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Rouge Club

White Rooms
Milford Street

News March 2013: Closed

The club has closed citing shared problems in its complex rather than anything individual to Rouge. The venue now looks set to be turned into flats.


Chic Bar


News August 2014: Application refused

The licensing committee refused the application on the grounds that the layout and character of the premises was inappropriate for the activity for which the licence was being sought .

News August 2014: Application

An application to open a lap dancing club in Scarborough is being considered by the council.

The council has received almost 100 objections, including a petition claiming the club would lead to an increase in anti-social incidents .

The council said North Yorkshire Police had raised no objections to the granting of a licence.

The proposed club would be located above an existing bar in the town centre and operate between 21:00 and 03:30.



St Thomas St

closed in 2008


La Chambre

Sheffield is also home to a notable swingers club which is licensed by the council.

News October 2020: Closed at current venue

La Chambre is a very well known swinger's club in Sheffield. It has announced that after a year of coronavirus lockdown it is closing down at the current venue but hopes to find somewhere else in the future.



Spearmint Rhino

60 Brown Street
S1 2BS

Mon-Fri: 10pm - late
Sat: 9pm - late

Licensed since 2012 and has been trading since 2003.


spearmint rhino sheffield

News October 2020: Lapsed licence

A much harassed strip club which closed in March due to coronavirus restrictions has decided not to apply to renew its licence. Spearmint Rhino, which has been on Brown Street in Sheffield for 18 years, has surrendered its sexual entertainment venue licence and handed over its alcohol licence to another operator.

Some strip club dancers, who have not worked since March, have said the industry has been hit hard by coronavirus pandemic restrictions. So presumably much of this latest decision was down to economic reality rather than more political issues.

News August 2020: Consent Lesson

See article from

It seems that feminists are somehow exempt from the need to seek consent when filming sex, especially when seeking to destroy the livelihoods of lap dancers.

A group of lap-dancers who were filmed without their consent at a strip club have dropped their privacy case.

Feminists commissioned the covert filming which showed dancers sexually touching customers and each other at Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield.

Lap dancers, supported by the club, took legal action against the filming, saying their human rights had been breached.

However, the case has been discontinued with Spearmint Rhino agreeing to pay almost 50,000 in costs.

The feminist group Not Buying It said it hoped the outcome would embolden others to come forward.

It is understood that the club felt it could have won the case but decided not to pursue it because of added financial limitations due to the coronavirus crisis. All lap-dancing clubs remain closed as part of measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Not Buying it is understood to have commissioned private investigators to visit the strip club, as well as another in London, wearing glasses containing hidden cameras.

A group of nine workers from the club then went to court claiming publication of the footage would infringe their human right to respect for private life .

Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield had its licence renewed last year, however campaigners are challenging this with a judicial review expected to be heard later this year.

News April 2020: Licence renewed

A strip club harassed by feminist campaigners has had its license renewed. Sheffield council's licensing committee had met for eight hours to discuss whether Spearmint Rhino should have its sexual entertainment licence renewed.

Private investigators employed by campaigners had secretly filmed dancers who reportedly sexually touched customers and each other. The dances were filmed without consent of either the dancers or the customers.

The council said full reasons for the renewal would be given soon but fter the secret filming council officers inspected the club monthly.

News September 2019: Licence renewed

Spearmint Rhino strip club in Sheffield had its licence renewed after the council ruled covertly recorded footage of dancers breaking no-touching rules filmed without consent should not force its closure.

Dancers at Spearmint Rhino celebrated the ruling, made after eight hours of heated testimony from both sides. Dancers had accused campaigners who made the undercover recordings of revenge porn tactics.

A coalition of feminist groups that had sought the club's closure condemned the decision and said they would continue to fight for the venue to be closed.

News June 2019: Feminists in need of consent training

See article from

Strip club dancers have marched through Sheffield to oppose plans to close Spearmint Rhino.

The brightly-dressed protesters stopped traffic in Sheffield city centre, braving driving rain between the Brown Street club and Sheffield Town Hall.

Sheffield's Spearmint Rhino club was targeted by feminist extremists who commissioned private detectives to obtain video evidence and report on anything untoward. They claimed to have filmed inappropriate sexual contact clearly without the consent of the participants. Surely such filming would be illegal so perhaps these may be just claims.

The dancers and supporters, including Sheffield Hallam University women's officer Gabby Willis, told marchers filming of that sort should be classed as revenge porn. Ms Willis said she supported the dancers' right to earn money however they choose. She said:

I think it's really important we stand by women's choice to do that in a safe environment for their job, if they want to.

Club worker Rachael McCoy told protesters:

This is really important to us. This is our livelihoods. I'm a single mother. This job helps me feed my children. This job has actually changed my life for the better.

News June 2018: Licensed granted

See article from

A Sheffield lap dancing club has had its operating licence renewed despite dozens of objections from feminists on morality grounds.

Spearmint Rhino, on Brown Street, has operated for 15 years without trouble and the chair of licensing, councillor David Barker, said there was no evidence of poor practices at the club. Granting the licence, Barker said:

There was a very strong case against sexual entertainment in general from the objectors. However, we could find no strong evidence of poor practices or detrimental impact on the local area arising from the operation of the club.

