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La Salsa

22 Silver Street
HX1 1Hs

Thu-Sat: 8pm - 5am


News March 2021: Licence renewed

The council renewed the licence this year noting that there had been no significant changes to circumstances from the same debate and decision taken the previous year.

News February 2019: Appeal

The licensing council will reconsider the licence application on 7th March 2019.

News December 2018: Licence refused

The council has refused annual licence renewal. Councillors were told they are not allowed to reject a licence on moral grounds so the application was refused on grounds the applicant was unsuitable to hold a licence and that a sex entertainment premises at Silver Street would be inappropriate having regard to the character of the relevant locality. They were additionally told the Ebenezer Church on St James Road is also opposite the club.

News December 2017: Licence renewal

Feminist campaigns of the White Ribbon group kicked up a fuss but the licence was renewed anyway.

The council agreed to end its rule previously requiring that g-strings should be worn at all times.

News November 2014: In a PC world why is it so acceptable to make outrageous slurs about men?

Calderdale Council' turned down the request to allow nude dancing citing the spurious reasons:

(i) significant concerns regarding public safety of the dancers and vulnerable members of the public in the vicinity of the Premises; and

(ii) the increased likelihood of crime and disorder.

News October 2014: Topless only

Feminist extremists continue to hold sway in Halifax.

An application to allow dancers to perform nude during lap dances has been turned-down by council moralists.

La Salsa on Silver Street, Halifax, requested Calderdale Council's Licensing Committee lift a condition on the club's licence requiring its dancers to wear a non-transparent g-string or similar piece of clothing on the appropriate part of the body at all times.

Reza Shasavar, owner of La Salsa, told the board: Lap dancing is about having fun.

He told the board that he is applying for the amendment to the rules to avoid complaints and confrontations from men who feel the dance didn't go far enough.

Shasavar said: A few months ago I was asked by my bank manager to organise his brother's stag party. The stag had a lap dance and said 'I've seen more in the swimming pool'. The group left and went to a lap dancing bar in Leeds.

He said the business case was clear, and his club is unable to compete with lap dancing clubs in Leeds and Manchester which allow nude performers.

News December 2013: Miserable women's group Opposed licence renewal

Feminist campaigners of WomenCentre have written to Calderdale Council objecting to an application by La Salsa in Halifax to renew its sex establishment licence , commenting:

We promote positive lifestyles and the location of such an establishment directly opposite our centre could act as a deterrent to some women who may wish to access our services.

I find the idea of such an establishment in the town centre inappropriate and abhorrent.

The application to renew the licence for La Salsa will be considered at the Licensing and Regulatory Committee on Monday December 16 at Halifax Town Hall.



The Kings Club

1 Oxford St

Tues-Thur: 9:30pm - 6am
Fri-Sat: 10pm - 6am

Listing checked September 2018.



News May 2021: Ever more restrictions

Harrogate Council dreamt further restrictions for 2021 but these were dropped when the venue filed to oppose them in a legal action.

The dropped rules were to ban the dancers from accepting alcoholic drinks from customers and to demand that dancers were paid via BACS rather than by cash.

News April 2019: Miserable objections but licence renewed

The bars annual licence renewal resulted in objections from miserable feminists. However the council granted a licence with the proviso that the club logged rule breeches by customers and fitted a panic alarm for the dancers.


Villa Mercedes

1 Oxford St

News November 2015: Licence terminated

The clubs licence was refused after reports of too much fun and audience participation in the bar. The bar became Wildcats and then The Kings Club.



1 Oxford St

Closed and became The Kings Club.


Little Black Book

18 Whitby Street
TS24 7AD

Thu-Sat: from 10pm

News April 2021: Licence application

The bar has applied to continue lap dancing from Thursday to Saturday.

News November 2014:

The bar was mentioned in passing in news story about a presumably unconnected assault outside of the bar.


JB Bar


News May 2013: Licence refused

A licence was refused for lap dancing at JB Bar perhaps due to 124 objections.


Club XS

19-21 Prospect Place
TN34 1LN

Thu-Sat: 10pm - 6am

Listing checked in September 2018.


club xs

News, May 2020: Licence renewal

As in previous years, the local council has received a few objections to licence renewal. These don't look likely to go very far has the venue has been given a clean bill of health by council planners and police.

Hemel Hempstead

After 8

Hemel Hempstead

News March 2013: Licence refused

Minimal opposition but a licence was refused anyway.

High Wycombe

Bar 95
at The White Horse

High Wycombe

Strip pub

The White Horse: Lunchtime + Wednesday evenings
Bar 85: Thursday - Saturday: 7pm - 2am

7pm - 9pm: free
9pm - Midnight: 5
Midnight - 2am: 10

Listing checked in January 2020

Promotional Material: One of Britain's oldest Strip Pubs

The White Horse has presented striptease dancers for over 22 years, and we continue this tradition today with top striptease dancers performing every lunchtime and on Wednesday evenings. Bar 95 is now open, with dancers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7.00pm until 2.00am.

Here, in a pleasant and relaxed setting, you can see Southern England's top dancers, with a mix of dancers from all over the world.

There is no admission charge for daytime or Wednesday evening shows, low drink prices and fabulous glittering shows from Monday to Saturday .


Kirklees Council


kirklees council logo

News August 2015: Speaking their moralistic minds

Kirklees Council covering the area around Huddersfield has become the last authority in West Yorkshire to adopt sex entertainment licensing.

And it seems that Kirklees has been quick to impose repressive controls. New rules forbid fully nude dancing and also ban clubs from advertising in their windows using photographs or other images which suggest that striptease takes place.

Cleopatras Lounge on Northumberland Street in Huddersfield will bear the brunt of the new moralist policy from 1st October 2015.



Mr G's

11a Westgate

Gentlemen's Club. Current status unknown



Cleopatra's Lounge

48 Kirkgate

Tue-Thu: 10pm - 4am
Fri-Sat: 9pm - 6am
Sun: 10pm - 3am

Previously located at Folly Hall, Lockwood Road, then Northumberland St.

Listing checked in February 2018.

Offsite review August 2017: Offsite

See We visited Cleopatra's lap dancing club for the first time and this is what it was like. From

News May 2016: Smashing

The bar briefly made the news when a customer smashed a window after being turned down by a dancer.

News December 2015: Bigger premises

A lap-dancing club is planning to a move to bigger premises. Cleopatra's Lounge has applied to take over the former Kirkgate pub in Huddersfield town centre.

The premises have been under renovation for several weeks and owner Jason Armitage says he hopes to open in mid-January.



The Honey Trap

41 George Street

Previously known as Fantasy Bar. Listing confirmed in September 2016.

News September 2015: Licence renewed

Still a few whingers are objecting to the club, but it has caused no issues for the police or council so the licence was renewed.

The bar closed for roof repairs and subequently re-opened.

News June 2013: Licence renewed

Moralists tried to argue that a new school was opening within 200m of the club but the council and police reported no problems so the licences of these 2 venues were granted accordingly



The Purple Door

25 Dock Street

Mon-Wed: 9pm - 4am
Thu-Sat: 9pm - 6:30am

Listing confirmed in May 2019.

News September 2015: Licence renewed

Still a few whingers are objecting to the club, but it has caused no issues for the police or council so the licence was renewed

News June 2013: Licence renewed

Moralists tried to argue that a new school was opening within 200m of the club but the council and police reported no problems so the licences of these 2 venues were granted accordingly

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