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News Sunday 15th December...

Poster Turning 2020 Floria Sigismondi
BBFC Daily
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
The Turning, Ready or Not
Miracles: The Canton Godfather Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
Miracles: The Canton Godfather
1989 Hong Kong action crime comedy by Jackie Chan just released on UK Blu-ray with 2 versions
Anna and the Apocalypse Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
Anna and the Apocalypse
2017 UK / USA musical comedy horror by John McPhail just released on UK Blu-ray with 2 versions
vrc ma 17
US History
Videogame Rating Council
Remembering and early games rating scheme in the US
logo casapound
West Europe
Censorship for right reasons
Italian court find in favour of far right party who claimed that being banned by Facebook is interfering in politics

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15th December

From the Game Boy archive: Steven Spielberg wanted guns removed from Minority Report game. From

Dead Or Alive 6 Censors Rachel's Fiend Costume compared with the previous episode. From

10th December

Drill video naming murder victims banned by YouTube. From

9th December

TikTok restores same-sex couple dancing video after backlash and allegations of censorship. From

'Woke PC nonsense': BBC DJ bans 'offensive' Christmas song 'Fairytale of New York', prompting social media backlash . From

8th December

Venezuela: Actors arrested for wearing real police uniforms in satirical play about two LGBT police officers. From

6th December

I'm a Celebrity sparks over 600 complaints to Ofcom. From

American WeChat Users Getting Banned For Celebrating Hong Kong Election Results . From

US Christian loon wants demonic children's book banned. From

5th December

Mozilla removes Avast and AVG extensions from add-on portal over snooping claims. From

For Mobile Users in China, One 'Wrong' Word Means Punishment. From

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Cutting Edge logo
Cutting Edge: Mrs. Doubtfire

Latest Episode
Cutting Edge Episode 60:
Mrs. Doubtfire
Cunning linguistics cut by the BBFC

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December on Horror Channel

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It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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UK Internet Censorship: Current status

The Digital Economy Act 2017 threatened to introduce strict age verification for internet porn access coupled with ISP blocking for websites that don't comply. However the legislation was fundamentally flawed by its voluntary approach to privacy and security. After a series of delays, the age verification section of the bill was put out of its misery in October 2019.

The censorship of internet porn will now be carried over into the Online Harms Bill which has wider ambitions on the censorship of the whole internet. This bill will be discussed during 2020.

Prior to the Online Harms Bill will be consideration of the extension of EU VoD censorship under an updated AVMS directive. Ofcom had previously mirrored censorship arrangements as proposed for the Digital Economy Act but now may need to reconsider as age verification services will not be so readily available.

Meanwhile the Information Commissioner's Office is considering wide ranging age verification requirements for most websites in the name of data protection for children, Eg Amazon shoppers may have to prove being 16+ before being allowed to hand over personal details to online checkouts. The ICO was due to present its proposals by 23rd November 2019 but this has now been delayed until a new government is in place.

  Your Daily Film

Clint Eastwood The Signature Film Collection Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
Clint Eastwood The Signature Film Collection
Expensive 61 feature film collection starring or by Clint Eastwood just released on UK Blu-ray with an impressive history of (now waived) censor cuts
Christmas Evil Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
13th Dec
Christmas Evil
1980 USA horror thriller by Lewis Jackson, once caught up in the video nasties panic, just released on UK Blu-ray
Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
8th Dec
Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut
2009 USA action Sci-Fi mystery by Zack Snyder just released on UK Blu-ray in the Ultimate Version for the 1st time
Spetters set) Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
7th Dec
1980 Netherlands romance by Paul Verhoeven, once cut in the US and UK, just released on UK Blu-ray
Gwendoline Blu-ray
Cuts and Bans
1984 France fantasy adventure by Just Jaeckin just released on UK Blu-ray
Hammer Films
The Satanic Rites of Dracula
The BBFC revisit the film for the first time since a cut VHS in 1988

Your Daily Broadsheet

dead happy poster
11th Dec
Political correctness to die for
ASA bans advert because they read suicide into a man planking against a wall
EFF logo
US News
11th Dec
Seeking the back door to cloud cuckoo land
The US Senate Judiciary Committee joins the UK and Australia Wanting Everyone to Know It's Concerned About Encryption
article19 logo
11th Dec
Global Expression Report 2018-19
Article19 reports that global freedom of expression is at a ten-year low
BT logo
10th Dec
BT is developing an encrypted DNS server for its customers
You'll be safer from snoopers, scammers and censors on public WiFi, but you'll still be easy prey to government snoopers and censors
breaking down porn
Asia Pacific
9th Dec
Breaking Down Porn
New Zealand's film censor has been surveying what is popular on Pornhub
twitter 2015 logo
9th Dec
shadowy operators
Twitter formalises shadowbanning in its terms of service

