans to open a lap dancing club in Birmingham's business district have been approved despite more than 40 objections.

News April 2019: Application

There are plans to open a new lap dancing club in Birmingham's business district. La Belle's would be based on Newhall Street near the junction with Great Charles Street Queensway, and open between 8pm to 6am seven days a week.

The application for a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence has been submitted to Birmingham City Council by Michelle Monaghan who runs The Cyclone Club on Broad Street and Scarlets at Horse Fair. If successful Ms Monaghan said she would surrender her licence for Scarlets which has been forced to close multiple times in recent years due to staffing problems and structural issues with the building.


Lace Club

John Bright Street
City Centre

News December 2014: Licence refused

A club on John Bright Street, central Birmingham, has been refused a licence by Birmingham City Council. This venue, which previously offered striptease before becoming a burlesque club ('Rouge') was refused a licence on the basis of being unsuitable within the locality and with reference to other land use in the vicinity.

What a load of bollox. John Bright Street is in a desolate corner of Birmingham city centre that is penned in by 2 legs of inner ring road dual carriage way, on the other side a busy little road which is one of the few ways in and out of the shopping area...and on the fourth side is the concrete monstrosity of New Street station. The only businesses that hang in there are a few pubs, a cinema and a theatre. It is the most suitable area in town.

There was only one public objection.


Legs 11

Broad Street
City Centre
B15 1AY

News April 2019: Rejected

There was an attempt to re-open the club but Birmingham Council rejected the application.

News, March 2018: Trail goes cold

The criminal investigation into Legs 11 has gone cold despite police believing the club was defrauding and drugging customers.

West Midlands Police confirmed there were no active lines of enquiry stating no further action would be taken into the former Birmingham lap dancing venues.

No-one has ever been arrested and it means the probe has now hit a brick wall relying on new information coming from the public.

News, July 2017: Closed after police raid

A report at a Birmingham Council licensing committee meeting claimed that a concerted, sophisticated and highly organised criminal operation was being run from the Broad Street branch of the Legs 11 lap dancing club.. This was said to include financial fraud and human trafficking.

A mass raid resulted comprising of a campaign group, Hope for Justice, city council officials, trading standards, Revenue and Customs officials, police and even the Red Cross.

Inevitably the raid failed to find evidence of trafficking. No arrests were made, and the campaign group Hope for Justice said no hard evidence of people trafficking was uncovered. A spokesman said that none of the girls wanted to engage with us, or with the police. Some of the girls talked about having to 'pay to work', maybe 100 or something, but then potentially being able to earn more than that. Some of them earn very good money -- 1,000 a night perhaps, but others much much less. He added:

In this particular case, we didn't see clear cases of girls being forced to be there.

Later it was revealed that the club had lost its licence over fraudulent transactions targeted at customers. The club was investigated over 17 fraud-related allegations since 2013, police said.

Some customers paid for dances in a private area but additional transactions were taking place that they had not authorised, Supt Parsons added. One victim claimed he had lost as much as 19,417. It was also reported that customers were routinely overcharged by the venue which turned over 1.6m in one six-month period.

The venue is now a pie shop.


Legs 11

Ladywell Walk
China Town
City Centre
B5 4ST

News July 2017: Closed

The club lost its licence over fraudulent overcharging of customers at the Broad Street branch. The venue is now a nightclub called Images and has new owners.



Medusa Lodge

139 Hurst Street
B5 6SD

Mon-Sat: 9pm - 6am

News November 2016: Hurst Street

The club is now operating at 139 Hurst Street after moving from Suffolk Street.

News September 2015: Burlesque

The owners have applied for a licence at a new venue in Hurst Street, where it plans to transform into a burlesque club.

The owners want to open between 10pm and 6am. As well as burlesque dances there will also be lap dancing offered in private booths.

Owner Cas Carrington previously said she was keen to attract more women to the new venue, with the trend moving away from traditional lap dancing. She said:

We are going to focus a lot more on burlesque. I think a lot of people are getting a bit bored of lap dancing.

News September 2015: Moving

The owners have submitted plans for a change to change the Suffolk Street venue into a restaurant and moving the table dancing club to the former home of the Route 2 bar at 139 Hurst Street.


