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News Monday 22nd November...

gold and goblins
More distracting than domestic violence
ASA bans Gold and Goblins game advert for trivialising domestic violence
Poster Rocky Iv 1985 Sylvester Stallone
Cuts and Bans
Rocky Iv: Rocky Vs. Drago
Stallone's new Director's Cut is 12A rated for UK cinema release
Poster Rocky Iv 1985 Sylvester Stallone
BBFC Daily
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Rocky 4, The Outsiders
Poster Ambulance 2022 Michael Bay
MPAA Weekly
Weekly US Ratings from the MPA
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16th November

The end of “click to subscribe, call to cancel” in the US. From

14th November

1500 people complaint about Tesco Christmas advert that features Santa needing a vaccine passport. From

30th October

Facebook’s metaverse: a virtual Safe Space. From

Wales is threatened with vaccine passports. From

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Gestapos Last Orgy Daniela Poggi
The BBFC's Latest Orgy of Censorship
The British board of film censors bans the video nasty re-release of The Gestapo's Last Orgy
Re-anminator lacking any cuts information
29th Oct

BBFC database 'simplification'

Commented: Downrated
The BBFC prettifies its website but takes away significant information, such as recent decisions and whether a film has been cut

Cutting Edge logo

Cutting Edge: Total Recall

Season 5
Cutting Edge Episode 60:
Total Recall
Australian cuts examined

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eto show logo
25th Sep
Diary: ETO Show
Postponed until 2022, Coventry. Trade show for sex shop related businesses

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About the Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website.

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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UK Internet Censorship: Current status

The Digital Economy Act 2017 threatened to introduce strict age verification for internet porn access coupled with ISP blocking for websites that don't comply. However the legislation was fundamentally flawed by its voluntary approach to privacy and security. After a series of delays, the age verification section of the bill was put out of its misery in October 2019.

The censorship of internet porn will now be carried over into the Online Harms Bill which has wider ambitions on the censorship of the whole internet. This bill will be discussed during 2020. An interesting foible is that if the censorship rules are a bit tough for US internet giants then these may become a negotiating point in the upcoming trade talks with the US.

Prior to the Online Harms Bill will be consideration of the extension of EU VoD censorship under an updated AVMS directive. Ofcom had previously mirrored censorship arrangements as proposed for the Digital Economy Act but now may need to reconsider as age verification services will not be so readily available. Also there is the issue that any onerous censorship/age verification requirements would only apply to websites run from Britain so onerous rules may prove very unfair.

Meanwhile the Information Commissioner's Office has published wide ranging age verification requirements for most websites in the name of data protection for children, Eg Amazon shoppers may have to prove being 16+ before being allowed to hand over personal details to online checkouts. Since the draft, ICO downgraded 'age verification' to 'age assurance' suggesting that less rigorous age checking may be sufficient. ICO have probably created a difficulty for companies to earn a living, as the no data slurping requirement for kids may prove attractive to adults too. Users may prove a little reluctant to 'assure' their age.

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Poster Rocky Iv 1985 Sylvester Stallone
Cuts and Bans
22nd Nov
Rocky Iv: Rocky Vs. Drago
Stallone's new Director's Cut is 12A rated for UK cinema release
Poster Drop Dead Dearest 1978 Murray Markowitz
Video Nasties
10th Nov
Two elusive video nasties are set to be released soon by US Severin

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gold and goblins
22nd Nov
More distracting than domestic violence
ASA bans Gold and Goblins game advert for trivialising domestic violence
dcms logo
16th Nov
UK government funds development of methods to snoop on photos on your device
eff logo
14th Nov
Rotten core values
Apple scales down its capabilities to snoop on your phone but still retains the capability to scan photos in messages for nudity
sky climate propaganda
10th Nov
Nudge, nag, nanny
Sky TV details its propaganda plans to nudge people into submitting to planet saving behaviour
kremlin bj
East Europe
Blown out of all proportion
Young people in Russia jailed for suggestive TikTok videos taken outside Moscow landmarks

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xhamster logo
Internet Porn
10th Nov
Offsite Article: The porniest generation
Popular porn site xHamster reveals that its biggest overall spenders are younger millennials

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Celia Blu-ray
Recent Releases
22nd Nov
1989 Australia horror fantasy drama by Ann Turner just released on UK Blu-ray
Elvira's Haunted Hills - Blu-ray
Recent Releases
Elvira's Haunted Hills -
2001 US comedy horror by Sam Irvin just released on US Blu-ray
The Banishing DVD
Recent Releases
16th Nov
Weekly US DVD and Blu-ray Releases
Night of the Bloody Apes
An Angel For Satan DVD
Recent Releases
An Angel For Satan
1966 Italy horror mystery by Camillo Mastrocinque just released on US Blu-ray and DVD
The Collingswood Story Blu-ray
Recent Releases
The Collingswood Story
2002 US horror mystery thriller by Michael Costanza just released on US Blu-ray
Coven DVD
Recent Releases
14th Nov
Weekly UK DVD and Blu-ray Releases
A Clockwork Orange, The Guns Of Navarone, Disappearance At Lake Elrod

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Copshop Blu-ray
Coming Soon
22nd Nov
2021 US action thriller by Joe Carnahan set for UK Blu-ray and DVD release on 27th December 2021
Lady Street Fighter Blu-ray
Coming Soon
16th Nov
Lady Street Fighter
1981 USA action crime comedy by James Bryan set for UK Blu-ray release on 1st October 2022
brothers by blood poster
Coming Soon
Brothers By Blood
2020 France / Belgium / USA action crime drama by Jérémie Guez set for UK DVD release on 17th January 2022

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temp 2021-11-24 private
New and Offers
22nd Nov
Galleries from Private and Private Classics

16th Nov
John Thomas Smooth Boy Platinum Silicone Stretcher
Sex Toy Reviews
DVD front cover
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Bodies To Die For
Selected releases at CD Universe
sex machines sale 2021-11-15
New and Offers
14th Nov
Slide in for the ride of your life
20% off lubricants at
DVD front cover
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Women Seeking Women 184
Selected releases at Hot Movies
DVD front cover
New and Offers
8th Nov
First Anal Vol. 3 (2016)
Selected releases at Adult DVD Empire


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