Sex Articles Logo

pornhub logo
Internet Porn
13th Dec
Offsite Article: The 2019 Year in Review
Pornhub Insights is research exploring the fascinating intricacies of online porn viewership.
doj logo
Nutter Watch US
12th Dec
Hotels under fire
A landmark sex trafficking case in the US is targeting hotels for providing a venue for the crimes, and surely this will have an impact on the wider consensual sex work trade
xhamster logo
Internet Porn
10th Dec
Offsite Article: 2019 xHamster Year-End Report
Porn viewing stats of the year
Private Shops banner
Sex Shops
7th Dec
Less Private
Swansea's Private Shop has closed
nofap logo
Nutter Watch US
4th Dec
No Nut nuts crack under the strain
No Nut November campaign to get people to abstain from porn seems to have failed
mona lisa tunnels of love
UK News
Offsite Article: Transitioning from seedy to trendy
Take a trip back into the seedy Soho of the past with British neo-noir Mona Lisa.

Recent Releases Logo

Miracles: The Canton Godfather Blu-ray
Recent Releases
15th Dec
Miracles: The Canton Godfather
1989 Hong Kong action crime comedy by Jackie Chan just released on UK Blu-ray with 2 versions
Anna and the Apocalypse Blu-ray
Recent Releases
Anna and the Apocalypse
2017 UK / USA musical comedy horror by John McPhail just released on UK Blu-ray with 2 versions
American Rampage / Danger USA Blu-ray
Recent Releases
American Rampage / Danger USA
USA action double feature just released on US Blu-ray
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Blu-ray
Recent Releases
14th Dec
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
1971 UK Hammer horror by Roy Ward Baker, still with old BBFC cuts, just released on US Blu-ray
The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas Blu-ray
Recent Releases
The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
1957 UK Hammer horror adventure by Val Guest just released on US Blu-ray
Clint Eastwood The Signature Film Collection Blu-ray
Recent Releases
13th Dec
Clint Eastwood The Signature Film Collection
Expensive 61 feature film collection starring or by Clint Eastwood just released on UK Blu-ray with an impressive history of (now waived) censor cuts

Coming Soon Logo

Brain Damage Blu-ray
Coming Soon
15th Dec
Brain Damage
1988 USA comedy horror by Frank Henenlotter, once cut in the US and UK, set for UK Blu-ray release on 3rd February 2020
Come to Daddy DVD
Coming Soon
14th Dec
Come to Daddy
2019 Canada / New Zealand / Ireland / USA comedy horror thriller by Ant Timpson set for UK DVD release on 2nd March 2020
Dragons Forever Blu-ray
Coming Soon
13th Dec
Dragons Forever
1988 Hong Kong action comedy romance by Sammo Kam-Bo Hung and Corey Yuen (co-director) set for UK Blu-ray release on 24th February 2020
Mommy & Mommy 2: 25th Anniversary Double Feature Blu-ray
Coming Soon
Mommy and Mommy 2: 25th Anniversary Double Feature
Thrillers by Max Allan Collins set for US Blu-ray release on 21st January 2020
Deadly Manor Blu-ray
Coming Soon
11th Dec
Deadly Manor
1990 Spain / USA horror by José Ramón Larraz set for US Blu-ray release on 28th February 2020
School of the Damned DVD
Coming Soon
School of the Damned
2019 UK thriller by Peter Vincent set for UK DVD release on 6th January 2020

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15th Dec
Natural Beauties 12
Selected releases at AEBN
DVD front cover
Sex Shopping
14th Dec
Miss Santa's Big Tits 2
Selected releases at Hot Movies
DVD front cover
Sex Shopping
13th Dec
White Boxxx # 7
Selected releases at CD Universe
191212 private
Sex Shopping
12th Dec
Galleries from Private and Private Classics
DVD front cover
Sex Shopping
11th Dec
Babysitter Diaries 21 (2019)
Selected releases at Adult DVD Empire
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Sex Shopping
10th Dec
Friends And Lovers 3
Selected releases at AEBN


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