The Nightingale Club

City Centre

Listing confirmed in November 2016.

News November 2013: Gay club

It appears that the Nightingales club in Birmingham obtained a licence in July for sexual entertainment. I assume there were no objections and it was given approval without reference to committee as I can see no record in council minutes. For information, it is a long established male club in the gay village of Birmingham.



Broad Street
City Centre

News July 2014: Rejected

The council rejected the application arbitrarily claiming

News July 2014: Rejected

The council rejected the application arbitrarily claiming that 3 table dancing venues on Broad street is enough and a fourth would somehow be a tipping point to Broad Street being an adults only area.

News May 2014: Re-hearing postponed

Under threat of having to justify their bollox excuse for a ban to the High Court in a Judicial Review, Birmingham Council have agreed to hold a re-hearing for the bar's licence application.

The re-hearing was arranged for late May but was postponed after no shows from several committee members.

News February 2014: Licence refused

Council moralists refused the licence ludicrously claiming that a 4th table dancing club would somehow change the dynamic of Birmingham's bar and nightlife quarter

News January 2014: 8 objectors

Ladywood MP Shabana Mahmood and the Rep Theatre are amongst 8 objectors to the club citing nonsense arguments that a 4th club would somehow drastically change the character of Birmingham's pubs and clubs area.

News November 2013: Drinks licence refused

A proposed table dancing club which would be the 3rd on Broad Street was refused a drinks licence on the unlikely sounding grounds of inexperienced managers and proximity to a bus stop


Paradise City

Broad Street

News April 2019: Licence application

Birmingham City Council has received a licence application for a new lap dancing club at the Broad Street venue that was previously Legs 11.

Controversially several of the key players for the new venture are associated with the Legs 11 branch in Chinatown that was closed down after allegations of defrauding customers. The allegations did not lead to any criminal convictions though.


Pure Gold

Olton Boulevard East
Acocks Green

A proposed club that never secured a licence.


Rocket Club

Broad St
B1 2HF

Closed since November 2022.


Scarlets Gentlemans Club

34 Horse Fair
City Centre
B1 1DA

News April 2019: Relocating

There are plans to open a new lap dancing club in Birmingham's business district. La Belle's would be based on Newhall Street near the junction with Great Charles Street Queensway, and open between 8pm to 6am seven days a week.

The application for a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence has been submitted to Birmingham City Council by Michelle Monaghan who runs The Cyclone Club on Broad Street and Scarlets at Horse Fair. If successful Ms Monaghan said she would surrender her licence for Scarlets which has been forced to close multiple times in recent years due to staffing problems and structural issues with the building.

News November 2018: Re-opening

Scarlets has had its licence renewed and is set to re-open after a few months absence. The council dismissed objections from Birmingham Hippodrome and the Birmingham Ballet considering them to be moral objections which are disallowed by law.

Promotional Material, February 2017:

With spacious booths and seating areas you can enjoy topless and fully nude dances, whilst private dances are available in one of our exclusive VIP rooms.

Also notable for using the buildings that were once home to the White Lion, once my favourite pub in Birmingham.



Spearmint Rhino

64 Hagley Road
B16 8PF

Daily: 9pm - late

Listing confirmed in November 2016.


The Sunset Club

89 Holloway Head
City Center
B1 1QP

Tue-Thu: 9pm - 4:30am
Fri-Sat: 9pm - 5:30am
Sun: 9pm - 4:30am

Gentlemen's table dancing club

News April 2014: Renewal

Licence renewal is being discussed by Birmingham Council


Tina Night Club

Broad St

Formerly a burlesque club but the format wasn't viable in a covid world. The management is now seeking to convert the venue into a standard bar.


The Velvet Lounge

Duke Street

Closed in March 2005, set to be demolished in 2016.


The Dolls House

Queen Street

News July 2013:

The owner of Eden has again applied to open a fifth table dancing venue in Blackpool, on Queen Street. And again it was refused citing bollox about fire safety of the 2 storey building.

News March 2013:

The owner of Eden was refused a licence for The Dolls House on moral grounds that there are enough already


Eden 1

Queen Street

News January 2020: Club set to re-open

An argument between the club and Blackpool Council has been resolved and the club is now allowed to re-open.

