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27th May

California's Senate Approves ID Verification Rules for Social Media Use. From

22nd May

Georgia Prosecutors cast aspersions about users of Encrypted Messengers and Tor. From

Are we sleepwalking into Orwell's nightmare? A panel of freedom of expression experts has explored the relevance of the dystopian novel to now. From

TV censor Ofcom allows the BBC to make unevidenced accusations about underage content on OnlyFans. From

30th April

Jerry Seinfeld is right: PC cr*p is killing comedy. From

Teachers' union leader calls for more censorship  targeted at young men in UK. From

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The latest episode of the in-depth video series examines how the classic comedy sitcom was censored by the BBC

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UK Internet Censorship: Current status

The Digital Economy Act 2017 threatened to introduce strict age verification for internet porn access coupled with ISP blocking for websites that don't comply. However the legislation was fundamentally flawed by its voluntary approach to privacy and security. After a series of delays, the age verification section of the bill was put out of its misery in October 2019.

The censorship of internet porn will now be carried over into the Online Safety Act which has wider ambitions on the censorship of the whole internet. The bill was discussed during 2020 and scrutinised by parliamentary committee in 2021 before being passed into law in 2023. Internet censor Ofcom is currently consulting on its censorship rules to start  in 2024 and 2025.

In 2021 Ofcom considered and extended EU VoD censorship under an updated AVMS directive. Ofcom is also consulting on similar EU inspired censorship ideas about shared user generated video on websites such as YouTube. Ofcom will required strict age verification for websites with porn video but this will make little difference as these rules only apply to British based companies and there simply aren't any of these left.

Meanwhile the Information Commissioner's Office has published wide ranging age verification requirements for most websites in the name of data protection for children. These ICO rules came into force in September 2021.

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Risky Business Blu-ray
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13th Jun
Risky Business
1983 USA crime comedy romance by Paul Brickman set for UK Blu-ray release on 29th July 2024 with the Director's Cut

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9th Jun
Data honey pot
Australian Government is quick to want to grab age verification data for its own uses

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Bad Lieutenant 4K Blu-ray
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24th Jun
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Bad Lieutenant, Death Machine
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Enter the Clones of Bruce
2023 US documentary by David Gregory just released on UK Blu-ray
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Hunt Her Kill Her
2022 US horror thriller by Greg Swinson, Ryan Thiessen just released on UK Blu-ray
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23rd Jun
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Shinobi No Mono
1963 Japanese trilogy by Satsuo Yamamoto, Kazuo Mori just released on UK Blu-ray

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Risky Business Blu-ray
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13th Jun
Risky Business
1983 USA crime comedy romance by Paul Brickman set for UK Blu-ray release on 29th July 2024 with the Director's Cut
Die, Monster Die! Blu-ray
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11th Jun
Die, Monster Die!
1965 UK/USA Sci-Fi horror mystery by Daniel Haller set for UK Blu-ray release on 22nd July 2024
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The Crow: Salvation
2000 Germany/US action fantasy by Bharat Nalluri set for UK Blu-ray release on 8th July 2024

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