News June 2018: University intolerance

See article from

Spearmint Rhino, which has been on Brown Street in Sheffield for more than 15 years, has applied for its sexual entertainment venue licence to be renewed.

And now the local university, Sheffield Hallam, has decided to initiate a morality campaign against the venue.

A Sheffield Hallam University spokesperson claimed the club could seriously undermine its multimillion-pound masterplan for the area. '

News April 2018: Judicial Review

See article from

Feminist campaigners have been granted a judicial review against Sheffield's strip club licensing policy.

The review has been brought by a Sheffield resident referred to as Irene. Activists backing her case launched a CrowdJustice crowdfunding campaign on Thursday to cover the legal costs.

A Judicial Review examines whether official bodies followed correct and legal procedures eg when making licensing decisions.

It seems that moralist campaigners feel that the council should consider wider impact on women and gender equality, rather than just the wellbeing of those specifically affected by the Sheffield club.

The outcome could of course affect clubs and councils nationwide.


Villa Mercedes

Suffolk Street

Previously Scores.

News September 2016: Withdrawn

A licence application was withdrawn seemingly in the face of miserable opposition.




News March 2013: Planning Opposition

A new application stumbled at the first hurdle of planning permission


Source Vodka Bar

Barker Street

Licensed in 2013 but closed by 2018.




107 Lumley Rd
PE25 3LZ,

Daily: 9pm - 3am

News January 2018: Licence renewed

After a troublesome 2017 Flirtz seems to have responded adequately for the bars licence to be renewed.

News September 2017: Cocaine testing

Flirtz lap dancing was closed by police in July 2017 over suspicions that cocaine was regularly being taken at the venue. No drugs were found on a search but the venue must now undergo regular police checks for drugs as a condition of continued operation,

News December 2015: Licence renewed

Flirtz lap dancing club in Lumley Road, Skegness has had its sexual entertainment venue licence extended for a year with the same conditions as at 2014.

This includes the condition that acts of birching or whipping (or acts of a similar nature) may not take place at the premises .

News August 2013:

The table dancing club made the news in passing with the police investigating an assault on the street outside Flirtz


Unnamed club

Grand Parade

News September 2018: Burlesque

Plans have been submitted to the local council for a new club. The plans include pole, lap and table dancing shows as well as burlesque dancing shows every half an hour,



The Flags Gentleman's Club

43-45 Church Street

Monday - Thursday: 19:00 - 01:00
Friday - Saturday: 17:00 - 02:30
Sunday: 20:00 - 01:00

The venue opens at 2pm daily and operates as a normal pub until the dancing starts at the above times



Uxbridge Road

News March 2013: Failed judicial review

The club failed to get a licence in November 2011. There was no joy from a Judicial review of that decision in March 2013.



The Honey Club

76B High Street
B91 3TA

Tuesday - Saturday: 10pm - 6am

Listing checked in December 2018.



For Your Eyes Only

135 High Street,
SO14 2BR

Monday - Thursday: 10pm - 4am
Friday - Saturday: 9pm - 5am

Listing checked in December 2018.

News May 2021: Police investigation closed

A police investigation surrounding a Southampton strip club has been dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Police confirmed that no further action will be taken at this time.

The venue aims to re-open on 21st June 2021 when lockdown easing allows.

News January 2020: Closed pending police investigation

Strippers allegedly fleeced a punter of 33,000 after he was plied with booze. Cops are probing whether girls at the For Your Eyes Only club poured alcohol into his mouth and held his fingers to put his pin in a card machine.

He arrived at the club at 4.25am but it is alleged he was finally allowed to leave at midday -- eight hours later and long after it had closed. Several times strippers used physical force to stop the punter from leaving a private booth at the lap dancing club, police suspect.

Police are now investigating strippers and waitresses for alleged theft , fraud, sexual assault and false imprisonment.

The Southampton club has temporarily closed and had its licence suspended.

News August 2013: Licence Application

Licence application was heard on 14th August and duly approved


The Playhouse Gentlemen's Club

1 Town Quay
SO14 2AQ

News December 2018: Closed

The club's website says that the venue is currently closed but is set to re-open later.

News August 2013: Licence Application

Licence application was heard on 14th August and duly approved. There were 3 objections.

News April 2013: New Bar

The bar will take over from Maxim's Casino.




188 Above Bar Street,
SO14 7DW

Wed-Sat: 9pm -6am

Listing checked December 2018.

News January 2020: Expansion

Southampton's Wiggle lap-dancing club will be refurbished to create a larger pole dancing stage, better VIP booths and more seating.

The application submitted to the council explains that having people seated rather than standing will reduce the risk of trouble.

The ground floor will go back to being a bar with a stage for pole dancing. Meanwhile, the second floor will be split into changing rooms for dancers as well as additional VIP dance rooms.

News August 2013: Licence Application

A new application for an Sex Entertainment Venue Licence has been made for Isis bar. The request for last orders at 5am has resulted in police objections.