Blackpool Council's lawyer, Sharon Davies, told the Blackpool Magistrates the bar's licence had been withdrawn due to management failing which involved customers being over-charged. She said:

It also involved the incident when a member of the public suffered burns when a dancer lit a can of hairspray, or similar type of aerosol, with a lighter and used it on him.

We have been working with the operator and there have been changes in the way the club is managed, and we have agreed a consent order with conditions the club must obey.

News July 2019: Licence renewal refused

Eden One has been stripped of its licence following an incident in which a customer was burned during a performance involving an aerosol can and a cigarette lighter.

News October 2013: Licence granted

Taking the opportunity of Rouge Closing, Eden 1 has been granted a licence. It is located above the bar Kraze.


Eden 2

94-98 The Promenade

Wed-Thu: 7pm - 1am
Fri: 7pm - 4am
Sat: midday - 5am
Sun: 2pm - 11pm

Listing confirmed in July 2019

News November 2018: Warning

Eden 2 is facing stricter controls around how it takes payments from customers after complaints were made to the police and council.

The council's public protection sub-committee renewed the bars licence but only for six months instead of the usual 12 months. The licence was also subject to new conditions:

  • Bar staff and dancers will be given training in appropriate sales techniques which must take into account drunkenness/capacity of customers.
  • Detailed records must be taken of all card payments, that customers are offered chance to sign their payment record and dancers will be stopped from using their own payment methods.
  • Card terminals must be at a fixed point, covered by CCTV, and management must oversee transactions over 100
  • Price lists must be prominently displayed.

News September 2013: Licence renewed after a dance censor was appointed

A lap dancing club has had its licence returned after employing a dance censor to ensure performers comply with the rules.

Vital maintenance work has also been carried out at Eden on Blackpool Promenade? after health and safety inspectors found a series of electrical faults at the club.

The club had lost its sex entertainment venue licence in July after Blackpool Council said it was failing to meet the requirements. CCTV images showed dancers getting close to their customers.



Central Promenade

News July 2013: Licence renewed

The licences for the 4 existing table dancing venues in Blackpool have been renewed

News July 2013:

The bars has applied for a licence renewal. The application also asks for the council to allow full nudity, currently banned in Blackpool.



Clifton Street

News October 2013: Closed

The bar has closed perhaps with the intention of re-opening in a different location

News July 2013: Licence renewed

The licences for the 4 existing table dancing venues in Blackpool have been renewed



111 Promenade

Established since 2012.

Saturday: 8pm - 4am

sinless blackpool

News July 2020: Continuing after licence hearing

A Blackpool lap dancing club has been allowed to keep its licence after councillors dismissed unsubstantiated allegations against the operator.

The licensee appeared before a meeting of the council's public protection sub-committee after an objection was received to his application to renew the sexual entertainment venue licence at Sinless on Central Promenade.

The meeting heard allegations had been made against Mr Newton that he had acted inappropriately towards female performers, encouraged drug taking and allowed under-age drinking and performing.

The authority found no evidence to back up the claims.

News July 2013: Licence renewed

The licences for the 4 existing table dancing venues in Blackpool have been renewed


Bolton Council


bolton council

News April 2014: New venues banned

Under new rules, pole dancing clubs, strip shows and sex cinemas will not be allowed to open near schools, houses, parks, tourist attractions, religious buildings or any existing entertainment venues.

Cllr Nick Peel the member in charge of licensing, said in reality it means new applicants looking to open a sexual entertainment venue in Bolton will find it very difficult. He said:

The criteria doesn't really leave much left in terms of areas.

News December 2013: Nil Policy

Bolton were a little late coming to the anti lap dancing moralist party but have now proposed a council policy of no new venues in the city centre. The council looks set to tolerate the existing club though.



4 Manor Street

Friday and Saturday 10pm-4am

Lap Dancing Club

Listing checked in January 2019.


News April 2017: Sign of censorship

A sign for Diamonds lap-dancing club in Bolton has been taken down at the demand of the council.The sign showed a blonde woman in a low-cut black corset.

When it was first erected in 2015, Cllr John Walsh whinged that it was an embarrassment. It is located on one of the principal routes out of Bolton and Cllr Walsh said that it did nothing at all for the town's image.

Manager at Diamonds, Sean Doyle, said that the council asked them to take it down due to new sexual entertainment licensing laws, which mean it can only have text on the poster.

He said: We've taken it down under new sexual entertainment licensing laws. The law means that we can't use pictures, it just has to be text, which is what we're doing. [I think the council have been telling a few porkies here, there is nothing in the law that prohobits images on signs.

The council is still trying to buy the venue as part of a re-development program.


Dream Girls

Craythorne Lane

The venue that is now Studio Nightclub was previously After Dark Nightclub which had an associated lap dancing bar called Dream Girls


Studio Nightclub

Craythorne Lane

Studio Nightclub has occasional lap dancing events.

News July 2016: Licence granted

Studio Nightclub has been given the green light to run lap dancing events at the venue.

A change of use application for Studio Nightclub in Boston, formerly After Dark in Craythorne Lane, was submitted asking for the use to become a mixed use of drinking establishment and lap dancing venue.



For Your Eyes Only

136 Old Christchurch Road

Mon-Thu: 10pm - 4am
Fri: 9pm - 6am
Sat: 8pm - 6am

News November 2016: Licence renewal

The club's licence was renewed in November 2016.

News October 2014: A few moralist objections

For Your Eyes Only in Old Christchurch Road has applied to Bournemouth council to renew its licence for another 12 months.

The application has been met by five moralist objections from people urging councillors to turn it down on reason such as being near a church.



Spearmint Rhino

1 Yelverton Rd

Tue-Thu: 10pm - late
Fri-Sat: 9pm -6am
Sun: 10pm - late


News November 2016: Licence renewal

The club's licence was renewed in November 2016.

News September 2015: Renewed

Now this six month probationary period is up and Spearmint Rhino applied to renew its licence on June 12.

Bournemouth Council's licensing board later met to discuss the renewal application and was satisfied steps had been taken to ensure customers were protected. The licence was duly renewed for 12 months.

News December 2014: On probation

A Bournemouth lap-dancing club has been granted a new sexual entertainment venue licence, despite claims it exploited customers.

Spearmint Rhino's licence went before Bournemouth council's licensing board after the council received 15 objections to its application for a renewal.

The board's chair, Cllr Andrew Morgan, granted a six-month licence on a probationary period subject to conditions agreed with police.

News November 2014: Fleeced

Spearmint Rhino's licence application hasn't exactly been helped by a drunk and not rich man who was allowed to run up credit card bills of about £7,584. Councillor David Smith, who is supporting the man's formal objections to the venue's license renewal, said: I was shocked and concerned to hear of the experience this man had in Spearmint Rhino. 3 other similar claims will be heard at the licence renewal meeting set for 16th December.

Update: The victim of the fleecing sued Spearmint Rhino and the case was settled in July 2016 with an undisclosed settlement paid by Spearmint Rhino to their customer.

News October 2014: Moralists object to licence

The future of a Bournemouth lap dancing club will be decided by councillors in December, after 15 people objected to its licence being renewed.

One of the people who has objected is Reverend Tim Matthews, of St Swithun's Church. He called for the council to place its recent inspection report in the public domain so residents could judge for themselves whether the club should be allowed to continue operating. He clearly would like to see local people lose their jobs over a few transgressions. He spewed:

The imposition of further restrictions will require vigilant monitoring and future inspections all at public expense. The only effective way to demonstrate the seriousness of SEV licence breaches is to refuse to renew this SEV licence.

He also objected on moral grounds stating:

In my pastoral work I constantly deal with the damage caused when impressionable people are lured away from their committed relationship partners.

Surely an organisation with such a deep rooted problem with child abuse have absolutely no right to moralise to others. They should set their own house in order first. Its seems an awful lot more clerics have been prosecuted for sexual abuse than lap dancing customers.

News September 2014: Too sexy

The bar has got into trouble for breaking the council's miserable 'no touching' rules. It is expected that further repressive rules will be added before the venue is allowed to renew its licence.