39 Marine Parade

Strip pub

News June 2013: A short break

The pub had a short break from strippers whilst applying for and adult entertainment licence. The strippers have now resumed.




Warrior House
Soutchurch Road

Wed-Thu: 9pm-3am
Fri-Sat: 9am-4am

Entrance 5-10

Table dancing club opened in 2015. Ownership connections with Diamonds & Strings in Watford and Katz in Basildon

News December 2022: Licence renewed

The licence was renewed without drama. 1 objection was considered but was not upheld.

News April 2015: Licence granted

A new club has been licensed in Southend. The club Entice is to be located in a former nightclub. The licensing committee noted that no objections to the application had been received from the Police. Four representations had however had been received from local residents.

News February 2015: Feminist campaign

The Essex Feminist Collective is campaigning against the venue

See an interesting article on the campaign from

News January 2015: The usual bollox

A few locals of whinged that the proposed club is near the town centre. Julian Ware-Lane, Labour councillor for Milton ward spouted:

I think the location is an extremely poor choice. It's very close to the high street and residential areas, I think if you stick it out on the edge of town then a lot of objections would disappear.

What I do have a problem with is when you get an area saturated with them. It's very close to the high street and is on the main bus route.

It's not in a discreet place and I think it's in the wrong place. In the day, children and families will be walking past.

News October 2014: Proposed club

A new strip club could open in Southend town centre. Steven Laidlaw wants to open up the gentlemen's club called Entice in the former Bar Luna nightclub, in Warrior House, in Southchurch Road.

Split over two floors, there will be pole dancing in the basement and VIP lap-dancing booths on the upper level. The venue is expected to be open from Thursdays to Sundays, until 3am.




65 Marine Parade

Strip pub

News November 2014: Under threat of re-development

Foresters which has been an old fashioned strip pub for years is finally going to go with redevelopment plans for that part of Southend.

News May 2013: Oops

No strippers in April due to an overlooked lapsed licence. Now licensed and the strippers have resumed




Lucy Rd

Sun-Thu: 9pm - 2am
Fri-Sat: 9pm - 3am

Table dancing club

News April 2013: For sale


Black Orchid

Coronation Walk

Put up for sale



ST1 Platinum

Trinity Street
Stoke on Trent

News June 2017: Closed

The bar lost its licence over allegations of credit card fraud, drug-dealing, violent incidents and prostitution. The venue is now up for sale and looks set to be converted into flats.


Carbon Nightclub

Maltings Entertainment Complex

News January 2015: Licence granted

The drinks licence was granted and it was made clear that the venue could hold no more than 11 burlesque nights as a Sex Entertainment Venue licence was not requested.

News January 2015: Carbon copy

Carbon Nightclub, part of the Maltings Entertainment Complex in Stowmarket, has applied to Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) for a new premises licence.

As part of the application it has included proposals for pole-dancing, striptease, lap dancing or burlesque nights .

Robert Perry is owner of the club said: It's good to stay fresh there's definitely a demand for it, 100%, it will be once a month at most.

The MSDC committee will meet on January 26 at 10am.



Little Black Book

18 Vine Place

Thursday - Saturday: 10pm - 4am

Listing checked in December 2018



43 Holmeside

Match day striptease fun for football fans highlighted in 2013. No mention of such entertainment in 2018

News September 2013: Licence granted

An adult entertainment licence has been obtained for striptease entertainment that is limited to days when there is a Sunderland home match.

DJ Wee Phillie has provided match day entertainment at Privilege before the club closed earlier in the year, but now looks set to perform at Passion. Part of his act includes a strip show.




Now closed


Swansea Council


Swansea Council logo

News July 2013: Banned

Swansea Council has banned table dancing from all areas of the city. Sex shops are allowed but only in the city centre.

News July 2013: Nil policy considered

Swansea is considering implementing a morality policy of banning table dancing from the town.



Dream Lounge

8 Victoria Rd

Tues: 10pm -2am
Wed-Thu: 10pm - 4am
Fri-Sat: 10pm - 4:30am

Listing verified in August 2020.


dream lounge swindon logo

News November 2014: Advert Censor

Somebody complained to the advert censors at the ASA about a poster for the club. But the ASA dismissed the whinge who found the advert to be suggestive rather than overtly sexual.

News May 2014: Brawl

Three men have been arrested after a mass brawl outside a lap dancing and gentlemen's club. Police were called at 04:21 to a 15-man fight outside the Dream Lounge.

News January 2014: Sentenced

The arsonist who attacked Dream Lounge was sentenced to 4 years in jail.

News July 2013: Arson attack conviction

A man has admitted endangering life when he smashed a car into the front of a lap dancing club which then caught fire. Faisal Qaddus was behind the wheel of a black Honda Prelude which was reversed into the front door of Dream Lounge at the bottom of Victoria Road. He pleaded guilty to damaging property being reckless as to whether life was endangered.

News July 2013: Arson attack

The bar was badly damaged in an arson attack. The arsonist reversed a car to smash into the building, and the poured petrol and set it alight. A 26 year old man was later arrested by police




3-4 Victoria Road

Tues-Sat: 10pm until late

Listing verified in March 2018.


Fantasy Club

Fleet Street


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