Wiggle and Elegance

159 Old Christchurch Road

Wed-Sun: 9pm - 6am

Entry charge after 11pm on Friday and Saturday, after 12om on other days.

Listing checked in August 2018

News May 2022: Licence renewal

The club's licence annual renewal is being contested by a morlist councillor.

News November 2016: Licence renewal

The club's licence was renewed in November 2016.

News January 2016: Outdoor drinking

Wiggle has been granted permission to install outdoor seating visible from the roadside. The council approved Wiggle's plan, which will allow its customers to take their drinks outside until 11pm, at a licensing meeting.

Although no sexual entertainment will be offered in these areas, located behind the building's front gate and wall, concern was raised that it will be within earshot and visible from Old Christchurch Road and Lorne Park Road.

The club's proposal to install a new VIP area on the first floor, containing CCTV-monitored private booths separated by lightweight curtains , was also approved.

News November 2013: Too Sexy

The bar is facing opposition fro its licence renewal from miserable police who have reported that the dancers have been a little too sexy.


City of Bradford Council


bradford logo

News August 2013: Reduced Fees

Bradford Council plans to cut the amount it will charge for the licensing of sex shops and zoos, following a Court of Appeal ruling. The cost of a licence for a sex shop, sex cinema or strip club is likely to be reduced from £5,658 to £1,928.


Grace of Brighton

51-52 North Street

Sun-Wed: 10pm -5:30am
Thu: 9pm - 5:30am
Fri-Sat: 8pm - 5:30am

Listing checked in February 2022.


Platinum Lace

76 East St

Tues-Sat: 9pm - 5am
Sun: 10pm - 3am

News September 2019: Kicked into touch

A sponsorship deal where by Platinum Lace would sponsor Worthing Rugby Club was scuppered after the inevitable Facebook campaign by people 'outraged" by the rugby club being associated with lap dancing

News November 2013: Licence renewal

Objections by 28th November 2013.


The Pussycat Club

75 Grand Parade

Thu-Sat: 10pm - 5am

Admission 16
Age restriction 26+

Listing checked August 2018.


Central Chambers

9 St Stephen's St

Sister bar to Urban Tiger

News September 2021: Licence Renewed

Licensing sub-committee members were told 67 objections had been received to Central Chambers' renewal application.

A council licensing officer told the panel there were no statutory grounds for refusal, and the panel ruled there was also no reason to reject the licence on discretionary grounds, such as the club's location or the applicants' suitability.

So the licence was duly granted for another 12 months.

News February 2020: Licence Renewed

The licence was renewed for Central Chambers despite a few objections. The licence permits topless and fully nude performances.

Central Chambers also runs naked life-drawing classes on Saturdays that does not require a licence. The bar noted that this was so popular that the club was considering opening on Monday nights for them.

News August 2013: Recommended by Nutters

A handful of Bristol miserablists have raised a petition calling for the closure of Bristol's two table dancing clubs and its lap dancing club at Temptations


Jack of Diamonds

Occasional events

46 West Street
Old Market

News January 2019: On occasion

The venue lost its licence in 2017 when a topless dancer apparently put her hand down a man's trousers. The club is continuing with occasional events (typically monthly).


Temptations T3

46 West St

Became Jack of Diamonds in October 2016.


Urban Tiger

4 Broad Quay

Mon-Thu: 10pm - 4am
Fri-Sun: 9pm - 4am

Sister bar to Central Chambers


urban tiger st trinians night advert

News February 2020: Licence Renewed

The licence was renewed for Urban Tiger despite a few objections. The licence permits topless and fully nude performances.

News April 2015: Party Poopers

A strip club has been banned from using images of women dressed up as schoolgirls after claims that the images sexualise children .

Urban Tiger's licence has now been altered to state:

Relevant entertainment shall not include any word, action or imagery that endorses or depicts, or might reasonably be taken as endorsing or depicting, or be promoted as including, any conduct which, if taking place in reality, would amount to a criminal offence.

News August 2013: Recommended by Nutters

A handful of Bristol miserablists have raised a petition calling for the closure of Bristol's two table dancing clubs and its lap dancing club at Temptations

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